The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The Su family had their own worries. Father Su and Mother Su were awake until midnight.

The next day, when the rooster just crowed, Li Yufeng had already gotten up to cook breakfast. Just after seven o’clock, they ran to Su Xiaoxiao’s room and woke her up.

Su Xiaoxiao was a typical night owl in her last life. She didn’t sleep at night and didn’t get up in the morning. But when she came, she got up before 7 o’clock and went to bed before 10 o’clock every day, which made her feel sad and refreshed.

The four seasons in the south are not distinct. Sujia Village was surrounded by mountains on three sides and has a large temperature difference in the morning and evening, which adds a sense of autumn.

Su Xiaoxiao used a handful of cold water on her face and made her entire body immediately wake up.

Li Yufeng came over with a safflower dress. Su Xiaoxio had no idea how long it had been hidden in the cabinet, and the smell of mothballs hit her forehead.

Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help sneezing, and she held her breath and stepped back: “Mom, you are not planning to make me wear this dress to a blind date, right?”

The other party will be scared away by the smell immediately, and I still have to wear this?

Li Yufeng patted the clothes lose and raised them a few times before saying,

“What does your disgusted look mean? I, your mother, saved the cloth tickets for a long time to make this dress. You don’t know how difficult it is to get red cloth. I originally planned to keep it as a dowry until your marriage. Last night, I discussed it with your father for half a night. The conditions of that soldier are not good, but compared with those lazy and poor crooked melons and Shen… cough…”

Li Yufeng wanted to talk about Shen Zhiqing, but she was afraid that it would bring her grief, so she changed the topic:

“At least he has a decent job that can afford to support you. This time you have to fight. In case he falls in love with someone else, or with widow Liu, and won’t even look at you, this blind date will be known by everyone in the village, and you’ll be laughed at by everyone for at least half a year.

Su Xiaoxiao knows the aesthetics of this era, but that doesn’t mean she can accept aesthetics of this era.

“Mother, you’d better put it back and keep it as my dowry. This one is suitable for me. If this soldier looks down on me because of a piece of clothing, it’s not a good match. If that man didn’t like me and I wore such grand clothes, then everyone would definitely laugh at me. “

Li Yufeng thought her daughter was right, so she folded back the clothes.

Su Xiaoxiao suggested, “Mom, don’t you plan to wash it and put it back?”

Li Yufeng glanced at her daughter and said, “What do you know? If it wasn’t for the smell of this clothing, the bugs would have bitten this clothing a long time ago. If I wash it now, the designs will be damaged. Can’t you see? It looks new even if it has been used for several years. “

Su Xiaoxiao: “…” Good guy, her mother is also a talented person. She even wanted her to put on clothes she hadn’t washed for several years.

The family had a simple breakfast. It can be seen that they were worried about Su Xiaoxiao but didn’t want to pressure her, so they didn’t dare to mention the blind date. As usual, they went to work and went to work.

Only Li Yufeng forced Su Xiaoxiao aside, combed her two big braids, and tied two red ropes. The collar of her dress was also pulled, but she was still dissatisfied.

“The patch on this dress is too obvious. Maybe it’s better to put on that new dress. “

Su Xiaoxiao’s face changed slightly after hearing this: “Mom, I really don’t need it. This makes me look simple.”

Li Yufeng didn’t believe it: “Really?”

Su Xiaoxiao: “Really! I’m leaving.”

Su Xiaoxiao took her schoolbag with her. Li Yufeng took out two crumpled pieces of money from her pocket and puts them into her hand. She comforted Su XIaoxiao and said: “Buy some sweets in the town and go there happily. It doesn’t matter if you don’t come to like each other. It’s not a big deal for your mother to support you for the rest of your life.

Su Xiaoxiao feels that she has never had this type of relationship with her parents. Her only memories of her parents when she was still a kid were of cold wars or quarrels. On the contrary, Li Yufeng, feels maternal love she has never felt before. She really likes Li Yufeng.

She hugged Li Yufeng and said, “Don’t worry, Mom. I will certainly let you live a good life in the future.”
Su Xiaoxiao knows the process of history. Such a time will not be too long. In the future, she will always have a way to make her life better. She will not keep the old Su family poor.

Li Yufeng patted her on the back and said, “This child…Go ahead.”


In the villages and towns of the 1970s, the chirping birds on the branches, the heavy golden ears of rice, the old bicycles, The old market with not many products, and even the three aunts and six grandmothers who have nothing to do and like to chew their tongues…

Everything is novel to Su Xiaoxiao.

Sujia Village is located on the border of the county seat. It takes only ten minutes to walk to the county seat. There is no secret in the village. When you meet an aunt, who works on the way, she will ask:

“Where is the blind date?”
“Are you going to be with Widow Liu?”
“Why do you want to be a stepmother?”.

Su Xiaoxiao is just like her name. She laughs at all the questions she doesn’t want to answer, but unexpectedly, when she came out of the village, she met Widow Liu, who had just walked out of her home.

When she saw the striking big red dress on Widow Liu, Su Xiaoxiao was glad that she did not listen to her mother’s advice.

Widow Liu, whose real name is Liu Shuixian, is actually two years older than Su Xiaoxiao. She has the unique charm of being a young woman. How can we say it? The commendatory words are amorous feelings, while the derogatory words are flirtatious, which is the kind of woman that men will love and women will reject.

She said first, “Hey, Xiaoxiao, I didn’t expect that you, a future college student, would devalue yourself to compete with me for a widower with two children.”

Liu Shuixian had been in high school for two years and was highly educated in the village. Otherwise, she could not say the word “self-abasement,” nor could she be qualified for the condition of being literate.

Su Xiaoxiao has no intention of arguing with her. She doesn’t know whether the other party is round or flat. She may not like him when she sees him.

“Isn’t it a bit grand for you to use the word ‘rob’? Anyway, I’m free to make a casual appearance. I’ll go first.”

Su Xiaoxiao went straight over her after saying that. ‘Why do women attack other women? It’s the most boring battle between women.

“You……” Widow Liu was too angry to say anything.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know that she had made an enemy. People treat her as an enemy in grand ways, but she doesn’t pay attention to people at all. This indifferent attitude is actually the most insulting counterattack. How can Widow Liu not be angry?


It was less than nine o’clock when they arrived at the state-owned hotel. Before matchmaker Xu arrived, there were several guests sitting in the hotel.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t listen to her mother’s words to buy sugar from the market. Instead, she became greedy for the big meat buns in the state-owned hotel to the point that she drooled.

She pointed at the steamed stuffed bun and swallowed in frustration: “Comrade, how much for this steamed stuffed bun?”

At this time, the waiter was aloof and had no sense of service. When she saw Su Xiaoxiao’s clothes were half new and patched. Although she was good-looking, she could see at a glance that she was a rural girl. Her eyes and nose were red as she snorted. “Do you have food stamps?”

Su Xiaoxiao is a little sorry. Her elder brother and sister-in-law have food stamps, but her mother didn’t give them to her, so she can only watch as she drools.

Widow Liu walked past her and deliberately bumped into her arm. She slapped the food ticket and money on the counter: “Two big meat buns, please.”

He also turned to Su Xiaoxiao and said, “If you can’t afford it, just stay away.”

Su Xiaoxiao immediately thought of the words “rich and powerful”, gave her a thumbs up, and stepped aside.

The waiter added, “If you don’t buy something, go out immediately. Don’t disturb others. “

At this time, matchmaker Xu arrived and saw Han Cheng sitting in the corner. After greeting him, she waved and said, “Xiaoxiao, Shuixian, come here.”

Su Xiaoxiao turned to face the source of the voice and noticed a man in a military uniform in the corner…

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