The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 53.1

Chapter 53.1

The next day, Mid-Autumn Festival.

The sun seems to be rounder than usual today, and the cubs woke up on time to exercise.

At noon, they will eat chicken for lunch. Today’s breakfast is relatively simple. It’s sweet potato congee with leftover bacon and eggs.

There is no refrigerator, and the food they prepared yesterday was too much. Luckily, Li Yufeng taught Su Xiaoxiao a trick: to preserve the leftover salted egg, put it back into the pot, and steam it for ten minutes to kill the bacteria. After that, don’t touch it anymore, and steam it again before eating it the next day. With this method, it can stay fresh for a night in this weather without any issues.

Su Xiaoxiao took the salted egg out this morning and found that its taste had not worsened at all; in fact, it had become even more delicious. She really admires the wisdom of people from this era.

Su Xiaoxiao asked Han Cheng to take the cubs up the mountain to catch some snails.

Su Xiaoxiao said: “Isn’t Fantuan always clamoring to go up the mountain to catch some snails? You rarely accompany your children and rarely have a day off. Spend time with them. It’s also good to have a plate of fried snails while enjoying the moon at night.”

Han Cheng looked at the work that still needed to be done at home and said, “Why don’t I kill the chicken first?”

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “In the past, all the chickens in the house were killed by the mother. You should leave this job to Mom. She also needs to pluck the feathers from the tail of the big rooster and make shuttlecocks for the children.”

Han Cheng squeezed her hand and said, “Why don’t you come with us? I rarely accompany you either.”

Su Xiaoxiao came forward and untied Han Cheng’s cufflinks, helping him to push his sleeves up so that he wouldn’t get wet when he caught snails. “I won’t go, I’m a little afraid of the creek. There are leeches in the creek and fields in Sujia Village, I don’t know if there are any here, but you should watch the children.”

The original owner was very afraid of leeches, but Su Xiaoxiao was afraid of almost all mollusks, including snail caterpillars.

Han Cheng said, “They’re all boys, they’re not afraid of that.”

Su Xiaoxiao: “That thing sucks blood, and the wound is still very painful. I’m worried about the children getting injured, so Xiao Doubao won’t go with you.”
Han Cheng took the three little cubs up the mountain. Xiao Zhuzi and Xiao Bao were not too excited about it, as they had gone to the mountains many times before. However, Xiao Fantuan was extremely happy, as it was his first time climbing a mountain and catching a stone snail. He secretly discussed with his friends behind him, “If we see a bird’s nest next time, we’ll climb up the tree and pick out bird eggs when Dad’s not paying attention.

Han Cheng turned his head and glanced at Fantuan, who thought he was speaking very quietly. “I heard everything.” 

Xiao Fantuan exclaimed, “Ow,” and quickly hid behind his two companions, afraid that his father would hit his butt.

Strange to say, but Han Cheng has never physically punished his children, but Fantuan was always afraid of his father spanking his ass.

Perhaps, it was because his father is too dignified.

Han Cheng also used to climb trees when he was a child. Boys naturally yearn for such challenging activities, and there is also reverse psychology at play – the more you prohibit them from doing something, the more curious they become, and the more they want to try it. This is not a matter of whether children are well-behaved or not, but rather, it is part of the nature of boys

In terms of educating the children, Han Cheng’s overall approach is in line with that of Su Xiaoxiao, as both believe that children should be taught to be humble, eager to learn, optimistic, and respectful towards everyone.

In terms of details, taking tree climbing as an example, Su Xiaoxiao would consider it a dangerous sport and would want to prevent children from engaging in it together by instructing them not to do so.

In contrast, Han Cheng believes that learning to climb trees under proper adult supervision is the best way to minimize the risks involved. Prohibiting children from doing it would only increase their curiosity. If they experience it themselves, they will know where the danger is and how to avoid it.

It’s similar when it comes to swimming. When boys reach a certain age, they also have a natural desire to explore rivers, lakes, and the sea, especially if they live near the coast. That’s why Han Cheng plans to take the children to the seaside next summer to personally teach them how to swim and revere the ocean.

When the children saw the bird’s nest on the mountain, Han Cheng guided each one on how to climb up the tree to retrieve it, how to come down safely, and how to avoid potential dangers such as wasp nests, beehives, snakes, and centipedes, which could all be deadly.

Han Cheng agreed with the children that this would be their secret and not be disclosed to the women at home. The little boys felt a sense of pride, and their bond with their father/uncle Han was strengthened. They all became upright men, and there were some secrets that they didn’t need to share with their mothers/aunts.

In fact, Su Xiaoxiao would be delighted to know this. Her original intention was to assist Han Cheng in strengthening his relationship with the children.

In recent years, the traditional practice of public worship of gods has been discouraged and labeled as feudal superstition. As a result, every household can at most secretly set up a small table in their own yard and offer tribute items such as large roosters, pastries, and fruits as a way of worshiping heaven and earth together. It can be considered as inviting various immortals to celebrate the festival together. Burning incense, burning paper, and setting off firecrackers, however, are not allowed.

Li Yufeng is quick at work and skilled at killing chickens.

Chicken blood should not be wasted. Instead, it can be added to warm water with a pinch of salt and mixed thoroughly. After a while, the blood will naturally solidify and become tender and smooth.

Before cleaning the entire chicken, she took great care to remove the most beautiful feather from the rooster’s tail and set it aside. Chicken intestines and gizzards were all good things, and they were cooked in the water of the boiled chicken, all of which were very delicious.

At this moment, Li Yufeng regretted not letting Su Xiaoxiao buy bean sprouts.

By adding a handful of bean sprouts to the chicken soup, there is no need to cook additional vegetables. The resulting soup will be fresh, sweet, and delicious.

Su Xiaoxiao was teaching Xiao Doubao to draw chicks on a small blackboard. When she heard Li Yufeng talking to herself, she said, “Why don’t I go buy them now? It’s still early, there should be more bean sprouts left in the market.”

Li Yufeng shook her head and said, “Soak some of the dried yellow cauliflower I brought, it’s also very delicious.”

Su Xiaoxiao thought for a moment and said, “Then I’ll make some more shiitake mushrooms. That way, the soup will be more fragrant.”

Li Yufeng nodded and said, “That’s also good.”

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