The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 66.1

Chapter 66.1

After hearing what Su Xiaoxiao said, Xiao Zhang became anxious. He said, “Comrade Su, this is a task assigned by the organization. Since the task has been given, we must do it well. How can you refuse to do it just because the workload is heavy?”

In their propaganda team, everyone is busy day and night regardless of gender. Among the female comrades, Li Min works even harder than the men. Otherwise, how could she have reached the position of deputy team leader? So why is Su Xiaoxiao unwilling to work harder?

“I don’t think I need to report to you. Since I’m here today, I will definitely come up with the design proposal. As for the subsequent work arrangements, I will personally discuss them with Captain Zhao. Director Chen, I have a general understanding of the style of stage background you need. Could you please provide me with the dimensions and proportions of the background board? After I design the proposal, I will submit it to Captain Xu, and he can deliver it to you, no later than the day after tomorrow,” Su Xiaoxiao said.

Director Chen was taken aback and said, “Aren’t you going to participate in our upcoming discussion? We still have many details to discuss. Comrade Zhou is the lead designer, and your main task is to cooperate with him, not to take the lead in proposing designs. Comrade Su, you may not have much experience in this aspect. This is not like the simple propaganda posters that can be made in a day or two by your propaganda team. This involves the reputation of our entire military region in terms of stage background.”

Designing just this aspect alone would take more than a week to finalize through discussions.

“I understand your perspective, but perhaps you haven’t understood the Minister’s intention in bringing us here. Do you think the Minister transferred us here just to assist with your work? The Propaganda Department and even the Cultural Troupe have plenty of people who can collaborate with you. The saying goes, ‘No destruction, no construction.’ If the Minister wanted to stick to the status quo, there would be no need to bring anyone from our propaganda team. It would be safer to continue with your consistent design style, so why bother bringing us here to disrupt things?”

Director Chen was taken aback.

Su Xiaoxiao continued, “The earliest I can provide the design proposal is by tomorrow. If not then, it will be the day after tomorrow. Once you receive it, if the Minister is not satisfied, I am willing to make revisions until you are fully satisfied. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can discard my proposal and use yours instead. Our comrade Xiao Zhang is more than willing to assist in any area where collaboration is needed. My main focus is on design, and I have multiple children at home. The youngest is just over a year old, so I have to bring them with me wherever I go. Due to this, I may not be able to assist with other tasks that require my physical presence.”
Jiang Xue looked at Su Xiaoxiao, seemingly lost in thought. She had initially thought that Su Xiaoxiao was just a decent-looking girl who came from the countryside and probably hadn’t seen much of the world. Her abilities and insights were surely not on the same level as Yang Mei’s. She even seemed a bit delicate. Jiang Xue had been pondering for a long time but couldn’t figure out what Han Cheng saw in her.

After listening to Su Xiaoxiao’s words, Jiang Xue realized that Su Xiaoxiao was quite different from her initial impression. Putting aside other aspects, the way she calmly and confidently expressed her opinions to their superiors showed a clear and balanced logic that many people couldn’t match. On the other hand, Xiao Zhang, who was sitting next to her, seemed submissive and almost shrinking like a quail in front of their superiors.

Shortly after, Jiang Xue chuckled self-deprecatingly. Yang Mei’s relationship with Han Cheng was an arranged match by the organization, while Su Xiaoxiao was personally selected by Han Cheng himself when he went to the countryside. If there wasn’t anything about Su Xiaoxiao that attracted him, how could someone like Han Cheng possibly marry her?

Even at this point, the Jiang family still clings to wishful thinking.

Jiang Xue naturally knows what the Jiang family is thinking. She has been fond of Han Cheng for many years. Regardless of whether Su Xiaoxiao is an outstanding comrade or a despicable person, Jiang Xue would never stoop so low to intervene in someone else’s marriage.

It’s unclear whether it’s her pride or simply a lack of fate between them, but nothing has ever happened between them. However, it is indeed true that they have consistently missed their chances, time and time again.

Xiao Zhang became anxious and kept giving meaningful looks to Su Xiaoxiao, whispering, “Please stop talking.”

Having worked in stage design for nearly ten years, Zhou Jianguo had never encountered such an audacious newcomer. If it weren’t for the leaders specifically mentioning them, they wouldn’t even have the qualifications to stand here. Su Xiaoxiao’s words implied that she wanted to be on equal footing with him, the chief designer. Naturally, this did not sit well with him, and his expression showed his displeasure.

“Since Comrade Su has such confidence, it’s better to reserve judgment until we have seen her design proposal. It will only take a day or two, and besides, it doesn’t hinder our progress. We will continue with our work as planned,” Jiang Xue said with a cold demeanor. 

Jiang Xue rarely spoke up, so it came as a surprise to everyone that she was defending Su Xiaoxiao. Wasn’t she supposed to have feelings for Han Cheng? Shouldn’t they be like enemies, showing envy toward each other? Could it be that Jiang Xue knew that Su Xiaoxiao’s abilities were not up to par and was waiting to see her fail?

Although each person had their own thoughts, Jiang Xue had already spoken up for this purpose, and the others didn’t say much either.

Su Xiaoxiao said goodbye and picked up Xiao Doubao, and walked outside.

Su Minglan raised her chin towards Jiang Xue and said, “Why are you still helping her speak? You want to see her make a fool of herself?”

Jiang Xue glanced at her lightly but lowered her eyes without answering her question.

How would other people know that she never cared about Yang Mei or Su Xiaoxiao? She might ask why it couldn’t be her, but she never saw them as enemies. What she truly cared about was Han Cheng’s consistent attitude toward her. As long as Han Cheng took the first step, she didn’t mind taking the remaining ninety-nine steps. It’s a pity that after ten years, the world knew about her feelings for Han Cheng, except for Han Cheng himself. Or perhaps, Han Cheng simply didn’t care at all.

In the past, she believed that Han Cheng was indifferent, but the truth might be that Han Cheng’s heart simply wasn’t focused on her.

It’s not difficult to see whether a woman is doing well or not. Whether it was when she first met her wearing patched and old clothes, or now with her calm and confident demeanor in a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes, her smile when facing her children is always warm and filled with happiness.


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    Okay now I’m really curious about Han Cheng background 🤔🤔🤔 why does it seems like he simply not just an orphan like he said when he meet Su Xiaoxiao parents. There has to be more to his background. Because from what Jiang Xue just mentioned it look like her family….or the Jiang family really want him to marry her. So if he’s really just an orphan why would they still push for her to marry him. So there must be more to his background. And there has to be a more serious reason as to why he left the capital in the first place.


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