The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 47.2

Chapter 47.2 

In autumn, on the seashore, when the wind blows, the waves are very strong. It is rare to have a sunny day today. At this time, the ocean has no pollution, and the blue coastline is boundless, merging with the distant sky. This is the true unity of the sea and the sky.

The sand on the beach is also particularly delicate and soft, and there is no man-made waste on the shore.

Su Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and opened her arms to warmly embrace this sea area, where there were only a few of them. ‘It was really comfortable.’

It is children’s nature to be close to nature, and they are so happy that they let go of their legs and feet and run on the beach.

Fantuan and his father would pass by here when they were running, but they never came down. ‘It turns out that walking on the sand was so interesting.’
“Boys, take off your shoes and pull up your pants, but you can only pick seashells in shallow water. The sun is not cold now, but if your clothes get wet, you can catch a cold if blown by the wind. Therefore, you can’t always wet your clothes and pants. You can’t go where the water exceeds the instep, understand?”

Xiao Fantuan made a military salute and said, “I understand, Mom, we will be very careful!”

After Fantuan finished speaking, he and Zhuzi rolled up their pants and ran hand in hand to step on the water.

Su Xiaoxiao bent down and pulled up Xiao Doubao’s pants, then led him forward. Xiao Doubao’s white feet stepped on the sand, the texture of the sand was so strange to him, he occasionally kicked them twice. He was fascinated by this novel experience, and his big eyes were bent into small crescents.

“Boys, when you see seashells, little fish, shrimp, crab, or things that look edible, you can pick them up and put them in the bucket.”

Xiao Fantuan: “I understand, Mom.”

Xiao Zhuzi: “I understand, Aunt Su.”

Su Xiaoxiao particularly enjoyed going to the seaside for vacation in her previous life. However, she often found the beach to be overcrowded with people, and there were more people than fish in the sea. In such a hot sea area, she could hardly find any seafood, but she often saw in the short videos that people could pick up a lot of things when they went to the sea.

Su Xiaoxiao once suspected that they had put that seafood on the beach just for the sake of taking those short videos, but when she arrived at the beach in the 1970s, Su Xiaoxiao even picked up two large octopuses and a pile of various shellfish before realizing that they might not have put them there, they really had seafood!

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know if she was lucky. Previously, she heard from Aunt Zhang that everyone would go to the beach to find things. If it weren’t for the high tide and low tide, finding this seafood is very rare, and it is considered a good harvest if you pick up a little green clam.

However, Su Xiaoxiao and her cubs dare not pick up too many large items, such as octopus, crabs, conches, and scallops. If they pick up too much, she is afraid of others’ opinions, and she cannot carry this heavy seafood them.

She only let Fantuan and Zhuzi pick up some more green and open shells and put them on top of their big harvest to hide them from the people’s sight.

Although they were living in a small seaside town, this was Fantuan and Zhuzi’s first trip to the sea. In their memory, many things they picked were ingredients that they hadn’t eaten or seen before. The octopus, who looked like an ugly creature, was one of the foods that Fantuan had never eaten before. He frowned and asked his mother: “Mom, this thing is so ugly, can we eat this?”

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and said, “It’s delicious. You’ll know when Mom cooks it.

Xiao Fantuan believes in his mother’s cooking skills. If her mother says it’s delicious, it must be delicious.

Xiao Doubao is the most afraid of crabs, but he likes to poke the big abalone with his hand because the flesh shrinks when he pokes it. At first, Xiao Doubao thought it would bite, so he quickly took his hand back. Later, he found that it didn’t bite, but was soft, making it particularly fun to poke at.

Fantuan also dislikes abalone and its ugly appearance. He and Xiao Zhuzi both like starfish best, so he and Xiao Zhuzi have specifically found several starfish.

When most of the buckets were filled, Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t really carry it anymore if she were to add more. While everyone (her neighbors) is still working, Su Xiaoxiao quickly took the children home.

The children reluctantly left the beach.

Fantuan started asking Su Xiaoxiao when they would come there again.

Su Xiaoxiao thought for a moment and said: “Maybe we have to wait until next year. Winter is too cold to come, and you can’t pick up more of these things now. You can’t tell others when we go back. Mom doesn’t want you to lie. Originally, these things were gifts from nature, but now they are strictly controlled. If we pick too often, it won’t look good for us. We have been reported in the past for eating more meat than other families. So, in the future, if someone asks you what you eat at home, you can lie to them, but you can also not answer them. Just simply ask them why they want to know, do you understand.”

Fantuan and Zhuzi nodded and said, “I see.”

Fantuan said, “Mom, let’s hurry home and cook delicious food.”

Zhuzi walked up to Doubao and squatted down: “Xiao Doubao has walked a lot today. Brother will carry you back.”

Su Xiaoxiao wanted to carry the bucket full of seafood, so she couldn’t hug Xiao Doubao, but looking at Zhuzi’s thin body, she was a little worried: “Xiao Zhuzi, can you carry him? Let Doubao walk slowly.”
Xiao Doubao is not heavy either. Xiao Zhuzi follows Han Cheng to exercise every day, and after a period of training, he has gained a lot of strength. He nodded and said, “I can carry him on my back.”

Su Xiaoxiao asked Xiao Zhuzi to stand up, and she directly picked up Xiao Doubao and placed him on his back. Seeing that his back was quite stable, she followed him.

Xiao Doubao was obedient, he was lying on his brother’s back and holding his neck without moving.

“Xiao Fantuan is also very sturdy now. He also went to help his mother lift the bucket and said, “Xiao Zhuzi, when you’re tired of carrying him, let me carry him for a while.”

Zhuzi nodded and said, “Okay.”

With the sunset casting a warm glow behind them, a family of four joyfully hurried home on a day brimming with a bountiful harvest. Laughter filled the air, creating a harmonious atmosphere as they made their way back.

Just as they were on the main road, the neighbor saw Su Xiaoxiao and said, “Xiaoxiao, where have you been? You may not be aware, but guests came to your house.'”

Su Xiaoxiao thought it would not be like Yang Tao and his mother, right? If it’s them, then, they are not welcome. 

Su Xiaoxiao smiled and asked her neighbor, “We went to the seaside and picked up some shells. Auntie, do you know who our guests are?”

The neighbor’s aunt shook her head and said, “I don’t know.”

Su Xiaoxiao was about to say something when she heard her say, “But she said she’s your mother, and she’s still carrying a child. She’s been waiting for a long time, so hurry back.”

Su Xiaoxiao: “!!!!!!!” Auntie, can you just tell it directly without beating around the bush?

“My mother is here?!! That’s great. Thank you, Auntie. Kid, your grandma is here, let’s hurry home!”


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