The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 67.1

Chapter 67.1

On a late autumn evening in a seaside town, the unexpected fire-like clouds, like golden cotton candy, spread across the sky and descended into the sparkling sea.

The military hospital is not far from the office building, and it only takes eight minutes to walk there.

Su Xiaoxiao put Xiao Doubao down and let him walk on his own.

Su Xiaoxiao held Xiao Doubao’s hand and slowly arrived at the military hospital around 5:30 pm.

Han Cheng gets off work at half past five, usually taking some time to organize documents or attend a small meeting. It is normal for him to arrive home around six o’clock. Su Xiaoxiao instructed the two kids to go straight home after school, so they should also be at home by now after their afternoon classes.

“Baby, can we wait here for Dad for a little while?”

Xiao Doubao nodded obediently and said, ‘Okay~~~’

Su Xiaoxiao bent down and took out three milk candies from Xiao Doubao’s chick backpack, one for each of them and the other in his palm.

Baby Doubao squinted his eyes, his cheeks puffed up, resembling adorable little hamsters. Unable to resist the baby’s cuteness, Su Xiaoxiao gently pinched his cheeks.

Chen Aimin didn’t expect to see Su Xiaoxiao and Xiao Doubao at the hospital gate. It took him a while to recognize Su Xiaoxiao, and he was truly amazed: “Sister-in-law, it’s amazing how much things can change in just three days. I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Su Xiaoxiao is wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a pair of small leather shoes, while her hair is styled in a high ponytail. She looks like a fresh college student who has just entered the campus, a far cry from her previous humble and simple appearance.

Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t help smiling when she saw Dr. Chen’s funny appearance. She then asked him. “Dr. Chen, long time no see. Have you returned from your rural trip? Is Han Cheng done with his busy schedule?”

Chen Aimin nodded and said, “After coming back for several days, Director Han should probably come out. Would you like to go in and find him or should I help you go in and call him out?”

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “No need, I’ll just wait here for a moment

She wanted to give Han Cheng a surprise, so why would she spoil it by giving him advance notice of the surprise?

Chen Aimin glanced at his watch. “He should be coming out in about eight to ten minutes at most. Ever since you came, he has been very punctual in returning home. We all tease him about you having a hold on his stomach.”

Su Xiaoxiao smiled mischievously. “He just brings paperwork home to work on. He often stays up late working on it until the early hours of the morning.”

Chen Aimin nodded. “Exactly! After surgery, there are so many reports to write. Where else can he find the time to do it if not at home? Sister-in-law, what delicious dish are you planning to make today? Will there be a little extra for me? I have a small appetite, just a little bit is enough…”

Han Cheng, who had appeared behind him without Chen Aimin’s knowledge, tapped his head with the files in his hand. “Go eat at the cafeteria. Don’t keep thinking about rubbing against my family’s food. My wife doesn’t have the time to cook for so many people.”

Chen Aimin rubbed his head and stepped aside, saying, “Just kidding, just kidding. I know my Sister-in-law is busy. The propaganda board at the eastern gate of the military district is my Sister-in-law’s masterpiece. It’s become quite famous. Everyone who has seen it gave it a thumbs up and says it’s excellent. Sister-in-law is truly amazing, not only she’s beautiful but also talented in art…”

Han Cheng bent down to pick up his youngest son and held Su Xiaoxiao’s hand. “Don’t listen to him talk nonsense, let’s go home.”

Chen Aimin looked at the warm family of three in front of him, and to be honest, he was very envious. When will he be able to marry a wife like Su Xiaoxiao?

A round-faced young nurse who came out of nowhere. She jumped up and gave Chen Aimin a heavy pat on the arm, with a particularly loud voice: “Dr. Chen, is that beautiful lady we just saw Han Cheng’s wife? She’s really beautiful.”

Chen Aimin was startled by her loud voice and looked at the somewhat rough young lady. He patted his chest and said, “Did you want to scare me with your laughter? She’s not just beautiful, she’s also very gentle. Can’t you try to learn from her and not be so rude?”

The round-faced nurse, with her round and bright eyes, appeared even larger and rounder when she widened them. Pointing at her own nose, she said, “I just have a loud voice. Where am I being rude?”
Chen Aimin was afraid of her and said, “Yes, yes, you just have a loud voice. I don’t have time to argue with you. If we’re too late, all the good dishes at the cafeteria will be gone,” Chen Aimin replied, dismissing the conversation and implying that they should hurry along.

“Dr. Chen, are you going to eat at the cafeteria? I’ll go back to my dorm and cook. Do you want me to treat you to a meal?” The young nurse, perhaps a bit oblivious, seemed to have quickly forgotten the earlier comment about her being rude and was now offering to treat him to a meal.

“You can cook?” Dr. Chen looked her up and down, observing the young girl who had recently been assigned to their department. She had a fair and soft complexion, with a slightly round appearance, as if she had been pampered by her family. He shook his head and said, “You don’t seem like someone who knows their way around the kitchen.”

The young nurse shouted loudly again, “Are you looking down on me? My father is a head chef at a state-owned restaurant. I’ve had more delicious food since childhood than you’ve ever seen!” the young nurse retorted, seemingly offended by Dr. Chen’s comment.

Upon hearing this, Dr. Chen widened his eyes and looked at her carefully. “I was wondering why you’re a bit rounder than others, so it turns out you grew up eating food from state-owned restaurants, huh? Then you must know how to cook many delicious dishes. I’m in!” Dr. Chen replied, teasingly.

The young nurse’s face stiffened. “Why do you speak like that?” she retorted, her tone serious.

Dr. Chen waved his hand. “No, no, I wasn’t insulting you. I meant, let’s go to your dormitory for a meal. Can I bring ration coupons? But are there other people in your dormitory? It might not be appropriate if it’s just the two of us.”

The young nurse considered that there were others at her place, so it wouldn’t be ideal. She suggested, “How about I come to your dormitory and cook instead?”

Dr. Chen: “…..”

In this situation of a single man and a single woman, where there is no personal relationship between them, in the end, Doctor Chen couldn’t even enjoy the meal prepared by the nurse and had to eat his cafeteria food honestly.


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