Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The two microblogs are presented in front of their eyes. The people who ate melons were all taken aback, and countless “f*ck” popped out of their mouths.

【? ? ? ? ? ? ? Am I blind? 】

【F*ck, f*ck!! A hundred sh*t is not enough to express my shock! Are Patek Philippe and Hermes official blogs hacked? ? 】

【If the account was hacked, it would not be stolen together, and they also posted on the weibo with the same type of content! ! 】

【Fuck, the official blogs unexpectedly face slapping us? Is this the first time? 】

【Mom, I just checked the two official blogs. It seems that this is the first time that the two official blogs have responded to such trivial matters together, so the question is-what is the identity of Li Yining? How can she make the two official blogs help her to slap faces? 】

【Hahahahahaha I f*cking laughed to death. I just want to ask if the marketing account’s face hurts? Do those people who say that Li Yining uses special imitations face hurt? They really don’t need special imitations, they use custom-made products! Unique! ! 】

Most netizens who believe in the rain on hearing the wind can mock you everywhere for finding faults. You can also be praised for the sky.

Li Yining glanced at the comments on Weibo and thought for two seconds. In order to enjoy the fun of eating melon, she showed up and commented on both official blogs.

Just after commenting, Li Yining’s phone had a notification: @PATEKPHILIPPE followed you, @Hermes followed you.

This time, the netizens danced more happily.

Li Yining appeared out of nowhere in the hot search once again. And the entire population guessed: At the end, who is Li Yining? How come the noble watch brand and the bag, Hermes, responded at the same time? and even – Hermes….others need to go to the physical store, and you may not be able to buy the bag. Why did you send it to her home in person?

What is her identity in the end?!

Li Yining did not pay attention to Weibo again. After lunch, she happily went shopping with Jian Yuanyuan.

“What do you want to buy for Huo Shen?”

Li Yining froze and was a bit distressed: “I don’t know.”

In fact, she thought a man like Huo Shen should not lack anything, but he had done such a big favor for her. Not doing something as a token of appreciation is inexcusable.

Jian Yuanyuan stared at her for a couple of moments and suddenly suggested, “How about buying Huo Shen a tie?”

Li Yining blinked: “Tie?”

Jian Yuanyuan clicked her tongue”: “Of course it’s a tie, let him wear it every day. How cool.” She winked ambiguously at Li Yining: “Besides, the tie can also increase the couple’s interest.”


Looking at Jian Yuanyuan’s gossipy eyes, Li Yining kindly didn’t tell her-couple love doesn’t exist in their marriage, don’t even think about it.

Once she thought of this, Li Yining felt a little sad.

She thought Huo Shen had done her such a big favor. Just sending a gift seems not very sincere, or should I send something else? It should be “helpful” to Huo Shen himself.

After all, he is such a handsome guy, it is really too inferior that he can’t work in some ways.

Thinking about it, Li Yining’s sudden “maternal love” flooded back.

This is like when she was in college. She couldn’t bear to see the “cub” suffer.

Besides, the people she used to follow were not as good-looking as Huo Shen.

“Yuan Yuan ah.”

Jian Yuanyuan looked at her sudden change of expression and was startled: “Huh?”

Li Yining scratched her head and asked in a suppressed voice: “Do you have any friends who have problems in that area?”

Jian Yuanyuan was stunned: “Which area?”

Li Yining was very suggestive: “On that aspect.”

Jian Yuanyuan:”… “

The two stared at each other like copper bells. After looking at each other for a while, Jian Yuanyuan sucked in a breath and suddenly got what Li Yining was suggesting.

“You…… you…… you mean……” she swallowed and collected her shock. “Was what I was thinking what you meant?”

Li Yining thought and shook her head, “No.”

Although she and Huo Shen were a plastic couple, such private matters should not be exposed, even if they were good girlfriends.

She thought about it and was full of sincerity: “It’s a friend you don’t know, my friend’s friend.”

“Huh?” Jian Yuanyuan sighed in relief: “I’ll just say, how could it be Huo Shen? Last time you even boasted about Huo Shen’s ability to me last time.”

Suddenly, Li Yining was choked.

She had a guilty conscience and made a vague “um”, and she smiled: “Yes.”

After a while, Jian Yuanyuan said, “This kind of thing is too embarrassing, but since you asked, I have to help.”

She said in a suppressed voice: “I have many friends. I will definitely know about it. I will tell you when the moment comes. “

Li Yining hurriedly nodded, “Okay.”

After getting the answer, she urged Jian Yuanyuan: “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go shopping.”



Huo Shen, who had just finished the meeting and eaten a meal and intended to take a break, suddenly sneezed repeatedly.

His assistant was just about to come over to report his work, and looking at him like this, he was a bit worried: “Mr. Huo, are you okay?”

Huo Shen frowned slightly and replied in a deep voice: “Yes.”

He lifted his eyelids to look at his assistant: “What is the situation now?”

After the assistant finished reporting the company’s situation, he added at the end: “By the way, Mr. Huo, the lawyer who went to Wangu entertainment. Do you want to see him now? “

Huo Shen was stunned and paused: “See?”


Huo Shen listened to what the lawyer said after returning from Wangu entertainment, and after seeing the contract presented in front of him, he narrowed his eyes, “The whole company has this kind of contract?”

The lawyer was well-disciplined. He was shocked by Huo Shen’s cold and stern voice.

He shook his head: “Only for Madame.”

Huo Shen:”……”

Looking at those terms, he snorted lightly: “No one knows about her signing the contract?”

Lawyer:”….I know, but Madame’s temper, Mr. Huoshould also know.”

The original Li Yining was arrogant and capricious. As long as she wanted to do things, no one could stop her.

Although the lawyer knew her identity, she did not dare to interfere with Madame’s private affairs. In addition, Huo Shen’s attitude towards Li Yining was also indifferent, which caused the upper-level leaders of the entire group who knew the relationship between the two to feel that the couple belonged to different places and should not interfere with each other.

Until today, Huo Shen let the gold medal lawyer team go out. He also instructed them that after arriving there to handle everything on Li Yining’s side, they only vaguely felt that something was wrong.

This couple…… was not so plastic?

Huo Shen converged his eyes, and sneered: “Well, take care of things properly.”


He paused, thinking about the remarks he had seen in the morning, and narrowed his eyes, “As soon as possible.”

In the mall, Li Yining and Jian Yuanyuan shopped unscrupulously.

In fact, she was a little frustrated when she spent money, but she had to spend it… If suddenly she became too frugal, she feared that she would arouse suspicion. So Li Yining took the original owner’s big-spending route and went into one brand store after another.

She was happy to buy it in the store, and suddenly a strange voice came from behind her.

“Li Yining!”

Li Yining took a step and turned back together with Jian Yuanyuan.

The person who called her was wearing a bright-colored dress. She was a few centimeters shorter than Li Yining, carrying a certain luxury bag, and was glaring at herself with arrogance.

Li Yining raised her eyebrows, quite a bit surprised.

“Who are you?”

“You-” Zhang Ya looked at her incredulously, “What do you mean? How dare you ask me who I am? “

Li Yining looked at her with an innocent face, “Or what?”

Seriously, novels are not dramas, so how can she name a person when she sees them? The author of the novel only describes the appearance of the protagonist and important supporting characters, and….even if there are, she can not fully remember.

The woman in front of her was covered with luxury goods. She was really not impressed.

Zhang Ya looked at her in anger: “You are too much, and now you pretend not to know me. I must tell Aunt Huo and the others!”

At those words, a memory surfaced in Li Yining’s mind.

She paused, sizing up the little girl in front of her, and suddenly thought of who she was.

Zhang Ya, an arrogant young lady just like Li Yining.

More importantly, Zhang Ya’s parents have a good relationship with Huo Shen’s parents. She has been calling Huo Shen “brother” since she was a child. If Li Yining hadn’t appeared, it is estimated that Zhang Ya would have married Huo Shen.

And-there are two descriptions in the novel to prove that Zhang Ya likes Huo Shen, but Huo Shen is a “monk” and treats all women equally indifferently.

Looking at the arrogant and domineering person in front of her, Li Yining curved her lips and smiled: “Okay, go and tell them.”

Zhang Ya was stunned by her thick skin and said angrily, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“What should I be afraid of?”

Li Yining looked at her lightly and made a gesture: “Even if you tell my mother, my mother will not say anything.” She stood up straight and ruffled her hair, “After all, I was appointed by my mother as her daughter-in-law or Huo Shen’s most loved wife.”

Zhang Ya: “……”

Looking at the “b!tch” Li Yining, she was speechless for a moment.

She instantly exploded and could not stand it: “When did Huo Shen’s brother say he loved you the most? Don’t get carried away, your marriage with Huo Shen’s brother is just a business alliance! “

“Oh.” Li Yining shrugged her shoulders, not caring: “At least he chose to marry me, not you.”

She threw a wink at Zhang Ya and smiled politely: “You are right.”

Zhang Ya:”………..”

Jian Yuanyuan watched the two from the side and couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“People around you are watching. Are you sure you want to talk here?”

Zhang Ya hummed and looked at Jian Yuanyuan: “I heard that you went to support her today.”

Jian Yuanyuan was amused: “You know all of this?”

Zhang Ya did not say anything.

Of course, she knows, because she has been watching Li Yining’s every move.

Li Yining watched Zhang Ya’s complexion change and suddenly asked, “Did you contact that little netizen?”

She only let people contact two brands. As for the celebrity who suddenly jumped out to explain to her, she didn’t know. When she first saw it, she didn’t understand why that person would speak for herself. She just thought she was a discerning person. Looking at it now… it’s not a sudden kindness, it may be instructed by others.

Zhang Ya’s face changed slightly. She awkwardly glared at her: “You can really lose your face. The crowd mocked you on the hot search.”

Li Yining was happy.

Looking at the arrogant and willful young woman in front of her, her lips curved: “Thanks.”

“I’m not helping you.” Zhang Ya said indignantly: “I just don’t want Brother Huo Shen’s reputation to be ruined by you!”

She did all of it for Huo Shen.

Li Yining hurriedly nodded her head, echoing the little princess, “Yes, yes, yes, I understand, I understand.”

Zhang Ya: “……”

She looked at Li Yining’s perfunctory attitude. She wanted to ridicule her: You don’t seem to understand at all.

When she just wanted to speak, Li Yining’s phone rang.

Zhang Ya curiously looked at it. After seeing Li Yining’s cell phone display, she nearly got angry enough to vomit blood.

“Who… who is spendthrift and foolish?”

Li Yining was innocent, looking at the screen display a few words: “My Husband ah.”

Zhang Ya: “……”

She smiled tenderly at Zhang Ya and picked up the phone.

“Hey, husband, did you miss me?”

Huo Shen:”……”

He turned the phone away from his ear and stared at the dialed number. ‘No errors.’

After a few seconds of pause, Huo Shen cut to the chase: “Where are you now?”

Li Yining blinked at the wide-eyed man and said softly, “Out shopping, what can I do for you?”

Huo Shen pursed his lips, thinking about that phone call just now, “Mom asked us to come home for dinner tonight.”


Li Yining looked at Zhang Ya’s changing face and wanted to tease her. Instantly, she became naughty: “What? You’re going to cook yourself tonight. What do I want to eat? ” She smiled gently, she looked extraordinarily considerate: “As long as my husband cooked it, I like to eat it.”

Huo Shen:”…………..”

Zhang Ya: “……”

Hearing this, she really couldn’t stand it, and grabbed Li Yining’s cell phone from the other side and shouted: “Brother Huo Shen, Li Yining said you are spendthrift and foolish!”

Huo Shen’s side became quiet for a few seconds, and suddenly, Zhang Ya pressed the volume key and an elegant and cold voice sounded out: “Who are you?”

The author has something to say: Huo-unaware-mad demon wife protector

Ning Ning is really too much! Everyone join Zhang Ya in scolding her!!! (But I love pipining so much, Wuwuwuwu. I like this kind of sand sculpture. It is very sweet and cool.)

small theater.

Ning Ning really bought a tie this time to send to Huo Shen, either because of what Jian Yuanyuan said about her love interest or because the tie was cheaper than other things she could think of.
He said that the tie was used for its “ultimate” purpose a long time later.
One day, she was tied up with a tie……….. shed tears of regret.


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