The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 7

Chapter 7 

After Han Cheng took out his household registration book, Su Xiaoxiao’s parents realized how well prepared he was for this blind date.

The six bundles of Great Unity Banknotes in Li Yufeng’s hands are just like six hot potatoes.

Su Weimin put the money back to Han Cheng and said with a straight face, “What are you doing? We are marrying our daughter out, not selling her. If you were to give this money to us, then how are you going to live your life? We don’t give that much money for dowry in this village. The dowry we can offer is not much. You can take Xiaoxiao to the market to buy what she needs. A sincere heart is the only thing we ask for.”

Han Cheng looks like someone who was too generous. Their marriage has not been settled yet, but even though his daughter and Han Cheng met for the first time, he bought her meat, milk, toffee, and meat buns…

Average people wouldn’t prepare such a generous gift.

It didn’t even end there; he even took out the money in his pocket and gave him a large amount of dowry. This made Su Weimin both happy and worried.

Han Cheng is a big spender with no work points and his daughter doesn’t even work outside to earn work points. She even dared to cook more than two kilograms of meat at once. 

Su Weimin didn’t know how their (HC and SX) lives would become if this went on.

Han Cheng pushed the money back to Su Weimin: “Uncle, it’s not easy for you to raise Comrade Su. We have to bother you to handle our wedding. How many people do we need to hire? You don’t have to save. All the expenses for the wedding can be taken from it.”

Han Cheng said and walked out.

Su Xiaoxiao took her household registration book, and when Han Cheng walked a little further, she whispered: “Father, Mother, when he gave it to you, he never thought of taking it back. You should accept it. It only means he values me. I won’t be able to show my filial piety to you in the future, since I don’t know when I will return to this village. Don’t be too frugal. Eat better when you should eat better. Remember that the body is the capital of revolution, especially Xiaobao, who is growing up. He needs more nutrition.  The money you have now may be valuable, but it won’t be valuable in the future if it costs your health. You’ll be healthy if you eat well. Only then will you have the strength to work and earn more money. So you have to listen to me, alright?” 

Su Xiaoxiao has never been married in her two lives. She does not know how much money she needs or what process to follow. But she knows that 600 yuan is a large sum of money at present, which means Han Cheng values her. The original owner died without having the opportunity to be filial to her two elders. She only thought of leaving the countryside. 

In the future, she will try to be good to Han Cheng and his children. This amount of money can be regarded as her filial piety to the original owner.

Father Su and Mother Su’s eyes turned red as they stared at their daughter’s back. 

Li Yufeng, in particular, covered her mouth and cried.

“Head of the family, our daughter is way too sensible. I raised a lovely daughter. We only have one girl. I don’t want her to get married so far. huhu…”

Father Su patted his wife on the shoulder and said, “Well, children and grandchildren have their blessings. We can’t keep her forever. It’s all my fault. She has been poked in the back for so long. The wedding should be organized decently. We must make her wedding beautiful. Han Cheng is really……”

Father Su shook his head, but he was relieved.


Su Xiaoxiao took Han Cheng to the secretary of the brigade to open a letter of introduction.

Han Cheng was lost in his thoughts for a moment and completely forgot about his marriage certificate. He had to make a marriage report first, and the object had to pass the political review.

When he arrived at the county seat, he immediately called the troops and repeatedly assured them that the three generations of poor peasants in Su Xiaoxiao’s family would have absolutely no problem with the political review and asked the army to especially approve him to give evidence before the political review.

The political commissar almost dropped his jaw. Many female comrades in the military art troupe liked Han Cheng, and many female comrades in the military hospital liked him. The organization planned to solve his problems after the New Year. ‘Didn’t he go out to visit his relatives? Why did he suddenly want to bring a wife back for no reason?’

Han Cheng is an outstanding figure for the younger generation. He is charitable in thought and deed. 

He is the key training object of the army. His glorious deeds are promoted amongst them, and he is a very important person. The head of the capital also pays close attention to him. How can he be allowed to get a marriage certificate without passing the political review? Even if he agreed, the old dean would still disagree. Han Cheng will make a big wave in the future. His resume must be clean and innocent, and there should be no room for stains.

The political commissar has never seen Han Cheng be this unreasonable. He was so angry that he directly pushed this matter to the old dean over him and hung up his phone.

The organization disagreed. 

Han Cheng did not know how to explain it to Su Xiaoxiao. The Su family didn’t understand the process of military marriage, and they had made it clear to him that they would not let Su Xiaoxiao go with him without a label. 

The normal political review process is as short as two months, and as long as six months. His sons were still in dire straits, so he had to take them away immediately. He can’t wait for the New Year to come. 

After all, Su Xiaoxiao is not a person of this era. She didn’t take the concept of chastity seriously. She knows that military marriage and divorce are not easy. 

She thought that the 1970s were not that strict or that Han Cheng had privileges.

But she did not expect Han Cheng would forget about the process. Seeing Han Cheng’s helplessness as he tried to speak again, she wanted to laugh a little and not embarrass him.

“We can do an exchange of cups tomorrow. I will go to the army with you and get the certificate after the political review. It doesn’t matter. “

Han Cheng looked at Su Xiaoxiao in surprise. He didn’t expect Su Xiaoxiao to be so reasonable and willing to go with him.

But Han Cheng still had concerns: “But your parents…”

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “It’s OK. If they ask me, I will tell them the truth. If they don’t ask about it, then it doesn’t matter. Getting the certificate sooner or later doesn’t matter. “

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “If you are not good to me, or if I can’t adapt to the life of a military wife, I can just go back.”

Su Xiaoxiao is joking. At this age, when there is no letter of introduction, she can’t move at all. If she doesn’t follow Han Cheng, she will have to go back to Sujia Village and be drowned by the villagers’ gossip.

Han Cheng frowned. His handsome face was unhappy, and even his Adam’s apple tightened in dissatisfaction. “Don’t say that again. You can’t go back after following me.”

Su Xiaoxiao burst into laughter and said. “I’m joking with you. Why are you so serious? Let’s go. Let’s buy the things we need for marriage first, or it will be too late tomorrow.”

After leaving the post office, they went to the state-run shopping mall.

At this time, the wedding supplies, such as the red wedding dress, the red cotton quilt, the large washbasin, the large cabinet, etc., all come in especially together, and you need to provide a marriage certificate to purchase them.

Han Cheng has done enough marriage preparation. His bag is just like Doraemon’s pocket. 

It was endless. He must have brought all the money and points with him, to pay for her.

‘I have to say that the men of this era are really sincere.

“You gave all your money to my parents. Do you still have any money left?” Su Xiaoxiao asked.

“I have more. The betrothal gift for your parents is from the bonus for my last meritorious service. My salary is kept in my passbook. Except for the monthly fixed expenses for the children, I haven’t touched much. I still have more than one hundred yuan in cash on hand. If it’s not enough, I still have money in my passbook. There are all kinds of food stamps, cloth stamps, and tickets. You can buy whatever you want.”

Han Cheng then handed Su Xiaoxiao his passbook directly, saying, “You will take care of all this later. You can keep the money for our children’s schooling and use it for whatever you want. Comrade Su, let me remind you again that once you leave with me, you can’t go back. I will do my best to treat you well and be loyal to you, just as I was loyal to this country. I promise to not let you down. “

Strictly speaking, in her previous life, she was not an unmarried person because no one wanted to marry her. She just couldn’t meet a suitable lover. There was no such word as “make amends” in the post-90s dictionary. Besides, she didn’t lack anything except love. If this couldn’t be given to her 100%, then marriage was worthless to her. That’s why she was still single until nearly 30.

Su Xiaoxiao admitted that at this moment, she was moved by Han Cheng.

A man who only knew her for less than a day gave her everything he could, without reservation.

“Comrade Han Cheng, I, Comrade Su Xiaoxiao, hope that you will always remember what you said today. I will do what I can to be good to you and the children. “

People have always said that marriage is like Pandora’s box, you will never know what’s inside until you open it.

Su Xiaoxiao has decided to be brave once in her life and try her best to make her married life flow the way she wanted.

“Comrade Su Xiaoxiao, I promise you with my military uniform that I will do what I say.” 

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