Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3 Part 2

Two hours later, a luxury car appeared on the main road, causing the people on the pedestrians to look back frequently.

Li Yining sat inside the sports car and couldn’t help but ridicule: “Didn’t I say…… not to be too high-profile?”

Jian Yuanyuan hummed, tapping the steering wheel briskly with her fingers: “I’m very low-key. I did not drive my car for more than 10 million. I have already given face to people from that broken company. “

Li Yining stifled a laugh.

When she was about to talk, her phone rang. When she looked down, Li Yining raised her eyebrows.

Jian Yuanyuan looked at her expression and smiled: “Whose phone number was it?”

“Xiang Li.”

Jian Yuanyuan paused and frowned: “Why are you still so close to her?”

Li Yining was stunned, listening to her words guffawed: “Angry?”

She remembered that Jian Yuanyuan particularly disliked Xiang Li in the original plot, but the original owner did not like it. Xiang Li always brings a lot of news to the original owner and often talks a lot about Jiang Yuan and Tong Ran in the ears of the original owner.

On the surface, it seems that she had good intentions, but halfway through, Li Yining knows exactly what Xiang Li was like.

Of course, the original owner was silly, and she admits it. But now that she has become the original owner, she can’t scold herself. Li Yining thought that there was always a mastermind for the wrongdoer, right? You can’t screw yourself, so let’s get rid of the source first.

She looked at the caller ID and picked it up with a faint smile: “Hello.”

“Ning Ning, you finally answered the phone. Did you not check your phone this morning?” She complained, “I’ve sent you so many messages, and you haven’t answered.”

Li Yining said “hmm” lightly: “I forgot to look at it. What do you want from me?”

After Xiang Li realized that she really hadn’t read the messages, she breathed a sigh of relief: “I came to the company today. Tong Ran and Jiang Yuan are also here. Do you want to come to see them? And Tong Ran seems to be very close to Jiang Yuan. I heard that they are going to cooperate in a drama…… “

“The two of them went into the lounge alone and haven’t come out yet. Do you want to come to see the company?”

At that, Li Yining hooked her lips and smiled. Looking at the beautiful face in the mirror, she softly agreed: “Sure, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you at the entrance of the company.”

After hanging up the phone, Jian Yuanyuan understood something.

She looked at Li Yining sideways for a long time but did not say anything.

Li Yining raised her eyes and looked at her frankly: “What do you want to say?”

Jian Yuanyuan pondered for a few seconds and said directly, “You seem to have changed.”

She had this feeling since the phone call in the morning, but it was not strong until now.

Li Yining ruffled her hair and gave herself lipstick, “Changed? I don’t feel like I’ve changed. “

Jian Yuanyuan couldn’t say what she felt for a moment and shook her head: “I don’t know how to say it, but I’m happy to see you like this now.” That is, with Huo Shen, what do you see in Jiang Yuan? “

Li Yining:”… “

You can’t say that, but Huo Shen can’t do it.

At the entrance of Ming Yue Entertainment, Xiang Li and a few little sisters got together.

“Xiang Li, is Li Yining really coming over?”

“Of course.” Xiang Li said confidently, “She likes Jiang Yuan so much. How could she not come?”

“That’s right, not to mention the presence of Tong Ran.”

“By the way, I heard that Sister Zhao called Li Yining yesterday and said that Li Yining should come to the company to cancel her contract.”

“Really?” The crowd was curious.

The man nodded and whispered, “Last night Sister Zhao called her at the company. I heard it.”

The crowd’s eyes lit up, and they were even more fired up to watch the show.

They want to see how Li Yining, who usually wears only clothes that are only worth a few hundred yuan but has a high profile to the extreme, rolls out of the entertainment industry.

In this circle, there are a lot of people who are pretending and doing superficial work.

On the face of it, you are her little sister, but secretly she might be taunting you. They probably have such a mentality towards Li Yining.

They are also entertainers and think they are worth about the same as Li Yining. So they didn’t understand how Li Yining was superior to others, and they even dared to want to eat swan meat and admire Jiang Yuan.

They were waiting to see Li Yining’s jokes and were happy when the flute sounded. Subconsciously, they all looked over with “decent” smiles on their faces, and after seeing the white car that slowly emerged in their eyes, someone exclaimed: “Oh my God, it’s a Lamborghini LP-740!

The crowd: “!!!”

They are all in the entertainment industry. You don’t need to know the big brother, but you have to know the luxury car.

The Lamborghini LP-740 was not a particularly difficult car to buy, but the price was out of reach. Why would a luxury car worth over seven million dollars appear in front of their company?

Several girls looked at each other with stars in their eyes.

Could it be that…… which big boss or grandson came to their company?

All of them instantly got excited, even with their backs to the door. They took out the mirror from their bags and made an effort to organize their appearance.

The car stopped abruptly. Xiang Li stared wide-eyed. In the driver’s seat, a woman came down wearing black pants and white knitwear. There was a hanging sparkling diamond necklace in her neck, and then looking down…… in her back, she was carrying a Hermes Kelly25. This was not the point. The point was–She actually went around the front of the car and went to the passenger side to open the door!!!

A beautiful woman driving a multi-million luxury car, hanging hundreds of thousands or even millions of necklaces, carrying a bag of nearly 100,000 yuan, but was she just a driver?

Xiang Li looked at Jian Yuanyuan and always felt she looked familiar.

The next second, the passenger door opened.

The first thing that caught everyone’s eye was a pair of white legs, slowly coming down…… exposed to everyone’s sight was a familiar face that was too exquisite to be true.

Li Yining pretended to be surprised at the dumbfounded crowd in front of him and asked, with a slight smile, “Xiang Li, why are you all at the door?”

She raised her hand, revealing the million-dollar PATEK PHILIPPE watch on her wrist, with a smile on her face, “Did you come to pick me up on purpose?”

The author has something to say: Sorry, my daughter is too pretentious. Hahahahahahahahahahaha (top pot.)

Huo Shen: Why not arrange for me to appear as a driver?

Author: there are opportunities for you to be a driver. Do not rush.


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