Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1 Part 1

“Li Yining, are you crazy? How dare you mess with Jiang Yuan? Do you not know how powerful his fans are? “

“Look at the scolding on Weibo. It was decided by the masses that you would come out of the entertainment circle! Li Yining, don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you have some good looks. Please make it clear to yourself that you are just an 18th-line female actress with a bad reputation. I’ve just been informed that you should come to the company tomorrow to cancel your contract! “

The phone was hung up and the noisy voice in her ears stopped talking.

Li Yining was still a bit confused. She stared at the phone in her hand.

——Cancel the contract?

——18th-line female actress?

——Jiang Yuan?

What the hell?

Li Yining was dazed for a moment, and then, suddenly, she raised her eyes.

When she saw the luxurious crystal chandelier under the ceiling and the bright and spacious bedroom, Li Yining stopped in her tracks.


Why is this so familiar?

As she was thinking, a voice came from outside the door: “Madame, are you up?”


Why did she, a young lady in her youthful days, become a Madame?!

Li Yining’s eyes rounded, her brain exploded, and suddenly she had to re-evaluate the important point.

As a fan of novels, she reads a wide range of novel genres. Basically, she has read all the hot novels, and in recent years, the hottest genres are probably being reborn and crossing over.

Last night, before going to bed, Li Yining went to a novel reading website and searched for a while without finding the novel she wanted to read. Until she was attracted to a novel with a title that was full of dog blood.

Li Yining just saw the title of the novel called Traffic Niche[1]Traffic niche-they have a huge fan base. The term “traffic” was intended to describe the star’s extremely high commercial value. In addition, the term is also used as a … Continue reading Fell in love with me. Li Yining wanted to ridicule when she saw the name of the novel. Traffic Niche? Can a traffic niche fall in love? Are you not afraid of being chased by fans?

The first time she saw the title, she wanted to mock it, but she still clicked in.

This is an old-fashioned, cheesy entertainment novel that follows the traditional formula of a young man from a wealthy family falls in love with a stubborn young woman from a poor family, and the two of them holding hands to fight and upgrade and finally becoming a loving couple that everyone envies.

The author’s writing was average, but because of the dog’s blood and Mary Sue’s design, it makes people a little bit addicted but also makes you want to ridicule them.

Li Yining was deeply anxious about the vicious cannon fodder in the novel. She and that cannon fodder had the same given name and family name. Even for this vicious cannon fodder, she didn’t finish reading the full text.

In the book, the author did not write much about the vicious cannon fodder, but every appearance of her made people reach a 100% disgust value towards her.

The cannon fodder was born into a wealthy family. She was talented, had an arrogant personality, and had a straightforward temper. Just after graduating from university, she was asked to marry a man from the right family, achieving a strong marriage in the family.

Children born into families like theirs, when it comes to the freedom of marriage, should not be too strong. What’s more, in the beginning, she worshiped and liked this marriage partner.

But as soon as they got married, her husband went abroad to further his studies because of his work, and he only came back once during the period.

Li Yining couldn’t stand this widowed marriage at all. She waited for Huo Shen to come back and get divorced. At this time, the male lead appeared, and he was like a beam of light suddenly shining into her heart.

Jiang Yuan is a singer and dancer from a talent platform. He looks sunny and handsome, has a lively personality, and could be flirtatious with sweet words, which make his fans scream.

At first glance, Li Yining fell in love with him and began to pursue him crazily. She spent money on Jiang Yuan again and again. In the end… She also entered the entertainment industry for the sake of the male lead.

Just because Jiang Yuan said in an interview: He likes hardworking, optimistic and positive girls.

But on the contrary, Jiang Yuan did not like Li Yining, and he was even very disgusted.

He has a girl he likes, the actress Tong Ran, who has been struggling with the role of soy sauce[2]Soy sauce-was a character that had nothing to do with the development of the story.. After learning that Jiang Yuan’s favorite girl was Tong Ran, Li Yining used her background and influence to suppress Tong Ran, grabbing her favorite roles, endorsements, etc., and even buying a water army to blacken her.

She has done all kinds of bad things again and again.

In the end, she also got her own retribution.

She was scolded by netizens to get out of the entertainment industry, and even…… because of being too much, not to mention the divorce from her original husband, and her family went bankrupt when she was going through a financial crisis.

What’s worse…… is that she was arranged by a male matchmaker who liked Tong Ran and lost her innocence.

Even worse… She was set up by a man who liked Tong Ran and lost her innocence.

Li Yining felt, even if she was a cannon fodder like Jiang Yuan, she shouldn’t be doing such a stupid thing, let alone! She was originally supposed to be a beautiful and talented woman. How could she be such an idiot??

Perhaps because of having the same name as her, she couldn’t see it, so she immediately wrote a lot of her thoughts in the comment area and questioned the author.

After the questioning, Li Yining felt comfortable.

She didn’t care if the comment was deleted. She immediately turned off her computer to sleep.

But unexpectedly, when she woke up again-she became the vicious cannon fodder Li Yining.


Fate is not fair!!!

Li Yining had just finished recalling the plot, and the female voice had just appeared again: “Madame, do you have anything you want to eat tonight?”

Li Yining ate her meal. She turned her head to look at the door that had opened a tiny gap and coughed. She immediately substituted herself as the original owner: “Everything is fine.”

Maid: “Okay.” She paused and looked at Li Yining and said, “Sir will be home for dinner tonight. Does Madame need to get up and wash up now? “

“What?” Li Yining was shocked and immediately bounced up from the bed.

The maid was startled by her, but she still answered honestly: “Sir called back this afternoon.”

Li Yining:”… “

Only after the maid left did Li Yining nimbly roll off the bed without any pain.

The two-hundred-square-meter room was covered with soft carpets, and she figured she wouldn’t have any problems rolling around on the floor a few times.

Li Yining’s home was just like the one described in the novel, to the point of top luxury.

Every little thing in the room was something she hadn’t even dared to think about before…… Going deeper, there was a sliding door that, once pushed open, was the money cloakroom.

The cloakroom was two or three times as big as the room, with closets on all sides against the wall, a table and jewelry table in the middle, and further in, colorful luxury bags and branded shoes filled to the brim.

As soon as Li Yining walked in, the natural induction turned on, and she was dazzled by the glittering gems.

Looking at the luxury goods that could buy dozens of villas in front of her, she once again suspected that the author was not used to seeing rich people.

In the life of the original owner, is it necessary to lower her worth to a man? How is it possible to go bankrupt?!

She expressed her disbelief at the original owner!

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1 Traffic niche-they have a huge fan base. The term “traffic” was intended to describe the star’s extremely high commercial value. In addition, the term is also used as a “traffic star”.
2 Soy sauce-was a character that had nothing to do with the development of the story.


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