The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 40

Chapter 40

It was past four o’clock in the afternoon when they arrived home.

Han Cheng unloaded the stuff in the car, took the wedding cakes and candy, and went to return the car to Zhao Xianfeng first. 

The old man likes wine, so he also brought a bottle of wine from home.

Children from nearby neighborhoods came to watch the fun, and Su Xiaoxiao asked Fantuan to send two sweet candies to each of them.

Xiao Fantuan instantly became the most popular kid in the neighborhood.

Neighbors came out to join the party. When they saw Su Xiaoxiao, they all sighed that Head Han’s new wife was so beautiful.

Neighbors who don’t usually communicate with each other often came to chat with her when they saw that their children got some candies from Su Xiaoxiao.

Only then did they find out that, aside from having a pleasant appearance, Su Xiaoxiao also has a very gentle personality. 

Su Xiaoxiao left a good impression on the people.

When Zhuzi came back from school, Su Xiaoxiao took his schoolbag and asked him to go to Fantuan to get some candy and play with other children for a while.

Zhuzi has had no playmates from childhood to adulthood. 

He doesn’t know how to get along with people his age.

Xiao Fantuan is different. He was born to be a social person. He pulled Zhuzi with him and quickly made Zhuzi part of the group. 

Su Xiaoxiao went inside their house to tidy up the things they bought. 

She felt that she was really like a hamster. When she saw the full grain in the barn, she felt a sense of satisfaction.

The point is, she has oil! Although it’s not a lot, at least she doesn’t have to save so much when cooking, and when frying an omelet, it will be much more delicious, and she can also try to make a variety of pastries that she likes to eat.

With superior peanut oil, she can directly make white-cut chicken at night.

Xiao Doubao, with candy in his mouth, circled Su Xiaoxiao’s feet.

“Why doesn’t Xiao Doubao go to play with his brothers?” Su Xiaoxiao asked him.

Xiao Doubao shook his head and called out in a childish voice, “Mama~~~”

“Xiao Doubao likes Mom very much, doesn’t he? But you should also have to play with other people.” Su Xiaoxiao led him.

Xiao Doubao still shook his head: “Ma Ma~~”

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t force him either. Children who lack a sense of security are very clingy to their mothers when they are young. When he grows up, he will be fine.

He was reluctant to speak before, but now he is slowly trying to speak.

Su Xiaoxiao took him to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Because she bought two chickens at once, and the weather was not too hot, Su Xiaoxiao decided to cook one as white-cut chicken and the other as salt-baked chicken and save it for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

The method of cooking these two kinds of chicken dishes is very simple.

Su Xiaoxiao started boiling a generous amount of water in the pot and then added ginger, shallots, and a little salt. When it hit the right temperature, she put the chicken in the boiling water and let it sit there for about 45 minutes. When it’s done, she dips it into an ice bath and then puts the chicken back in the boiling water. After repeating this process several times, the chicken became crispy, and the meat was even more tender. However, when cooking this, you must control the temperature of the water, so the pot cover can’t be completely closed. The chicken that is fully boiled with a pot cover will generally become very overcooked and not so delicious.

(T/N: Seriously, her cooking scenes always took me so long to translate.)

In the process of waiting for the chicken to be cooked, Su Xiaoxiao went to prepare the seasoning. The authentic White Cut Chicken Seasoning is very simple, that is, the ground ginger is mixed with good peanut oil and a little salt. 

On the other hand, salt-baked chicken only needs onions, oil, and soy sauce.

Su Xiaoxiao chopped ginger into a puree, added a little salt, and then added the peanut oil she bought today. Her way of cooking this was to add a little scallion, which made it fragrant and made her mouth water as she smelled it. 

Su Xiaoxiao used this to make ginger and scallion lo mein in her last life, which, by the way, was also very delicious.

Han Cheng returned from delivering the car, and the chicken was almost ready to come out of the pot.

Han Cheng said that Zhao Xianfeng’s grandfather’s health was getting worse and worse, and he couldn’t help but be worried.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know how to comfort Han Cheng. Every human will experience old age, and no one can be exempted. 

Su Xiaoxiao told him to work to distract him.

“Put the white-cut chicken in cold water and then chop it.” Su Xiaoxiao can’t do the work of chopping chicken. If she had done the whole chicken in her last life, she would have either done it with the help of her aunt(helper) or boiled the whole chicken until cooked, tore it with her hands, and eaten it directly.

Su Xiaoxiao pointed to another chicken and said: “Remove the head, feet, and backbone, and put it back into the pot, and then put salt on it while it is hot, and put it away for the next day.” 

After being salted overnight, it becomes a simple version of salted chicken.

Han Cheng did as Su Xiaoxiao told him. The hand that held a scalpel for several years was naturally talented at chopping. The chicken he cut was like a piece of art. It was a living chicken with its wings open.

“Comrade Han Cheng, you are too powerful.” Su Xiaoxiao sincerely praised. “By the way, cut the two chicken legs into two; otherwise, the three children in the family will not be able to divide it evenly.”

Su Xiaoxiao believes that eating chicken legs is one of the best memories of her childhood. She especially liked chicken legs when she was young, but she doesn’t like them that much now that she’s older. She prefers chicken wings.

“It has been cut; don’t worry.” Han Cheng thought of this when he was chopping the chicken.

The couple looked at each other and smiled.

Su Xiaoxiao added: “You can cut Xiao Doubao’s chicken leg more vertically so that he doesn’t need to cut it, and he can eat it directly.”

Xiao Doubao’s hand is healed, and Su Xiaoxiao plans to let him eat by himself.

After finishing his work, Han Cheng narrowed the distance between him and Su Xiaoxiao and whispered in her ears. “I will decorate the wedding room, and we will move into our room tonight.”

Su Xiaoxiao thought of something, blushed, and said, “The dragon and phoenix quilts haven’t been washed yet.”

“The dragon and phoenix quilts are used for covering. Can we wash them tomorrow?” Although Han Cheng wanted to, he still asked Su Xiaoxiao for advice.

In her last life, Su Xiaoxiao lived in an open society. She might have never eaten pork, but she has seen the pig run. How can she not know? They are both legal couples. When it comes to love, what should happen will happen naturally. Su Xiaoxiao is not hypocritical. Han Cheng exercises for a long time and has a good body proportions. He should have many abdominal muscles.

Su Xiaoxiao nodded: “I’ll listen to you.” She also wanted to look at his abdominal muscles.

Han Cheng tilted his head and kissed her face: “Why are you so obedient?”

Su Xiaoxiao pushed him aside and said, “You shouldn’t talk about that, Xiao Doubao’s watching.”

Han Cheng turned around and saw the cub sitting on the bench, looking curiously at his father and mother. He saw Han Cheng kissing Su Xiaoxiao, and the cub held his face in both hands and grinned.

Han Cheng:”……”

Su Xiaoxiao’s eyes smiled and she said, “Go and find the two cubs outside. It’s almost time to eat.”

Han Cheng went out to find the cubs. Su Xiaoxiao put the washed vegetables into the chicken soup and then added some red dates and wolfberries she bought today.

A pot of good chicken soup with mixed vegetables was served at the table.

In the area where Su Xiaoxiao lived in his previous life, there was a saying that there was no feast without chicken. Today’s meal is very rich, with chicken, soup, and vegetables, and it is also a celebration of obtaining their marriage certificate.

Several cubs sat in a row. Su Xiaoxiao poured ginger and scallions directly onto the chicken and then divided the chicken legs into each cub’s bowl.

Xiao Zhuzi hasn’t eaten chicken legs since he was young. Facing such a big chicken leg, he was a little at a loss.

He swallowed his saliva and wanted to say that he wouldn’t eat it and leave it for Fantuan and Doubao to eat. But he also remembered Su Xiaoxiao and Fantuan telling him that he was a member of the family. Everyone in the family is equal. Everyone has their own share, and he also has his own share. Unless he doesn’t treat them as his family, then he has to give it up.

Fantuan can’t wait to bite the drumstick: “Mom, you are so powerful, it’s so delicious! I declare the drumstick is the best in the world! Zhuzi, why don’t you eat it? Eat them quickly!”

The oily, crispy chicken leg, together with ginger, scallions, and fragrant peanut oil, looked even more delicious when Fantuan savored every bite. Even Xiao Doubao grabbed the chicken leg with relish.

Xiao Zhuzi nodded and took a bite like them. It was delicious. He had never eaten such delicious food for so long.

Su Xiaoxiao likes to eat chicken wings. She put the last half of the chicken legs into Han Cheng’s bowl and said, “You eat the chicken legs, I like chicken wings.”

Han Cheng put it back into her bowl and said, “Eat it.”

Who in the world doesn’t like chicken legs? His wife is good at everything, but she’s too considerate of others.

Han Cheng really misunderstood Su Xiaoxiao. Of course, everyone in this world loves chicken legs, but Su Xiaoxiao was not originally a person in this world. She prefers chicken wings.

“Han Cheng, have you ever heard a story about a couple of grandparents who have been in love for decades and thought that each other likes to eat what they like? On the last day of their lives, they found out that they misunderstood each other. I wouldn’t make such a mistake. I really like to eat chicken wings.” Su Xiaoxiao put the chicken legs back into Han Cheng’s bowl, saying, “If you don’t like to eat them, give them to the babies.”

Fantuan raised his hand: “Dad, I apply for another one!”

Han Cheng doesn’t want to be too used to them. Everyone has a share of the food in the family, and there is a lot of chicken. They can also eat other parts. Han Cheng has not had the chance to eat chicken legs since he was young. He likes to eat them, and since there are three cubs, it’s not appropriate if he gives them to one person only.

“Your share has been eaten.” Han Cheng took a bite. ‘Indeed, it was delicious.’
The atmosphere in their family was also really good; adults and children were all on an equal footing and respected each other.

After dinner, as usual, they cleaned up, took a walk to digest the food they ate, studied, bathed, and told stories to coax the babies to sleep.

The only difference is that Han Cheng used a lot of soap when taking a bath. He wanted to wash a layer of skin off his body.

Su Xiaoxiao also washed her hair very carefully.

In the room to the east, the bright red dragon and phoenix quilts and the dressing table with the word “Happiness” are particularly festive.

Under the dim light, the sweat of the man with eight-pack abs slipped down the texture of his skin, and he asked the woman with snow-white skin in a deep and suppressed voice: “Xiaoxiao, can I?”


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