Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3 Part 1

Li Yining thought, There is nothing more embarrassing in the world than this.

Last night… in front of her husband, she said that she would leave her first time for other men. This morning, in front of her husband, she praised him for doing a “good job.”

The point is that she hasn’t even tried it—she’s just boasting here!

She thought that if she were to give her a time machine, she would be willing to go back in time, seal her mouth with a tape, and never say another word of bullshit.

The room fell into a dead silence. Li Yining hung up the phone stiffly, not even daring to raise her eyes.

Huo Shen looked at the woman sitting on the bed. The smile on his face flickered and soon disappeared.

He chuckled softly, skipped her, and entered the cloakroom.

Only after the man left did Li Yining breathe a deep sigh of relief.

She would never speak ill of people behind their backs again, and, of course, these kinds of good things against her will not be said!

Looking at the man who had entered the cloakroom, Li Yining lifted the quilt and immediately left the comfortable and soft bed and took her phone into the bathroom.

The bathroom in this house was so big that she, a poor young lady, could not comprehend it. She took a visual inspection last night when she took a bath, and she could still roll back and forth a few times while lying in the bathtub. She really can’t understand what rich people think–the bathtub was so big for what?

Could it be that they also want to-bleep please stop your “dirty” thoughts?

Li Yining, you still have something to do!

After washing up, Li Yining cheekily pretended that nothing had happened and went downstairs.

Downstairs, the maid sister and the cook were putting breakfast on a table that could accommodate a dozen people, with a wide variety of dishes.

After dinner, Li Yining already knew how extravagant the original owner’s life was.

So there was no surprised expression at this scene. Li Yining sat down calmly and took a sip of Indian black tea, and her soul was instantly sublimated. After tasting other foods, she was speechless.

The word delicious was not enough to sum it up.

It was simply too damn good!

Li Yining slightly lowered her eyelids, maintaining her own celebrity lady’s restraint, and put down her knife and fork after tasting two bites of each.

She raised her eyes, and it so happened that the man opposite her had also finished eating.

The two eyes collided, and Li Yining looked at the deep eyes, inexplicably vague.

Huo Shen looked at his wife, who avoided her eyes, and said, “Something wrong today?”

Li Yining froze and nodded, “Yes.”

She pursed her lips, thinking about the original owner’s ending and the online trolling, and asked casually, “Did you know I signed up with an agency?”

Huo Shen “hmm” sound, his face slightly stiff: “Yes.”

To chase a little fresh meat, his wife lowered her price and became a nobody in the entertainment circle. The news has long spread in their small circle.

As a result, Hu Shen received many phone calls, teasing him that the three golden movie stars could not compete with a small traffic student.

When he thought of this, his face sank a few points.

Li Yining felt the low air pressure coming from the opposite side and cleared her throat: “I have to go to the company today.”

Huo Shen raised his eyebrows and did not say anything.

Li Yining thought about the gossip on the internet and the rumors of those in their small circle.

Those things that the original owner did have been spread long ago. She thought that even if Huo Shen was filming in a closed shooting, he should have heard the news, as for why he did not come to ask himself, one reason may be that they had no feelings in this business marriage and loved to play, and the other might be waiting for her to confess?

Li Yining was not sure.

But she thought, even if Huo Shen was not in good health, he would not tolerate his wife’s cuckolding him. You won’t know what’s happening behind the scenes.

In order to stay alive and to avoid her family’s bankruptcy, among other reasons, Li Yining thought it was better to explain some things before it was too late.

“I’m going to cancel my contract.”

She said, “I don’t have that kind of liking for Jiang Yuan. I just follow the stars. But I don’t know why people say it like that. “She opened her eyes wide and tried to look sincere: “I really don’t like Jiang Yuan, he-“

Before she finished her sentence, the man opposite suddenly interrupted her: “He is not as handsome as me, not as rich and powerful as me, not as I-” Huo Shen stopped at the end, he looked at her with provocative eyes: “Why didn’t I find out before? It turns out that you admire me so much.”

He spoke very slowly, without any meaning of teasing her. His expression was light, but Li Yining heard the meaning of mockery in these few words.

She completely choked, her face looked pale, she couldn’t say a word for a long time.

Huo Shen looked at her and left the dining table with a silent click.


“Do you think he’s laughing at me?”

Li Yining stayed in the cloakroom. Li Yining looked at the shiny “RMB” in front of her while talking to Jian Yuanyuan.

Jian Yuanyuan could not help but laugh for a long time before holding back: “Why do I think…… Huo Shen has become a little more interesting, huh?”

Li Yining choked and retorted relentlessly: “What part of him was interesting? No wonder he has no partner. “

Jian Yuanyuan was happy: “Is he not your partner?”

Li Yining: “……”

She means no wonder the original author didn’t let him be the male lead, this man not only can’t do it, but he was also poisonous!

After she’s done ridiculing him, Li Yining sighed for the original author.

It’s not easy. No wonder you have to like someone else. Just a man like that. There’s nothing that could make women attracted to him except his money.

Oh, no.

And that sexually indifferent face.

“You’re going to the office later?” After laughing enough, Jian Yuanyuan talked to her about business.

Li Yining made a “hmm” sound and put herself into the situation quickly: “My agent called me last night and asked me to cancel my contract.”

Upon hearing this, Jian Yuanyuan “haha'” twice: “It’s just a broken company. Is it impossible for us to buy it?”

Li Yining: “………”

She choked and stopped Jian Yuanyuan’s idea: “It’s not necessary to buy it. After the termination of the contract, everything will be fine.” She paused and asked in a low voice: “By the way, are you free today to accompany me to the company?”

She only has the plot of the novel, and she didn’t understand many things just after crossing over.

Even the agent didn’t even know what it looked like. She was afraid that something would go wrong.

Jian Yuanyuan did not hesitate to agree: “Okay, do you want to drive?”

Li Yining paused, “No, I won’t drive.”

“Then I’ll drive and pick you up.”


Jian Yuanyuan was silent for a few seconds and then asked: “Are you still taking the low-key route today?”

Li Yining was startled when she heard her words.

Jian Yuanyuan’s words reminded her that in order to create the kind of girl that Jiang Yuan likes, the original owner showed the appearance of a poor young lady who struggled hard from beginning to end. In order to fit the persona, she even bought a batch of clothes and bags that she would never touch before. Occasionally Jian Yuanyuan asked her to dinner or something, d she does not allow Jian Yuanyuan to drive a luxury car.

When she thought of this, Li Yining can’t help but want to knock the original owner on the head and ask: Are you under a spell? Why are you so stupid?

After looking at the Hermes displayed on the walls, Li Yining readily said: “Not low-key, but don’t scare the people either.”

Jian Yuanyuan whistled, and her tone was joyful: “Got it.”


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