Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2 Part 2

Li Yining twisted her head and what caught her eyes was a face so handsome that it made people fall forward. His hair was disheveled and disorderly, and the tips of his hair were still dripping with water, which was flowing down his jaw and then immersed… in dark pajamas.

Looking around, Li Yining swallowed subconsciously.

If it weren’t for this man being incapable, she would really have thoughts just like this.

Huo Shen pretended not to see the gaze that followed him and walked straight to the edge of the bed. Just when his hand touched the quilt, Li Yining jumped up from the bed with a start.

She raised her hand and looked at the man in astonishment: “Wait—”

Huo Shen lifted his eyelids and looked at her coldly.

Li Yining resisted the pressure coming from his eyes, fighting for the last bit of space for herself.

“Are you going to sleep here?”

Look at the little wife who was nervous and asked rhetorically, “Where am I going to sleep if not here?”

Li Yining choked.

She pursed her lips and quickly moved her nimble little brain:”… at home… there are still many empty rooms at home.”

Huo Shen hooked his lips and smiled. He suddenly had little interest.

In just a few moments, Huo Shen has already figured out that, since his little wife wants to cause trouble, it’s okay to cooperate in acting.

Yes. ” Huo Shen looked at her and reminded her word for word: “But we are husband and wife.”

Li Yining:”… “

Before she had time to respond, Huo Shen had already lifted the quilt and was lying on it.

Li Yining paused and gave up struggling.

She silently moved to the side a little bit, lying close to the edge of the bed. The bed was too big, and she couldn’t feel the man’s breath for a while.

The lights in the room were dimmed, and the air was filled with a smell that did not belong to her.

Perhaps because she had never been in bed with a man before, or perhaps because she had just crossed over and had things on her mind, Li Yining struggled for a long time but did not fall asleep.

She tossed and turned, and her sleeping posture naturally became restless.

When she turned over for the nth time, a pair of hands came over to her side.

Li Yining’s eyelids fluttered, and when she opened her eyes again, she saw a handsome face hidden in the night.

His breath approached, looking at her through the dim light, with deep pupils and a deep voice: “Want?”

Li Yining:”…………..”


She stared at the man in dismay.

Huo Shen thought he was right. Looking tired and weary, he whispered: “Bear with it first. I will give it to you tomorrow.”

After saying that, he let go of Li Yining and laid back in his position again.

Li Yining was quiet for a few minutes, then suddenly burst out: “Who wants it?!”

Does she look like she wants it? She just couldn’t sleep and kept turning over!

Besides, she demands him to be capable of performing it!!

Huo Shen hurriedly filmed the scene for half a year, and then took a few hours back by plane and car. He would be really sleepy.

Hearing this, he didn’t refute the little wife’s words, only his eyelids moved, and he fell asleep.

There was no response in the room for a long time, and Li Yining did not dare to move anymore, lying stiffly. Later, she didn’t know when she fell asleep.

The following morning, the morning light was bright.

Li Yining was awakened by the ringing of her cell phone. She reached out her hand and fumbled around the bed for half a day, moving her body to the edge of the bed before she touched the phone.


She had just woken up and her voice was hoarse.

“Ning Ning?”

Li Yining gave a confused “hmm”: “It’s me.”

“You haven’t woken up yet?” A cautious female voice came from there: “Did you get tossed and turned last night?”

Li Yining froze and opened her eyes with a start.

After her consciousness returned, she realized where she was now. She coughed, choked by the words on the other end of the phone.

What the heck is it? ” She looked at the caller ID, which read “Jian Yuanyuan” in big letters.

Li Yining’s impression of Jian Yuanyuan was that she was the only friend who was genuinely kind to the heroine, and the two were sisters who grew up together.

That phone call last night…… also happened to be from Jian Yuanyuan.

When she thought of last night’s dilemma, Li Yining panicked.

She cleared her throat and whispered, “I just woke up and my throat was very dry.”

Jian Yuanyuan seemed to understand: “So.” She stretched her tail, obviously unconvinced.

“By the way, what did you call me for?”

Jian Yuanyuan was stunned, and immediately remembered the reason for this call: “Did you not go online yesterday? The people scolded you badly and I’ve asked people to withdraw the hot search for you, but it seems to be self-defeating[1]TN: Self-defeating “弄巧成拙”-to try to be clever and end up with egg on one’s face.. What are you going to do now? Jiang Yuan, do you need me—”

“No.” Li Yining understood her meaning. She smiled and said seriously, “No more Jiang Yuan. Do you have something to do today?”

“Huh? No more Jiang Yuan? “

Li Yining crossed her legs on the bed and said in a light voice, “No.”


Li Yining thought about it. The best reason to convince her was probably to use her husband, otherwise, Jian Yuanyuan would not believe her.

She looked around and saw that the room was empty, and only then did she let loose: “Because I found that my husband seems to be better than Jiang Yuan.”

Jian Yuanyuan:”…… are you sure?”

Li Yining said nonsense, very contrary to her heart: “Very sure, my husband is rich and powerful, looks handsome and works well—”

She was blowing rainbow farts in a slip of smoke when she suddenly faced an indifferent face, and all of a sudden, Li Yining’s words were stuck in her throat.

The two eyes met. Li Yining slowly finished the last sentence: “Why should I like Jiang Yuan? I am not really blind.”

Hearing the last sentence, the corner of Huo Shen’s lips curved upward for two minutes, and then quickly suppressed them.

The author has something to say:

The male lead: How come my little wife still has two faces?

After they got together, Huo Shen expressed what Li Yining once complimented him…… with his actions.

Finally, don’t forget to ask: Are you satisfied?

There were tears in the corners of Li Yining’s eyes, and she nodded miserably: OK… (It’s so good for her grandmother!! Why would she think this man is not good?!

She hates the original author!!!!

I would like to reiterate: this is the original rich man sand sculpture sweet text [The author is not rich, nor does he know the lives of rich people, so don’t go into some small details (let the author dream!!! I beg you!!!


1 TN: Self-defeating “弄巧成拙”-to try to be clever and end up with egg on one’s face.


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