The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16.2

The market is not far from the military base. It takes only eight minutes to walk. Most of the residents of the town know each other, but Han Cheng seldom comes here. He is not familiar with them, and others thought Han Cheng was a bit too serious. In addition, his identity is there, so the people around him didn’t dare laugh in front of him.

Without knowing Su Xiaoxiao’s identity, no one dared to make jokes about Su Xiaoxiao.

In the morning, the meat factory was almost completely sold out. Now it is almost three o’clock in the afternoon. When Su Xiaoxiao and the others arrived, pig offal and a few big bones are the only remaining “meat” left in the meat factory. These things don’t need meat tickets, but there are not many people buying them. Since they are closer to the water, there is much fish that can be bought, and since the price is the same, they prefer to buy fish instead of pig offal and big bones from meat.

Su Xiaoxiao was a heavy fan of fat intestines in her last life. It was delicious, no matter how she cooked it. She couldn’t help drooling when she looked at it. The only problem was that it was very smelly when raw, and was difficult to clean.

“Han Cheng, shall we buy that? Can you wash it?” Su Xiaoxiao pointed to the pile of fat intestines.

“I haven’t tried washing pig intestines. It tastes very bad. Why don’t we buy a fish?” Han Cheng suggested.

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head, “But I want to eat it. I can make it delicious, but I don’t dare to wash it.”

It’s not that Su Xiaoxiao is squeamish. She had a helper in her last life. That aunt would help her prepare complicated preparatory work in advance. Su Xiaoxiao is good at cutting meat and carving flowers, but she can’t kill chickens, fish, or pigs’ stomachs and large intestines.

The staff of the meat factory said on his own initiative, “It’s getting late, and I’m about to close the shop, If you want to buy this, I’ll wash it for you. You can buy other things first and pick them up later.”

Su Xiaoxiao bowed her head and thanked him. She pointed to the clean bones, and said, “I also want those bones. Please help me cut them down a little, and I will come back to get them together.”
The employee said generously, “No problem. These bones have no meat. It only cost a little, just one yuan for all of it is enough.”

Su Xiaoxiao thanked him again and gave the money to him. 

She took some persimmons from the box on Han Cheng’s back and handed them to him. “This persimmon is very sweet. Our children like it very much. Take some back and give them to your children.”

Without waiting for the man to say no, Su Xiaoxiao has already left with the baby in her hands.

When they got far away, the man said to the person next to him, “This female comrade always has a smile on her face, is easy to get along with, and knows how to do business. Isn’t she Director Han’s newlywed wife?”

The aunt in charge of selling vegetables nearby said, “I didn’t hear that Director Han was going to marry a wife. Could she be some kind of relative from their family?”

The man shook his head and said, “Whether it is true or not, she is much easier to get along with than the previous wife. By the way, the child that Head Han is holding just now, isn’t he Fantuan? Why does he look younger than before? I remember him being five or six years old. Why does he look younger than Xiao Yu of Head Zhao’s family?”

The aunt who was selling vegetables shook her head. “Who knows, it’s not her children, so maybe she won’t care for them much. For people without conscience, raising someone else’s child is unreasonable. The baby has to be raised on his (HC) side so he can feel at ease.”

The man said, ” Who said she wasn’t good? According to my observation, this female comrade is very good.”


Fantuan has rarely had the opportunity to come to the market before, let alone Doubao. This is his first time coming here. Everything he sees is fresh, and his black and white eyes are rolling.

Su Xiaoxiao bought a lot of things, such as rice, flour, potatoes, taro, sweet potatoes, and other staple foods, as well as milk powder, malted milk, and other nutritional supplements for her cubs. In addition, she has prepared a lot of seasonings, such as oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar, which are lacking in the kitchen.

The ingredients here are not as complete as those in the 21st century. Even citronella and rosemary can’t be bought. But compared with Sujia Village, the materials here are very rich. Su Xiaoxiao is very satisfied to buy so many ingredients.

Han Cheng said he would do what he said, and let her decide everything at home. Except for suggesting that she shouldn’t buy pig intestines, he never objected to anything she bought later.

Su Xiaoxiao brought some candy from Sujia Village, such as wedding candy and cake. She bought two kilos of white rabbit milk candy and gave a handful to Fantuan and Doubao.

Fantuan was stunned. He had never received so many candies, and he had never seen so many people who could buy things. He leaned over to Han Cheng and asked him in a low voice: “Dad, it costs ten yuan to buy so many things.” Fantuan slapped himself two times. “Is it as much as ten yuan? Do you earn so much money? Can your salary support my mother and us?”

Fantuan doesn’t know how much ten yuan is. Anyway, after comparing both palms, it should be this much.

Han Cheng was helpless: “Children don’t need to care about this. We won’t always have to buy so much. One purchase is enough for our family to eat for a long time.”

In fact, Han Cheng also underestimated Su Xiaoxiao’s purchasing power. He couldn’t fit a large wicker basket on his back, you can only use a car to fit and bring everything home.

Fantuan bent his head and thought, this new mother, if she has good things, she will share them with the whole family, and she never ate them alone. As you can see, the white rabbit milk candy was especially given to him and his brother, and neither she nor his father ate it.

Su Xiaoxiao was confronted with a lot of things after buying them, “Comrade Han Cheng, let’s ship them back in batches?”

The staff who just got some persimmons from Su Xiaoxiao heard what she said, so he immediately said, “Let’s use our tricycle to transport them back, and you can just send them back to us.”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “Thank you so much.”

The staff of the supply and marketing cooperatives waved their hands: “Serving the people is what I must do.”

Han Cheng:”……”

Is this still a supply and marketing cooperative employee who usually has an eye as high as a mountain?

What magic does his family have? Why do people who are so picky and difficult to please always become nice in front of her?


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