Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1 Part 2

Li Yining was silent for a moment. She turned her head to look at herself in the mirror. Her skin was like white porcelain, her lips like cherry blossoms, beautiful, pure and charming, more than the national first love’s face.

She pulled her lips, or could not help but feel, why bother?

Li Yining felt the taste of money in the checkroom, accepting the fact that she had already worn a book.

She looked down at her mobile phone, thinking about the words the agent had just called her, and posted them on Weibo for the first time.

At this moment, the netizens on Weibo are scolding her to death.

Looking at the slurs and commentary on the internet, Li Yining suddenly remembered what this scene was all about.

It was the first time Li Yining used her status as an insider to mess with Jiang Yuan. At an event, she took the initiative to go up and chat with Jiang Yuan for a photo, which was captured by a fan, thus being scolded for the hot search.

Instantly, Li Yining’s heart was at ease.

Fortunately, this was only the first time. She still has a chance to redeem herself, and she has not yet come to the point of no return.

She thought about the path to death of the original owner, and couldn’t help but want to ask her whether the money was good or not. Why did she do such a stupid thing?

As she was thinking, her phone jolted.

Li Yining looked down and saw that it was from a person named Xiang Li.

She thought about the plot of the novel and remembered this name a bit. This was a “good” friend of the original owner.

Xiang Li: [Ning Ning don’t be sad, don’t take those words on the internet seriously, especially the ones that compare you with Tong Ran. Tong Ran is no match for you! She is not as good-looking as you. Don’t worry about it.]

Li Yining thought about the things she did in the original book. Her eyebrows raised slightly, the corners of her lips pulled a smile to reply: [Well, I do not care.]

Xiang Li: [Don’t say that. I know you are uncomfortable. If you are wrong, should we go shopping tonight? [

Li Yining sneered and patiently replied: [I really did not feel bad. I just woke up. I will not go shopping. My husband will come home tonight.]

Xiang Li: [Huh? Your husband didn’t show up for half a year? [Your husband didn’t show up for half a year?

Li Yining: [Hmm.]

After her reply, she didn’t care what Xiang Li sent again, and went straight downstairs.

Just after she went down, the maid greeted her and said softly, “Madam, Sir will be here soon. Wait a moment.”

Li Yining’s eyelids twitched, and she wanted to laugh a little.


This word was still strange and distant to her a day ago, but after hearing it a few times, she actually got used to it.

She nodded lightly, her tone was soft: “I know.”

Upon hearing this, the servant looked at her in surprise.

Li Yining acted as if she didn’t see the maid’s surprised glance and walked towards the sofa with her head down.

Just as she sat down, she heard the sound of the door opening.

She subconsciously looked up and suddenly met with a pair of indifferent eyes.

The man standing at the entrance was wearing a white shirt and black pants. It was simple attire, outlining a straight figure, and then for the upper part, the man’s eyebrows were deep, the nose was high, the contours of the features were elegant, the sidelines were smooth, and every point seemed to be meticulously carved out.

When she looked at this face, which was better than all the male celebrities she had seen, Li Yining suddenly thought of a key point.

The husband she married was Huo Shen, the heir of the Huo family, worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and more importantly, he is the real top figure in the circle, a powerhouse movie star who has won three gold seats.

It is a myth pursued by most artists in the circle.

Li Yining initially admired and liked him, but there was no opportunity to get along, except for two gentle words to her on the day of receiving the certificate. For the rest of the time, he acted indifferent to her, just like how he treated the family maids.

Oh, except for not instructing her to do things.

The two looked at each other wordlessly, neither of them initiating speaking.

The maid said, with surprise: “Sir is back.”

Huo Shen nodded his head, his voice indifferent and detached: “Hmm.”

Li Yining silently ridiculed in her heart, ‘He is really the same as the novel’s description, too cold. This kind of cold man, ordinary people can not bear. ‘

Huo Shen looked at her. His voice was as cold as ever: “Did not go out?”

This question was asked as if they were talking to each other daily.

But Li Yining remembered that at this time in the original book, she and Huo Shen had been separated for six months and had not seen each other.

Before the separation, the two had a fight, of course-Li Yining’s one-sided tantrum. Huo Shen did not care about her little temper.

The next day, after the quarrel, he went to the set to shoot a scene and was gone for six months.

Li Yining slowed down but did not lose her temper like the original owner. She made a “hmm” sound, and looked at him, and said with sympathy: “It’s hard work.”

It’s not easy to make money to support that cloakroom.

Huo Shen:”……”

He was stunned for a while and looked down at his suddenly empathetic little wife.

Li Yining avoided his gaze and got up to stand: “Is dinner ready?”

The maid froze for a moment, “Madame and Sir, wait a moment, it will be ready soon.”


The dining room was large, and Li Yining and Huo Shen were sitting facing each other, eating quietly.

She looked at the food that filled the whole table and wanted to shout twice: she finally felt what Michelin taste meant.

It was too good! Eat! It’s so good!

Li Yining had a big heart. She suddenly felt that if she could eat such food every day, and be transmigrated as vicious cannon fodder… It’s no big deal! She can do it!

After dinner, Li Yining went to her room to wash up and watch TV.

Lying on the three-meter bed watching TV, she suddenly remembered one important point-the original owner and her husband did not seem to sleep in separate rooms.

After all, Huo Shen left the day he got his license, and then came back just half a day before Li Yining threw a tantrum and kicked him out.

The two have not slept together at all, and how to talk about sleeping in separate rooms.

The door of the room was pushed open just as this matter popped up in her mind, and the two people were caught off guard when their eyes met.

Seeing the woman lying on the bed in dark green pajamas with her black hair scattered, Huo Shen’s eyes darkened a bit, and he looked away, “I’ll get something.”

Li Yining:”… “

She slowly sat up from the bed, smoothly taking the side of the blanket to wrap herself up tightly.

Huo Shen watched her movements and did not make a sound.

The room was quiet for a while. Li Yining just wanted to kindly suggest to Huo Shen whether he should go to sleep in another room. The phone rang and she accidentally picked up the phone. An unfamiliar female voice came from the room: “Ning Ning, I heard about you.” Ning Ning, I heard that your dead husband was back. Your innocence is still there? “

Li Yining:”…………..”

Before she could answer, the person continued, “You remember to protect yourself! Your first time is going to be with Jiang Yuan! “

The author has something to say: after a long time, Huo Ye bullied the person in his arms and gritted his teeth: who did you say you were going to give your first time to?

Ning Ning:……Give you. give you. give you. give you. give you all.

Author: I suspect that you are engaging in porn*graphy, but I have no evidence:)


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