Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 4

Chapter 4

As soon as the words fell, the surroundings became quiet, even the sound of breathing was much lighter.

After hearing what Li Yining said, Xiang Li choked and was the first to come back to her senses. Her face slightly stiffened, she forced out a smile and nodded in response, “Yeah, we’re all here to pick you up.”

She paused, pointed to the luxury car behind her, and with difficulty stifled a sentence, “Ning Ning, is this your own car?”

Li Yining feigned surprise and looked back at the white luxury car: “Car? It’s not mine. “

At that, Xiang Li sighed with relief.

She knew that Li Yining had no such luxury car. Her usual clothes were less than four figures.

After a lot of thinking, her eyes fell on the exquisite watch on her wrist. It was PATEK PHILIPPE’S. If she remembered correctly, this was a very classic style.

The price of that watch was One and a half million, the bracelet was a set with 78 pearls. A rose gold decorative links were set with 48 princess square-cut diamonds. The clasp was composed of 55 diamonds. The watch circle and lugs were also all set with diamonds to form a ring pattern.

It looked luxurious and elegant, and it was the style that thousands of young ladies were chasing, and it was also what Xiang Li was eager to own.

If she remembered correctly, when she passed by PATEK PHILIPPE with Li Yining, she stared at the poster for a long time and said she hoped she could afford this watch within five years in the entertainment industry.

At that time-

Xiang Li thought back, then Li Yining laughed and said she would send her when she got rich.

As a result, now-

She wore it in her hand, and it appeared in front of her brightly.

Xiang Li swallowed her saliva and looked at the watch with burning eyes: “Ning Ning, you have this watch……” She asked cautiously: “Did you rent it? “

Li Yining froze and followed Xiang Li’s gaze, smiling faintly: “You mean this watch?”

“Mm-hmm.” Xiang Li said, “This watch seems to be a little different from the one we saw before.”

Li Yining smiled faintly, and under the gaze, she was expecting, said the answer she was eager to get.


Xiang Li’s eyes lit up as if she had received a confirmation.

She knew then that the watch must have been rented by Li Yining.

Li Yining took in the emotion on her face and asked Jian Yuanyuan, after a pause, “Did someone else give me this watch or did I buy it?”

The smile on Xiang Li’s face froze, and the words she was about to say were stuck in her throat, unable to move.

Jian Yuanyuan held back a laugh and cooperated with her: “I can’t remember. You have so many watches. This kind of ordinary watch. Who would remember it? “


Several women who are not rich took a deep breath.

Li Yining nodded and smiled brightly. “So.” She looked at Xiang Li, “Sorry, I don’t remember either.”

The crowd: “……”

Xiang Li’s face turned white, her lips trembled as she tried to ask something more. Li Yining had already ignored her.

“Yuan Yuan, let’s go inside.”


Looking at the backs of the two dressed in “RMB”, Xiang Li did not come back to her senses for a long time.

On the contrary, a small artist next to her muttered, “Is Li Yining crazy?”

“Oh my god, I just got blinded by the yuan. Li Yining was so rich.”

The crowd turned their heads in unison to look at Xiang Li.

Xiang Li’s face was white, and she was not sure: “I don’t know.”

It was clear that Li Yining and she were together during the week, but did not show it.

One of them snorted coldly: “Didn’t you say she was the same as us?”

Xiang Li: “……”

She also thought so too!!!

Suddenly, someone asked, “Couldn’t…… she have borrowed it to swell her face up by slapping us to look imposing? She may have paid a high price for it on purpose. “

“It might be an imitation product.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

When a person does not want a person to be good, even if it is more real in front of them, they will always find an excuse not to believe the truth.


It wasn’t until she entered the office that Jian Yuanyuan couldn’t hold back her giggles and laughed.

“Did you see their faces? It was so funny!”

Li Yining curled her lips and winked: “What do you mean?”

Jian Yuanyuan clicked her tongue twice. She hooked her hands on Li Yining’s shoulders and said: “Sister, today you’re pretty bad. You should let these dog-eyed people see the world.”

Li Yining thought about these people in the book, raised an eyebrow: “I guess…… they should be thinking now. Li Yining wanted to save her last dignity, swelling one’s face up by slapping, to look imposing.”

(TN: “To swell one’s face by slapping it to look imposing” is an idiom which means-to seeks to impress by feigning more than one’s abilities)

Jian Yuanyuan:”… “

What she said has some truth to it.

The two went into the hall, and the eyes of the people in the hall were full of a surprise after seeing Li Yining appear.

After changing the way she dressed, everyone unanimously agreed. Li Yining was really a stunning beauty. Whether it’s her body or temperament, or that finely carved out face, as long as she doesn’t get into trouble, there is definitely a place for her in the entertainment industry.

Even if you leave her alone as a vase, there should be millions of fans.

This face was too stunning.

Li Yining didn’t care about the stares she was getting, and went into the elevator with Jian Yuanyuan and went straight to Zhao Yan’s office.

Many staff members were walking back and forth in the corridor, and Li Yining was just about to knock on the door when it was pulled open from the inside.

Li Yining raised her eyes and met a pair of smiling eyes, and the owner of those smiling eyes instantly sank after seeing her face.

The smile in the eyes disappeared and was replaced by a vague disgust that emerged.

Li Yining paused, and suddenly felt a little bit of heartache for the original owner.

Jiang Yuan’s dislike was so obvious, how come she didn’t feel it?

Jiang Yuan frowned at Li Yining, there was a flash of disgust in his eyes and returned to his expressionless state.

Tong Ran, on the other hand, raised her eyebrows when she saw the person at the door and exclaimed, “Ning Ning, why are you here?”

Li Yining smiled slightly and looked at her manager Zhao Yan, who was standing behind the two of them, glaring at her angrily, and laughed lightly, “I came to cancel my contract.”

The crowd: “……??”

Why do you sound so happy?

Tong Ran froze, seemingly not expecting her to be so frank, she was embarrassed for two seconds and coughed: “Sorry.”

Li Yining laughed: “What are you sorry for? It’s not your fault.”

Tong Ran didn’t say anything.

It was Jiang Yuan who heard the conversation and asked coldly, “Are you being dismissed from your contract?”

Li Yining looked at the good-looking man in front of her and smiled: “I don’t know.”

Seriously, now that she could see the Jiang Yuan in person, although after crossing over, she also used the phone Baidu to look at the photos ……there was still a gap from reality and photos, in terms of all aspects, Jiang Yuan really can not compare to Huo Shen.

Both physical appearance and strength.

The only thing that he can be better than Huo She, was maybe… perhaps from some kind of unspeakable ability.

(TN: why does she think the ML can’t get it up? Haha~)

She was helpless. Who told the author to set Huo Shen not able to do it? It was really miserable.

At this moment just into the company, Huo Shen sneezed violently.

The agent was stunned, surprised to see him: “Cold?”

Huo Shen coldly looked at him and touched his nose: “No.”

The agent sighed with relief and looked at him, “By the way, the results of the investigation you asked me to do are in.” He handed Huo Shen the information and couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you investigate Li Yining and Jiang Yuan?”

Huo Shen marriage, his agent was still aware of it, but the person that Huo Shen married, he doesn’t have any idea at all. Before, he asked Huo Shen, but Huo Shen gave him a look, the agent stopped gossiping.

He came back suddenly and investigated Li Yining and Jiang Yuan inexplicably. He was really a bit curious.

Huo Shen didn’t say anything and went straight to open the file that his agent gave him.

When he saw that Li Yining had thrown away thousands of dollars just to vote for Jiang Yuan’s debut before he entered the entertainment industry, he lightly sighed. The next step is to see Li Yining using the name of his fans to buy billboards one at a time to confess his love for Jiang Yuan. ……Huo Shen felt that his hair seemed to be turning green.


After a quick look, Huo Shen’s head has become a green grassland.

The broker looked at his look, with quite a bit of anxiety, he asked: “”What are you…did you saw annoying news?”

He didn’t feel anything wrong when he looked at it.

Huo Shen’s cold face did not say anything. Just when he was about to speak, one side of the phone vibrated. He lowered his eyes and raised his eyebrows after seeing the caller ID.


As soon as the connection was made, Li Yining’s playful and soft voice came to his ears: “Husband, I’m being bullied.”

Huo Shen: “……”

He was choked up and subconsciously asked, “Bullied by who?”

“The company.”


Half an hour ago, Li Yining followed Zhao Yan into the office to talk about the termination of her contract.

She originally thought that it would be good for everyone if her contract was terminated smoothly, but she didn’t expect that the company would not only refuse to give her the early termination payment but even make Li Yining pay for it herself, saying that she had breached her contract.

Can this be tolerated?

Of course not!

Li Yining was not an ingrate, even if she is rich, she can’t spend this money on this kind of thing.

Moreover, the contract of this company, Li Yining looked at it, there are many loopholes, not to mention all the bullying terms. It was simply too pitiful.

—— What must obey the company’s arrangements, I the regulations are violated, let the company deal with it.

—— What does not allow deliberately creating a scandal, once there was, the consequences shall be borne by yourself, and………

——You can not take private plays and endorsements, and you will be liable for ten times the penalty for breach of contract.


The more Li Yining looked at it, the more she wants to vomit blood.

What kind of blood-sucking company is this, there are still people coming up to sign contracts?!

She didn’t know much herself, but Li Yining knew how to use external forces.

Of course, she called her cheap Husband, she felt it was more appropriate to ask Huo Shen about this kind of thing.

Huo Shen listened to her delicate voice, his eyelids twitched, and tried to cooperate with her: “How?”

Li Yining gave a brief explanation of the matter, and at the end, she said, “I know our family is rich, not to mention tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of liquidated damage we can easily afford to pay for it, but this is not reasonable ah. I read the treaty, and I didn’t breach the contract at all. Why should we pay? I Husband’s hard-earned money can’t be spent like this, right?”

Huo Shen: “…………”

If you can’t hear anything up to this point, Huo Shen is not Huo Shen anymore.

He pretended not to see his manager’s eyes that were staring at him and tried to match Li Yining’s tone of voice: “Well. Do you need me to do anything?”

Li Yining raised her eyes, looked at Zhao Yan’s increasingly ugly face, and blinked, kindly proposed: “How about …… we take over this company?”

Zhao Yan sucked in a breath backward, just watching her pretend!

Huo Shen paused slightly, not a bit of hesitation, he said: “Yes, but the acquisition will take time. On your side, I will let a lawyer handle it now?”

Li Yining seemed to be not expecting him to agree so quickly, froze, and said: “…… good ah.”

Huo Shen made a “hmm” sound: “Is there any problem for me to deal with now?”

Li Yining looked at Zhao Yan and thought: “I don’t think so.”

Huo Shen was just about to speak when the agent sitting across from him on his cell phone suddenly exclaimed, “Li Yining is in the news again.”

Li Yining blinked and naturally heard it, she asked, “Good or bad?”

Huo Shen paused and took the agent’s phone directly.

The agent: “???”

“What are you doing with my phone?”

Huo Shen did not answer, he was talking to Li Yining on the phone with one hand, On the other hand, he swiped the phone, looking at the microblog interface, after seeing those remarks on it, Huo Shen frowned slightly.

He asked in a cold voice: “You entered the entertainment industry just to be scolded?”

Li Yining: “……”

I entered the entertainment industry in order to give you a cuckold.

The author has something to say:
Huo Shen: I am angry !!!!!
Ning Ning: I’m telling the truth (innocent face.jpg)
Zhao Yan: F*ck! Please don’t pretend!!!


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