The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 53.2

Chapter 53.2

As soon as the chicken was taken out of the pot, Li Yufeng promptly placed it on a small table with its head facing east. She also set out a whole box of mooncakes and a grapefruit. Before taking Su Xiaoxiao to pay respects, she even went to the door to check that no one would pass by.

Li Yufeng spoke quickly, and Su Xiaoxiao could barely make out her words, but it seemed like she was saying something along the lines of “May my daughter have a healthy and chubby baby boy next year, and may he grow up quickly.”

Li Yufeng’s expression was very reverent. Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know who she was chatting with. She wanted to laugh, but she didn’t dare to.

Even Xiao Doubao was pulled by her to make a quick bow, and then she quickly moved the things back, without knowing it would take three minutes.

When Li Yufeng was removing the things, Su Xiaoxiao saw that there were a few water chestnuts on the chicken plate. Su Xiaoxiao picked it up and looked at it, “Mom, when did you buy this?”

Li Yufeng put everything away before replying, “I don’t know if you have any here. I brought them from home especially, but they are not many. One person can eat one or two. There are always a few for the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Su Xiaoxiao opened one to eat, and the glutinous rice flour was quite delicious. She gave the other half to Xiao Doubao.

The little cub believed that any food given by her mother was delicious, so he didn’t even look at them and just stuffed them into his mouth.

Li Yufeng chopped off half of the chicken and divided its legs into four, with each cub taking a share.

Su Xiaoxiao also prepared the ginger and scallion dipping sauce.

As it was already noon, Han Cheng brought the cubs home on time.

“Mom, Dad is particularly skilled. We caught many stone snails, as well as many loaches, and this… this… “The clever Xiao Fantuan suddenly got stuck.

“There are also chestnuts,” Xiao Zhuzi said. He went to the mountain so many times but didn’t find this thing. However, when Uncle Han took them to a deeper part of the mountain, they finally saw a wild chestnut tree.

Fantuan nodded: “Yes, yes, Lizi, Dad is so powerful. When he threw a stone, the chestnuts fell down.”

“Xiao Bao also said: “Uncle blocked the stream above, and we put the basket below. Many loaches ran into the basket on their own.”

The cubs chattered about how powerful Han Cheng was, and their faces were full of admiration. Su Xiaoxiao was smiling as she listened. Comrade Han Cheng’s trip was not in vain, and he gained so many little fans.

It’s quite amazing that none of the three cubs revealed that Han Cheng taught them how to climb trees.

After lunch, the children started taking naps again.

Han Cheng also went in to take a nap. Su Xiaoxiao lay down with him for a while, but she couldn’t sleep, so she got up to watch Li Yufeng make clothes.

When the cubs woke up from their nap, Li Yufeng had already sewn the buttons on their clothes.

The cubs lined up to try on new clothes, and they were all very happy.

When the weather gets colder, cotton needs to be stuffed into the clothes. In addition, the children grow faster, so Li Yufeng made the clothes slightly larger and left a piece of a hidden thread. When the children grow older, the hidden thread can be released, and they can continue to wear it.

Xiao Bao only recently got new clothes that his Aunt Su gave him, but he didn’t expect to have one more. He was so happy that he hugged the clothes and said he would keep them until the Chinese New Year.

The climate difference between Sujia Village and this place is not significant, as both belong to the southern region and the winter is not long. However, the children did not have suitable cotton clothes and had to wear clothes that were originally meant for adults. These clothes were all patched up, and even Dabao did not have a proper one. Therefore, Li Yufeng made new ones for Dabao and Xiaobao, and when the time comes, they can replace the cotton wool in the old cotton clothes at home.

Su Xiaoxiao really admires Li Yufeng. These are all the survival skills of contemporary working people. Even if they lack food and clothing, hardworking people can always find a way to survive.

On the other hand, Zhuzi cried as he tightly held onto his new clothes, his head facing the ground. This was the first time he had received new clothes since he was young. They were made by Fantuan’s grandma, who was now also his grandma. ‘How could there be such a good family in this world? Everyone treated him like a real family member, and he had a share of everything Fantuan had.’

Su Xiaoxiao noticed Zhuzi’s change of emotions, but she didn’t say anything. She had seen too many children who lacked warmth and affection, and they were always easily moved by other people’s kindness. It was a normal reaction.

Li Yufeng finished everyone’s clothes, and there were still a lot of cloth left.

“Mom, these cotton clothes are very comfortable. You can make two pairs of shorts for Han Cheng and me with the shorter ones. You can also make shorts for the children with these small pieces. They are very comfortable to wear at home in the summer. You can make a big one for yourself too. Cotton-padded clothes are fine, and you can wear them every day. Mother, I hope you can treat yourself better and not always think about giving all the good things to us. We also want to show you our love.”

Li Yufeng is a woman who upholds Confucian moral values. In her family, she believes that the best things should be given first to the children and the men.  Su Weimin needs to go to the commune for meetings or something, so when there is cloth at home, Li Yufeng will give priority to making clothes for him. [1]Confucian moral values. for women, namely: obey in turn three men: father, husband, and son, plus the four virtues of morality, physical charm, propriety in speech, and efficiency in needlework.

Fantuan nodded and said, “Grandma, we all have new clothes, but you don’t have them. We won’t be happy if you don’t have it. “

Zhuzi raised his head and said with red eyes, “Grandma, please make yourself one.”

Xiaobao also said, “Grandma, your clothes are all torn. Make yourself a new one, and we can wear new clothes together during the Chinese New Year.”

Xiao Doubao has already carried the little chicken backpack that his grandmother gave him, and he really likes it. He doesn’t even want to put it down. The little guy pulled the cloth and put it on his grandmother’s lap, and said, “Nainai, clothes~~~”

Li Yufeng’s eyes were moist, and she raised her hand to wipe them. “Okay, I’ll make one for myself, too.”

The cubs finally became happy.

The afternoon is the children’s study time, and Su Xiaoxiao is busy with everyone’s tasks after assigning them. Su Xiaoxiao takes care of the children too well. Although Han Cheng rarely pays attention to their learning progress. Today, he noticed that Xiaobao and Zhuzi write neatly and complete their work accurately and quickly.

Su Xiaoxiao once mentioned that Fantuan is very intelligent and capable of completing elementary school courses in three years. However, she believes that a child should only skip a maximum of two grades, allowing them to have a happy childhood and grow up with friends of their own age.
Su Xiaoxiao didn’t have much time to enlighten Fantuan, but he already knows much more than Zhuzi and Xiaobao.

And when Han Cheng saw his son, who was less than two years old, use his small blackboard to completely draw four chicks, it was truly shocking.

What kind of sons did he have?

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1 Confucian moral values. for women, namely: obey in turn three men: father, husband, and son, plus the four virtues of morality, physical charm, propriety in speech, and efficiency in needlework.


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