The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Su Xiaoxiao rushed back with the children.

When she arrived, before she could see her mother, Xiao Bao who rushed over to Su Xiaoxiao like a small cannon, shouted “Auntie.. Auntie!” loudly.

Su Xiaoxiao put down the things in her hands and tried to catch the small steel cannon, but her action caused her to take a few steps backward.

Su Xiaoxiao tightly hugged Xiao Bao and kissed his face, saying, “Oh, Xiao Bao, please slow down. Auntie is about to fall.”

Xiao Bao cried loudly on the spot, “Auntie, I miss you so much. Without you at home, no one loves Xiao Bao. Wuwu wuwu. Quickly come back home with Xiao Bao woooooo…..”

Upon hearing this, Fantuan felt a sense of crisis. It was a person who came to rob him of his mother! That’s unacceptable. Nobody is allowed to take his mother away!

He walked forward without saying a word and pulled Xiao Bao out of Su Xiaoxiao’s arms, “Go away, don’t take my mother away!”

Zhuzi is confused: Take Aunt Su away?

Even Xiao Doubao understood. He was kicked in his short legs, eager to get off Xiao Zhuzi’s back, crying and shouting, “Mama Mama~”

Even Li Yufeng was dumbfounded. She didn’t know how it turned out like this. She walked forward to take Xiao Bao out of Su Xiaoxiao’s arms and said: “Alright, alright. Didn’t you say you wanted to see your Auntie Su? Why are you still crying when you see her?”

Xiao Bao held Su Xiaoxiao’s neck tightly, while Fantuan pulled at him. Doubao also began to cry loudly.

The scene of a good family reunion became very chaotic for a time.

Su Xiaoxiao is also unable to laugh or cry.

She had no choice but to appease Fantuan first, and if she didn’t appease him first, the little guy might start hitting someone.

“Fantuan, let go first. He’s Xiao Bao, the son of my second brother. You even ate the chicken legs he raised last time. Have you forgotten?”

Fantuan’s face was stern, his eyes were red, and he didn’t care who he was: “I don’t care who he is, he can’t take you away!” He eventually yielded and released his grip obediently.

Su Xiaoxiao stretched out her hand and hugged the little cub, reassuring him by saying, “With you, Doubao, and your father here, where else would Mom go? It’s not what you’re thinking. Xiao Bao said that because  he hasn’t seen me for a long time and has missed me.”

Xiao Doubao also ran over with a thud, pushed away Xiao Bao, and even his brother was pushed away. “Mama Mama Mama~~”

Su Xiaoxiao had no choice but to carry Xiao Doubao and say, “Xiao Doubao, be good. This is Xiao Bao, your brother, just like you, they are all mother’s family.”

Li Yufeng is really, I don’t know whether to laugh or get angry. Her daughter has only been a stepmother for a short while, yet the two children are likely closer to her than their biological mother.

Since ancient times, stepmothers have been viewed negatively. Yet, as Li Yufeng read her daughter’s letter and learned that she was getting along well with the children, even receiving fingerprints as greetings, she couldn’t help but feel relieved. However, actually witnessing the scene with her own eyes was a different story. Seeing it firsthand brought her a sense of reassurance.

The tension that had been weighing on her heart was finally alleviated.

Li Yufeng forcefully picked up Xiao Bao, patted his buttocks, and said: “If you’re disobedient, I won’t take you to see your Aunt next time.”

Xiao Bao’s lips curled, and he wiped away his tears with the back of his hand, feeling extremely aggrieved.

Her aunt used to love him the most, even more than her Brother Dabao. But now, two little kids came out of nowhere and snatched his aunt away from him.

Su Xiaoxiao also didn’t expect that this is the scene that would happen on their first meeting. She rubbed Fantuan’s head and stood up while holding Doubao. She introduced them. “This is my mother, your grandmother. This is Xiao Bao, your brother, and we are all family. Fantuan, Zhuzi, came over to say hello.”

After receiving reassurance that his mother wouldn’t leave, Xiao Fantuan’s hostility towards Xiao Bao disappeared. He still liked to listen to his mother very much, and he greeted them obediently. “Hello grandma, Xiao Bao. I’m Xiao Fantuan, this is Zhuzi, and this is my younger brother Xiao Doubao. “

Zhuzi also obediently said, “Hello grandma; hello, Xiao Bao.”

Li Yufeng noticed Zhuzi and was a bit surprised, but she didn’t ask about his matters directly. She smiled and said, “Hello, grandma brought you delicious food, and I’ve been standing here for a long time. Come on, let’s go inside first.”

Su Xiaoxiao finally remembered that they had stood up here for a while now and said, “That’s right, that’s right. Let’s talk inside. Fantuan, Zhuzi, come in and take the bucket in slowly.”

Li Yufeng put down the Xiao Bao and brought in the large and small bags she had brought.

In fact, the children were all about the same age. Xiao Bao and Zhuzi were born in the same year and month. Fantuan was almost one year younger than them, but because Xiao Bao ran in the fields all year round and liked to work and bask in the sun, he was very strong. His strength was the strongest among the three children. 

Fantuan and Zhuzi struggled to lift the wooden bucket. 

Xiao Bao ran over and rubbed his hands together before lifting the bucket and walking inside.

A few children almost had a fight just now, and Fantuan and Zhuzi suddenly felt that Xiao Bao was particularly powerful. The few little guys instantly reconciled.

The friendship between the little boys is really wonderful.

Upon entering the room, Su Xiaoxiao put down Xiao Doubao and asked him to play with his brothers.

Su Xiaoxiao finally had the time to hug her mother and said, “Mom, I miss you so much.”

Li Yufeng’s eyes turned red. It was her daughter, who had been growing up by her side since she was a baby. Even when she attended high school in the city, she could at least come back once a month, which was completely different from after she got married.

It’s no exaggeration to say that she couldn’t eat or drink properly for a whole month. When she received letters and phone calls from her daughter, she would immediately put down all the work in her hands and rush over.

“Mother also misses you very much, but seeing you doing well makes me feel at ease. You said you’re living a miserable life, not having enough clothes to wear or vegetables to eat. Be honest, you lied to me, right?”
Su Xiaoxiao hugged Li Yufeng’s arm and caressed her arms, pulling her to the vegetable garden. “I didn’t lie. As you can see, this place is bare. I really have to spend money on vegetables every day.”

Su Xiaoxiao pulled at her clothes again and showed her: “Han Cheng bought me a lot of cloth, but I can’t even make clothes. Look, my clothes still have patches.”

Li Yufeng really couldn’t refute her daughter, so, she could only say a few words to her delicate daughter.

Su Xiaoxiao hugged her and caressed her arms again, saying, “Mom, why did you come here without telling me first? Didn’t I leave Han Cheng’s phone number for you? If you said it in advance, we could have picked you up at the station. “

Li Yufeng let go of her daughter’s hand and went to organize the package she had brought. “It’s not that I’ve never traveled far. When you went to school, didn’t I take you there? The trains here can go directly to the town, and the phone bills are expensive.” It’s so expensive, why should I waste money if I can just go here directly?”

As a rural woman of this era, Su Xiaoxiao really thinks her mother is particularly skilled. She is literate and dares to take her children on long trips alone, which is already more powerful than 90% of rural women.

Li Yufeng said again, “I didn’t originally plan to bring Xiao Bao here, but this clever little ghost—I don’t know how he found out that I was coming to see you. He has been making trouble at home for a few days, and we couldn’t coax him. Since you were a child, everyone is fond of you. I think Han Cheng and his two children like you too, now, I can rest assured. By the way, who is that kid, Zhuzi.”

“It’s a long story. He’s the son of the martyr here. His Grandma left this world some time ago, and he’s the only one left in his family. Anyway, he’s also our child now, “Su Xiaoxiao whispered.

Li Yufeng nodded and said, “He looks like a good child too.”

Su Xiaoxiao agreed in a second. “I’m lucky. The children in my family are very obedient and kind.”

“My daughter is so good; how can she not have good luck? “Li Yufeng generously praised her own daughter, and in her eyes, everything about Su Xiaoxiao is good.

She took out the candy rings she found from the package and distributed them to the children: “Come on, grandma made candy rings for you, share them with each other.”

The cubs were all overjoyed. Except for Xiao Bao, none of the other children had ever eaten this food. It was as beautiful as a flower and looked delicious. They thanked Grandma simultaneously, and their mouths were particularly sweet.

Xiao Bao also had his share and happily explained to his friends how this thing tastes good.

Sujia Village is not very close to the sea, and Li Yufeng has not seen much seafood before. Seeing the rare things, they picked them up, and she became more interested than Xiao Bao.

“Did you really pick this up in the sea? There are so many. What is this called?” Li Yufeng asked, pointing at the abalone.

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and said, “This is called abalone. Despite its unattractive appearance, it’s the most delicious among these seafood. It’s also my first time going there, and I might have been lucky. Aunt Zhang mentioned that it’s considered good if you manage to find a few small shells, but I didn’t expect to pick up so many. In fact, there are still many good things in the sea, but I dare not to collect too many, as it could raise suspicions about our family’s lifestyle. I wouldn’t want anyone to report us for living extravagantly.”

Just as Li Yufeng was about to say that you don’t have to buy groceries every day when you can go and pick up some food from the sea, she suddenly heard the word “report” and snapped out of her thoughts. How could one go and collect food from the sea every day?
Han Cheng had a long day at work, and upon returning, he found that the atmosphere at home seemed to have changed. The children were not studying in the yard as usual, and the room was filled with laughter and excitement.

He took a look at the kitchen first and found his wife and a woman squatting on the ground, looking down at the small wooden bucket and whispering.

Because the woman was looking down, he couldn’t see her clearly, but her voice seemed a bit familiar.

Su Xiaoxiao seems to have telepathy. Suddenly, she looked at the door and found that it was really Han Cheng. He didn’t come back for lunch, so Su Xiaoxiao misses him very much today.

Su Xiaoxiao stood up happily, jumped three times, trotted to hold him, smiled at him, and said, “Han Cheng, you are back? Look who’s here?”

Han Cheng reached out and caressed his wife’s head. If it weren’t for outsiders, he would have wanted to kiss her. Han Cheng looked down and saw Li Yufeng’s appearance and respectfully called out “Mom”. 

‘No wonder my wife was so happy like a child who got her candy, it turned out that Mom is here.’

Li Yufeng also stood up from the ground and looked at Han Cheng. It’s often said that when a mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, she becomes more and more satisfied. Similarly, as Li Yufeng looked at Han Cheng, her satisfaction grew.”

Li Yufeng:  “I feel reassured when I see that all of you have put on some weight.”

As soon as she saw her daughter, Li Yufeng wanted to say that she had gained a little weight and that her overall complexion had improved significantly. She appeared noticeably more energetic.”

Han Cheng said, “Xiaoxiao has good craftsmanship and takes good care of us all. Mom should stay here longer this time and try her craftsmanship more.”

Li Yufeng smiled and said, “She has been playing around with these things since she was young. Before, our family didn’t have this condition. If you have a lot of these things, then what she makes will definitely be good. You must have taken great care of her. She hasn’t done any heavy and tiring jobs before, so she doesn’t know much. “

Han Cheng: “Mom, Xiaoxiao is very good. She’s doing great. Don’t worry.”

Su Xiaoxiao hugged Han Cheng’s arm and said, “Mom, I’m not playing around. I’ll use this seafood to make you a seafood stew for you today.” 

Looking at these two people, Li Yufeng suddenly thought of the phrase “talented man and beautiful woman”. Judging by Han Cheng’s appearance, he also treats her daughter like a treasure, so how can she stay worried?

“Okay, okay, Mother is waiting to eat your cooking.”

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