The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 41.1

Chapter 41.1

The phoenix quilt and Su Xiaoxiao’s face under the dim yellow light are like the peach and plum in March, and it is not clear whether she’s blushing or whether it was out of hotness.

She clasped Han Cheng’s neck with both hands, and her picturesque eyebrows and eyes were soft as water. She took advantage of her strength to clasp Han Cheng’s head, put a heavy print on his thin lip, and her pear vortex showed, and she whispered in Han Cheng’s ear, “Yes.”

Han Cheng’s tolerant expression relaxed; he kissed Su Xiaoxiao and let it all out to attack the city and seize the land.

Su Xiaoxiao got what she wanted, and finally counted Han Cheng’s abdominal muscles and measured every inch of territory along the texture lines. In the future, it will be her territory and belong to her alone.

Later in the night, Su Xiaoxiao fell asleep in Han Cheng’s arms. Han Cheng smoothed her slightly wet and shiny hair back. 

He looked at her, and he suddenly felt the pleasure of fighting for thousands of miles and finally reaching down the river and holding the beauty back.

Han Cheng did not understand why the king wouldn’t attend the morning meeting early. To measure a man’s success, he should be outstanding in his field of work and do his best to contribute to the country and the people. Career is the river and mountain that a man should gallop all his life. A man’s sense of achievement should also be derived from his career achievements. The most taboo is his love for women and his children. But now, compared to completing a large operation, this sense of satisfaction he is feeling when Su Xiaoxiao is in his embrace couldn’t be beaten by anything in this world.

At four o’clock in the morning, Han Cheng suffered from insomnia, and for the first time in his life, he had the idea of not going to work tomorrow.

His life seems to have gradually become complete because of Su Xiaoxiao’s intervention. Han Cheng lowered his head, gave a kiss on Su Xiaoxiao’s forehead, and rubbed Su Xiaoxiao’s face with his face. He and his family will live better and better than they do now.

Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t know how long she slept. Anyway, when she woke up, the sun had jumped in from the window and sprinkled on the new clusters of dragons and phoenixes.

She stretched and moved her aching bones. The memory of what happened last night gradually returned, and the picture of last night began to appear in her mind.

Su Xiaoxiao reached out and patted her hot face. She convinced herself: This is what a normal married life should be. What’s so embarrassing about it?

Right, Han Cheng should go to work at this time. What about the cubs?

Su Xiaoxiao quickly got up, dressed, and went out.

In the yard, two cubs are lying on a small wooden table, writing and painting. Xiao Doubao doesn’t know what he is drawing with Fantuan’s pen. Fantuan wants to get it back, but Doubao refused to give it back: “Doubao, you are wrong. Give the pen back to Big Brother. Your brother’s notebook will be damaged by you. Mom will be angry later!”

“Ma Ma~~” When Xiao Doubao heard the word “mother”, he repeated it. His big black and white eyes blinked a few times. He thought of something, threw the pen back to his brother, climbed down with one bone, and ran into the house with small legs.

Su Xiaoxiao just came out from the inside and nearly bumped into the cub that was not up to her thigh. She bent down and picked up the cub and said, “Xiao Doubao, slow down.”

After the bandage was removed, the little guy’s balance was much better. Now he dared to run and rush here and there, and he was much livelier than before.

Xiao Doubao hugged Su Xiaoxiao’s neck and rubbed her: “Mama~~”

Xiao Doubao didn’t see his mother when he woke up and went to the room to find her, but was caught by Han Cheng. After washing up and having breakfast with the three cubs, before leaving the house, he told Fantuan to take care of his younger brother, saying that Su Xiaoxiao was not feeling well, and told them not to disturb her until she got up by herself.

Before Fantuan mentioned “Mom” Xiao Doubao and his big brother played very well. But after Fantuan mentioned their Mom, Doubao couldn’t help looking for Su Xiaoxiao. It was the first time he couldn’t see his mother for so long.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the watch, it was already past eight and a quarter to nine. She hugged the baby, patted his head, and put him down: “Mom is up late, Doubao is going to help mother see if the little chicks are full, and then go count the number of persimmons today. Is that all right? Have they been eaten by mice? Don’t disturb your brother, he’s studying. Mom will wash up and have breakfast first.”

Xiao Doubao was so happy to see his mother. When he heard that his mother had arranged a mission for him, he nodded and walked with his short legs to “carry out the mission.”

Su Xiaoxiao went into the bathroom to wash, and Fantuan ran to the bathroom and knocked on the door, opened it, and asked, “Mom, what happened to you?”

Huh? Su Xiaoxiao was confused. Did Han Cheng say she was not feeling well?

Su Xiaoxiao hasn’t answered yet. Fantuan made an “ah” sound and asked angrily, “Mom, did Dad hit you last night?”

Huh? Su Xiaoxiao became even more confused: Is doing “that” counted as having a fight la? 

“No.” The clever Xiao Fantuan shook his head: “Dad never hit anyone, so mom, did you get bitten by a mouse?” When he was extremely naughty, his dad never touched even his fingers, how could he be willing to beat Mom??

Su Xiaoxiao blinked: “Was bitten by a mouse?” Their Dad beat him, and now, was bitten by a mouse? What do you mean?

Fantuan pointed to Su Xiaoxiao’s neck. Judging from the bruised area, the clever Xiao Fantuan thought that there were no mosquitoes that big, so they could only be bitten by

Su Xiaoxiao tilted her head and looked at herself in the mirror. Then, her face turned red at the speed of the naked eye. 

Han Cheng was careless last night. I don’t know when he left a strawberry mark on her neck. Her skin was already white, and it would be very visible at a glance.

Su Xiaoxiao cleared her throat and calmly fixed her collar: “Well, that’s a bruise. Mom accidentally bumped it into something. Mom is fine. Go and write quickly, and I will teach you some arithmetic after I finish eating breakfast.”

“Mom, you should be careful.” 

No matter how clever Xiao Fantuan is, he is only a five-year-old boy. He bruised his knee when he bumped into something last time, so he believed Su Xiaoxiao’s words.

Su Xiaoxiao was relieved when the cub walked away.

‘Fortunately, I saved the vegetables yesterday. I don’t need to go out to buy vegetables today. I need to pay attention next time.’


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