The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 14

Chapter 14 

At this time, there were no street lights on either side of the national road. 

Traveling at night is not safe, especially if you are traveling with children. 

They decided to go in two sections. Before dark, they would go to the next city for a night’s rest. 

They would go to the army at dawn tomorrow without delaying their work the day after tomorrow.

Su Xiaoxiao has been to this city in her last life. 

In addition to some old arcade streets, they still maintain the old look. 

However, in later generations, tall buildings would be built there, almost making everyone not see anything familiar from its previous appearance. 

Only after they took back the two cubs, and the dust settled, was she able to pay attention to the city and the current situation.

In the autumn of that year, 1972, was when the movement in various places was the most violent. 

When she left the relatively quiet Sujia Village and came to the city, Su Xiaoxiao could now, feel the suffocating atmosphere brought by the movement. 

People with red armbands were everywhere. If you arrest someone, you may be reported and arrested for hiding a book.

In this world where everyone is in danger, wise men must look after their hides. [1]To put one’s safety before matters of principle

Who gave Zhou Cuihua the confidence to abuse Han Cheng’s sons like this?

Although Han Cheng didn’t say anything, Su Xiaoxiao can probably guess how he will clean up Zhou Cuihua.

Su Xiaoxiao was not so lucky. 

She didn’t transmigrate to a book and know the plot in advance. 

Nor did she possess a system to solve the problem of material shortages.

She crossed the river by feeling the stones with her limited knowledge of this period. 

She is very lucky to have married Han Cheng at the right moment. 
When Han Cheng and Zhao Xianfeng, two upright soldiers, walked down the street, the people on their way consciously retreated.

In the future, Han Cheng will charge in front to defend their family and the country. She will take care of Han Cheng’s cubs and take care of Han Cheng’s back.

Walk with him step by step.

“Baby, Mom’s hands hurt after carrying you for too long. Can you let your Dad hold you for a while?”

The Xiao guy is thin and has no weight. 

Su Xiaoxiao’s didn’t really hurt, but Xiao Doubao was too attached to her and didn’t even recognize his father. 

She has to hurry and let the father and son cultivate their relationship.

Zhao Xianfeng didn’t know what to do, so he stretched out his hand stupidly: “Come, come, youngest nephew, let uncle hug you.”

Su Xiaoxiao dodged his hand and said, “Go and hold Xiao Fantuan, let Han Cheng hold Xiao Doubao.”

Su Xiaoxiao looked into the child’s eyes sincerely and discussed with him, “Dad also likes Xiao Doubao very much and wants to hug Xiao Doubao. Do you agree with my mother’s arrangement?”

Xiao Doubao curled his mouth. He liked his mother and didn’t intend to agree. But when he thought of her saying that her hands hurt, he had to nod.

Su Xiaoxiao handed the baby to Han Cheng. 

Xiao Doubao was in Han Cheng’s arms, but his eyes were fixed on Su Xiaoxiao for a moment, as if he was afraid of her, running away.

Su Xiaoxiao stood on tiptoe and rubbed Xiao Doubao’s head, then smiled and said, “You are so cute.”

At the same time, Su Xiaoxiao also breathed a sigh of relief. 

She is worried that Doubao was bullied for a long time, which may have caused serious personality defects. Whether it is autism or stunted growth, it will be difficult for him to communicate with adults.

But it is not the case. 

Xiao Doubao has normal intelligence and no communication problems. 

This is very good. Perhaps it is also because Fantuan, being a good brother, did his best to take care of his younger brother. 

He would also feed his younger brother, even if he was starving. It was indeed a fortune in misfortune.

“Mommy hasn’t hugged our Xiao Fantuan yet. Can you let Mommy hug our Xiao Fantuan?” Su Xiaoxiao went to tease Fantuan.

“No!” Fantuan put his arms around Zhao Xianfeng’s neck and proudly turned away from her.

My stepmother wanted to hold me even if her hands hurt. I am not like my younger brother, so I will not let her hold me.

But in fact, Fantuan was also very happy. 

It seems that it wasn’t because my stepmother doesn’t like me, but that it was because my brother was too clingy, so she has no time to pay attention to me right now.

Well, I forgive her.

After settling down in the hostel, Su Xiaoxiao borrowed the kitchen from the guesthouse and heated the food prepared for her by Li Yufeng back to her room.

Su Xiaoxiao took out a chicken leg and handed it to Fantuan. She asked him to take it and chew it slowly and added: “This is my Xiao nephew’s little hen. You can taste it. We can also raise some after we go back. You and Doubao will dig earthworms to feed them, and you can eat the hen’s eggs every day.”

Fantuan felt that his stepmother was very kind. He had not eaten meat for a long time, let alone chicken legs. He bowed his head and whispered, “Thank you”.

Han Cheng knew that Su Xiaoxiao had not been fully accepted by his eldest son, so he said, “Speak louder.”

Fantuan hung his head and said nothing.

Su Xiaoxiao pulled Han Cheng’s sleeve, “Eat yours.”

Su Xiaoxiao gave another drumstick to Zhao Xianfeng: “I have to thank Comrade Zhao for your hard work this time.”

Zhao Xianfeng didn’t expect that he could get a big chicken leg, so he burst into laughter. 

Zhao Xianfeng put the chicken leg in front of Xiao Doubao and said, “Sister-in-law, don’t be polite to me. We big men don’t pay attention to anything. I can eat anything.”

Han Cheng simply put the chicken leg into Su Xiaoxiao’s rice bag and said, “You don’t have to be polite with him. You can eat it.”

Then he picked up the cake and ate it with some leftovers.

Su Xiaoxiao was in fact, greedy for this meat. After the chicken was passed around, it became cold. Anyway, there is still a lot of meat. She ripped the chicken leg and fed it to Xiao Doubao. 

She also ate some of it herself. The little hen that Xiaobao fed with earthworms was delicious and had a strong chicken flavor. 

Su Xiaoxiao instantly felt that her chickens in the previous life had been eaten for nothing. It is not that flavor at all. 

This is what you call chicken!

In the 70s, the prices were not that high. Han Cheng’s salary was enough for his family to live well. 

Su Xiaoxiao swears that she will never treat her stomach unfairly in the future. She must taste the real natural and organic foods of this era.

Li Yufeng’s pancake-making skills are also excellent, and everyone enjoyed the meal.

After dinner, Su Xiaoxiao took a hot bath and finally felt comfortable. Fantuan and Doubao had taken a bath and changed their clothes before. They simply washed their faces, hands, and feet.

In the evening, Su Xiaoxiao took Doubao to sleep in the same bed, and Han Cheng took Fantuan to sleep in the same bed. This was the first night they spent together.

This night, everyone slept soundly, which was also the most secure night after Su Xiaoxiao came across.


Early the next morning, the group ate breakfast with their coupons and continued on their way.

At noon, they finally arrived at the army family compound. 
This is a small town on the east coast. 

The whole town belongs to the military base. Most of the residents here are military families. Most of the aborigines have been asked to move to the city. Only a few elderly people remain here. 

The transportation here is convenient, and it is not far from the center of the city. If you ride a vehicle, it is about an hour’s drive.

Su Xiaoxiao lived in coastal areas in her last life. She got out of the car with Doubao in her arms. 

The sea breeze sent the familiar salty smell her way, which made her feel especially comfortable.

At this time, the sky is particularly blue, the air is particularly fresh, and even the sea breeze is particularly gentle. 

Su Xiaoxiao looked up at the sky and turned her eyes to the sea not far away. The pear vortex in her face became visible.

Her new life is about to begin.

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1 To put one’s safety before matters of principle


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