The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 47.1

Chapter 47.1

Following a period of tranquility, Su Xiaoxiao eventually took the time to organize her study materials and create a lesson plan in preparation for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Xiao Zhuzi was originally a very intelligent child, who was quiet and hardworking. His participation further fueled Xiao Fantuan’s enthusiasm for learning. However, after a while, Xiao Fantuan would often take breaks from studying to tease Zhou, Fen, Mian, Fan, or Xiao Doubao with the worms he had dug. In short, he didn’t just spend his whole time studying. But now, as long as Zhuzi studied, he would study as long as he could.

Without Su Xiaoxiao’s strict rule of getting up and moving around almost every class, they might end up sitting still for half a day.

However, Xiao Fantuan is truly an incinerator of knowledge. In addition to the task of meticulously writing every stroke correctly, which leaves no room for laziness, he spends almost the same amount of time studying as Zhuzi in studying. Remarkably, with the same amount of time spent studying, Xiao Fantuan’s learning intensity can surpass that of Zhuzi by more than twice.

For instance, when it comes to arithmetic problems like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, if it takes Xiao Zhuzi ten minutes to solve twenty problems, Little Fantuan can solve the problems in just five minutes. Another example is, while Xiao Zhuzi may be considered quick at reciting the text in his books in ten minutes, Xiao Fantuan can read the whole text twice in five minutes. His memory belongs to the category of excellence, and his comprehension and logical skills are also formidable. As long as he can remain seated, his learning pace is extremely fast.

Fortunately, Xiao Zhuzi’s state is not bad, and his academic performance in his class is considered very good. He admits that Fantuan is smarter than himself, and accepts this fact, otherwise, he might be hit badly.

Su Xiaoxiao really felt that if she had been teaching Fantuan this way, it would not be impossible for Fantuan to join her in the college entrance examination after a few years.

However, Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t want this. Children should still have the happy childhood they deserve. Work and rest must be balanced. Enjoying his happy childhood while learning things together with his peers as they grow up—that is what Su Xiaoxiao wants for Fantuan.

Su Xiaoxiao has been in the family area of the military base for almost a month and is busy every day. It seems that she hasn’t stopped to enjoy the scenery of this small town, let alone go out and play with the children.

Before eleven in the morning, Han Cheng sent someone to tell Su Xiaoxiao that he had an operation that would last until the afternoon and that he couldn’t come back for lunch. So Su Xiaoxiao didn’t have to prepare his lunch.
If this were the 21st century, Su Xiaoxiao would prepare some cakes and dry food, and take the children to the seaside for a picnic.

But this is the 1970s, when having a little more meat on the table would have been considered a luxury lifestyle, and this idea is clearly not feasible. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t pose an issue to take the children for a quick trip to the seaside or something similar, right?

For this reason, Su Xiaoxiao went to ask Aunt Zhang. 

Aunt Zhang said it’s okay to occasionally pick up seafood at the seaside, but it shouldn’t be done frequently. The items found in the sea are considered public property, and people might report them if they pick them up too many times.

In this era, there is a strong emphasis on being frugal and diligent, and even the thought of having fun is frowned upon. As a result, Su Xiaoxiao and the cubs didn’t dare to mention that they went there to play and have fun. Whenever they meet their neighbors, they simply say that they went to the beach to collect a few shells to use as a border around their vegetable garden. 

The people here divide the vegetable field and sometimes surround it with large shells, which is the common characteristic of the vegetable garden here.

Although this is a coastal town, it goes without saying that it was a first-time experience for Xiao Doubao, even for Fantuan and Zhuzi, to go to the seaside. The two cubs, along with Xiao Doubao, were eagerly walking ahead of Su Xiaoxiao, hopping around with extreme excitement written on their faces.

Su Xiaoxiao had already instructed the little cubs that they must not reveal to others that they were here to have fun and play. Therefore, if someone inquired about their trip, Zhuzi and Fantuan had to mention that they went to the seaside to collect shells for their vegetable garden.

When they walked by the entrance of the Primary School, they met Director Liu.

He was surprised to see Su Xiaoxiao with three bright children and said: “I was just about to go out to find Comrade Su, but I didn’t expect to meet you here. What a coincidence.”

Su Xiaoxiao guessed something and asked directly, “Is it about Cheng Lifang?”

Director Liu nodded and said, “We have held discussions with some students and their parents regarding the situation with Cheng Lifang’s teaching and educational approach. While she does have significant issues in these areas, she has acknowledged her mistake and shown a positive attitude. She voluntarily applied for a transfer to logistics, which was subsequently approved by the leadership team. After all, she is an old comrade who has served the school for many years. Apart from other things, she is still diligent and quick at work, so…”

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and said: “I see where you’re coming from. As long as Cheng Lifang doesn’t negatively influence the students, I don’t have any objections. Furthermore, I have already prepared the classes and written the lesson plans. Now, it’s up to the school to make the arrangements.”

Director Liu is very satisfied with Su Xiaoxiao. She has a good educational background, a good personality, and is gentle and tolerant. Such a person is best suited for teaching and educating people. Unfortunately, she cannot come to school as a full-time teacher for the students.

“Has Comrade Su ever considered directly coming to the school as a teacher? The school is very short of talents like you.” Director Liu still wants to help the school recruit talent.

He has been to the organization and read Su Xiaoxiao’s files and resume. She’s overqualified for the position of a primary school teacher, she’s best suited for teaching junior and senior high school students.

When Han Cheng recommended Su Xiaoxiao to the public relations team, he asked Su Xiaoxiao to design a simple promotional print and hand it in. The promotional team was so satisfied that they couldn’t wait for Su Xiaoxiao to take up her job immediately. How could they possibly give her up to someone?

But Director Liu thought that if it were Su Xiaoxiao’s own wish, it would be different.

As expected, Su Xiaoxiao refused very simply, “No, I prefer the work of the public relations team.”

If it weren’t for wanting Cheng Lifang to step down from her position, Su Xiaoxiao would have never considered going to school to be a substitute teacher, and she would only focus on teaching Fantuan and Zhuzi at home.

“The weather is good. I haven’t been to the beach for so long. So I thought of taking the children to pick up some shells. I will come over tomorrow with the lesson plan I prepared to discuss it with you in detail.” Su Xiaoxiao thought, having the chance to take the children out for a walk was a rare opportunity, and she didn’t want to miss the opportunity as the sun would set if they didn’t go soon.

Fantuan and Zhuzi took the initiative to wave goodbye to Director Liu and said, “Goodbye, teacher/Director Liu.”

Although Xiao Doubao didn’t speak, he waved his little paw.

We are in a hurry to play, this teacher, can you make the long story, short?

Director Liu saw that the children of Su Xiaoxiao’s family were smarter and more polite than each other, and he wished that Su Xiaoxiao could go to class now.

But he also knew it was impossible: “Goodbye, child. Can Zhang Zhu come back for class tomorrow?'”

Zhuzi: “…” He doesn’t want to go back to class, he likes Aunt Su’s teachings and studying with Fantuan.

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Director Liu, please rest assured that Zhuzi works hard every day and won’t fall behind in his studies. The day after tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, and I will take him and Fantuan to report to the school, the earliest would be on Monday. We really need to go now. Goodbye.”

Xiao Fantuan uttered a “whoop” and ran forward with Xiao Zhuzi. Xiao Doubao unconsciously ran with his small, short legs to follow his brothers. After two steps, he found something wrong. He stopped and turned around, blinking his big black and white eyes, waiting for his mother: “Mama~~”

The cub was so cute that Su Xiaoxiao wanted to hug him and let him walk more: “Xiao Doubao, let’s go with my brother, slow down.”

Fantuan stopped and waited for Xiao Doubao: “Xiao Doubao, do you want brother to carry you?”

Xiao Doubao shook his small head and said, “No~”, then he strode forward with his short legs.


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