The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 66.2

Chapter 66.2

Xiao Zhang held back a breath and didn’t know whether he should follow Su Xiaoxiao or stay to help.

But Su Xiaoxiao left, and the people here didn’t pay any attention to him, so he had to chase Su Xiaoxiao out.

After leaving the door, he asked Su Xiaoxiao. “We rarely have the opportunity to participate in such bid projects. Why can’t you just cooperate properly?”

Su Xiaoxiao paused in her tracks. “Comrade Zhang, please align yourself with your proper position. I don’t need to report every single thing to you, nor am I your subordinate. Whatever you want to do, I won’t interfere. We are not suitable to work together. I will talk to Captain Xu about this later.”

Su Xiaoxiao initially didn’t want to make things so embarrassing, but being constantly disrupted and pushed around like this, she couldn’t help but feel upset. Anyway, Director Liu would be delighted if she went back to teaching in elementary school.

“You… “Xiao Zhang suddenly became speechless.

Xiao Doubao suddenly glared at Xiaozhang and raised his hand, “Mama, fight!”

Su Xiaoxiao gently pushed Xiao Doubao’s hand back and continued walking ahead. “Xiao Doubao, be good. Mommy and Uncle are just discussing work matters, and it’s natural to have different opinions.”

Xiao Doubao puffed his cheeks and hugged his mother’s neck, turning his head and continuing to glare at Xiao Zhang.

Xiao Zhang: “…..”

Su Xiaoxiao returned to the propaganda team. There were a few more people there today. Su Xiaoxiao greeted them and knocked on the door before entering Xu Damu’s office.

Xu Damu is on the phone, gesturing to Su Xiaoxiao to wait.

Su Xiaoxiao sat down holding the cub.

After a while, Xu Damu put down the phone and asked Su Xiaoxiao in surprise.: “Why did you come back to the office today?”

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t beat around the bush with the straightforward man and directly asked: “Captain Xu, do you remember the three rules we agreed upon before I joined?”

Xu Damu nodded and said, “Yes, I remember. You will be working mostly from home, with the option to go on field assignments in the afternoon, and it is important for you to leave work on time. Is that correct?”

Su Xiaoxiao: “Does Captain Xu know how much work is involved in preparing the stage background for a cultural performance? Shouldn’t you have asked for my opinion before lending me out?”

Xu Damu paused for a moment and explained, “No, it’s not like that. The higher-ups specifically requested your participation, and it was difficult for me to refuse. However, I did mention your situation at home, and they assured me that they will let you leave as soon as it was time to go home.

Su Xiaoxiao sighed, realizing that her imagination was idealistic while reality was harsh. She thought she could coordinate well between school, the propaganda team, and her family, but in reality, the biggest variable was human nature. Every task relied on cooperation between individuals, and if any link went wrong, all her plans would fall apart.

“I may not be well-suited for the work in the propaganda team,” Su Xiaoxiao said. “I really can’t juggle so many responsibilities. Here’s what I suggest: I’ll go back and talk to Director Liu. It would be best if you could transfer my file back to the school, sot that I can focus on teaching there.”

Xu Damu was completely taken aback. He had been in this job for over a decade, and this was the first time he had received praise from a higher-up. Usually, not making mistakes was the best outcome he could hope for. Su Xiaoxiao was truly his lucky star, and he couldn’t let go of such a talented individual.

“It’s not your fault, Comrade Su. I was the one who overlooked this and didn’t communicate with you in advance. We have been accustomed to handling tasks as they come, gritting our teeth to finish the work, and we….”

“So, I can’t do anything well, is that it?” Su Xiaoxiao interrupted him. “I’m not suited for this unplanned work. My health can’t handle it, and even in slightly colder weather, it’s not suitable for me to take my one-year-old child on field assignments. Even if I can endure it, my son won’t be able to. It’s better for you to find someone else. Don’t worry, before I leave, I will submit the design plans for the stage background and complete this project. I won’t make it difficult for you.”

Xu Damu was genuinely worried now. “No, Comrade Su, what did Xiao Zhang tell you? Please, listen to me first…”

Su Xiaoxiao stood up, holding her child. “I’m sorry, it’s time for me to go home and make dinner for the kids. Excuse me.”

After Su Xiaoxiao finished speaking, she turned around before leaving.

Xu Damu was still in a daze and took a while to gather his thoughts. Finally, he shouted towards the outside, “Xiao Zhang, get in here!”


After leaving the office building, Su Xiaoxiao took a deep breath to gather herself and adjust her emotions. 

She knew that no one was entirely at fault in this situation. It wasn’t wrong for the leaders to recognize her abilities and assign her important tasks. Xu Damu was just following the instructions given by the leaders, and Xiao Zhang was only driven by his ambition and wanted to seize this opportunity to showcase his abilities. The mistake, perhaps, was that they didn’t anticipate that she would refuse to cooperate with them.

In my previous life, I used to see my university classmates chatting in our class group, complaining about their daily commutes to work, the company environment, their colleagues, interpersonal relationships, how they had to interact with different departments during work hours, and how they had to accompany their superiors for social events after work. They felt like spinning tops, and at the end of the month, their take-home salary was only a meager amount, and so on and so forth. (T/N: I understand your classmates. T__T)

Whenever this happens, Su Xiaoxiao feels incredibly fortunate that she doesn’t have to live such a life.

Only after coming here did she truly experience how helpless this kind of life could be.
Su Xiaoxiao looked up at the clear, wide sky and took another deep breath. “Baby, let’s go pick up Daddy from work and ask him to drive us home, okay?”

Xiao Doubao may have felt his mother’s emotional fluctuations and kissed her on the face, nodding obediently, “Okay, Mom be happy~~~”

Su Xiaoxiao gently rubbed the cub’s face and whispered, “My baby, being your mother is the happiest thing that has ever happened to me.” 

And being Han Cheng’s wife….


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