The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 22.1

Chapter 22.1

After Fantuan threw stones, he saw Su Xiaoxiao, who always had a smile on her face, come out of the kitchen with her lips pursed. Seeing his mother’s face, he suddenly remembered something. He looked a little flustered and consciously stood in the corner: “Mom, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have thrown the stones. I didn’t mean to… I just couldn’t remember it all at once!”

Fantuan’s eyes were red, he looked like he was about to cry. Su Xiaoxiao’s heart softened.

No matter how smart Fantuan is, in the end, he’s still a five-year-old boy. Besides, one year of his life was wasted on Zhou Cuihua. Strictly speaking, his behavior and common sense were similar to those of a three- or four-year-old boy.

Su Xiaoxiao stretched out her hand. “Come here, Mom will talk to you later. Let’s go out and see what’s going on.”

The woman at the door had already kicked the door out of their yard.

“Come out! Come out of your house!”

Su Xiaoxiao led Fantuan out, and a well-dressed, woman stood at the gate of their yard with a cold face.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at her, and the woman also looked at Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao was still wearing the patched clothes she brought from Sujia Village. She didn’t have the time to buy new clothes.

Although the woman didn’t show it clearly, when she looked at Su Xiaoxiao, her expression became somewhat disgusted.

“My family name is Cheng, and I’m a teacher in the primary school of the military region. You are Director Han’s newlywed wife, right? Did you even teach anything to your stepson? As a stepmother, you can’t be so indifferent to your stepchildren. He almost broke my son’s head.”

Su Xiaoxiao felt wronged. People always say that stepmothers wouldn’t teach their stepsons and that stepmothers would never be as good as the biological mother. But for her, the moment she accepted Fantuan and Doubao, she regarded them as her own in her heart. How dare this woman say that she didn’t care about them?!

These words hit Su Xiaoxiao’s back.

No matter how annoyed Su Xiaoxiao was, her expression and voice remained gentle. She fought back softly, “You are Teacher Cheng, right? I’m not as good at raising sons as you are. My son won’t steal other people’s things. My son was wrong for doing that, however, why don’t you ask what your son did first?”

Cheng Lifang’s husband is a battalion commander, while she has a junior high school education and teaches preschool Chinese in the primary school of the military region. Naturally, she is eloquent, “The child only craved for the persimmon, so he picked it up, how was it called stealing? In the past, when Dr. Yang was there, a child passed by a persimmon tree and took one, and ate it. Doctor Yang said nothing. How come it became stealing when it comes to you? This comrade, it’s wrong for you to teach the child this way. It’s a grave mistake for a child to act that way at such a young age. If you don’t educate him well, we won’t dare to accept him in our elementary school in the future, and who is to blame if he hurts other people’s children?”

What’s this? Su Xiaoxiao laughed angrily. “If my son beats someone for no reason, I will be the first one who will educate him! Comrade, who doesn’t educate her son? These persimmons and the persimmon trees belong to us. If your son wants to eat persimmons, he can come in and ask us for them. If he doesn’t ask for them, it will be regarded as stealing. As the saying goes, “Steal needles when they are small, steal gold when they are big. ” Do you have to wait until you get arrested before you can call it stealing?”

When Chen Lifang saw Su Xiaoxiao dressed in rags, she thought that she looked like she had just come out of the country and had never seen the world before. How can a country girl’s family situation be better if she is someone else’s stepmother? It makes no difference whether she went to school or not. Unexpectedly, she was so eloquent that I did not lose to her. Chen Lifang originally planned to ask Su Xiaoxiao to apologize and give her a few persimmons as compensation, however, she never thought that Su Xiaoxiao wouldn’t apologize to her.

Chen Lifang glared at her. “Then do your words mean that you won’t let your son apologize to my son?”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled and remained good-natured as she said: “It’s wrong for my son to throw stones at people, but there is a reason for it. When I arrive at the police station, I will say the same thing. Let your son apologize to my son first, admit that it’s wrong for him to steal things, and then after that, my son will apologize to your son and admit that it’s wrong for him to throw stones at your son. Then the two children must shake hands and make peace. What do you think?”

Cheng Lifang laughed in anger. There was a large population in the town. But in recent years, the college entrance examination was canceled, and most of the intellectuals went to the countryside. Most of the innocent people were farmers. There were few people with junior high school degrees. Not many people like Cheng Lifang, who graduated from junior high school and could speak and teach, were able to teach and educate people. This is the first time she has encountered such a soft nail as Su Xiaoxiao.

“Was it reasonable for your son to beat people?”

“Who hit someone?” Han Cheng just heard what Cheng Lifang said when he came back from work.

Fantuan hid in Su Xiaoxiao’s arms. The five-year-old Fantuan suddenly remembered that when he was a three-year-old Fantuan, he once smashed a hole in the head of an elementary school student who bullied his little brother and was locked up by his father in the toilet for a long time when he came home and was not allowed to eat.

Su Xiaoxiao patted Fantuan’s head to comfort him, but she hasn’t spoken yet, and Cheng Lifang can’t wait to say: “Head Han, you came back just at the right time. Your son hit my son’s head with a stone. Look at this. It is swollen. Can you find a reliable stepmother for your son? She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She just covers up your son and refuses to apologize. Originally, it was a trivial matter. If she had said sorry, then the matter is over, but she was not reconciled. Although she is just a stepmother, she shouldn’t teach her son bad things. Of course, it’s easy to pamper a child, but if you overdo it, you can make a bigger mistake later. “

When Cheng Lifang said that, she looked at Su Xiaoxiao with a look of “you’ll see.”

Is this what they call “the villain complains first”? Now, she has finally seen someone do this.

Nevertheless, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t speak. She wanted to hear what Han Cheng would say first.

Han Cheng looked at his son, who was cowering in Su Xiaoxiao’s arms and couldn’t even look at him. After all, his son is a repeat offender who throws stones at people. He almost blurted out the words, “You used stones to hit people again?” but when he met Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes, the words that were about to escape his mouth, moved backward.

“Although I don’t know the cause and effect, my wife is a reasonable person, and she has her reasons for how to deal with things. My wife, Fantuan’s stepmother, was even better at educating him than I, Fantuan’s biological father. So, you don’t have to bother about Su Xiaoxiao. I think there is a misunderstanding, you should listen to her first.”

It was an eye-opener for Cheng Lifang. Sure enough, people who don’t belong together, don’t get to live together. If that was her man, he would have slapped his son long ago. I have never heard Head Han indulge his wife and children like this before.

If she recalls correctly, when Fantuan threw stones at people two years ago, he paid for dozens of their medical bills and beat Fantuan. Why is he acting like this now?

Su Xiaoxiao was very satisfied with Comrade Han Cheng’s performance. Indeed, she has a good eye. The man she likes is pretty good. “Her son stole persimmons from our house. Fantuan saw them when he was digging up earthworms over there. He threw a stone outside and hit her son. I said that whoever hits someone and steals something should apologize. Is there anything wrong with what I said?”

Han Cheng nodded. He looked at Cheng Lifang, and repeated Su Xiaoxiao’s words: ” Is there anything wrong with what she said?”

Cheng Lifang was so aggrieved that she had nothing to say, but she didn’t dare do anything to Han Cheng. Her husband almost lost his life on the battlefield a few years ago, and it was Han Cheng who tried his best to rescue him from King Yama. His own man admires Han Cheng very much. Nobody knows when he will go to the battlefield next time or whether he will come to Han Cheng for help again. She could only walk away while dragging her son in anger and not being able to say a single word.


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