The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 22.2

Chapter 22.2

After Cheng Lifang pulled her son away, Han Cheng turned his attention to his son and said, “How many times have I said that you can’t hit people with stones?”

“Mom…” Fantuan was about to cry and hid in Su Xiaoxiao’s arms.

In this world, only my mother is the most reasonable and understands Fantuan the best. My father will surely scold me again.

Su Xiaoxiao squatted down, she lowered her head until her eyes and Fantuan’s eyes were at the same height. She looked into the child’s eyes and said: “Baby, didn’t mother tell you this morning that you can’t throw stones at will, and you should convince people with reason? If you hit someone’s eyes, they will never be able to see anything in their entire life. You were so sad when your little brother hurt his hand, but what if he hurt his eyes? How sad would his parents become? He is also a child, just like you. It’s wrong of him to steal, right? Then, you should tell him to return what he stole. You shouldn’t make the first move. Can you remember this time?”

Fantuan really listened this time and nodded carefully: “Remember, Mom.”

“Then, tell it to your Dad, and Mom will go and see if the meal is ready.” Su Xiaoxiao whispered to Han Cheng, “You can teach your son in any way, but you can’t beat him.”

Han Cheng: “…” Whose biological son is this?

“Do I look fierce?” He never hit his son?

Su Xiaoxiao looked at him with her head tilted. She pressed his two index fingers against the corners of Han Cheng’s mouth and said, “A little bit when you don’t smile. It would be better if you could smile more.”

Su Xiaoxiao bent down to pick up Xiao Doubao and kissed his face.

Han Cheng: “…” Does his wife think everyone’s name is Su Xiaoxiao, and they all like to smile like her?

After Su Xiaoxiao entered the kitchen, Han Cheng pointed to the wall behind Fantuan and said, “Go and stand there, reflect for ten minutes, and then tell me what you did wrong.”

Fantuan instinctively wanted to ask Su Xiaoxiao for help.

Han Cheng said, “It’s no use looking for anyone. Go.”

Su Xiaoxiao adores children but never spoils them. She will not intervene as long as Han Cheng did nothing wrong in educating his son. Most boys have a hero complex and have been admiring strength since childhood. She knows how important it is for a dignified father to set up the correct three perspectives for a boy’s growth. This role can’t be replaced by a mother.

The meal is not ready yet. It is estimated that it will take about ten minutes. Han Cheng went to build a fence for the chicks, while Fantuan was punished for standing in the corner. Otherwise, if they ran around the yard, he would have to clean up chicken excrement everywhere, which is smelly and unsanitary. It is hygienic to raise it in a certain area. Chicken excrement can be collected as natural organic fertilizer, which can be used to grow vegetables.

Han Cheng made an arc fence and put the chicks in the corner of the vegetable plot.

Su Xiaoxiao thinks that Han Cheng is dexterous, and even suspects that Han Cheng has a slight obsessive-compulsive disorder. The height and width of each bamboo are almost the same, and a small row of bamboo is particularly beautiful.

“It would be so nice if we could plant a circle of morning glory to climb on the fence.”

Han Cheng thought for a moment and said, “It seems that the loofah, wax gourd, balsam pear, pumpkin, beans, and snow peas in that bag of seeds are vine crops that can blossom and bear fruit. However, only chives, radishes, and cabbage are suitable for planting now. It is not too cold this winter. It may be fine to cover the loofah and balsam pear with adhesive tape. For the beans… I am not sure if they are green beans, so you can just try planting them.”
Su Xiaoxiao looked at Han Cheng with more than just admiration, this is a blind spot in her knowledge.

Su Xiaoxiao gave him a thumbs up and said, “Comrade Han Cheng, you are so awesome! You even know about this! But I still don’t know what to plant.”

Han Cheng looked at her deviously and said, “Your mother never told you these?”

Her Father and Mother loved her very much, and her two brothers also loved her. It can be assumed that Su Xiaoxiao has loved to smile since childhood, so they named her Xiaoxiao. Generally, rural families can’t support her lifestyle. Her mother should have considered this, and even if she didn’t intentionally teach these fundamentals, as a farmer’s daughter, she should be able to pick them up by ear.

Su Xiaoxiao mobilized the memory of the original owner, Only after sorting out the ideas did she reply: “I was born prematurely. I was thin and weak when I was young. Fortunately, my parents loved me very much. My two brothers also let me study hard when I was young. So that, in the future, I will be assigned to work in the city after taking the college entrance examination and not in the field. Unfortunately, the year I was preparing for the college entrance examination, they suddenly announced the cancellation of the examination. I had to stay in the brigade to help with calculating points. My father always felt that the college entrance examination would resume, so he didn’t let me work in the field. Who knows that I would wait for more than six years? That’s why I don’t have any idea about farming. I may have to write to my mother. “

Su Xiaoxiao also felt sorry for the original owner. This is the so-called noble son of a poor, humble family. As a girl, the original owner, who was the first in the annual examination, was very impressive. She wanted to know her destiny through knowledge. Who knew that a movement locked the door to this destiny?

Many people waited and thought there was no hope and gave up learning, but the original owner did not do so. In the past six years, she has never stopped studying. In addition to teaching Dabao and Xiaobao to read, she was also reviewing old and new materials almost every day. She can almost recite the knowledge of junior high and senior high school by heart. Every year, she studied for the college entrance exam. As long as they announce the resumption of the college entrance examination, she can immediately go on stage to show her strengths.

It’s a pity that she couldn’t wait.

If Su Xiaoxiao was not mistaken, there are still five years to go before resuming the college entrance examination. By then, Fantuan and Doubao will have grown up. She may be able to fulfill the original owner’s wish and go to college on behalf of the original owner. However, it is too early to say anything. Let’s not talk about whether her arrival has caused any butterfly effect, the problem is, it is still uncertain whether this era is the same time and space as the 1970s in her previous life, so she decided to take things one step at a time.

“But I haven’t stopped studying in the past six years. Han Cheng, if I have the opportunity, I still want to take the college entrance examination.” Su Xiaoxiao first gave Han Cheng psychological preparation, otherwise, when the time for resumption of the college entrance examination ensues, and she suddenly participates in the exam and does well in it, she might scare him.

After all, the original owner was the oldest of the old three-classes. [1]Those students, who graduated from middle or high schools in 1966, 1967, and 1968, were referred to as Lao sanjie (“old three-classes” 老三届).

Speaking of this, she hasn’t reported peace to her mother yet, so, she has to write a letter to them sometime.

During the blind date, Su Xiaoxiao said that she had “studied for several years”. Han Cheng thought that she might have graduated from primary school or junior high school at most, but he did not expect she was a practical senior high school student. This news was something Han Cheng didn’t expect.

Her educational level is higher than that of most female comrades in the military region. Many of the members of the cultural and industrial corps, nurses in military hospitals, primary school teachers, etc.—have only a junior high school level of education. Even if the college entrance examination was not canceled, more families prefer their daughters to go to technical secondary schools, so that they can start work early. Su Xiaoxiao, a down-to-earth high school graduate, is relatively rare, especially in rural areas.

How can Han Cheng know that compared to Su Xiaoxiao’s graduate degree from her previous life, graduating from high school is just “studying for a few years” for her?     

Su Xiaoxiao thought Han Cheng would say something, but he just said lightly: “It’s never too old to learn. It’s a good habit to keep learning. The college entrance examination will resume sooner or later.”

Han Cheng has never stopped learning. If he had the opportunity, he would like to go back to a higher school to continue his studies.

“Is your high school textbook still there? I didn’t bring mine.” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

Han Cheng nodded, “Yes, I have kept all the textbooks and books I have used since childhood in the innermost cabinet.”

Learning opportunities did not come easily when he was a child, and Han Cheng has cherished books since he was a child.

Su Xiaoxiao was very surprised. One thing that she remembered deeply from her student days was that in the graduation season of each stage, there would be a few uncles and aunts who collected rags squatting at the school gate. She would catch them and ask them if they sold books and how much they were.

Textbooks of the 21st century can be found everywhere, and it is almost useless to keep them after graduation. Even if they are needed, you can find them in bookstores at any time, so people sell books as waste paper after graduation.

Unexpectedly, Han Cheng had kept his textbooks for decades. She wanted to open the cabinet immediately to see if they were rotten.

Since they reached a consensus, Su Xiaoxiao did not continue on this topic. She said with a smile, “Comrade Han Cheng is great. It’s time to stop our son’s punishment. Hurry up and lift the punishment. We’ll have our dinner.”

Han Cheng also wanted to ask her where she learned to cook these delicious dishes. Her skill is equal to those who work in a state-owned hotel in the county. 

However, after careful consideration, he thought that some people have talent in this field. With her intelligence, as long as she has seen or heard it, and read a little something about it, she will definitely be able to do it. In conclusion, Han Cheng didn’t bother to ask about it anymore.

The little Fantuan in the corner has been listening with his ears pricked up. When Su Xiaoxiao said that the time for standing was enough, he immediately turned around and met Han Cheng’s gaze.

“Dad, I know I’m wrong. I promise I won’t throw stones at people anymore. I even promise not to throw stones in the river!”

Smart children can become the pillars of the country if they are well disciplined, and vice versa. If they are not well disciplined, they will do more harm to society than ordinary people. Therefore, educating these children is a very advanced discipline.

“Han Jing!” Han Cheng only called him by his real name when he was talking about serious topics he hadn’t called him Han Jing for a long time.

If Su Xiaoxiao had not just asked Fantuan about his name, Fantuan would not have responded.

“Here!” Comrade Fantuan stepped forward to salute the army.

“Do you know there is a word called a stepmother’s dilemma?” Han Cheng asked.

Fantuan paused and shook his head, “I don’t know.”
Han Cheng looked into his son’s eyes and said every word with emphasis: “It means it’s difficult to be a stepmother. When your mother disciplines you and does a great job, others will think it’s natural for her to do it. If she can’t manage you well, the others will think that you are not her real son, so she doesn’t care about you. No matter how well she teaches you, people will gossip behind your back. Han Jing, you know that your mother raised you and your brother like her own son. However, in the eyes of outsiders, your current behavior does not represent you. You are still a child. If you did something wrong, they will not blame you, but they will blame your parents for not disciplining you well. Do you understand what I wanted to convey?”

Han Cheng’s words no longer regard Fantuan as a child, but more like a conversation between two men.

This is the first time that Little Fantuan has talked with his father on an equal footing. Little Fantuan didn’t know how to use words to describe his inner shock. But many years later, Han Jing, who has grown up and no longer goes by the name, Fantuan, would remember what his father said to him.

“I understand, Dad, I will not take the initiative to hit others again, but Dad, if others hit me first, I will fight back!”

Han Cheng: “…” Who gave birth to the tiger’s son? OK. It’s wrong to be beaten and not fight back. He’s still young. We can teach him slowly.

Han Cheng himself grew up with Fantuan, and only then began to learn how to be a qualified father.

“Dinner is ready! Wash your hands and eat!”

The soft and sweet voice came from the kitchen, and the father and son looked at each other.

Fantuan took his father’s hand and whispered, “Dad, you married the right wife. I’m very satisfied. I will marry a wife like this when I grow up!”

Han Cheng: “…” Did the five-year-old kid even think about marrying a wife? Well, he is also very satisfied with his wife.

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1 Those students, who graduated from middle or high schools in 1966, 1967, and 1968, were referred to as Lao sanjie (“old three-classes” 老三届).


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