Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Li Yining opened her Weibo account, and the fifth hot search was for herself.

The first one is the “scolded” content that Huo Shen said.

When she appeared in the company, someone secretly took some photos and sent them to the marketing number, which was always interested in black matters, and immediately edited it.

@gossipgatheringplaceV: The latest news, Li Yining was notified to return to the company to terminate her contract! Jiang’s wives can have a happy New Year! By the way, a fan-submitted a report. Li Yining was proud and arrogant. In order not to appear good, she appeared in the company wearing an imitation PATEK PHILIPPE watch and a Hermès platinum bag [Photo].

The watch was deliberately enlarged for comparison, and the countermodel was indeed slightly different, as, for the bag, the color scheme has never appeared before in Hermès.

As soon as this microblog came out, passers-by and black fans were dispatched together.

[Hahahahahahaha Li Yining definitely didn’t expect someone to take photos for comparison, it’s so embarrassing to use imitation products! 】

【I just laughed, Li Yining is planning to embarrass herself and lose her face abroad? 】

【PATEK PHILIPPE must be very tired, there are people like this who use their fake products. 】

【I want to say that Li Yining can at least make it more realistic even if it is to swell one’s face up by slapping to look imposing, right? I have never seen this Hermès bag that has this color scheme!]

[Hahahahaha! It is the funniest joke I’ve heard today! ! Let this kind of woman die quickly! Stop pestering us, and Yuanyuan! 】

【Wuwuwu Jiang’s wives burst into tears, our cubs are finally going to be relieved! 】

The group of people mocked on Weibo.

Those people who couldn’t stand it and even said something good to Li Yining were immediately scolded by other fans and their comments were deleted.

Looking at these messages in front of her, Li Yining actually wanted to laugh.

A group of people who don’t even know the inside story are laughing at themselves at this moment.

Jian Yuanyuan also looked at it and was exasperated: “This group of people ……” her tone was subtle as she searched for an adjective to come out: “are really unable to see others well?”

She surveyed Li Yining, and said: “Besides, don’t you look like a rich person?”

Li Yining smiled playfully: “Maybe not?”

Jian Yuanyuan plucked her eyes and teased, “You obviously have diamonds all over your body! I can’t believe they didn’t see it.”

The two of them were sitting in the office chatting recklessly, completely forgetting about Zhao Yan, who looked at Li Yining with a blue face, and her anger immediately rose.

“Li Yining, stop putting on airs and sign the termination contract.”

She sneered: “The person you got to act in is a good actor and I almost trusted the one who cooperated with you.”

The phone call from Li Yining just now, if Zhao Yan hadn’t investigated Li Yining’s identity before, she would have been fooled.

Still, want to buy their company? Dream on, thinking about it, the sarcasm in her eyes was obvious.

Hearing that, Li Yining was not angry either. She sat quietly on the chair and smiled faintly: “Really.”

Zhao Yan sneered: “I don’t have time to spare with you here.” Her tone was harsh: “Either sign for me now or give me–” Before the word “get out” came out, Zhao Yan’s phone rang.

After seeing the caller ID, a smile instantly hung on her face and she hurriedly picked up.

“Hello, Mr. Wang.”

“Eh eh eh, I have time, what do you have just say.”

There is no telling what was said, Zhao Yan’s face smile stiffened, paused for a few seconds, and then raised her voice: “What did you say? Don’t move Li Yining?”

She twisted her head and looked at the woman sitting in the chair smiling slightly at her, unable to gnash her teeth.

How could it be?

Could it be that Li Yining really had that ability to get someone to buy this company? How could she? Zhao Yan couldn’t believe what she heard.

Two minutes later, Zhao Yan hung up the phone with her face ashen, she gritted her teeth and popped out the words, questioning her: “Who the hell are you?”

Li Yining smiled faintly, “Guess?”

Just as the words left her mouth, there was a knock on the office door.

Zhao Yan took a deep breath to open the door, not only the company president came to the door, but also several men in suits.

“Mr. Wang, who are these people?”

The man with the tie smiled and gave his business card to introduce himself: “We are the lawyers of Jun Yue Group. We came to talk about our Young Miss’s termination contract, and by the way, we chatted with Mr. Wang about the company’s equity.”

When the words fell, Zhao Yan’s face turned white.

Her lips twitched and her voice shook: “Which Jun Yue?”

The lawyer smiled faintly and patiently explained, “It should be the well-known Jun Yue, the one doing real estate.”

Zhao Yan sucked in his breath.

Jun Yue, not only they were dealing with real estate, but they were also involved in numerous industries, real estate hotels, resorts, villas and etc., whether in the local or national, or even the world, it is ranked in the forefront.

Forget it, the more important point is– Jun Yue’s lawyers, are well-known internationally, they are stronger than the four major law firms. Now, this law firm has condescended to come to their company to discuss the contract.

Suddenly, Zhao Yan thought of something, his eyes glared like a copper bell: “That …… your Miss ……”

At that, the lawyer smiled lightly, raised his chin, and pointed at Li Yining: “Miss sorry, we’re late.”

Li Yining got up and walked her way towards the door, smiling as she glanced at her wristwatch, “Not late, arrived in less than twenty minutes. Thank you for your hard work.”

She paused and turned her head to look at Zhao Yan: “Then I’ll leave it to you guys, I’ll go first.”

The lawyer nodded: “Don’t worry, Miss.”


Li Yining looked at Zhao Yan’s expression of having swallowed dozens of flies, the corners of her lips curled just right, and said softly, “Sister Zhao cheer up, try to convince my lawyer team.”


“Hahahahahahahahahaha.” Inside the car, Jian Yuanyuan was laughing with joy.

She turned her head to Li Yining: “Did you see that face of Zhao Yan? It was so funny, I think if you had said one more word, she could have immediately fainted on the spot.”

Li Yining smiled brightly, the corners of her lips curled upward: “Hmm.”

She didn’t know why, but she was really happy to be abusing people like this.

She thought about it and mentally said to the original owner, I’m giving you the first revenge silly girl.

“By the way, why would Huo Shen let Jun Yue’s people come?”

Li Yining shook her head, and thought about it before saying, “Maybe this is… the better way to slap their face?”

Sending out Jun Yue’s people was enough to make everyone drop their glasses.

Jian Yuanyuan nodded in agreement and couldn’t help but applaud, “I really can’t wait to see Zhao Yan nod and bow to you.”

Li Yining couldn’t laugh or cry, and said briskly: “It’s coming soon.”

She still believes in the efficiency of Jun Yue’s group of lawyers.

Suddenly, Li Yining was a bit worried again.

Huo Shen cooperated with herself in a play, she was really a little hopeless.

In the novel, Huo Shen had a cold persona and the two are in a business marriage. She did not see Huo Shen had any good or bad performance to the original owner when she read it, the two are a respectful couple, in front of the elders they will occasionally show a show of affection, but then the original owner liked Jiang Yuan, this show of affection also canceled.

But she was a little surprised …… even if the original owner did something like that, except for the subsequent divorce, Huo Shen seemed to have done nothing to the original owner from beginning to end.

This is really strange.

“What are you thinking about?”

Jian Yuanyuan look at her.

Li Yining shook her head: “Thinking about Huo Shen ……” before she finished her sentence, Jian Yuanyuan made a “wow” sound, and was surprised: “You really thought of Huo Shen ……. You really found Huo Shen’s goodness?”


She choked and looked at Jian Yuanyuan with an innocent face: “What do you mean finally found that Huo Shen’s good?”

Jian Yuanyuan rationally analyzes: “It’s Huo Shen’s good. You were so frustrated before that you fell in love with Jiang Yuan. Jiang Yuan is not a good person at first sight, and that Tong Ran, who was warm and gentle to you, if you want me to ask me, that person was a little white lotus.”

Listening to Jian Yuanyuan’s comments on the two, Li Yining could not hold back her laugh and agreed: “Yes, you’re right.”

In fact, she found out when she was reading a novel, Jiang Yuan will ignore it for the time being, but the heroine’s persona, she really thinks the original author did not it handle well.

It is not true to say that she is a tough little flower, but anyway, she is just gentle and soft, very good to everyone, even Li Yining, who once oppressed her.

Li Yining does not understand, you have been bullied like this, but still so kind and was able to forgive? She’s not the Virgin Mary.

In short, even now she has become Li Yining, she doesn’t like Tong Ran.

I can’t say she’s bad, but it just feels weird.

She thought about it and shook her head, “Forget it, let’s not think about it, let’s go eat.”


Li Yining and Jian Yuanyuan arrived at the familiar restaurant.

In between waiting for the dishes, Li Yining thought for a few seconds but sent a message to Huo Shen.


On the other side, the man in the meeting room’s cell phone rang, and the manager reporting the situation froze and stopped.

In their company meeting, everyone’s phone must be put in silent, and no one dared to make a sound. Suddenly, everyone looked at the source of the sound subconsciously.

Huo Shen looked calm, took one side of the phone, and looked at it, after seeing the message on it, his expression changed a tiny bit, and soon it was hidden.

He looked down and gave Li Yining a reply: [No.].

Li Yining: [You helped me so much favor, in the future if you need anything, feel free to say whatever you want, and I will do what I can. ]

Huo Shen paused and suddenly thought of his own large green grassland.

His face sank, can not understand what his theatrical wife wants to do again.

The manager who stood up to report, there was a drumming sound in his heart, he was anxiously watching the leader’s change of expressions.

He gulped nervously and was thinking when a cold voice appeared: “Finished?”

Huo Shen was looking at him coldly.

The manager gave a start and hurriedly said, “Sorry, I’ll continue.”

Huo Shen put his phone down and said “hmm” indifferently.

“What are you looking at so intently?”

Jian Yuanyuan glanced at her.

Li Yining “ah” sound, said bitterly: “I just sent a message to Huo Shen, saying that I would be willing to do my best for him in the future, and he rejected me.”

Jian Yuanyuan: “……”

Li Yining blinked his big eyes: “Do you think he dislikes me for cuckolding him?”

Jian Yuanyuan was choked and quickly said, “Missy, please don’t say that in case others hear it, they will laugh at Huo Shen, that would be the end.”

“…… Oh.”

Li Yining thought for a moment, smiled, and said, “Go with me later to buy a thank you gift.”


Speaking of which, Jian Yuanyuan remembered one thing.

“You’re not going to respond to the Weibo thing?”

Li Yining was slightly stunned and took a sip of juice: “You mean the news about me wearing fake products?”


Jian Yuanyuan gritted her teeth in anger: “You should just take a few shots of your cloakroom to show everyone what it means to be high-fashion, what it means to be private and unique.”

Let them rattle on the internet.

Li Yining playfully smiled: “I’ve already asked someone to contact, don’t worry.”

She is not the original owner, and she doesn’t need to lower her price. Li Yining is so rich, why should she be so complacent.

Five minutes later, netizens on Weibo who were mocking Li Yining found that a small netizen they follow with more than 5 million followers, “a socialite”, reposted the original Weibo of the marketing account with a slightly puzzled tone: [Huh, isn’t this @PATEK PHILIPPE’s unique customized model? Or am I mistaken? And that bag, it’s not that there is no such color scheme, that’s a custom model with free color scheme and freestyle selection promised by @Hermes after the annual spending amount reaches a certain level. The last thing I want to say is that the clothes this person was wearing seem to come from the hands of Italian masters, rich people can’t buy the series. 】

When the tweet came out, the fans were stunned.

But soon, they set off the second round of mockery.

[Are you paid? 】

【Yo yo yo, Li Yining is now mixed with a small net celebrity? Can you still see it? Think about how you humiliated yourself last time. 】

【Hahahahahaha, this person must know that Hermes and Patek Philippe will not respond, so she dares to fool us like this. Really, do you think we don’t understand? ]

[The biggest joke I’ve seen today is that Li Yining can afford to wear a one-of-a-kind custom-made from Patek Philippe? Without tens of millions of dollars, how can you get it? 】

Xiang Li, like everyone else, left a comment with her trumpet account, and all kinds of dirty words were typed out from her keyboard. The group of people was bound to mock Li Yining out of the entertainment circle.

At this point, PATEK PHILIPPE even tweeted.

The netizens fixed their eyes and saw that this official blog had retweeted the tweet analyzed by the small netizen. The official blog retweeted the blog that was analyzed by the small netizen with the following message: [Yes, this is our brand’s unique custom-made model, and the diamonds are of better clarity and color grade than ordinary models.]

Netizens: ????

Are they blind? Or was the official blog stolen?

As if that wasn’t enough, someone found out that Hermes also came out to join the fun.

@HermesV: [This bag is an old model customized a few years ago. After checking the customer records, it is indeed Miss Li. Finally, this year’s new model has been sent to Miss Li’s house, I hope you like it..]

Everyone: ……????


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Xiang Li: ………… I can’t believe I can’t believe it! This must be fake!!!
Zhao Yan: I hate it!
Huo Shen: When will the gift you will buy for me be fulfilled? I am waiting online 🙂


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