The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 46.2

Chapter 46.2 

On the other side, Su Xiaoxiao’s family was happy and harmonious.

Xiao Doubao put his hands behind him, moved his head from side to side, imitating his two brothers, and learned Tang poetry from his mother.

But now he can only say two words at most, such as ” Bright moonlight before my bed; I suppose it is frost on the ground.” And can only say “Bright Bed Suppose Frost

Then Su Xiaoxiao was amused by his stern and non-standard pronunciation, laughing non-stop while hugging the little cub.

Xiao Doubao saw Su Xiaoxiao laughing so happily that he thought his mother liked to listen to him, so he recited it even more vigorously. He repeated it over and over again, even Xiao Fantuan couldn’t help coming over and covering his mouth.

Xiao Doubao saw that his brother would not let him make his mother happy, so he opened his mouth and bit his brother’s hand. In fact, Xiao Doubao didn’t use much force, but Fantuan, the playwright, croaked exaggeratedly.

The whole courtyard was surrounded by their laughter.

It was only abruptly stopped when Li Mu arrived.

Xiao Fantuan firmly remembers his father’s words. When his father is not at home, he is the biggest man in the family and is responsible for protecting his mother and younger brother. He pulled Xiao Zhuzi to the door and raised his head imposingly to ask Li. Mu: “Who are you?”

The clever Xiao Fantuan looks like he and Han Cheng were carved out of the same mold. Li Mu recognized it at a glance and said, “You’re Xiao Fantuan, right? I’m Dashu’s father. Is your mother at home?'”

Li Mu didn’t recognize Zhuzi, but he thought the little boy beside Fantuan looked a bit familiar, he didn’t look like Zhang Guodong at all, so he didn’t recognize him.

Xiao Fantuan’s big eyes rolled around a few times and he said, “Dashu? Oh, little villain’s father, are you a big villain? Are you going to steal our persimmons like the small villain or rob our Zhuzi’s milk candy? Im telling you, I’m not afraid of you! I’m about to practice martial arts to beat big villains like you!”

Li Mu: “…” His good son not only steals persimmons but also candies. It seems that not only do the buttocks have to be spanked, but also he has to be hung up and beaten with a wooden stick!

“Fantuan doesn’t be rude, Zhuzi opened the door. Didn’t you see uncle wearing a military uniform? How could he be a bad guy?” Su Xiaoxiao came out of the kitchen. It appears that she was preparing to cook lunch.

“Mom, he is the father of that bad Dashu, and he must be a big bad guy! You see, my father is a good guy, Uncle Zhao is a good guy, and, Xiao Zhuzi and Xiao Yu are both good guys. Dashu is so bad, it must be because he has a bad father!” As a 5-year-old child, Xiao Fantuan’s logical ability can be said to be invincible.

Even Li Mu felt that what Fantuan said was reasonable. He had to replace his son’s wooden stick with a thicker one.

“So, you’re Comrade Su, Director Han’s wife, right? I’m Cheng Lifang’s husband, and my name is Li Mu. I sincerely apologize for my wife and son’s actions. I didn’t take care of them and caused trouble for everyone. I’m really sorry. I will discipline them in the future and won’t let them make any mistakes again. I talked to Cheng Lifang just now, and she will actively apply for transfer to the logistics department and won’t teach in the class again. Thank you very much for pointing out my wife’s mistakes before they become big mistakes and giving her a chance to correct them promptly!” After Li Mu finished speaking, he also half bowed to Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao can’t afford it, she hugged Xiao Doubao and dodged it.

“What is Battalion Commander Li doing? Are you trying to scare us? Acknowledging your mistakes can make a big difference, but since Cheng Lifang didn’t come to apologize in person, and never said sorry to us, I just don’t know if she really knows her mistakes, and whether she can correct them. But since she voluntarily applied to be transferred to the logistics department, I have nothing to say.” 

Su Xiaoxiao has never been someone who has to take care of others. ‘As long as she doesn’t mess with the children, she doesn’t have to eliminate her.’

Li Mu’s face became hot and said: “I’ll brazenly call you sister-in-law. I know my wife has a bad temper, and persuading her to come will make you feel uncomfortable, but don’t worry, I, Li Mu, will take good care of my children and wife in the future, and I will not let them make mistakes again. Please correct them and supervise them.”

Su Xiaoxiao evaluated Li Mu as a sincere person and someone well-educated. She couldn’t help but wonder: how did he marry a person like Cheng Lifang? She can only hope that he can really manage his wife and children and won’t drag him down in the future.

“I don’t dare correct and supervise her. As long as that noble lady of your family stops showing her superiority complex in front of me and refrains from keeping an eye on our family for buying a few extra kilos of meat and reports our family for living a corrupt lifestyle, then I’m good with her. Our children are weak, and I have already informed my children’s health to the organization. It’s also true that I am from the countryside, but I don’t need her to constantly remind me. In short, if she makes any mistakes again, I won’t tolerate them. Alas, it’s a long story, How about a cup of tea first, Battalion Commander Li? Su Xiaoxiao said.

Li Mu’s face became even redder, and he waved his hands again and again: “No, no, don’t worry, if she dares to commit another mistake, just come and tell me, I will be the first to educate her. Is Zhuzi in school? I also want to apologize to him on behalf of my son.”
Fantuan listened to them with his head tilted all the time, obediently not interrupting, and couldn’t help but say, “Uncle’s eyes are not good at all, Zhuzi has been standing in front of you the whole time!”

This Xiao Fantuan is so cute, Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and said: “Zhuzi, come here and call Uncle Li.'”

Zhuzi was not so afraid of strangers anymore, so she walked over and politely shouted, “Uncle Li.”

Li Mu then carefully studied Zhuzi and said, in surprise, “Are you Zhang Zhu, the son of Zhang Guodong?”

Zhuzi nodded and said, “I am.”

“Why do you look like… Cough, cough, cough…” Li Mu stopped himself in time. “I’m sorry, Zhuzi, Uncle didn’t discipline his son well, which made you feel aggrieved. Don’t worry, he won’t do it again.”

Zhuzi nodded and said, “Okay, thank you, Uncle.”

Li Mu lovingly touched Zhuzi’s head. ‘What a good child.’

It was almost lunchtime, and after a few pleasantries, Li Mu didn’t stay much either. On the way back, he kept thinking, “Zhuzi really looks like that person, but Zhang Guodong has been away for so many years, and he doesn’t remember his appearance very much. Maybe he looks like Zhang Guodong, and it’s possible that he remembered it wrong.”


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