The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 9

Chapter 9

On such a happy occasion, there are always some people who are unaware of what should be said and what shouldn’t be said.

Liu Shuixian can’t bear to see Su Xiaoxiao living well. 

She is a martyr’s family member. Previously, she had been keeping a vigil for her late husband. She thought she was similar to those women who practiced widow chastity in ancient times. [1]Widow Chastity is usually used in ancient times to honor some women whose husbands died, or who did not remarry for a long time, or who committed suicide, but met the moral requirements of the era … Continue reading

As for Su Xiaoxiao, she is good at being lazy and ambitious. To marry an educated youth, she jumped over the river and lost her reputation. 

They both graduated from high school. She was also born with good looks and stature. Which aspect of her was lost to Su Xiaoxiao?

Han Cheng is not only a soldier but also a platoon leader. Seeing that his face was higher than the top, he even went and asked another superior man to drive a car to meet his bride. People who don’t know about him will think he is an official.

She was angry with Han Cheng; she couldn’t accept that he looked at Su Xiaoxiao but didn’t even look at herself.

Liu Shuixian spat out a mouthful of melon seed skin and snorted. 

She is not happy. No one should think about having a good time today.

Su Weimin’s old face was as black as the bottom of his pot.

“Liu Shuixian, what do you mean?? Why are you making trouble on the happy day of my daughter’s marriage? Go away! My family doesn’t welcome you!”

The members echoed:

“Didn’t you also know that Comrade Hans also had two children with him, and yet you still rushed to have a blind date with him? It’s also amazing of you to come here to spout nonsense after being rejected. “

“Yes, it’s just that he likes Xiaoxiao, ad not you. You can’t just say that about them. In our country, we have always set up a drink to celebrate the bright future, and there are a lot of people who didn’t even have their certificates. Isn’t that interesting?”

“The couple went to the Civil Affairs Bureau yesterday afternoon to get the certificate. Why do you want to cause trouble here?”

Liu Shuixian threw the melon seeds on the table. She stood up and pointed her finger at the people who helped Su Xiaoxiao and said. “Who cares? Are my words wrong? You all have long hair and short knowledge! Do you think everyone has never married a soldier like you? Even if you are a small shrimp soldier, you need to apply for marriage. Only after the approval of the organization can you have the certificate of your marriage. If they did have it yesterday, I will kneel and kowtow to them three times to apologize!” [2]In ancient times, it was used to describe ancient women who were generally uneducated, homeless, and short-sighted.

The guy with a crew cut who is in charge of driving is named Zhao Xianfeng. He is a classmate of Han Cheng at the Military Academy. He is a regiment leader and has a harsher temperament than Han Cheng. He didn’t want to have a common view with these wild shrews, but Han Cheng finally begged him to accompany him to take his newly married wife. It can be seen how important his new wife is to him, so Zhao Xianfeng immediately went over:

“Director Han came back for a few days vacation after making great contributions. It was not easy to meet Comrade Su, who was such a good match for him. Yesterday, he called the organization and reported his marriage. The written application also went through the process. It can be proved by returning to the army. It’s just a small problem of time sequence. How come it became a huge problem when it went out of your mouth? Director Han also specifically asked the organization to send me to help Director Han pick up the bride. You can see how much the organization and our Director Han attach great importance to Comrade Su. Since you have been a family member of a soldier, do you know what the crime of slandering soldiers and their family members is and what punishment will be imposed on you for slandering soldiers and their families?”

All of Zhao Xianfeng’s words were half true and half false, which made all the people stunned.

Han Cheng wants to give him a thumbs up. ‘This guy is the best liar.’

The car belongs to the old man of Zhao Xianfeng’s family. He indeed borrowed it to help pick up his bride, but it’s not owned by their organization.

The members looked at each other’s faces and changed their focus. Aren’t they soldiers? How did he become a director? Sounds like a high-ranking official?

Matchmaker Xu said that Han Cheng was a soldier. Seeing that he was younger than his late husband. Liu Shuixian thought he was a soldier. Unexpectedly, he was a director. But is there a director in the army? It must be a lie.

The melon-eating member asked again:

“Soldier Comrade, is he a director or a platoon leader?”

Liu Shuixian’s late husband used to be a platoon leader. He is already the highest-ranked officer they have ever seen in the army.

Zhao Xianfeng was not a man who could not forgive others. In his eyes, most of the members were still simple and ignorant, and there was no need to make a big deal about it. He said, “It’s different. Director Han is a military doctor. We are both soldiers, serving the people. There is no difference.”

The members nodded:

“Oh, is that so? Well, you are right, you are all good comrades anyway. “

“Right, right, right…”

Originally, Liu Shuixian only liked Han Cheng. Now, with this identity, she hates Su Xiaoxiao even more. 

If she hadn’t intervened and Han Cheng was not so anxious to find a wife, the title of director’s wife would most likely land in her hands.

(T/N: perhaps in your dreams.)

Now, the wood has become a boat, it is too late to say anything. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed by them any further. She glared at the Su family. Her nose flared up, and she turned around and left the place filled with unhappiness.


Su Weimin was still full of anger. His daughter went to get their certificate of marriage yesterday afternoon, but he didn’t know how to tell them what happened. He almost made a joke, but hearing the officer nearby talk, he felt relieved.

Matchmaker Xu said that Han Cheng was a soldier. Her daughter analyzed that he was at least an officer at the battalion commander level, but he didn’t expect that Han Cheng would be a military doctor.

His daughter married a director and he drove four wheels to meet her. How can he still care about Liu Shuixian’s opinion?

Su Weimin came forward to greet the guest with a smile: “Come here, please come here. Don’t bother with that type of person on a happy day. We should have a good time. The auspicious time is coming, Xiaoxiao has been waiting inside for a long time. “

It is the custom of Sujia Village that the woman places the wine, and newlyweds do not usually have a banquet at the woman’s house.

Li Yufeng was worried that her daughter would be hungry on the road. She baked a lot of pancakes and boiled a lot of eggs. Even Xiao Bao’s old hen, who he had been feeding for nearly two years, was killed for Su Xiaoxiao to take on the road.

Of course, Xiao Bao agreed to kill the old hen. Su Xiaoxiao often instills the concept of “democracy” in her family. She should ask for the child’s consent before touching anything.

The chicken was for his aunt, so Xiao Bao naturally agreed. 

He said that it was his dowry for Su Xiaoxiao, which made adults laugh and cry.

Su Xiaoxiao wore the red wedding dress that her mother has hidden for several years and is forced to tie a few redhead ropes when combing her hair. She also has a clean face and did not wear makeup.

Only the festive red color set her face like a peach that was looming on her cheeks. She also ran out to join in the fun. Her face did not have any pink ink, her facial features were exquisite, and her skin was white. She looked very beautiful, very gentle, and comfortable to look at, making everyone feel like she was a spring breeze.

How to put it into words? 

It’s like a little fairy lost in this world.

Zhao Xianfeng slapped his good friend and said that he had found a treasure. No wonder he was eager to marry her back.

Originally, he thought that how could someone like Han Cheng find a wife from the countryside? It’s not that he looks down on rural girls, but the girls in the city are lining up for him to choose from.

After meeting Su Xiaoxiao, he realized how narrow his ideas were.

Marry a virtuous wife. Which man does not want to marry a wife who looks as delicate and beautiful as Su Xiaoxiao?

During the wedding ceremony, Xiao Bao and Li Yufeng cried the most. The grandmother and grandson pair cried together.

Xiao Bao, in particular, cried until he was out of breath. 

Don’t think children don’t understand anything. They are like mirrors. They know everything. In the entire Su family, the person who loves him the most is not his parents or his grandparents. It has always been his Auntie Xiaoxiao.

Now that his favorite aunt is getting married far away, He doesn’t know how long it will take for her to come back.

How can he not be sad?

Su Xiaoxiao waved her hand and cried.

She doesn’t know whether it’s her own emotion or the emotion of the original owner.

Su Xiaoxiao had never felt such affection towards her in her previous life.

She felt that these were her closest family members. 

She especially likes Li Yufeng. Her mother should be like her. 

She indeed wants to leave the countryside, but if she can, she still wants to live with these lovely family members.

‘Just wait a few years

Su Xiaoxiao thought that after the reform and opening up, she would find ways to let her family live with her, at least not so far away from her. 

She believes she can do it.

Now, she is going to a new place to start her new life.

‘Father, Mother, eldest brother, eldest sister-in-law, second brother, second sister-in-law, Dabao and Xiaobao, goodbye.’

‘This separation will eventually lead to a greater reunion, and we will see each other soon.’

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1 Widow Chastity is usually used in ancient times to honor some women whose husbands died, or who did not remarry for a long time, or who committed suicide, but met the moral requirements of the era and spread special deeds.
2 In ancient times, it was used to describe ancient women who were generally uneducated, homeless, and short-sighted.


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