The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 21.1

Chapter 21.1

The weather was not too hot, and Su Xiaoxiao plans to eat half of the small ribs she bought at noon. Zhou Yuhua brought over a bunch of tomatoes, it’s the perfect ingredient to make sweet and sour ribs, aside from that, these kinds of dishes are what the children like very much. For the other half, she wants to marinate it with garlic and cook garlic-flavored ribs in the evening.

Originally, sweet and sour ribs were delicious only when they were cooked in oil, but now, there is no such condition. Just like what she previously said, the ingredients at this time are of good quality; they will always be delicious no matter how they are cooked.

Su Xiaoxiao made a simple version without even frying. The ribs were blanched in water. The tomato was chopped and mixed with soy sauce, sugar, salt, and vinegar to make a sweet and sour sauce with a moderate taste. The ribs were put into a pot to stew together. Then a pot of rice was braised in the nearby pot, and the steam rack and plate were put on. Two eggplants and potatoes were put inside, while the garlic sauce was put on the side for later use, and when Han Cheng arrives, she can directly cook it all together so that it remains hot when he arrives.

The two brothers like to walk around Su Xiaoxiao. Fantuan is a very capable little helper, he helps Su Xiaoxiao set the fire and wash vegetables. Xiao Doubao, on the other hand, had his eyes glued on Su Xiaoxiao. Whenever Su Xiaoxiao turns around, she always sees a pair of beautiful, bright eyes staring at her.

The two cubs are really cute.

Military hospital.

Han Cheng has just finished an operation, so he sorted out the report in hand and handed it to his assistant.

Han Cheng in a military uniform has his awe-inspiring uprightness and boldness. The military doctor, who was trained by an orthodox military academy, and received orthodox training, is an excellent soldier himself. Han Cheng in a white coat has a cold sense of abstinence. Two distinct and completely different temperaments are placed on him, but these two temperaments didn’t collide at all. 

It is no wonder that even though he is a widower and still has two children with him, female comrades from both the migrant workers’ group and the hospital still wanted to marry him.

Doctor Chen came to him excitedly: “Director Han, Director Han! I have something to say! Your wife is really good!”

Han Cheng raised his hand and pinched his tired eyebrows. He stared at him blankly and said, “Xiaoxiao? Have you seen her? Did something happen to my wife?”

“So, your wife’s name is Xiaoxiao? No wonder she always smiles, just like her name.” Doctor Chen gave a thumbs-up and told me what he had seen in the vegetable market this morning.

Finally, he said, “When a scholar meets a soldier, the scholar with an argument to make doesn’t stand a chance. But if a soldier met a shrew, he had no choice but to run away. However, your wife defeated Yang Tao’s mother without shedding a drop of blood.”

Doctor Chen made a gesture and said, “Tsk, your wife has become famous after the first battle. Now, no one in the whole military region does not know her. The key is that she is good-looking, small, and exquisite. The children are also taught well by her. She even has a very gentle voice and loves to laugh. If I look for a wife, I will look for a wife like…”

“Cough, cough, cough… the bell for Ward No. 3 is ringing, Dr. Chen, go check it out.”A doctor nearby interrupted Doctor Chen.

What’s wrong with you? Can an unmarried man, constantly praise someone else’s wife for her good looks, good figure, and smile? Can’t he see that Director Han’s face was almost black and about to turn into charcoal?! I dare you to say it again!

Doctor Chen might have realized that he may have said too much, but he also wants to ask Director Han’s wife if she has any sisters who are similar to her. She can also introduce her cousin to him.

Unfortunately, he was dragged away by the doctor before he could even ask.

Han Cheng pulled the wind clasp on his shirt and somehow thought of Su Xiaoxiao’s gentleness when she helped him untie the wind clasp, and the faint pear vortex on her cheeks when she smiled

Han Cheng is a little annoyed. ‘What’s the matter with these people? Why are they staring at his wife one by one?’

Han Cheng thought of the scene where his wife was going to the market with the two children. I’m not sure if she can carry all of the things with her thin arms and legs. I’d better buy the food with her early tomorrow.

After he got off work, Han Cheng asked about the chicks that Fantuan wanted. He used the food stamps to trade with the chicks, and they promised to send them to him this afternoon. However, the number was small, he could only bring home four chicks. At this time, there was a limit on the number of chickens per house you can raise, and four were enough.
Han Cheng thanked him, put on his usual military uniform, and went to the bamboo forest, which is located on the mountain behind the hospital, to cut some bamboo to take home.

It’s still early for Su Xiaoxiao to get ready for lunch. 

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the golden persimmons in the trees. She thought of the live broadcast she watched about persimmons in her previous life. and remembered buying persimmons after watching it.

“Fantuan, Xiao Doubao, shall we pick persimmons and make them into persimmon cakes?”

“Mom, what are persimmon cakes?” Persimmons only bear fruit in the past two years, and Fantuan has never eaten them.

“It means we pick the persimmons, let them dry, and make them into cakes. “They’re sweet, glutinous, and very tasty, but they’re a little sticky.”Su Xiaoxiao drooled at the thought of the sweet and glutinous taste. She had never felt this greedy.

Su Xiaoxiao then did what she had in mind. The persimmon tree is young and not very tall. She can pick it up just by moving a stool and standing on it.

Su Xiaoxiao stood on the stool with an old bag of Han Cheng on her back. The floor is not very smooth, and the stool would shake from time to time. 

Fantuan was afraid that Su Xiaoxiao would collapse, as had happened to him as a child.

“Mom, be careful!”

“Thank you for reminding me, Fantuan.” Su Xiaoxiao jumped off the stool and continued to pick it up on the flat surface.

Su Xiaoxiao quickly harvested a large bag of persimmons, and after she had picked up enough, she went down and poured the persimmons onto the stone foundation on one side. She said to the two brothers, “Eat the persimmons after dinner, or you won’t be able to eat ribs when dinner comes.”

The two brothers didn’t eat. They just watched Su Xiaoxiao pick persimmons.

Su Xiaoxiao picked up six bags, and she was so tired that she didn’t have the energy to reach out her hands to pick up the rest.

“Let’s pick up the remaining persimmons after your dad comes home.”
After Su Xiaoxiao said this, Fantuan, who had sharp eyes, saw his father coming back from afar with a pile of bamboo:

“Dad, come and help Mom pick persimmons!”

Su Xiaoxiao, who was wiping the sweat on her forehead, saw Han Cheng coming back, her eyes bent, and a shallow pear vortex rippled: “Han Cheng, are you back? Did you have a hard time today?”

Han Cheng, who has been in an operating station for nearly three hours, is now exhausted.

His newlywed wife, Su Xiaoxiao, is smiling, while his eldest son is prancing in high spirits. The younger one sat by and quietly played with the persimmons in his arms. The background was golden persimmons, with blue sky and white clouds hanging high above his head.

This is the peaceful life that Han Cheng always dreamed of.

As the warmth flowed through his heart, Han Cheng put down the bamboo and shook his head. “It’s not hard. Are you going to give away all the persimmons after you have picked them?”

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “No, I’m going to make persimmon cakes. I’m going to peel off the persimmon skin, the sun dries it, and pinch it to make a very delicious persimmon cake. In the spring, a layer of white frosted sugar will form on the dried persimmon, and it will taste the best when they are left in the sun.” 

Just listening to Su Xiaoxiao talk about it made Fantuan greedy. “Mom, let’s make persimmon cakes quickly. I want to eat persimmons with frosty sugar!”

Su Xiaoxiao: “Persimmons can be made slowly. Now let’s eat first. Comrade Fantuan, your task now is to take your brother to wash his hands and prepare for dinner!”

Fantuan gave a military salute, “I received my mother’s task, I promise to complete the task!”

Fantuan turned around to pull his brother: “Doubao, it’s time to eat, go wash your hands with your brother.”

Han Cheng remembered Doctor Chen’s words and wanted to ask something, but he took them back when the words were about to come out of his mouth.

Su Xiaoxiao pulled Han Cheng’s sleeve, “Comrade Han Cheng, what are you doing in a daze? Go wash your hands and help me cook.”
Han Cheng stared at his wife and said sincerely, “You taught them well.”

When he saw Xiaobao, he thought that Su Xiaoxiao would be able to teach his children as well as Xiaobao. The facts have proven that he has a good eye.

Su Xiaoxiao stood on tiptoe to tidy up Han Cheng’s collar. Seeing that he was finally willing to unfasten the button, she said with a smile, “They are very good kids. Go wash your hands first, and I’ll tell you something later.”

Han Cheng went into the kitchen to help Su Xiaoxiao after washing his hands, and Su Xiaoxiao cooked the ribs until they softened.

Han Cheng opened the rice pot and saw potatoes and eggplant steaming in it. He was a bit confused about this combination.

Su Xiaoxiao saw him standing still and reminded him: “Take out the potatoes and eggplants and mash them but don’t smash them too much. Just the right size for Xiao Doubao to eat them in one bite.”

Han Cheng did not ask why and just did what Su Xiaoxiao said.

Su Xiaoxiao went over and tucked his sleeve up.

When he smelled a familiar fragrance, Han Cheng paused for a second and continued to act as if nothing had happened.

Two cubs came in to help after washing their hands. Su Xiaoxiao asked them to sit at the table and wait.

Su Xiaoxiao talked about meeting Yangtao’s mother in the market this morning.

Before he came back, he heard about it from Doctor Chen. Han Cheng had a frown on his face. In fact, he didn’t have much contact with the relatives of Yangmei’s parents. Yangmei’s parents were very good, and they were all highly knowledgeable. Two years ago, because they were implicated in the movement, they voluntarily asked to be transferred to the farm. At present, Yangmei’s parents and older brother are all on the farm.

Later, something happened to Yangmei, and after Han Cheng gave them all her pension, they took the initiative to cut off contact with Han Cheng.

Han Cheng understood what they meant. It was probably because they didn’t want Fantuan and Doubao to be involved in anything. After all, people are scared now, but Han Cheng still secretly asked people to send something to them every New Year. In that kind of place, supplies are more difficult to obtain than money, and Yangmei’s pension is enough for them to use for a long time.
Yangmei’s cousins’ bunch of hopeless people. They occasionally come to take advantage of Yangmeo and ask her to do things for them.

Han Cheng also turned a blind eye to it and didn’t pay much attention to them. However, now and then, Yangmei would blame him for not introducing Yangtao to other military doctors in the hospital. She often quarrels with him about the matters of Yangtao’s mother, saying that Yangtao’s mother is the only elder and family she has in this town. Han Cheng, however, didn’t care about these trivial things, which often made it even messier.

Han Cheng goes out early and comes back late. Even though they work in the same building, they seldom see each other during the day. especially after Yang Tao started to come and help them take care of the children. He doesn’t like the way Yang Tao looks at him, and this made him not want to go home even more. Sometimes he simply rests in the army dormitory at night and goes home less and less. He wants his son to come back. He would only come back when he missed his sons. 

Indeed, he failed as a father and a husband.

He likes his current life very much, and he is very worried that the relatives of Yangmei’s natal family will break this hard-won peaceful life.

But obviously, Su Xiaoxiao will not be affected by these things. It seems that all the troubles will be solved automatically when they come to her. She quietly handles these things well.

“I don’t know how your relationship with them is, but it’s better to have less contact with those relatives. I know that many people would rather harm themselves to maintain a good relationship with these ‘excellent’ relatives because they are afraid of people talking behind their backs. But, Han Cheng, I will not associate with people I despise.”

Han Cheng knew that Su Xiaoxiao was actually easy to get along with and to hate someone like her, you can guess what the other party’s character would be.

“I know. Do what makes you comfortable. We can just live a happy life without caring about others. Next time, if the Yangtao dares to make trouble, just close the door and don’t let her in.”


Su Xiaoxiao smiled, ” She couldn’t help but be scared. She probably won’t come back in a short time, unless the scar is healed and the pain is forgotten. Fantuan is also a tiger, he even dared throw a stone at her.”

Han Cheng: “Fantuan didn’t like them much before. He used to be naughtier, but he is much better now.”
Su Xiaoxiao took out a small bowl of potatoes and eggplants, mixed them with salt and peanut oil, and gave them to Doubao alone.

For the rest, she poured the garlic and vinegar juice in it, sprinkled a little green onion on top, added sweet and sour pork chops, and served a bowl of white rice. It’s another round of meals.

“Mom, the food you cooked is delicious. I declare that the sweet and sour pork chops were the best dish you ever made! Everything you do is delicious, even potatoes and eggplants are delicious. Are you a fairy?” Fantuan rubbed his round belly. He liked the sweet and sour pork chops and the potatoes and eggplants.

“Yesterday, you said that the stewed pork sausage was the best.” Su Xiaoxiao is worried that he is too full, so she asked him to get up and take a walk.

Fantuan circled around the table, saying, “Then, they are equal! Both of them ranked first!”

Han Cheng also agreed. When her hands touched something ordinary, it became extraordinary. They are so delicious that people can’t stop eating them. The potatoes and eggplants are without meat, but it still tastes good.

Han Cheng has just finished this meal, and has already begun to look forward to what to eat next. He also understood more clearly why Su Xiaoxiao asked him at the beginning if there would be meat in every meal. Yes… There is nothing better than a family sitting together, and happily eating meat. Han Cheng even started to feel that the previous days had been wasted.

After dinner, Su Xiaoxiao went to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. 

On the other side, Han Cheng picked all the persimmons that Su Xiaoxiao could not reach and planned to make a fence.

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head as she glanced at Han Cheng’s busy back. This man is still working hard in the afternoon, and he doesn’t worry about his health.

“Attention, I’m going to announce the tasks. Comrade Han Cheng and Comrade Fantuan, you two go in and have a nap!” 

Xiao Doubao went to bed soon after he had eaten enough, however, the two seemed like they did not intend to sleep.

Fantuan gave a military salute: “Aye aye Mom, Fantuan has received your order and will execute it immediately!”

Then he ran back to his room to sleep.

Han Cheng didn’t even stop his movements. “I’ll quickly finish this. By the way, someone will send four chicks here in the afternoon. You can take them right away.”

Su Xiaoxiao walked over and took his hand. “Don’t worry. You can do this after work. Your job requires a high level of concentration, and you have to be in the best condition at all times. Come on, let’s go inside and sleep.”

Su Xiaoxiao was almost misled by the word “soldier” when matchmaker Xu introduced Han Cheng to them on the blind date. She really thought he was a battalion commander or regimental commander, but unexpectedly, he was a military doctor.

But in fact, his being a “soldier” was somewhat true. She was just narrow-minded. The standardized training of soldiers from orthodox military schools is the same. Aside from having a military rank and wearing a military uniform, they also receive missions and feel a sense of responsibility as doctors. At first sight, she felt that his temperament was particularly unique. It is no wonder that he was a man of all abilities.

Han Cheng could not resist her, so he had to put down the things in his hands and wash his hands to go back to the room for a nap.

When Han Cheng noticed she was still going to the children’s room, he paused and said, “Then you…”

Su Xiaoxiao pointed to the guest room on the other side, saying, “After the political investigation is complete, we will get our marriage certificate, and then pick up the room opposite to be our wedding room.”

The size and pattern of the four rooms are basically the same, but Su Xiaoxiao prefers the southeast-facing guest room opposite. After the marriage certificate is issued, they can buy a cabinet and a new quilt.

Han Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, and his expression was also relaxed. He didn’t know how to ask Su Xiaoxiao to sleep in the same room with him. She is his own wife, and it was impossible for the children to keep occupying her.

The men of this era are very introverted. In the 21st century, this is what they called mensao. [1]Outwardly cold or retiring, but deep and passionate inside. Su Xiaoxiao can’t help but stand on tiptoe, kiss his handsome face, and gently push him afterward, “Go to sleep. I will come and wake you up at 1:45 to go back to work.”

Su Xiaoxiao’s lips are as soft as feathers. Han Cheng tightened his muscles, made a fist, and released them. 

He is not Liu Xiahui, He is a young man fool of vigor. It is impossible for him to not have any idea about his wife. It seems like he has to go and urge the commissar to speed up the political investigation in the afternoon. [2]Lui Xiahui was a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have had a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.


1 Outwardly cold or retiring, but deep and passionate inside.
2 Lui Xiahui was a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have had a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.


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