The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 20

Chapter 20 

Rural girl? Well, she is indeed a girl who came from a rural area. It’s so nice living in the countryside, her parents are simple, and as a farmer’s child, she is very proud of her origins. Very proud!

When Fantuan heard the woman’s voice, he immediately became unhappy. He curled his lips and said: “Mom, she’s a bad aunt. The mother of the bad aunt is as bad as the bad little aunt.”

When Fantuan’s mother went to work, Fantuan would see that his bad little aunt, Yang Tao, secretly threw the food outside, and the bad aunt would pick it up outside. Whenever this happens, lock him in the shower room. 

When Fantuan’s mother came back from work, Yang Tao would tell Fantuan’s mother that, he threw stones at passers-by outside. That person was clearly not a passerby, but a bad person who broke and stole things!

Xiao Fantuan couldn’t help being mad as he remembered the past. He didn’t want to compare his mother with his stepmother, but he couldn’t help thinking that if it were his (biological) mother, she would not just listen to him, but instead believe whatever his little aunt would say, which was very different from what his mother (Su Xiaoxiao) said. She would certainly bend down, listen to him talk from start to finish, and then tell him whether his actions were right or not.

Xiao Fantuan doesn’t feel that, liking his new mother a little more would wrong his (bio) mother, because he always believed that, her mother (SXX) is a fairy sent by his mother (bio) from heaven to protect him, and she would not blame him.
Annoying people will be late, but will never be absent. The Su family doesn’t have any annoying people, but that doesn’t mean the other families don’t. She has just arrived in the military base’s family area, and they don’t even know her face well, but alas, she met an annoying mother and daughter pair.

The hands holding Fantuan tightened. 

On the other hand, Fantuan squatted down and stealthily picked up a small stone.

“I’m Han Cheng’s wife. What can I do for you, grandma?”

Yang Tao’s mother raised her mouth and snorted to the sky, her eyes stared at Su Xiaoxiao with disdain. “Thin arms and legs, you’re like a bean sprout. Is Han Cheng blind? Do you know who I am?”

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and asked with a smile, “Why do I have to know who you are? We’ll go first if you have nothing to say.”

Su Xiaoxiao led Fantuan away.

Yang Tao’s mother walked in front of her and stopped her. “Do you know how to be polite? Han Cheng has to call me Aunt when he sees me! Your and Han Cheng’s marriage is still not approved, right? I advise you to go back to where you belong. A rural girl still dares to climb high branches! Go home and fetch a basin of water and look yourself!”

Who doesn’t know that Han Cheng is a hot potato? No matter how many people lined up, girls from the countryside shouldn’t have a chance!

Su Xiaoxiao blinked and said, “I am very polite. In our countryside, dogs who can’t understand human language are always the ones who block the way. I looked at myself in the mirror before I went out in the morning. I think I am pretty good-looking. Is your taste here different from our countryside? Is your look, as they call it, beautiful here?”

Su Xiaoxiao spoke softly, with a good temper and a sincere tone. However, as soon as she finished talking, the people around her roared with laughter.

The delicate little lady is more beautiful than the wrinkled old woman, and Head Han’s wife really knows how to talk. But it’s a real relief.

The key is that the tone of her voice is gentle and sincere. It doesn’t sound like she is scolding you, but underneath that gentle voice were words that can scold people badly.

Yang Tao and her mother didn’t have good characters, to begin with. Yang Tao’s mother is famous for being greedy for small things. She is arrogant and unreasonable. She bullies people a lot. Everyone wants to take a detour when they see her. There’s no way for them to be unhappy when they see her being embarrassed.

Even though she had never read a book, Yang Tao’s mother could tell that Su Xiaoxiao was scolding her. She has a low level of education, so she couldn’t compare to Su Xiaoxiao, but she knew how to play tricks.

“Oh! Everyone can be a judge. I greeted her so kindly, and yet she scolded this old woman, called me a dog, and told me I was ugly. Why did Han Cheng bring such an uneducated rural girl back? I have to find Han Cheng’s leaders to be the judge. They will definitely not agree to this kind of rural girl, marrying into our military region!”

Su Xiaoxiao: “…” That’s very kind of you. In other words, you just don’t want her to marry Han Cheng.

“I only doubted my own taste and asked if your face is the standard for being called beautiful here. You can’t think of yourself as a dog that was blocking the way in our village. The dog who blocks the way in our village doesn’t look like you. By the way, you should ask Han Cheng’s leaders whether they agree with our marriage. If they don’t agree, I can go home.”

“No!” Fantuan suddenly roared and threw the little stone at Yang Tao’s mother. “You bad old woman, go away! Don’t drive my mother away!”

Su Xiaoxiao was shocked. Apart from Fantuan’s emotional excitement when they met for the first time, he was always fine.

Su Xiaoxiao hurriedly put down the beanbag, squatted on the ground, hugged Fantuan, leaned into his ear, and said,  “Fantuan, think about it with your clever little head, and you will know that I am lying to the old woman. How can I be willing to leave such a good little Fantuan? However, we are polite people who attack with words; we should not do anything that makes it appear that we are wrong; our actions must be justified. Do you understand? However, we can scare your aunt. Wait, no matter what  mother says to her, you can’t take it seriously.”

Fantuan nodded his head as if he understood. He wiped his tears with the back of his small hand and glared at the old woman fiercely.

Yang Tao’s mother was startled by his ferocious eyes, and it took her a long time to recognize that it was Fantuan, and then she became trickier and sat down on the floor to act shamelessly. “Oh, they beat me, they beat this old lady, please be the judge! The stepmother raised the child to bully people!”

In fact, Fantuan didn’t use any force at all, he just threw a small pebble at her, There are so many people here who saw it. Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t want to waste more words with such a clown, but she still has to solve it. The town was not so big. She will eventually meet her again next time. It’s annoying to argue here every time.

Su Xiaoxiao simply imitated her and sat cross-legged on the ground, touched Fantuan’s head with one hand, propped his chin with the other, and said to him with a perplexed expression:

“This is called hitting people? I can’t help it. Our Fantuan likes me, his stepmother, very much. He throws pebbles at you this time, but what will happen when he grows up? He may throw knives at you. If he grows up, he may or may not steal his father’s gun. I advise you to be careful. You know, I’m just a stepmother. It’s not easy to control other people’s sons. If you have any complaints, you’d better go to Han Cheng now, I really don’t know what he will throw at you next time.”

Su Xiaoxiao leaned forward and looked at her with a half-smile. “If we hurt you, we’ll pay you a little more for your medical expenses, but he’s just a kid, so it must be light…” Su Xiaoxiao paused and shook her head again. “No, no, it shouldn’t be fatal.”

Yang Tao’s mother was shocked. Every time she threw herself at others, others were afraid of her. Why didn’t this country girl follow the routine?

Yang Tao’s mother remembered that she had just said something in Fantuan’s ear for a long time…. And after that, Fantuan looked at her fiercely. Did she teach Fantuan to kill?

What an evil stepmother!

Yang Tao’s mother became extremely scared. Fantuan was a fierce child. When she was three or four years old, he often threw stones at her. After being taught by this evil stepmother, he may really throw a knife at her next time!

Children don’t have to go to prison to kill people. If he does this, she will definitely…

Yang Tao’s mother dared not think about it. She got up from the ground and ran away!

Su Xiaoxiao: “…” Does she have to be that afraid?

She looked at the vigorous figure that was totally different from the sixty-year-old lady and felt ashamed.

Su Xiaoxiao rubbed Fantuan’s head again and said, “Fantuan is good. You can’t take what I just said seriously. We are polite people. We must persuade people with logic and not take things lightly. If your aunt wasn’t unreasonable, mother, wouldn’t frighten her like this. She is an elder, we can’t do such things as throw stones anymore, do you understand?”

Fantuan nodded aggressively. He thought his mother was so powerful that she could scare people away by saying a few words!

If Fantuan is a little older and reads more books, he will know that there is a move in the art of war that is called “fighting without cutting blood”.

Little Fantuan remembered his mother’s words, and he also wanted to be a reasonable person!

Su Xiaoxiao picked up the beanbag from the ground, patted the dust off her pants, and smiled sweetly at everyone surrounding them: “Our children are usually very obedient. I’m sorry for letting you see a joke today.”

The people who ate melons:

“Where is it? It was Yang Tao’s mother’s fault. She’s too much. All of us saw it.”

“Fantuan’s mother, you look delicate and timid and became worried that you will be bullied by her. I didn’t expect you to be very powerful.”

“Yes, we are always afraid of this old woman. Fantuan’s mother you are……”

“Fantuan, do you want to buy meat? It’s not easy for you to line up with your two children. Come here and buy it first. We’ll be fine buying it a bit later.”

“Right, right, you go first…”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled again and said, “No, how can I do that? I just came here and didn’t know about the situation. I knew everyone had come so early. I should let our Han Cheng buy good food before going to the army, so I won’t bother you.”

“No trouble, no trouble, come here…”

In the end, Su Xiaoxiao held the bean bag in one hand and held it with the other while greeting everyone. Fantuan, who was carrying the meat, returned home with a smile on his face.



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