Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 8

Chapter 8

It’s not too much to use the term “Shura field”[1]Shura Field-In Japanese, they sometimes use it to describe a person who has fallen into a situation in which they have to fight an endless war against something in a relentless and inhumane manner. to describe Li Yining’s current situation.

She felt the physical pressure of her body brought by the man on one side, and her face was stunned and helpless.

The man seemed to feel that this was not enough, and his hand tried to reach out to touch her face, but before he could touch her, Huo Shen suddenly pulled Li Yining over.

When Li Yining reacted, Huo Shen was already standing in front of her, blocking the other man’s movement.

The restaurant was quiet for a few seconds. Then the long-haired man chuckled softly and looked at him: “Brother, what do you mean?”

Huo Shen looked cold. The hand that was holding Li Yining’s hand behind his back slightly tightened.

“Didn’t see it?”

The man raised his eyebrows, wondering what he meant.

Huo Shen said coldly: “She doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Li Yining:”…”

Hearing this, the man curled his lips and glanced at Huo Shen meaningfully. He was just about to make a mocking sound when a reprimand came from the main seat: “Cheng Yang, what do you want to do?”

Father Huo looked at him coldly: “Why did you talk to your sister-in-law that way?”

Cheng Yang’s eyebrows narrowed a little, and he pulled his lips.

Mother Huo smiled softly and said softly: “Yang Yang is back. Let’s sit down and eat. “

“Yes, yes, yes.” The others quickly echoed: “Let’s eat together. It will be cold if you don’t eat now.”

Cheng Yang glanced at the person hiding behind Huo Shen and sneered: “You guys eat. I’ll go upstairs first.”

After the person left, the once lively and joyous atmosphere in the restaurant suddenly disappeared.

Huo Shen let go of his grip on Li Yining’s hand and sat down without a word.

Li Yining paused for a moment and didn’t dare to say more or ask more questions. She was as quiet as a chicken. As everyone tried to adjust the atmosphere, she ate a few mouthfuls indiscriminately.

After the meal, Mother Huo took Li Yining to Huo Shen’s original room and let her go in and rest by herself before Mother Huo left.

Li Yining felt relieved as soon as the people left.

Mother, Mother, it was fucking stimulating, right?!

Li Yining remembered who was Cheng Yang.

There are always some unspeakable scandals in a rich family, and the scandal of the Huo family… was probably the derailment of Huo’s father many years ago.

In the novel, the author mentioned it for a while, but it still didn’t prevent readers from eating melons and smelling dog blood.

Father Huo was a scumbag when he was young, and he was not at ease even after getting married. He and Mother Huo were married for a business alliance, and even after the marriage, he would still go out to steal food[2]Steal food-have an affair, or cheat on someone.

The result of stealing food was Cheng Yang.

Later, something seemed to have happened to the Huo family that caused Father Huo and Mother Huo to almost divorce. Later, Huo Shen suddenly entered the entertainment industry and became a powerful actor praised by everyone in the circle.

What happened here, Li Yining did not know.

What she worries about now is that the original owner and her brother-in-law knew each other, but it is not stated in the novel that the original owner had a good relationship with Cheng Yang!

Based on what Cheng Yang did today, he acted as if she and he had an unspeakable affair.

Just thinking about it, the door was pushed open.

Li Yining glanced sideways and silently stared at the man standing at the door.

Huo Shen glanced at her coldly and walked straight in.

Li Yining looked at the man whose body was covered in chills, and pursed her lips: “Huo Shen.”

Huo Shen looked at her with a calm expression.

For some reason, Li Yining could see the oppression in these eyes. She pursed her lips, and said softly, “Thank you just now.”

Huo Shen grumbled: “Yeah.”

Li Yining was inexplicably anxious. Did she always feel that Huo Shen was doubting something?

Can’t this be doubted? She has nothing to do with Cheng Yangzhen!!

Li Yining felt the need to explain herself.

“Me and Cheng Yang–” At Huo Shen’s indifferent gaze, she pretended to be calm: “Our relationship was not as good as he said.”

Huo Shen watched the change in the woman in front of him and narrowed his eyes.

He was not a fool. Naturally, he knew the change in the woman in front of him. Whether it was today or yesterday, it was not quite the same as he remembered.

Not that Li Yining used to have a good relationship with Cheng Yang, but at least…… she would not be like this today. She has always been arrogant and willful, even in front of the whole family, and she has not avoided suspicion before.

Seeing the stiff look on the woman’s face, Huo Shen tugged at his lips and dropped a sentence: “I know.”

Li Yining looked up and looked at him in surprise.

Huo Shen paused, thinking about Cheng Yang’s character. He still exhorted: “Don’t get too close to him.”

After Huo Shen said those words, he left the room. Li Yining realized what the person had said.

Thinking of Huo Shen’s words, she could not help but agree with the nod, and I will absolutely not get too close… This damn man “seduced” herself into cheating in marriage! This kind of thing is bad!

Although Cheng Yang was very pretty, he was only pretty. She really doesn’t like this type.

Li Yining didn’t expect that she would run into Cheng Yang just after she went downstairs.

The two of them faced each other. Cheng Yang’s peach blossom eyes slightly raised, the corners of his lips hooked up in a faint smile: “Ah Ning.”

Li Yining paused, suddenly thinking of the words Huo Shen said just now, and thinking of her last ending.

She thought that wise people must know how to protect their bodies. The best method was to avoid these messy things. At Cheng Yang’s implied smile, she curled her lips and said, “Little Brother Cheng Yang, haven’t you rested yet?”

“What did you call me?”

Cheng Yang’s expression changed and he looked at her in astonishment.

Li Yining pretended and put on an expression of not understanding what he said. She said solemnly: “Little Brother.” She smiled softly: “You are Ah Shen’s younger brother, so naturally you are also my younger brother. Was it wrong for me to call you that? “

“Of course not.” Someone came out next to her. It was Jiujiu’s mother.

She smiled and looked at Li Yining. “Jiujiu, did your Auntie call it wrong?”

“No. ” The Jiujiu said loudly: “Uncle, why are you back today?”

Cheng Yang’s face sank a few points. The hostility was extremely heavy.

He squinted his eyes and looked at Li Yining, with a deep voice: “Really? Aning, you weren’t like this before. “

Li Yining’s face turned pale, feeling a gaze suddenly appeared behind her, and she smiled slightly: “Then what was I like before?”

She thought for a while, then curled her lips and smiled: “People will always change, and I’ve grown up. It’s definitely not the same as when I was a kid. “

Cheng Yang pulled his lips and sneered: “Heh.”

Li Yining:”…”

Why is this man so extreme?

Did she make a mistake? She was different from before, and this “heh” mockery was too obvious, right?!

Cheng Yang crossed his shoulders, looked at the man standing behind him, and shouted, “Brother, did you hear it?”

Huo Shen lowered his eyes and walked over there with his hands in his pockets, with a cold tone: “What did I hear?”

Cheng Yang sneered and looked at the two people standing in front of him: “What did Aning say?” he asked. The peach blossom eyes of the double-hooked man twinkled, and said meaningfully: “Ah Ning is now faithful to you.”

Huo Shen said “Yeah” and was particularly calm: “I don’t need you to remind me. I can see it.”

Li Yining:”… “

She was embarrassed. Cheng Yang suddenly asked: “Really?” His lips were slightly hooked, and he looked at Li Yining with a harmless face: “Ah Ning, what about that little starlet? Are you still chasing after him? “



Cheng Yang ignored Li Yining’s murderous gaze and Huo Shen’s fierce gaze and smiled sharply: “For that little starlet, you even signed up for his company before. How’s it going? “

He deliberately said: “Would you like Brother Cheng Yang to help you? I heard that the little star was planning to shoot a movie recently. Do you want to go? “

In Li Yining’s mind, she said “what the f*ck” three times. This man was too bad!!

Blatantly sowing discord ah!

This f*cking…… if Huo Shen gets upset today, he can divorce her!

Tomorrow the entertainment section and the financial section will probably be able to explode with “Huo’s group first heir and his wife divorces, the reason was actually that his wife can not stand loneliness, so she cheated with a starlet”, the thought of this possibility made Li Yining subconsciously shiver.

It’s so stimulating!!

“I don’t want to go.”

Li Yining spoke before Huo Shen. She turned around and walked two steps towards Huo Shen. Yining took Huo Shen’s arm along the way and looked like she was in love: “I have changed the object of my star chasing.”

Li Yining righteously said: “I’m just a star chaser. How can my little brother Cheng Yang be so exaggerated? “

She shook Huo Shen’s arm, eager for this man to cooperate with her: “Husband, am I right?”

Huo Shen glanced at her, and met the expectation in Li Yining’s eyes, which he rarely cooperated with: “Yeah.”

There was a flash of hostility in Cheng Yang’s eyes. He half-squinted his eyes and looked at the hands of the two together. With a cold voice, he asked: “Then who was the star you are chasing now?”

Li Yining blinked, with a look of innocence, and rightfully said so: “My husband, my husband acted so well. I must chase my husband.”

When these words fall. Jiujiu, who was covering her mouth, suddenly broke off her mother’s hand and applauded happily: “It looks good, and Jiujiu likes it.”

Li Yining nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, I like it too.”

After saying that, she felt a chill in her heart.

Survival was not easy. It all depends on acting.

Cheng Yang ran out in anger, but he approached Huo Shen and said something before he went out of anger.

What was being said… Li Yining didn’t hear him. She only felt that the breath of the man next to her was a little colder than the wind at night.

Jiujiu’s mother watched the two who didn’t talk. In the end, she broke the silence: “We haven’t seen each other for a while. Ning Ning is getting cuter and cuter. “

Li Yining smiled: “Not at all. I’m not as cute as Jiujiu.” She then teased Jiujiu

Huo Shen glanced at the two of them and paused for a moment: “I’ll go study.”

Li Yining nodded like she was pounding garlic: “Okay, you go.”

Go quickly, give her a few minutes to breathe. Uh oh, this mansion is too difficult to be in. It feels like it will take half a year of her life to live here once.

The two left the mansion. Huo Shen had no intention of staying there, and Li Yining was equally eager to leave.

For example, Li Yining didn’t think it was appropriate for them to sleep together on a two-meter wide bed at the mansion.

It’s not like you can just roll over and run into each other!

Li Yining finally understood why the original owner requested a three-meter bed. As plastic couples who have no feelings and can not sleep in separate rooms, the five-meter bed satisfies everything.

There is a “galaxy” between the two of them, and they can’t touch each other by accidentally turning over. Naturally, some uncontrollable “desires” suitable for development in the middle of the night can be omitted.

Thinking about it, she glanced at Huo Shen secretly.

She took a peek and ended up getting caught as soon as she took a peek.

Looking at Huo Shen’s dark eyes, Li Yining imagined the attitude of the original owner. She arrogantly raised her chin, and looked at his eyes: “What are you looking at?”

It looked like she was invincible, but her voice was too soft to have any momentum.

The driver listened in front. The hand holding the steering wheel shook.

Huo Shen looked at her beautiful face. He paused for a few seconds, and asked, “What did you want to tell me when you came?”


Li Yining was stunned, and then reacted after a moment: “Why are you asking this suddenly??”

Huo Shen didn’t say a word.

Li Yining thought about things just now and suddenly felt that Huo Shen wasn’t that bad to get along with.

As a young lady who “may” go bankrupt in the future, the most important thing for her now was to make money. Thinking about it, Li Yining said directly: “I want to ask you… Does your entertainment company still sign someone?”

Huo Shen glanced at her.

Li Yining plucked up the courage: “I want to sign with your company. Is it okay?”

After a while, Huo Shen retracted his gaze and asked in a low voice, “In order to chase stars?”

Li Yining:”…”

“No, no.” She said hurriedly. She waved her hand and explained: “What star do I chase? I don’t chase stars anymore, and when I chased stars, it was all a rumor! “

She sincerely said, Li Yining almost believed her own nonsense.

Hearing this, Huo Shen looked at her meaningfully: “Really?”

He tilted his head and suddenly said, “Is there any impression of using my secondary card to buy a billboard?”


“What? “

The author has something to say:

Ning Ning: Ning Ning doesn’t know. Ning Ning has never done it.

Huo Shen: Heh.

Soon after:

Assistant: Mr. Huo, Madame recently bought a billboard in the building opposite us.

Huo Shen:?

Assistant: To promote the TV series of one of our male artists.

Huo Shen:????

Ning Ning: It’s not me, it must be bought by my soul, not the real me.

Mr. Huo was furious, and when he got home at night, he took the belt that had been given by Madame some time ago. (smilingslightly. jpg) …Finally, Li Yining failed to go out for the next few days and smoothly missed the billboard she bought.

Ning Ning: Being a Madame is not easy. She performs every night (smile.jpg)


1 Shura Field-In Japanese, they sometimes use it to describe a person who has fallen into a situation in which they have to fight an endless war against something in a relentless and inhumane manner.
2 Steal food-have an affair, or cheat on someone


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