The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 41.2

Chapter 41.2 

At this time, the military art troupe.

Jiang Xue had just finished rehearsal and was changing clothes in the dressing room when someone outside said, “Have you heard? Yesterday, Head Han and the rural girl he brought back went to get a certificate.”

Another person exclaimed and said, “Will our star performer be heartbroken again? The first marriage is not her turn, and the second marriage is useless. What do you think is the reason why she came here instead of staying in the capital?”

“She’s a star. Maybe she can’t even find a soldier in the capital, but we are serious cadres.”

“I’m not the one who said this, but if she gets married and has children, can she still occupy the lead role? It may be our turn.”

“But it’s not ………”

The curtain of the changing room opened with a “swish.” Jiang Xue came out from inside, glanced at the few people who were talking about right and wrong in a light way, and looked away without saying a word.

Several people turned pale. Didn’t she leave early? Why is she still in the dressing room?

“Jiang, Sister Jiang, I, we, we are not…”

Jiang Xue took off the earrings in front of the dressing mirror and gently threw them on the table, making a loud sound.

Several people’s hearts beat faster.

Jiang Xue glanced coldly at the people in the mirror. She took her bag from the chair and walked out while stepping on her high heels.

She didn’t say a word to them from the beginning to the end. 

She didn’t even look at them or remember their faces.

This is probably the highest level of contempt. If you speak ill of others behind their backs for a long time, they may not take you seriously at all; they don’t even know who you are, and they don’t care.

When Jiang Xue walked away, one of them collapsed into a chair and patted her chest: “I’m scared to death, don’t you think she looked so scary?”

“Yes, that look is frightening. Do you think she will complain to the head of the regiment?”

Another person said, “Forget it. She has always been above the top. She may not even know our names and she is not a person who likes to complain. “

“Oh my gosh, I was really scared to death. Next time I won’t dare to speak ill of her behind her back.”

“You think it’s so easy to be a star performer? Only such a person as her can hold the place. Forget it, I won’t be jealous again.”


Jiang Xue got out of the army, went to the post office, dialed a number, and it got through quickly.

Jiang Xue said, “Didn’t you promise me to block the political review of Han Cheng first? Why did it come down so quickly? Now they have even got their certificate!”

The other end of the phone call was unclear. Jiang Xue looked distressed and finally said, coldly, “Don’t hurry me to get married, it’s not my problem, it’s your incompetence!”

Then she hung up the phone with a snap.

Jiang Xue leaned against the telephone wall, took a lady’s cigarette from her handbag, clicked the lighter with a “snap”, half squinted, took a few puffs, and then calmed down a little.

She kept puffing and puffing inside, and didn’t know what she was thinking until someone knocked at the door outside. She didn’t react until she threw the smoke on the ground, crushed it out with the newly bought high-heeled shoes, raised her head, and walked out as if nothing had happened.


Han Cheng prepared the breakfast. He heated the chicken soup last night and baked pancakes. 

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t have much appetite today and didn’t want to eat pancakes, so she ate two mung bean pancakes bought yesterday and drank a bowl of malted milk, and then guided Fantuan to study until it was almost lunchtime.

For the salt-baked chicken last night, Han Cheng filled a bucket with well water, put the large enamel bowl of chicken in the water, and moved it to the kitchen after getting up in the morning, so the chicken was well preserved.

There are still a lot of leftovers in the chicken soup. Anyway, it’s not hot. At noon, she put some noodles in the chicken soup and left the salted chicken for dinner.

Han Cheng walked home at noon, and he arrived home not long after little Zhuzi entered the door.

Han Cheng was carrying a lot of stuff in his hands.

Su Xiaoxiao came out of the kitchen without going over to Han Cheng, she leaned against the kitchen door and smiled at him.

Han Cheng didn’t sleep well, but he was in a good mood.

He went over and asked Su Xiaoxiao in a low voice, “Do you feel uncomfortable today?”

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and showed her neck to him: “Fantuan asked me if I was bitten by a mouse last night. I said yes, I was bitten by a big mouse.”

“Cough, cough, cough…” 

Han Cheng was almost choked by his saliva. He looked at the children and saw they were teasing the chicks in the vegetable garden, so he quickly kissed Su Xiaoxiao on the face while they were not paying attention. “Sorry, I will pay attention next time.”

Su Xiaoxiao put her collar up and kissed him back.

Han Cheng looked at her clothes and frowned: “When will your mother come? Today, the army issued the benefits of August 15 in advance, and I exchanged some cloth tickets with others. Do you want to buy two ready-made clothes? “

They have to wait for Su Xiaoxiao’s mother to make clothes, and they don’t know how long it will take. 

His wife, who was wearing that white dress, looked so beautiful. He wants to see it every day.

“It should be soon. She will leave in a few days after the letter arrives. She doesn’t want me to suffer.” Su Xiaoxiao tried to take the things in Han Cheng’s hands, but they were heavy and couldn’t be lifted by her.

Han Cheng took it into the storage room, and Su Xiaoxiao followed him in.

The benefits are not bad, a box of mooncakes, two pomelos, a few apples, a bag of flour, and even a small can of oil.

Su Xiaoxiao was so happy and said, “How come there’s oil?”

Han Cheng hugged Su Xiaoxiao in his arms, caressed her face, and kissed her on her small pear vortex: “I traded rice with others.” Some families have many children and are still willing to exchange oil for food.

They don’t lack staple foods, but my wife needs a lot of oil to make a meal. Han Cheng is either staring at the oil ticket or at the oil. Even President Yao felt he was acting strange.

Su Xiaoxiao found that Han Cheng seemed particularly fond of kissing her little pear vortex.

She bent her eyes and reached out to hug him back. She caressed his chest, and that sense of steadfastness after the dust settled welled up in her heart as if she had strengthened her thoughts of spending the rest of her life with this man.

Han Cheng is the same. When he thought that a lovely wife and children was waiting for him at home, his heart was also extremely stable, as if everything he did is full of meaning and hope.

“After August 15, we may have a trip and need to attend an academic seminar in the capital.” Han Cheng said, holding Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao looked up and said, “How many days?”

Han Cheng: “Maybe it will take about a week to visit some old friends.”

Su Xiaoxiao looked at him in surprise: “Do you have friends in the capital?”

Han Cheng looked far away. It seemed that he was recalling a memory from a long time ago. After a while, he said in a faint voice, “My ancestral home is in the capital, and my father was also born in the capital but later came here with the army. My grandfather’s generation never left the capital.”

Su Xiaoxiao knows clearly that his parents are gone. Maybe because he is the descendant of a martyr, he will also feel particularly distressed for Zhuzi. Su Xiaoxiao didn’t ask any further. Han Cheng will tell her everything she needs to know when he’s ready and needed.

Su Xiaoxiao held a pomelo, took his hand, and said, “Let’s eat first. The cubs should be hungry. After dinner, we will open the pomelo, and then we will use the pomelo peel to make something delicious for you.”

Han Cheng kissed her little pear vortex again: “Okay.”


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