The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Su Xiaoxiao saw Xiao Doubao write “44” awkwardly with a stick in his hand.

Xiao Doubao is too small to control the strength in his hand, but the order of strokes is correct, and when you take a look at it carefully, you can recognize it.

Fantuan is writing the numbers “40 to 50.” Su Xiaoxiao first thought it was a basic arrangement of ten numbers and taught him the rule. It was Fantuan who wanted to write down numbers 1 to 100, so Su Xiaoxiao let him.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Doubao also followed his brother in writing. He ran to see what his brother was writing. He ran back to draw and write what he saw. He didn’t know what it was, so he simply imitated it. At a glance, he could even write down the order of the strokes.

But even with this alone, it is already quite powerful for a child under two years old.

Su Xiaoxiao took Doubao’s stick and drew some simple patterns on the ground, such as circles, triangles, and trapezoids.

Su Xiaoxiao returned the branch to him, and Xiao Doubao was also able to copy it with Su Xiaoxiao’s stroke order. The figure was still crooked, but the stroke order was correct, and the shape could also be recognized.

“Baby, you are wonderful!” Su Xiaoxiao kissed him on the cheek.

Xiao Doubao especially likes his mother kissing him, he happily showed his eight small teeth.

He hasn’t cried or made any noise since he followed Su Xiaoxiao. He can do whatever Su Xiaoxiao asked him to do. Although he is a little too clingy to his mother, he can also blend in when playing with his brother and his friends.

Su Xiaoxiao thought, such an angelic baby, even having a dozen would not be too many.

Although the children are geniuses, Su Xiaoxiao does not plan to raise them as gifted children. According to their actual situation, it is fine to skip grades in primary school and junior high school. What should he do in normal times? The wise are all lonely There’s a saying: “A happy childhood heals a lifetime; an unhappy childhood may take a lifetime to heal.”

Su Xiaoxiao will do her best to give them a happy and healing childhood.

Little Fantuan wrote his 1-100 and handed it to Su Xiaoxiao for “checking of homework.” Then he went to the vegetable garden to dig worms and feed Zhou, Fen, Mian, and Fan.

It is difficult for a child, like Little Fantuan to become a bookworm because he has too many hobbies and interests. He can sit still, but he also likes to play. When he should write obediently, he will comply and play when it’s time to play. Not at all ambiguous.

While cooking lunch, Fantuan also took the initiative to come in and help Su Xiaoxiao set the fire. It was really hard for Su Xiaoxiao not to like these two cubs.

The lunch was very simple. Zhou Yuhua sent a large piece of dried salted fish, which could not be eaten in a single meal. Su Xiaoxiao cut half of the dried salted fish into small pieces, not much, just two or three pieces for one person. She then cut a large amount of shredded ginger and put it in the pan. Su Xiaoxiao put white wine, sprinkled a little sugar on top of the noodles, and steamed them in the pan.

The rice was still stewed with sweet potatoes, however, the method of cooking it was different from that in Sujia Village, where there were more sweet potatoes than white rice. What Su Xiaoxiao did was put the chopped sweet potatoes in a large pot of white rice, which is much more nutritious and healthier than white rice. The Han family was also used to eating this type of rice.  

The Chinese cabbage I bought from the market yesterday was shredded to remove some water. It was mixed with a little garlic, peanut vinegar, and soy sauce, and then drizzled with a little peanut oil to stir fry—and a delicious cold Chinese cabbage was also completed.

Su Xiaoxiao was only willing to use a little bit of peanut oil. There is no way she will do it all. Nobody in this era would have dared to use this much oil every month. Su Xiaoxiao thought that she might have to go to the black market to buy some sesame oil. Cold dishes without sesame oil are soulless.

Han Cheng usually comes back on time at noon. When he gets home, all the food is served on the table.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the door and was about to speak, however, before she could speak, she was surprised. Han Cheng didn’t come back alone. There were several people behind him, two of them with red armbands on their arms.

“Don’t worry, the comrades and heads of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission came over to see the situation of our family.” Han Cheng explained.

Su Xiaoxiao was not nervous, she smiled at them and said, “Have you had dinner? We are just about to have dinner. Do you mind staying for a little while?”

At the end of the day, someone came to report that Han Cheng’s family was eating fish and meat every day and that their lifestyle was corrupt. The Head of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission initially wanted to give Han Cheng a heads-up so that they could have a psychological preparation. As a result, Han Cheng said directly that it was just time to go off work, so he can take his comrades from the Discipline Inspection Commission and go home with him directly to see the real situation of their family, so other people won’t have anything to say to them anymore.

Therefore, this is indeed a surprise inspection. No information has indeed been disclosed in advance. The report is sudden, and coming to Han Cheng’s house was unplanned. What they see is the most realistic situation of the Han Family.

A few people looked around the table; there were several bowls of coarse grain rice, and the white rice was slightly more, but not to the point of being corrupt.

Then they looked at the dishes, a small dish of steamed salted fish, which was only one or two pieces for each person, and a bowl of Chinese cabbage with no oil. The Han family’s food was not as good as it was at home. The Head turned gloomy, and who scolded the Han family for being corrupt?

“It’s all right. You guys can eat, we’re only here to take a look and then leave.” The Head asked Su Xiaoxiao quietly. “What are you going to eat in the evening?”

“We’ll eat stone snails!” The adult hasn’t answered yet, but the clever little Fantuan has replied crisply, “The stone snail will be the number one most delicious food!”

Because in little Fantuan’s understanding, all the things that his mother makes for the first time will be ranked first, so the stone snail must be the first in the most delicious food, which he thought was correct!

Su Xiaoxiao probably guessed what was going on and took out the stone snails that had been raised all night and spit out a lot of sand. She said with a smile, “I exchanged a few persimmons with my neighbor for the stone snail. After raising it for a day and a night, the children are looking forward to eating it at night. It’s quite a lot. Do you want to come and taste it at night?”

The people who came here looked at each other. Did they hear it right? It’s fishy, smelly, and small. Eating half a plate of snail meat is not enough to fill the teeth. Most of the people were too lazy to cook snails, it’s better to eat scalloped oysters that you can buy for a few cents per kilo, and you don’t need tickets to buy them. 

In the eyes of Han Cheng’s children, was this the top 1 in the “most delicious dish”?

Is it possible that the person who reported Han Cheng’s family as corrupt for eating big fish and meat every day had their heads in the clouds? If the informant’s family did not eat boiled cabbage mixed with sweet potatoes every day, then kill him. Does eating salted fish, cabbage, and sweet potato rice at noon, and a stone snail in the evening means living a corrupt life?

The two children looked very energetic, but they were thin, their clothes were all patched, and the youngest had a broken hand. No wonder Han Cheng was so anxious to find someone to exchange tickets with. He needs to exchange some meat and milk powder tickets to make up for the children’s bodies. No matter how difficult life is, the children must not suffer.

Not to mention children, even Su Xiaoxiao has a plain face [1]meaning, no makeup and her clothes are patched.

How could such a thrifty family be reported for living a corrupt life? There are all kinds of people these days.

The Head patted Han Cheng on the shoulder: “You have taught me a good lesson and set a good example for everyone. You are a good comrade. You have worked hard. I will severely criticize and punish the person who reported you after I go back. I will not believe them if they report your family again in the future, old He Xiaoxu, what do you think?”

The two men who had red armbands looked at each other and said, “What else can we do? It must be a malicious report. We must not encourage such unhealthy practices. They are wasting our human and material resources and chilling the hearts of good comrades. Such people will have to be severely punished.”

The Head also thought so. Han Cheng reported to him yesterday that the food in his family might be better than that of the other families in the compound, and that the child would have to supplement his body. That’s why he wanted to exchange his tickets for a meat ticket and a milk powder ticket. Today, someone came to report the Han family, but it turns out it was a malicious report by someone with bad intentions.

The Head shook hands with Han Cheng and said, “Don’t worry, Comrade Han Cheng, we know what’s going on, and I will give you an explanation so that it won’t prevent you from finishing your meal. The children are too thin. Didn’t you exchange a lot of tickets for meat tickets yesterday? Give the children good nutrition. We’ll go first.”

Han Cheng nodded: “Walk slowly.”

Su Xiaoxiao also smiled and said, “Goodbye, heads.”

Fantuan also waved generously, and said crisply, “Goodbye, uncles! “

What a polite child, what a good teacher! Those who reported bad intentions must be punished!

After the heads had gone away, Su Xiaoxiao asked Han Cheng, “What’s going on? Did someone report our family for living a corrupt life?”

Han Cheng came back after washing his hands, took Su Xiaoxiao, and sat down. “I will say it while eating.”
It turned out that the comrades of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission received a report from the masses when they were about to leave work, saying that Han Cheng’s family style of life was corrupt and that every day the children next door would cry from smelling the big fish and meat cooked in our house. After receiving the report, the Heads spoke to Han Cheng.

Han Cheng didn’t take it seriously at first, but he remembered that Su Xiaoxiao told Fantuan in the morning that they would eat salted fish and cabbage at noon and stone snails at night. It was rare for his family to eat such light food at home. It was preferable to inspect on this day rather than choose another day. Anyway, no matter what, he had to go through the process, so he asked the Heads to come to their house directly today. With this, they can prevent people from saying that the pre-planned inspection was a fraud. 

Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t know what to say. Today, she temporarily decided not to go to the market every day to recruit people (from having bad ideas about them.) and planned to eat some of the stock at home. Unexpectedly, someone reported them. These people have full bellies and nothing better to do.

“After that, can’t we eat meat every day? Or should I make the food a little bad so that others can’t smell it?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.



Both father and son protested at the same time.

Fantuan: “Mom, my uncle just said that I am too thin, and I must eat meat every day. My father’s Heads agreed that I should eat more meat!”

Su Xiaoxiao: “How do you know that he is your father’s Head?”

Fantuan was too lazy to despise his mother’s IQ: “Dad said he was the Head, and you also called him “Head” when you said goodbye.”

Su Xiaoxiao:”……”

Han Cheng: “It’s not necessary. It’s not so serious. Even if they saw our family eating braised pork in brown sauce, it would be fine after a few sentences of explanation. We can eat as we want.”

He has just experienced the joy of food, so don’t give him some plain water with some salt, it will destroy his taste buds. Eating before was just for him to fill his stomach, but now it is a kind of enjoyment.

Su Xiaoxiao just casually asked about it, and besides, it was also impossible for her to have a simple meal every day.

“Why does this salted fish have no fishy smell?” Han Cheng wondered. Before, the salted fish steamed at home was so fishy that he could not swallow it. After eating Su Xiaoxiao’s steamed one, he changed his opinion about steamed salted fish, it was delicious.

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Both white wine and sugar with shredded ginger can remove the fishy taste, especially the white sugar. It can neutralize the salty taste of salted fish. It’s good to eat this once in a while.”

Han Cheng nodded: “It’s really good. It’s very delicious.” Han Cheng spoke up and went to add half a bowl of rice.

“Do you know who reported it?” Su Xiaoxiao asked casually.

Han Cheng shook his head: “It doesn’t matter, the organization knows who I am.”

Su Xiaoxiao stopped asking.

Fantuan and Xiao Doubao also love to eat. Su Xiaoxiao braised a large pot of rice at noon, and the whole Han family finished eating their lunch with no rice left.

After the lunch break, the busy afternoon began again.

Those who had to go to work went to work, and those who needed to study went back to school. 

Some of the persimmons that have been drying for two days in the sun are also ready to be pinched.

The secret to the soft, sticky, and sweet persimmon was to pinch it. The process of pinching the persimmon is very healing. It is not enough to take it up and knead it gently. It needs to be dried for several days and kneaded again until it destroys the internal structure of each persimmon. It will not become a soft, sticky, and sweet persimmon until it is completely softened and saccharified. In the process, the natural film on the dried surface cannot be broken. This is a technical job.

Su Xiaoxiao was immersed in this kind of happiness.

Xiao Zhuzi came. To be correct, Xiao Zhuzi came to Su Xiaoxiao crying: “Auntie, can you help me with my grandma? I don’t know who to ask for help. She, she is going to die, hoo hoo…”

Su Xiaoxiao was so frightened that she immediately stopped what she was doing and said, “Don’t worry, Xiao Zhuzi. Tell me slowly what happened.”

Little Zhuzi kept crying: “My grandma, my grandma has shed a lot of blood, hoo hoo…”


T/N: Guess who reported the Han family? New Chapter tomorrow!! 


1 meaning, no makeup


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