The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 28

Chapter 28

“Xiao Zhuzi, calm down. Stop crying. Did Grandma fall at home and get hurt, or was she beaten up by someone?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

No matter how clever Xiao Zhuzi is, he is only over six years old. At this time of the day, most adults go to work, the children are in school, and there are no neighbors at home. In addition, he and his grandmother usually didn’t have much contact with other people. Except for his new friend Fantuan and the kind Aunt Su, he doesn’t know anyone he can ask for help from.

He answered Su Xiaoxiao’s question with tears and hiccups: “Mother… mother accidentally pushed my grandma.”

Su Xiaoxiao remembered that Han Cheng mentioned that Zhuzi’s mother had remarried. She guessed that there might be a dispute between Zhuzi’s mother and grandmother.

“Okay, Xiao Zhuzi, Auntie understands what happened. Don’t worry. Is your grandma still awake from when you went out? Is there anyone around her?”

Xiao Zhuzi shook his head, but his tears kept falling: “Mother left, and when Grandma fell on the ground, she couldn’t move.”

“Well, Auntie understands. Don’t worry.”

Su Xiaoxiao turned around and squatted down to ask Fantuan, looking into the child’s eyes: “Does Fantuan know where Dad works?”

“I know!” Fantuan sometimes went to work with his father when he was a child, and the number of times he went there couldn’t be counted on one hand, so naturally, he could remember the way to his father’s workplace.

“Then, Mom will give you a new mission. Now, go to your father and tell him that Zhuzi’s grandmother fell at home and was injured. She bled a lot, fell to the ground unconscious, and needed his help. You need to tell your father what I said word for word, not missing any information, can you remember it?”

For Fantuan, seeing his mother this serious was rare, so he could understand the graveness of this mission. He didn’t dare to play tricks, he repeated his mother’s words neatly.

Su Xiaoxiao added: “If you can’t find your father, or if your father is busy, you can talk to any doctor or nurse. In short, it is necessary to invite a doctor to Zhuzi’s house to save his grandmother. Can you understand Mom’s words?”

Fantuan nodded heavily: “I understand!”

Su Xiaoxiao patted him on the head and said, “Great! Go, run as fast as possible, but pay attention to safety.”

Xiao Fantuan smiled and nodded gravely, running like a small steel gun to “go out to do his mission.”

“Xiao Zhuzi, Aunt Su is going inside to get the first-aid kid. Wait here for a moment.” Su Xiaoxiao was worried that the old lady was losing too much blood. If she can, she must stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

Su Xiaoxiao gave the first aid kit to Xiao Zhuzi. She couldn’t leave Xiao Doubao at home alone. She held Xiao Doubao and let Xiao Zhuzi lead the way.

Zhuzi’s house was not far from Su Xiaoxiao’s house. It is only eight minute walk from the market. Plus, they were running in a hurry. Su Xiaoxiao estimated that it was a five- or six-minute walk.

Su Xiaoxiao was panting because she was holding Xiao Doubao.

The houses in the family area are built in a unified way. The size of the house was distributed according to the level and number of family members. After the death of Zhuzi’s father, Zhuzi and his grandmother moved into a two-bedroom house. The number of bedrooms here is the number of main rooms. For example, Su Xiaoxiao now lives in a four-bedroom house. Other supporting facilities are the same. The yard is a little smaller.

Grandma Zhuzi collapsed on the steps in front of the main house’s front door, lying motionless on her back. The blood came out of the back of her head. She most likely hit the back of her head.

The blood flow was not too large, and the injured part was not so obvious. Su Xiaoxiao breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that the amount should not cause excessive blood loss.

She put Doubao down and said, “It’s good to find a place to sit first. Don’t go out of the yard. Mom will go to see Grandma.”

Doubao nodded and walked with short legs to the nearest stone pier to sit down. His big black and white eyes looked at his mother for a moment.

“Zhuzi, there’s no need to be afraid. Give me that box. Your grandma may have just knocked her head and fainted. It’s not so serious.” Su Xiaoxiao comforted Xiao Zhuzi and said.

These are the words that Su Xiaoxiao said just to soothe Xiao Zhuzi. She is not a medical student, and she is not very sure about the severity of the wound. If the knock is serious, intracerebral hemorrhage and concussion are possible, so the elderly must be careful when they are old. Children often fall, and falling is usually nothing serious, but many elderly people will not be able to afford it.

“How long has it been since your grandma fell?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

Zhuzi wiped away his tears: “She fell and couldn’t move. I talked to her but she couldn’t reply, and she was still bleeding, so I went out immediately and asked for help.”

Su Xiaoxiao learned some common knowledge of first aid in her last life, but she never used it and almost forgot it. She didn’t dare to move the old lady at will. If she injured her head or broke a bone, it might cause a secondary injury.

She looked at the table below and calculated the time. Su Xiaoxiao guessed that she must have been unconscious for at least ten minutes.

Su Xiaoxiao squatted down and probed the old lady’s breath. Her breath was normal. She shouted a few words, but having received no response, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t dare to move her. She can only check if Zhuzi’s grandma is breathing smoothly and wait until the doctor comes.

Su Xiaoxiao said to Zhuzi, “Hurry up, Zhuzi; go to the main intersection and wait there. Can you recognize the doctors? They are wearing white coats? When you see them or Fantuan, bring them over as fast as possible to save time finding the way here.”

Zhuzi found the courage, he nodded and ran out.

Su Xiaoxiao noticed that the old lady’s complexion was not too pale, and it should not be too serious. She could only hope for the doctor to arrive sooner, or else, it might become a big problem if they come late.

In fact, Su Xiaoxiao, who was very anxious in her heart, turned her gaze to Xiao Doubao, just in time to meet the little guy’s clear and bright eyes.

The little boy sat upright and did not move. When he saw his mother looking at him, he bent his eyes and exposed his eight millet teeth to her.

Su Xiaoxiao calmed down a little and said with a smile, “Xiao Doubao, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Grandma fell and hurt her head, so she bled. Xiao Doubao should be more careful when walking in the future; otherwise, it would be very painful if you fell.”

Xiao Doubao nodded vaguely.

Zhuzi came back soon. As soon as he reached the intersection, he met several people in white coats asking for directions. One of them was holding Fantuan in his hand, so he hurried to bring them over to his house.
Han Cheng didn’t come. He didn’t know if Fantuan didn’t find him or if he was busy.

“The old lady injured her head, and now she is unconscious. She has not moved for more than 20 minutes.” Su Xiaoxiao explained the situation in the fewest possible words.

The person who came was Chen Aimin. He was holding Fantuan, and there were two nurses behind him carrying a stretcher. It was not surprising to see Su Xiaoxiao here. After all, Fantuan was the rescuer who went to the hospital. The little guy was articulate and made things clear in a few words. Director Han was in a meeting, so, he brought people here directly.

Chen Aimin put down Fantuan and took over the position of Su Xiaoxiao. He quickly checked the old lady’s condition. After checking the pupil’s respiratory pulse, he immediately gave first aid.

After a while, Grandma Zhuzi opened her eyes, and Dr. Chen asked her a few simple questions. Seeing that she was weak, but could answer them, he was relieved and asked the nurse to lift the old lady, sit her up, and begin to help her deal with the wounds behind her head.

Doctor Chen brought a complete set of tools. He cut the old lady’s hair before cleaning the wound.

“Xiao Zhuzi doesn’t need to worry. Grandma just suffered a little trauma, so she can be cured.” Chen Aimin saw that the child’s eyes were red, and he looked like he was about to cry. The widow and orphan were also pitiful. If Fantuan hadn’t notified them in time, and the situation lasted another ten minutes, the consequences would be unfathomable.

Su Xiaoxiao also breathed a sigh of relief and patted Zhuzi’s head. This year’s medical level is not well-developed, but as long as it is not an intracerebral hemorrhage or a large area of trauma, it should not be a problem.

Doctor Chen still suggested that she go to the hospital for a more detailed examination and stay in the hospital for another two days for observation.

How can Zhuzi’s grandma be willing to go? At the moment, she struggled to speak: “I can’t go to the hospital. When I go, no one will take care of my grandson. My family’s Zhuzi has just turned six.” Grandma Zhuzi started to feel sad when she recovered. In the event, she passes away at this moment, who will take care of her grandson in the future? His unreliable mother only asked for money every time she came back. She didn’t ask whether the child was doing fine or not.

Two paramedics hurried to hold her down.

Chen Aimin: “Grandma Zhuzi, please don’t move. The wound hasn’t been treated yet.”
Su Xiaoxiao sat on the stone steps opposite her and asked, “Does aunt recognize me?”

Although Grandma Zhuzi’s eyesight was bad, how could she not recognize Su Xiaoxiao? She just let Zhuzi send a few jin of stone snails to her. She exchanged money for rice, gave Zhuzi milk candy, and invited him to drink fish soup. She has never met a person as kind as her.

However, with so many outsiders around them, Grandma Zhuzi couldn’t say anything, so she said, “Yes, did Zhuzi ask you to save me?”

Grandma Zhuzi is not stupid. She fell unconscious. It must be Zhuzi who asked Su Xiaoxiao to save her; otherwise, she would not be here.

Su Xiaoxiao blinked and smiled silently: ” Go to the hospital with the doctor at ease, auntie. Zhuzi can stay with me for two days. Zhuzi and my family’s Fantuan are friends. You don’t have to worry.”

Grandma Zhuzi still shook her head: “How much money will be wasted to pay for the hospital bills? It’s better to buy a notebook for my grandson with that money.”

Chen Aimin said, “Don’t worry, Grandma Zhuzi, we won’t charge you, and we will also take care of your meal.”

Grandma Zhuzi was dubious: “Are you telling the truth? When I go to the hospital, you will take care of my meal?”

Chen Aimin nodded: “Yes, you can have three meals a day, and you will surely be full.”

It is impossible for the hospital to take care of food, but Chen Aimin is a warmhearted person. He has been in the military region for some time. He still knows a little about the Zhuzi family. Anyway, he feeds the whole family by himself, and he can still pay for the old lady’s meals.

Grandma Zhuzi believed that the hospital would pay for her food, so she agreed: “OK, I’ll go to the hospital for two days, Han Cheng’s wife, and I will leave my grandson in your care. Zhuzi’s ration is in the room, and I’ll let him take it with him later.”

The old lady loves money, but she is not a person who likes to take advantage of people. Zhuzi will be eating at Su Xiaoxiao’s house, so, she didn’t forget to ask Zhuzi to bring his ration.

Su Xiaoxiao looked around and saw that the vegetables in the vegetable garden were growing well, and the two grandmothers and their grandchildren could not eat so much. She said, “The land in my house is still empty. If you don’t mind, I will pick some vegetables in your vegetable garden, so that I don’t have to go to the market to buy any, and you can consider this as payment for Zhuzi’s meals.”

Grandma Zhuzi was overjoyed. No matter how many kinds of vegetables she planted, she could only eat them by herself. Putting them up for sale would cut off the tail of capitalism. If she could not finish eating them, they could only rot in the vegetable garden. It would be best to exchange them for Zhuzi’s rations. Naturally, she would be happy to do so.

“We can’t eat much. You can eat as much as you want. Go Zhuzi, the little piece of leek inside has just grown and is very tender.” Grandma Zhuzi said.

Seeing that his grandma was fine, he didn’t panic anymore. He nodded and went into the room to look for the sickle.

Fantuan said, “Zhuzi, I will go with you to pick vegetables. I will pick what I like!”

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head reluctantly: “Fantuan, follow Zhuzi, don’t spoil Grandma’s vegetable garden.”

Fantuan said, “Don’t worry, Mom, I will be very careful.”

After Doctor Chen treated Grandma Zhuzi’s wound, he finally had time to talk to Su Xiaoxiao: “Xiaoxiao… cough, I mean sister-in-law, I am in the same department as Director Han; my name is Chen Aimin.”

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and smiled at him: “Hello, Doctor Chen, Was it you who shouted at my door the other day?”

Su Xiaoxiao remembered his voice.

Doctor Chen has a very playful attitude in dealing with his acquaintances, but he is still very polite to his female comrades. He was a little embarrassed Director Han’s wife also smiled a little too nicely. He scratched his head. “It’s me, I passed by that day and smelled the food you cooked and thought it might be delicious. It’s a pity, Director Han won’t let me in.”

Su Xiaoxiao bent her eyes and said, “Thank you for saving Grandma Zhuzi today. Our family will eat snails tonight. If you don’t mind, you can come and have a taste after work.”

Chen Aimin stared at Su Xiaoxiao in disbelief and said, “Really? Do I have this honor?”

Su Xiaoxiao thinks that Dr. Chen is a bit naive, and it’s just a simple meal, right?

“Just come with Han Cheng after work.”
Dr. Chen almost couldn’t hold back and wanted to laugh three times. Didn’t Director Han refuse to let him in? Not only can he enter the room now, Su Xiaoxiao personally invited him!

“Mm-hmm. I’ll go. I’ll be there on time!”


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