Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2 Part 1

The soundproofing function of the mobile phone was not good, and the woman’s voice was deliberately raised. The two sentences just happened to be heard by the man at the door.

There was dead silence in the room of more than two hundred square meters. Li Yining didn’t even dare to breathe too hard. Her face was stiff and there was no movement.

The person on the other end of the phone didn’t get a response from her, so she hurriedly fed her twice: “Ning Ning!

“Where is he? Where did he go? “

“You’re not in bed right now, are you? Do you need me to go rescue you-“

Li Yining finally responded and hung up the phone in a frenzy.

The room was suddenly silent.

She clutched the phone, not daring to look up.

Huo Shen swept a glance at the woman on the bed. The darkness in his eyes had long since disappeared.

He snorted softly. It is rare to see such an embarrassed side of an arrogant young lady. The woman’s face had a little bit of a shocked expression on it. Huo Shen passed over her and went straight to the inside.

Li Yining secretly raised her head and opened one eye to observe the man whose back was turned to him.

It seems…… he was not angry?

But it shouldn’t be. His wife said that she would leave her first time for other men. Shouldn’t he be angry if he was a man?

Unless the man can not.

Li Yining tried to recall the plot, and after half a day of thinking, she couldn’t remember the original novel had a description of this man in bed.

It was as if he had been living an ascetic life and was empty of all four.

His persona in the novel has always been the top stream that everyone chases. No one can reach him. Even the hero and heroine can see him. They also have to respectfully and politely call out “Huo Ye”.

At that time, Li Yining wondered why such a superb man could not be a hero.

Now she understands, probably because in bed he’s not good. The author had to pull a traffic boy as the male lead. After all, a man who is not good (unhealthy) can not be the male lead no matter how good he is, right?

But she couldn’t figure it out. With the development of modern and contemporary technology and the richness of the male protagonist, why not get a cure??

Li Yining thought imaginatively, full of sympathy for Huo Shen.

Suddenly, she thought of the original owner’s “transferring love” again, and she strengthened her mind. It must be that this man can’t give the original owner the life she wanted, otherwise who would want to give up such a wonderful man?

As soon as Huo Shen turned his head, he saw his arrogant little wife’s unspeakable eyes… the eyes seemed to be full of pity and sympathy for him.

There is a kind of him who is like a poor worm wandering on the side of the road, waiting to be warmed. Thinking of this, his eyelids jerked violently.

“That–” Li Yining looked at him, her whole body and mind emanating a “motherly aura”, “What are you looking for? Do you need my help?”

Although I may not be able to find it.

Huo Shen looked at her quietly for a few seconds and his voice was cold: “No.”

Li Yining didn’t care too much about the man’s coldness and nodded: “Okay then, take your time looking.”

Huo Shen:”……”

Li Yining was just asking a polite question, not really wanting to help.

She looked at the people milling around the room, legs folded together, leisurely watching the big screen TV variety show, which she kinda liked. She was watching with pleasure.

When Huo Shen found his own things in the colorful cloakroom, he saw this scene.

His little wife, who has the habit of smiling without showing her teeth and not eating anything after dinner, is lying on the bed laughing, holding a lollipop in her hand.

Following Huo Shen’s line of sight, Li Yining looked down at the sugar in her hand. She cautiously guessed the man’s mind, and the fox asked: “Do you want to eat?”

Huo Shen:”……”

Li Yining licked her mouth and said, “Ah”: “But there is no more. I found this from the sister maid. This was the last one left.”

After eating, Li Yining took the opportunity to chat with the maid and took away the lollipop.

She couldn’t figure out why such a rich family didn’t have snacks!

You know, when watching TV, snacks are the perfect match!

Huo Shen’s expression was faint, his eyes darkened as he looked at his wife, whose temperament had changed drastically after half a year.

He is not stupid, he was even smarter than the average person, Huo Shen is thinking-is his little wife deliberately trying to arouse his interest? Or is she trying to change herself to save the country and wants to make herself hate her in this way?

After all, she had already asked for a divorce last time.

Suddenly, after thinking about that phone call just now, Huo Shen’s face darkened, and he directly removed the first thought.

Li Yining did not know what the man was thinking. His face changed again and again.

She finished her lollipop as quietly as a chicken, and the man had already gone into the bathroom.

After hearing the sound of water, Li Yining’s body stiffened.

Damn it, it’s over! How did she forget to make the request to sleep in separate rooms?

Li Yining rolled herself into the blanket and pondered, What if Huo Shen wanted to sleep in the same bed with her later?

Although the bed was three meters wide, if they slept together, Li Yining would still feel uncomfortable.

The first day she came here, how come they would give her this kind of stimulation?

Previously, when reading novels, although her mouth had been chanting give me a wonderful man, he must be tall, he must be handsome, he must be rich and have a good job, but really sometimes…… she could help but feel panicked.

Not to mention this man is not doing well.

And the more important point is-Li Yining and this man have no feelings.

Can you mess up without feelings? Others may be able to, but as a fresh graduate, Li Yining is still full of longing for love, and she doesn’t think so.

She didn’t want to be derailed during the marriage, but she also wanted to go through the normal process of divorce and have freedom!


Li Yining thought the original owner was divorced because she had done a lot of things that corrupted the family tradition. She didn’t want that, so how could she get divorced?

That’s a good question.

She will not be able to take the initiative to mention it, not to mention whether the main man will agree. The elders of the two families will not allow it in the first place.

Born into a wealthy family, there are also difficulties with being in a wealthy family.

Li Yining lifted the quilt, looking at the ceiling crystal chandelier, then looked at the side of the oversized screen TV, as well as the unreachable several antique vases. She suddenly felt…… I just had a wrong idea. It seems that it’s not difficult to be born into a rich family.

Suddenly, she heard a voice.


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