Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 7

Chapter 7

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Ya was already angry with Li Yining.

Jian Yuanyuan was laughing happily next to her.”Why didn’t I find Zhang Ya so cute before?”

Li Yining took a sip of her juice and winked playfully, “Maybe she’s mad at me?”

In fact, Zhang Ya was not bad, she was just an arrogant and willfull young lady. Li Yining remembers that there were not many descriptions of her in the original book. There were only two. One of them was when the two met accidentally after the original owner’s bankruptcy. The sisters behind Zhang Ya were laughing at her, but Zhang Ya loudly reprimanded them.

Jian Yuanyuan glanced at her: “That’s not the case. What was the reason your husband called you?”

At that, the corner of Li Yining’s upturned mouth collapsed, and said, “Go home for dinner.”

“Auntie Huo and the others?”


After quickly buying something, Jian Yuanyuan sent Li Yining home.

There were indeed many gift boxes at home, all new bags from a luxury brand.

Li Yining spoke to the maid and all the bags were carried into the cloakroom. Looking at the room full of “money”, Li Yining thought of an important point.

She had enjoyed the original owner’s extravagant life and had to take on the original owner’s responsibilities and obligations.

She counted the time. It was still more than half a year from bankruptcy.

The specific reason for bankruptcy was not written in the novel, only that Li Yining’s family had an accident, plus she offended a lot of people before. A group of people collectively screwed their family. Anyway, it is not written in detail.

She pondered how she could avoid bankruptcy.

The two of them are a plastic couple, so it’s not like he’s going to give billions of dollars of working capital to fill that hole in the Li family, right?

Li Yining sat cross-legged on the carpet and pondered whether she had missed any important clues in the novel, such as the fact that the Li family had been reported and how others knew that the Li family had problems with their company.

On second thought, she thought that there would not be any problems with the Li family company. From the novel, a company with so many assets, how could there be such a big loophole? Even if there was, it would not be known to outsiders.

Li Yining was melancholy.

How could this be done? She didn’t have much business acumen or anything else, but when she thought of their lives after the Li family went bankrupt, she felt bad.

Perhaps it was because she used the shell of the original owner that she felt those people were her family.

In the original world, Li Yining’s parents died when she was in junior high school, so when reading the novel, she was incredibly envious of how the original owner’s family pampered her. Her parents indulged her, and even when she did something very excessive, they rarely reprimanded her.

After thinking about it for half a day, Li Yining felt that the only thing she could do to help was probably earn more money in case she went bankrupt. Maybe she could afford to buy a house for the original owner’s family to live in?

Li Yining did not know if this was the right idea, but this was really the only thing she could do at the moment.

Other than that, let’s take one step at a time.

As she thought about it, the door was pushed open.

Huo Shen came in from outside and saw his wife’s frowning face.

He paused, walked over to the other side, and began to untie his tie in the mirror.

Li Yining looked up and saw the man untying his tie with one hand, standing casually and moving his hand even more smoothly.

In a short time, the rigorous tie was untied by him, hanging loosely around his neck. The next second, Huo Shen began to unbutton……

“Wait!” Li Yining hurriedly voiced out.

What happened last night popped out of her mind. At Huo Shen’s indifferent and suspicious eyes, Li Yining swallowed, “What are you going to do?”

Huo Shen paused slightly, looked at her suddenly shy appearance, and smiled.

“What do you think?”

He turned around and walked over to Li Yining’s side.

Li Yining subconsciously wanted to step back, but behind her were all the things she had bought at the mall today, as well as the bags sent by the brand, so after two steps, she stopped, her breath tightened, and her eyes dodged as she looked at the man in front of her.

Huo Shen observed the change in her expression. He leaned over and looked at her a few times, then sighed softly: “Change clothes.”

Li Yining:”…………..”

It wasn’t until after running out of the cloakroom that she got to breathe freely.

Li Yining thought about Huo Shen’s actions and was inexplicably guilty.

Seriously… She was really not interested in Huo Shen, or… he was just such a stunning man, not to mention his good looks. His body was still good, let alone the perfect body originally described in words in the novel, as a face control fan, and she was a little superficial…… Doesn’t it mean that it is not appropriate?

Li Yining secretly, quietly, glanced at the cloakroom.

Of course, I didn’t see anything.

Inside the car, the two sat quietly on either side of the backseat. They were separated by as much distance as possible.

The driver who was driving in front of the car stole a glance, then hurriedly averted his gaze.

Li Yining’s mind was preoccupied with a lot of things, and she didn’t notice that Huo Shen glanced at her.

She just wanted to make money, but after thinking about it, Li Yining thinks that she can make big money, even quick money, and it seems that she is still in the entertainment industry.

After thinking about it, she secretly looked at Huo Shen.

There is such a big tree near me. Won’t you be a fool if you don’t hug it? And she assured me…… just hugging one leg was enough, and she would never rub heat or anything.

“That…” Li Yining said.

Huo Shen looked at her lightly.

Li Yining scratched her head and asked in a frantic manner: “I have terminated the contract with my company now.”

Huo Shen raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

Li Yining was stared at by the oppressive eyes. She thought for a while. Should I give up?

Forget it, she’d better go find someone else.

In the silence, a phone call eased Li Yining’s embarrassment.

Looking at the caller’s ID, Huo Shen twitched his lips and answered.


No matter who he was talking to, his voice was cold.

“Shen, are you here yet?”

Huo Shen lowered his eyes and said, “Yes, soon.”

Not long after, Li Yining and Huo Shen got off the car.

Looking at the big house in front of them, Li Yining pushed down the surprise that the country bumpkins would feel after they had entered the city. Be calm, be calm…………..don’t be too surprised.

Going back, no matter what she saw, Li Yining was extremely calm.

As soon as the two entered, a group of people greeted them.

“A-Shen is back.”

In an instant, just like the ancient generals who returned to court after a victory, it was spread very loudly.

Li Yining was amused by her own thoughts. Just after smiling, Huo Shen looked at her coldly.

She paused and silently drew back the smile on the corner of her lips.

Huo’s mother looked at the two and said with a smile, “You finally came back.” As soon as Huo’s mother grasped Li Yining’s smile, her attitude was gentler than that of Huo Shen: “How is Ning Ning lately? How long has it been since you came back to see your mother? “

Li Yining smiled and hugged Huo’s mother like a baby: “Mom, I was too busy some time ago. I promise to come back to see you later.”

Huo’s mother was delighted by her coaxing, nodded her head and said helplessly, “You.”

Li Yining looked at the happy Mother Huo, but she was still a little uncomfortable.

In the original book, Huo’s mother was particularly good to her daughter-in-law Li Yining. She treated her better than her own son.

Huo Shen and his parents are not close. Occasionally, Mother Huo would give him a phone call, and her attitude was also cautious and gentle, just like the call just now, full of probing.

Perhaps because of this, Mother Huo’s relationship with Li Yining was relatively close.

After entering the house, Li Yining was dragged by Mother Huo to meet with relatives. She had to say… Because Huo Shen returned home once a year, his relatives all came. Several young cousins of Huo Shen also came.

And at that moment, these children were all surrounding Li Yining and making a fuss.

“Sister sister, you look so beautiful.”

Li Yining is a hypocritical person who likes to hear such superficial words.

She smiled with arched eyebrows, “Really? What part was your sister pretty? “

The little girl was also sweet and said happily, “Everywhere you are even better looking than the people on TV.”

Li Yining was amused.

She hugged the little girl in front of her and touched her face: “What’s your name?”

“Sister, my name is Jiujiu.”

A woman came over from the side and reprimanded Jojo with a smile, “Jiujiu, this is your aunt, your Uncle Shen’s wife.” She looked helplessly at Li Yining, “I’m sorry, Jojo can’t remember.”

“It’s okay.”

Li Yining smiled happily, “Sister is also good.”

“That’s not okay.” Jojo suddenly looked at Li Yining and said.

“Why not?”

Jiujiu frowned thoughtfully and pointed to the upstairs balcony: “You can’t marry Uncle Shen if you’re a sister.”


Li Yining froze, looked in the direction that Jojo pointed, and coincidentally, she met the eyes of the man on the second floor balcony.

Her eyes flashed. Before she could react, Mother Huo cried and laughed and came out: “Jojo is great.”

The mother of Jojo can’t help but say, “This child was spoiled by us.”

“It’s okay.”

Li Yining hugged Jiujiu: “I kind of like her.”

Jiujiu turned around and hugged her and kissed her, “I like your aunt too.”

Huo’s mother looked at the two of them, her eyes full of expectation, “When will you and Shen have one too?”

Jiujiu’s mother echoed, “If you two have a child, you will definitely look handsome.”

Her voice was not too loud, and the people on the second floor could just hear it.

Li Yining didn’t know what expression to use to respond to this question. She was silent for a few seconds and then said to several people’s expectant gaze: “Mom, you have to talk to Huo Shen about this.”

The mother of Huo Shen was stunned.

Jiujiu’s mother chuckled and said quickly: “That’s true. It takes Ah Shen to work hard to give birth to a child.”

Li Yining:”… “

Li Yining was finally relieved when she got home from dinner.

The family was eating happily when someone suddenly walked in from outside, a man with long hair.

Li Yining raised her eyes and looked over, and was stunned by this look.

The man’s hair was tied directly to the back, a very casual look. The face was even better than a woman’s, beautiful and stunning.

A pair of long and narrow peach blossom eyes when they looked at their table. When you look at it, it gives you an immodest kind of feeling.

“Yo, having dinner?”

He looked towards Li Yining and their side and whistled: “Brother and Ah Ning are back.”

Yining: “????”

Ah Ning?

Who are you to call me so intimately?

As if that wasn’t enough, the man came straight over to the main table and put his hand on the back of Li Yining’s chair, leaning over and looking at her sideways with a faint smile: “A Ning, you don’t recognize your brother after a while?”

He said, as he reached out and rubbed Li Yining’s hair, teasingly said, “You used to be the happiest when you saw your brother coming back.”



Li Yining now wants to soul-search the author and wants to ask her what she wrote. What did the original owner do? Why is there such a beautiful man, “seduced” herself in front of the whole family?

This wealthy family’s affairs were so stimulating?

The author has something to say:

Ning Ning: shivering, I always feel that I am a beautiful girl who was greatly missed:)

Huo Shen: narcissism.

After a long time,

Huo Shen: Why are so many people chasing you? The green grassland above me is greener than Hulunbuir’s!!

Ning Ning:……? (Weak and helpless without knowing it.)


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