The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 65.2

Chapter 65.2

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Xiao Zhang arrived on time to pick up Su Xiaoxiao. Xiao Doubao, who had a short nap today, followed his two older brothers out of bed. As soon as he bid farewell to his brothers and father and closed the door, he saw that annoying uncle standing at the entrance. Xiao Doubao promptly shut the door and stood with his back against it, blocking the uncle from entering.

Su Xiaoxiao quickly went inside to fetch a small blackboard for Xiao Doubao, and when she came out, she witnessed the situation. Once again, she couldn’t help but feel amazed at how much the little cub had grown. Just a month ago, Xiao Doubao was an adorable and silent little cub, but now he could curse, fight, and even chase away unwanted guests. Truly amazing!

Su Xiaoxiao bent down to pick up the little cub. “Alright, Xiao Doubao,” she said, “Xiao Zhang is Mommy’s colleague, and he came to pick us up. We can’t be so impolite. We should thank him for coming to get us.”

“No need to thank me, it’s my pleasure,” Xiao Zhang touched his nose, knowing well that his behavior yesterday was unlikable. He couldn’t even bring himself to look into the innocent eyes of the child.

“Where are we going today?” Su Xiaoxiao asked

Xiao Zhang was surprised and said, “Didn’t Captain Xu tell you? Today we’re not going to change the Information board, we’re going to the auditorium.”

Su Xiaoxiao blinked and said. “The auditorium?”

“Let’s get in the car first, and then we’ll discuss it,” Xiao Zhang said. As Su Xiaoxiao got into the car with the child in her arms, he even used his hand to shield the child’s head from hitting the car roof. His courteous attitude had turned more than 360 degrees compared to yesterday.

“Well, here’s the thing. Next month, there will be an annual cultural performance at the military base. The military leaders were very impressed with the promotional board we set up at the main gate. They specifically approached Captain Xu and requested our assistance in designing the stage backdrop for the cultural performance.”

“Ah?” Su Xiaoxiao was taken aback. She was confused by Xu Damu’s decision to assign her such a big task. If she were indeed pregnant, she would have to decline any fieldwork, let alone take on such a significant project.

Xiao Zhang was extremely excited. He had been working on the propaganda team for three years, but his talents had been suppressed by Li Min. He never had the opportunity to showcase his abilities, especially after Su Xiaoxiao joined the team. Needless to say, he was quite frustrated. However, unexpectedly, a fortunate turn of events occurred when the highest-ranking military leader happened to notice his talent. The leader’s exact words were, “Your beautiful and powerful calligraphy captures the essence perfectly.” Even Captain Xu patted him on the shoulder and said, “Xiao Zhang, you can produce such excellent calligraphy at such a young age. Your future is limitless.”

His calligraphy has been excellent for a long time, and Captain Xu has known it for a while. To complement each other, he naturally knows that at least half of the credit goes to Su Xiaoxiao and her outstanding design plans. Without her, he wouldn’t even know when he could make a breakthrough and stand out. How could he not be attentive to Su Xiaoxiao?

“Yes, Comrade Su, I heard that a higher-level leader will be sent to guide the work for this upcoming art performance. That’s why our military district leadership attaches great importance to it. In previous years, the logistics department of the propaganda department would handle the stage background. It’s rare for our propaganda team to be responsible this time, so we must perform well.” Xiao Zhang is full of enthusiasm, thinking that if he impresses the leaders, he might get promoted.

Su Xiaoxiao rubbed her sore brow and didn’t want to answer Xiao Zhang’s words.

Xiao Doubao felt his mother’s emotions, reached out his small hands to touch Su Xiaoxiao’s face, and said: “Happy, happy heart.

‘Baby, in the future, when Mommy gets busy, we might indeed have to eat the communal meals at Daddy’s canteen at night. Can you still be happy about that? ’

The auditorium is located on the second floor of the military district office building, occupying an entire floor and capable of accommodating ten thousand people.

When Su Xiaoxiao and Xiao Zhang arrived, several key personnel from the propaganda department had already arrived as well.

What surprised Su Xiaoxiao a bit was that Jiang Xue was also there. When you think about it, it makes sense since she was a pillar of the team and was involved in important performances. The stage effects surely required her input and advice.

Jiang Xue was also surprised to see Su Xiaoxiao. Although both the Cultural Troupe and the Propaganda Team belong to the Propaganda Department, their areas of work are completely different, and this stage design doesn’t require personnel from the Propaganda Team.

The leaders from the propaganda department quickly clarified the situation for her. One of them approached Su Xiaoxiao and Xiao Zhang with enthusiasm, shaking their hands. “I’ve heard from the leaders that Comrade Su and Comrade Zhang have a knack for designing stage backgrounds. Allow me to introduce our two key performers from the cultural troupe, Jiang Xue and Su Minglan. This is Zhou Jianguo, the main designer for the stage, and this is Director Chen, the overall planner. Today, we’ve gathered everyone to discuss how to design this stage.”


Su Xiaoxiao held Xiao Doubao in her arms, listening to the leader’s explanation, and her head buzzed with noise.

After the leader set down the materials and provided instructions on the design direction, they left.

Su Xiaoxiao put Xiao Doubao aside and sat down. Jiang Xue approached, walking in high heels, and asked, “This task is quite challenging. How did you end up taking it on?”

Jiang Xue has no malice. Every year, the stage background for the annual art performance would undergo numerous revisions, often requiring late-night discussions and constant changes until the last second before going on stage. Su Xiaoxiao, who had to take care of her child while working, was not suitable for participating in such demanding work.

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “I don’t know how Captain Xu managed to assign me this task. I found out about it just half an hour or so before you did.”

Xiao Zhang was still immersed in the joy of finally having a conversation with the highest leader of the propaganda department. Upon hearing Jiang Xue’s words, he was afraid that Su Xiaoxiao would decline the task, which would result in him being withdrawn as well. He quickly spoke up, saying, “This is a rare and excellent opportunity. It’s not something extremely challenging. Comrade Jiang Xue, please don’t make unfounded statements.”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Comrade Zhang, we may need to have a good discussion. If this work is too intense, I may not be able to participate.”


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