Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 9

Chapter 9

What? She actually did this kind of inhuman thing?!

If it weren’t for the place, Li Yining really wanted to give Huo Shen a surprise performance on the spot.jpg.

But no, she has to be calm.

It’s just that Li Yining doesn’t understand…Is the original owner crazy? It’s not like she doesn’t have money. Why should she spend her husband’s money chasing stars? Wasn’t this a clear way of telling him-I am giving you a cuckold?

Thinking of this idea made Li Yining shiver.

She raised her eyes to look at Huo Shen. When she was just about to explain a few words, the man had already turned his gaze back on her and closed his eyes to rest.

Li Yining paused, then shut up.

Things have already happened, and it seems there’s no need to explain. The only thing she could do was probably to chase stars in the future-without spending her husband’s money.

Li Yining, the star-crossed demon, has the money to do so.

After arriving home, Li Yining quickly got off the car and ran into the house.

Huo Shen glanced at her cheerful back and looked at the driver slightly, “Is there anything abnormal happening with your Madame during this time?”

The driver was taken aback, thought for a while, and said, “No, but Madame seems to have a better temper.”

Hearing this, Huo Shen’s eyes deepened for a few moments, thought for a moment, and said, “Got it, go rest.”


Li Yining went back to the room and went straight into the bathroom to wash.

When she came out of the bathroom, the room was as empty as when she came in.

She raised her eyebrows and was quite surprised.

But as a plastic couple, Li Yining didn’t plan to ask Huo Shen why he didn’t take a bath and sleep.

She climbed onto the bed, obediently occupying the edge of the bed on her side, “a hundred and eight thousand miles” away from the other side.

After lying down, Li Yining pondered the feasibility of signing with an agency.

Since she had decided to do so, she would do it.

Anyway, she has no other skills besides acting. She was originally a student at film school, but Li Yining was different from other classmates. She was a salted fish. Other classmates started to go out to film and receive commercials in their freshman year and sophomore years., And Li Yining would just want to enjoy her college life, make money, and talk about it after graduation.

This mess, she came here when she graduated.

Thinking of this, Li Yining was really sad.

But looking at the shining “RMB” in this room, she was not very sad anymore.

While pondering all of this, Li Yining didn’t know when she fell asleep.

The next day, Li Yining was woken up by the maid.

When she got up, the maid said Huo Shen was swimming.

Li Yining’s eyes brightened and she became a little interested in swimming, but on second thought, she didn’t think it was appropriate to go there now, so she decided to wait for a day when Huo Shen wasn’t home and go to the pool by herself for half a day.

They have a large room, and there is a 200-square-meter swimming pool on the roof. In addition to the swimming pool, there is also a hot spring pool on the other side. If it weren’t for going home for dinner last night, Li Yining planned to go to the hot springs to relax.

I have to say that the life of the rich was not boring at all. Even if there is nothing to do, you can always find different pleasures.

Sitting in the dining room, the chef was still fixing breakfast.

Li Yining’s mobile phone shook. It was a message from Jian Yuanyuan.

[Ah ah ah ah, Ning Ning, your husband was on a hot search! The photos are amazing! ]

A few days ago, Huo Shen returned to China in a low-key manner. In the early morning, news of the movie’s finalization had already been spread, and even passers-by revealed pictures of Huo Shen in the restaurant, proving that the man who was in retreat from the crew really came back.

At this time, the fans were very excited.

Li Yining was stunned and unconsciously clicked on Weibo.

Seeing those bright words, Li Yining thought for a few seconds and clicked in.

The one with the most comments and reposts was the one that broke the news. It has a picture of Huo Shen’s Jiugongge[1]Jiugongge-a graph paper for practicing Chinese calligraphy. Each large grid is divided into nine small grids with a line intersecting in the shape of a well., a photo taken with the crew, and a picture of the man-eating out yesterday.

Obviously, in every photo, they did not deliberately look for the best angle, but if you look at it, it will make you feel that he was the most dazzling and most attractive.

Whether it is looks or temperament, Huo Shen has unique advantages.

She clicked on the comment below, and she seemed to see fans screaming and shouting across the screen.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my brother is finally back!! I haven’t seen him for half a year. How come my brother has become handsome again! ]

[Does my brother’s return mean that I can see him often in the future? Have you arranged the activities? 】

【Oh, I saved money for half a year, and finally it’s time to spend it. [

[I haven’t seen my brother in half a year, and yet he is still handsome, looking forward to the release of the new movie.]

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah today so I will!!!]

[Wait……] brother is back. Is it not going to be Li Yining touching the porcelain again? ? 】

Looking at the eye-catching comments, Li Yining wanted to throw a question mark.

What does it mean to be touched by Li Yining again? How can she always touch the porcelain, Huo Shen?

In fact, in the novel, Li Yining did encounter Huo Shen, but she did not deliberately do it.

It was the media’s deliberate guiding, and the original owner was indeed a little arrogant, and her words were not very polite, leaving fans with the impression of “touching porcelain”

For a moment, in addition to fans cheering Huo Shen for “going out”, there was also a new topic that appeared out of nowhere.


The one who has been nominated most often is Li Yining.

For a time, Li Yining’s Weibo fell into the enemy’s hands once again, and netizens seemed to have forgotten the last incident of being slapped in their faces, and they verbally abused her for no reason.

When Li Yining saw it, her face was stunned.

She didn’t do anything. Why has she been scolded again?

After giving it a thought, she raised her eyes and glared fiercely at the man who had just sat on the opposite side.

Huo Shen received her gaze and raised his eyebrows.

“Huo Shen.”

Li Yining shouted.

Huo Shen responded, “What’s the matter?”

His voice was cold as if they were two strangers.

Li Yining choked. Still unable to hold back her temper, she held up the phone to show him: “When did I always touch the porcelain?”

Huo Shen glanced at the screen, and after looking at the content, he paused: “What do you want to say?”

Li Yining thought for a while and then said seriously: “Everyone says that idols pay for their fans, and your fans slandered me like this. Don’t you have to pay for them and compensate me? “

She said it with a straight face as if her words were not empty at all.

Actually… Li Yining still had a guilty conscience.

But she thought about it last night. If she wanted to get into the entertainment industry and make money from filming, the best way and the fastest way was to hug Huo Shen’s thighs.

Of course, she was not referring to touching porcelain, but signing from their company.

The entertainment company that Huo Shen belongs to was the most powerful in the circle. The company does not have many artists, but as long as they sign in, they will inevitably be a big hit within a year.

This company’s criteria for signing a contract was “Quality over Quantity”. Every artist who signed a contract with them has different characteristics and highlights, and the company’s resources are particularly good.

As long as the contract is signed, you are just basically waiting to be popular.

Li Yining admits that she was a bit unkind, but Huo Shen was now regarded as her own Husband, should she use him or not use him?

Hearing this, Huo Shen looked faintly at her eyes. “Then what?”

Li Yining thinks this dog man is deliberate. She has said it in a straightforward manner, and yet you’re still asking?

“What kind of compensation do you want?” Huo Shen looked at her with a constant change of expression and asked in an understatement.

Li Yining’s eyes lit up and she said sweetly: “Just sign a contract with your company.”

Huo Shen whispered, cut open the food in front of him with a knife and fork, and said faintly: “You should find the company boss to sign the contract.”

Hearing his words, Li Yining curled her lips and muttered in a low voice: “Don’t think I don’t know. The biggest boss of the company is you. “

And now the name that was representing the company was just a friend of Huo Shen, but in fact, this entertainment company belongs to Huo Shen.

This is why he has become so popular that he has not left the company and opened another studio.

Huo Shen paused. It was a little surprising because she didn’t care about herself and yet her little wife still knew.

But it’s not surprising to know that he faintly said “Um”, and took a sip of his coffee: “I’ll let someone contact you.”

“Huh?” Li Yining froze for a few seconds before realizing that Huo Shen had agreed to herself…

She instantly became happy: “Thank you.”

Hearing the cheerful and sincere tone of her voice, Huo Shen paused slightly, lowering his eyelids and pulling his lips. never thought that his wife was so easy to coax.

After receiving Huo Shen’s promise, Li Yining even looked at those comments on Weibo that were abusing her, and they became pleasing in her eyes.

A few days later, Wangu Entertainment announced a change of ownership and was acquired by Galaxy Entertainment.

As soon as the news came out, netizens were shocked and excited that Wangu Entertainment had been acquired by Galaxy. This means that… the original Wangu Entertainment artists have also been signed by Galaxy?!

Galaxy Entertainment, Huo Shen’s company, is a company that many artists in the circle were eager to sign.

Once the news was confirmed, fans went crazy.

[Ahhhhh, does this mean that our brother has also entered the Galaxy? 】

【My God, it’s great! Yuanyuan’s resources should be better in the future! 】

【Uuuuuu my cub finally got his head, too good! 】

【Set off the firecrackers to celebrate! My daughters and sons are going to work for a big company. I hope that there will be no 18-line actress who would touch porcelain in the future, please treat our sons and daughters well! Galaxy Entertainment, please! 】

【Then this question arises-are all the artists signed by Wangu originally also signed in? Then did garbage artists like Li Yining also go to Galaxy? F*ck me, I don’t want it! How can this kind of person go in the Galaxy?!]

Of course, every few days, Li Yining will be scolded again.

At that moment, the person involved was in their hot spring at home with Jian Yuanyuan.

In the morning, she took Jian Yuanyuan to go shopping with her. They went to the mall to shop for a few bags and a few pairs of high heels. By the way, she took Jian Yuanyuan home to discuss her major event in the entertainment industry.

When she got home, she casually said that her feet were a little painful, so the housekeeper immediately asked her if she wanted to go to the hot springs and have a massage to relax.

Li Yining was stunned. When she reacted, she was pulled by Jian Yuanyuan and stood on the edge of the hot spring pool.

The hot spring pool was very large, it was built in the house, and the layout was more exquisite and luxurious than the exclusive hot spring pool outside.

Probably because of the original owner’s preference, the pool was built in the middle of a rockery, and the hot spring water gurgled out from the gaps in the rockery stones and poured into the pool.

The sound of water was pleasant, and it was the sound of money.

There are a lot of green trees and flowers around the rockery, making it look like a natural hot spring in a deep mountain. There was a slate bed not far away. It was crystal clear as if it was made of jade.

The bed was surrounded by a few people. It is known to be Li Yining’s exclusive masseuse. They were getting massage materials for them.


Li Yining pinched herself silently and sighed softly after feeling that she was really not dreaming.

The original owner was really—-Madame was too rich!!!

The smell of RMB was floating in the air, and she sniffed gently and carefully.

Jian Yuanyuan’s family was also rich, but still not as rich as Li Yining’s.

At least building a hot spring pool at home. Her family is not allowed to do so.

Seeing all this in front of her, Jian Yuanyuan couldn’t help but sigh with emotion: “Capitalists are rich.”

Li Yining smiled crookedly: “Yes, we will get a massage later. So that our calves will not get swollen. “


Both of them enjoyed themselves. They were soaking comfortably in the hot spring pool, closing their eyes to rest.


Suddenly, the ringtone of the cell phone broke the silence.

Li Yining looked at her mobile phone and raised her eyebrows after seeing the caller ID.

“Who is it?” Jian Yuanyuan leaned over and glanced, exclaiming: “Tong Ran?”

Li Yining didn’t understand why Tong Ran called herself, and looked at Jian Yuanyuan, and still connected the call.


“Ning Ning, where are you now?” Tong Ran’s voice was soft and gentle.

Li Yining said “Ah”, “I’m at home. What’s wrong?”

Tong Ran was a little surprised: “What are you doing at home? Are you not using the Internet?”

Li Yining blinked and looked around: “No, I just didn’t take my mobile phone to the hot spring.”

When the words fell, Tong Ran obviously froze and exclaimed, “Don’t be ridiculous, how can a hot spring be at home?”

Li Yining:”…”

When she was about to say that she had a hot spring at home, she was interrupted.

Tong Ran obviously thought she was joking and went straight to the subject: “Have you terminated the contract with the company now?”

Li Yining was stunned, and thought about what Huo Shen said to herself yesterday, “Yes, why?”

Tong Ran, obviously a bit regretful: “Are you really canceling the contract? Why don’t you find Sister Zhao and talk to her? Now that our company has been acquired by Galaxy, the company’s artists should all enter Galaxy. The resources will definitely not be bad in the future. You have always wanted to have good resources. “

In the end, she added: “I think you should talk to Sister Zhao. She will definitely be open. Although she may not be able to let you join Galaxy, she can at least transfer you to other companies. Or do you have other contracted companies now? Which one is it? “

After hearing this, Li Yining finally understood the meaning of her sudden call.

She stayed silent for a few seconds, and then asked: “Tong Ran, haven’t you seen the news some time ago?”


Li Yining shook the moderate hot spring water, smelling the scent of fragrance drifting from a distance, and reminded her word by word: “Why do I need someone to provide me with resources when I can afford to buy a custom-made model of Patek Philippe watches? Why do I need others to provide me with resources?”

She chuckled lightly, “If I really want to film, I can build a stage by myself. Understand? So it’s with me that the contract was canceled. There is nothing wrong. “

In the end, she curved her lips and smiled, “But thank you for your kindness, pleading with Zhao Yan and all that. It’s not necessary.”

She paused for a few seconds, smiling slightly, and reminded her: “You don’t need to say so much to inquire about my news in the future. If you really want to know anything, just ask directly, and I can tell you. “

The author has something to say: Today’s chapter was a smart and cunning Ning Ning. The next chapter is going to be crazy face slaps. I love these kinds of cool face slaps so much. Ning Ning is the best and the best!!

In the time when everyone can’t see the other side’s comments, I’ll learn more about small theater bah!

One day, after learning that his wife was being looked down upon, Huo Shen decided it was time to support his wife.

Small Theater:

On the same day, Li Yining attended a gathering of a group of artists. Everyone wore a gorgeous dress, and they were competing in secret.

Li Yining thought it was a small gathering, but didn’t spend so much time on it. As a result, when she arrived, she was taunted by many people overtly and secretly.

After returning home, she complained to Huo Shen angrily.

Huo Shen felt sorry for his wife, and a few days later, he hosted a banquet and invited a group of artists to attend the banquet.

At the banquet, everyone saw Li Yining wearing millions of high-definition skirts, holding a Hermès Himalayan diamond-encrusted bag, and wearing a pair of crystal high heels on her feet. The most important thing is… it was worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Mr. Huo, the three-gold movie emperor, bowed his head and proclaimed the court for her.

Seeing this scene, the artists who had laughed at her before turned pale.

Mr. Huo: SimpleAndBrutalSpoiled wife.jpg

Ning Ning: WhoIsRicherThanAnyone.jpg


1 Jiugongge-a graph paper for practicing Chinese calligraphy. Each large grid is divided into nine small grids with a line intersecting in the shape of a well.


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