Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 10

After the conversation, Li Yining hung up the phone.

Jian Yuanyuan listened to the whole situation next to her and chuckled: “Why do I have an indescribable feeling… towards that girl, Tong Ran?”

Is she really a sweet, naive young woman who cared about you? That’s why she called you… or… did she just want to inquire about the company that you were signing with? ”

Li Yining shook her head: “Not sure.”

Tong Ran seemed to have good intentions, but Li Yining didn’t have a very good relationship with her, and she even targeted her severely. At this time, she made such a persuasive call. Seriously-she didn’t think she was kind.

From the time she read the novel before, she always felt that the heroine did not do so well. In short, it is not the comfortable feeling that Li Yining likes.

Of course, if the author wants to set it up like this, she has nothing to do with it.

But now that she has become Li Yining, she is bound to change the ending of the original owner.

Jian Yuanyuan didn’t say much. The two took a hot spring comfortably, and then let the masseur massage their calves to relieve their soreness.

At the end of the massage, Li Yining fell asleep directly on the jade bed.

When she woke up, Li Yining was awakened by the sound of splashing water.

She opened her drowsy eyes and subconsciously looked up.

Without looking, she couldn’t move her beautiful almond eyes.

She had previously searched. This house covers an area of more than a thousand square feet in front. Excluding that greenery in the yard and so on, this one villa covers an area of thousands of square feet.

This floor, half of it was occupied by the hot spring pool with a few hundred square feet. The other side was the swimming pool.

The two were not separated, but unlike other places, there was a wall that tightly shielded them. Perhaps for convenience, there is a glass door that can be opened between the two sides to prevent the spread of mist in the hot spring pool.

And now… the door that can only be opened when people go in and out was now wide open, allowing Li Yining, who was lying on the bed, to see the swimming pool clearly.

Over there, there was now a man with a tall physique, sturdy facial features, and smooth muscle lines of the man swimming there.

The “water sound” just now was made by Huo Shen jumping into the pool.

Looking at the man’s swimming posture and the occasionally thin and even arms, Li Yining subconsciously… swallowed her saliva.

As a face control, she had to admit that Huo Shen’s figure was simply outstanding.

He’s complete of the type that looks thin and has fleshy clothes. His muscles were not too much nor too little, which makes the person not look greasy, but instead, it gives you a good feeling.

sense of security.

She was looking at him with interest. When the man came out of the pool, she didn’t notice it. Li Yining only knew… the increasingly clear mermaid lines appeared in her pupils, making her eyes stunned.

Suddenly, the eye-catching scenery disappeared.

Li Yining looked up blankly, facing the man’s deep eyes. She was stunned for a few seconds, and then suddenly realized what she had done.

“I—” She paused and seized the right to speak before Huo Shen could speak: “When did you come?”

She asked in a bad tone, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Huo Shen looked at her flushed face, and her reddish ears that were showing, and lightly spoke.

“Go downstairs to eat.”

Li Yining:”…”

Seeing that the man turned away from her back, she subconsciously took a mobile phone and glanced at it. After seeing the time displayed on it, her eyes went straight.

Seven o’clock?!

It’s seven o’clock?!

She slept here for four hours?! Was she a pig?!

And… she looked at Huo Shen’s back, feeling a little embarrassed.

So Huo Shen came up to call her?

And… if there is nothing wrong with my memory, this family starts to eat their dinner on time at 6:30.

Thinking of this, Li Yining had to think more—Huo Shen waited for herself for half an hour?

And what did she just do, not only peeking at others but also questioning them? Was this really a bit too much?!

After arriving at the dining room with a guilty conscience, the dinner was all prepared, as if they were only waiting for the two to arrive.

Li Yining sat down and thought for a while before asking, “Where is my friend?”

The butler stepped forward and replied: “Miss Jian went home at five o’clock.”

Hearing this, Li Yining didn’t dare to say any more bullsh*t.

The two sat face-to-face, eating quietly.

The servants and housekeepers on both sides of the room were not rude. The only sounds in the entire dining room were the clashing of knives and forks and plates, not even the sound of food being chewed.

She enjoyed the food in front of her for a while, and after she ate, Huo Shen went upstairs, and Li Yining was lying dead on the sofa in the living room.

She looked at the big screen not far away, thought about it, and looked at the butler: “Why are you eating so late today?”

The butler was taken aback, smiled, and said, “Sir saw Madame sleeping too soundly, and said it was okay to eat later.”

Li Yining:”…”

Looking at the smile on the butler’s face, why did she feel it was so surreal?

The two looked at each other, and she pursed her lips: “When did your Sir come back?”

“Five o’clock.”


The two were speechless one after another. Li Yining coughed and pretended to be calm: “Is your Sir in the study?”


Li Yining thought for a while and suddenly admired Huo Shen.

This person not only has to make a movie, but after finally being able to rest after returning home, he also has to deal with a lot of his company’s affairs.

Huo Shen was now registered with the company. Although only some senior executives know about it, he must have done less than what the others did.

Thinking of what she did just now, Li Yining was a little embarrassed.

The person waited so long for herself to eat, and she still asked such unreasonable questions. Thinking of this, Li Yining had a headache.

Although she and Huo Shen were plastic couples, Li Yining was not really arrogant and self-willed.

If you make a mistake, you still have to apologize, but how can I express my apology… This is a very serious question.

After thinking for a while, she glanced at the butler: “Does Sir drink coffee at work?”

The butler was taken aback, and his eyes lit up: “Yes, does Madame need me to teach you?”

Li Yining:”…”

After looking at the butler’s excited and attentive appearance, she suddenly couldn’t bear to beat his enthusiasm.

“Yes.” Li Yining smiled slightly: “Let me try.”

In fact, she can make coffee herself, but the original owner can’t. The housekeeper was willing to teach, and Li Yining was naturally willing to learn.

Half an hour later, Li Yining went upstairs to the study room with the coffee she had made to express her sincere apology.

Hearing a knock on the door, Huo Shen responded: “Come in.”

After speaking, he immersed himself in handling the documents.

It was not until the seemingly unmistakable smell of perfume came from the study that he looked up in surprise. Once he looked up, he saw the beautiful face of his little wife.

Li Yining put the coffee down and whispered: “That… the butler asked me to come over to deliver the coffee.”

Huo Shen:”…”

He lowered his eyes and looked at the coffee that was still swirling on one side and said, “Hmm,” “Thank you.”

Li Yining was stunned. “Not. “

She kind of wanted to explain what had just happened but felt that it was not in line with the original owner’s personality, and after a few seconds of thought, Li Yining gave up.

She remained silent for a few seconds, and then said awkwardly: “Don’t go back to the room too late, it will disturb my sleep.”

After that, Li Yining didn’t wait for Huo Shen to respond and ran away.

After running out of the room, Li Yining took a deep breath as she squeezed her heart that was beating too fast.

This kind of attentive and twisted way of caring for people really does not suit her.

But it can’t be helped. Although she and Huo Shen are a plastic couple, this man has helped himself. Li Yining feels that she needs to remind him.

In the past few days, she has also felt that Huo Shen belongs to the kind of man who sleeps late and wakes up early. If this continues, it is estimated that he will die young.

So, in order to thank him for his help and care during this time, she had to remember a few words.

In the study, Huo Shen looked at the woman’s disappearing back for a long time before looking away.

He lowered his eyes, looked at the coffee on the side, and suddenly smiled.

The butler asked her to deliver coffee?

She also came out to explain.

Huo Shen’s eyes deepened. He reached out his hand and took a sip.

He was a little surprised at the first taste, and then Huo Shen drank the whole cup.

In the end, he paused and took out his cell phone to call someone.

After Li Yining apologized, she was relieved.

She washed up and lay down on the sofa to put on a mask and brush her phone.

The news about Wangu Entertainment’s acquisition on Weibo was still in the hot search. Those Wangu Entertainment artists have also been pulled out by their fans. Netizens were all wishing them good luck and to do well when they go to their new company in the future.

And Li Yining, naturally, was the one who was pinched the most.

No one wants her to go to Star River Entertainment to wreak havoc on their own beloved idols. She was a female artist who had no works. She was only a vase and only touched porcelain. No one liked her.

Looking at the abused private messages he received on his Weibo, Li Yining was really angry.

Seriously, if she hadn’t had a good temper, she would have cursed back.

As she was thinking about it, her phone vibrated and someone called.

She looked at the caller ID and was quite surprised: “Hello ( The first “Hello/” was used when answering a call, and the second “Hello/” was the polite way of greeting someone.)) , hello.”

“Hello, is that Miss Li?”

Li Yining was taken aback: “Yes, I am.”

“Hello, I am Song Jing, an agent from Galaxy Entertainment.” She paused, and whispered: “I will also be your future agent.”

Upon hearing this, Li Yining was not at all shocked.

Huo Shen had promised her that someone would contact her and he really did. But it was a manager from Galaxy Entertainment who told her to go to the company tomorrow to sign the contract.

But Li Yining never thought that Huo Shen would let Song Jing take her.

After reading the novel, she knew that Song Jing was the gold agent of Galaxy Entertainment, and she initially took Huo Shen, but she did not manage him later, but at Galaxy Entertainment, she was definitely ranked in the top three.

No matter how famous the artist was before, in her hands, he would surely be popular.

She is an agent with means and brains.

Li Yining quickly spun some available information in her mind, and quickly agreed: “Sister Song, shall I go to the company tomorrow to see you directly?”

Song Jing smiled: “Yes, is it convenient for you to travel? DO you need me to pick you up? “

“No, no.”

Li Yining quickly said, “I’ll just go there by myself.”

“Okay, call me this number when you’re almost there. I’ll pick you up at the entrance of the company.”


After a few seconds of pause, Song Jing said, “” You don’t need to respond to the abuses on the Internet for the time being. The company will help you deal with them? “


After hanging up the phone, the corners of Li Yining’s lips swirled, and even the comments that scolded her were a little bit more pleasant to the eyes.

After washing her face, Li Yining’s phone vibrated again.

It’s by Jian Yuanyuan.

“Ning Ning!”

Huh? “

“Damn, the news about your contract termination with Wangu Entertainment was in the hot search!”

Li Yining was taken aback and clicked on Weibo.

It took her about twenty minutes to wash her face and take care of her skin, but the topic # LiYiningWasTerminatedFromWangu Entertainment had appeared out of nowhere in the fifth most searched, and it was even going upwards.

Li Yining clicked, and the first Weibo post was from a big V who broke the news, and it said: [Hahahaha, Everyone, don’t worry about Li Yining touching porcelain again with your idols! When Wangu Entertainment was acquired, she had already been terminated by Wangu Entertainment, which was so pleasing! Wangu Entertainment and Galaxy Entertainment are really discerning. I have to give them a thumbs up! Photo.jpg】

In addition to extreme remarks, there are also photos of Li Yining and Wangu Entertainment’s termination of the contract, with Li Yining’s signature clearly and unambiguously on it.

Netizens were extremely excited when the news came out.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, then my worries during the daytime were not a problem at all! I knew that a trash artist like Xinghe wouldn’t want Li Yining!】

【Oh, ooh, Galaxy Entertainment was too discerning. This kind of porcelain girl should be terminated. 】

【Mom, I’m so happy! This is the best news I heard tonight. 】

【Hahahahahahahahaha Li Yining got out of the entertainment circle! 】

【So fucking cool!! I see how Li Yining will jump afterward! ! 】

【Woo, woo, cubs, feel free to enter Galaxy Entertainment. Li Yining has been kicked out. I have to say that Galaxy Entertainment has done a great job. The ability to protect the shortcomings was excellent! ! 】

Li Yining wanted to tell them, Let you revel now, and let you cry when you know the truth.

She returned a message from Jian Yuanyuan: [I saw it.]

Jian Yuanyuan: [Damn, isn’t the news about your termination of the contract only known from the inside?]

Li Yining: [It will always leak out, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast.]

Jian Yuanyuan: [Could it be Tong Ran?]

Li Yining: [For the time being, there is no evidence, and I can’t say it’s her, but if it’s exposed, it’s exposed, it doesn’t matter much.]

Jian Yuanyuan: [But the words that scold you… do you not feel bad after looking at them? 】

Looking at this message from Jian Yuanyuan, Li Yining thought for a while, how could she not feel bad? But since she was uncomfortable, she wanted to make others feel uncomfortable thousands of times.

She was not a kind-hearted person. If others had scolded her, she must fight back, right?

Thinking about it, Li Yining replied: [Wait for tomorrow, don’t worry.]

If what she heard from the manager of Galaxy Entertainment was right, then the existing artists of Wangu Entertainment would not come under the care of Galaxy Entertainment.

She looked at the remarks on Weibo saying that they were setting off firecrackers to celebrate her contract termination, and she sneered lightly.

Are you so happy? I will let you be a little more “happy” tomorrow.

It was exactly 10:00 a.m. when they arrived at Galaxy Entertainment.

When Li Yining got off the car, Song Jing was already standing by and waiting.

When she saw Li Yining, her eyes lit up slightly, and she had to say that the appearance of the woman in front of her was much better than the 90% of the artists in the circle.

What’s more, she has a unique temperament, which is rarely seen by ordinary people.

Song Jing looked down and her eyes fell on her handbag. She thought about the words that were said from above (from the boss of the company) and smiled faintly, “Miss Li.”

Li Yining smiled crookedly: “Sister Song, I’m Li Yining.”

Song Jing nodded and stretched out her hand: “Let’s go in.”

The two of them walked down the hall together. There were many people in the hall now. When they saw Song Jing come in with Li Yining, all of them were stunned and looked at each other.

When the figures of the two disappeared from the hall, several people looked at each other and were extremely surprised.

“Why did Li Yining come to our company?”

“No, why did Sister Song pick her up in person?”

“I don’t know.”

“Didn’t you say that Li Yining’s contract was terminated by Wangu Entertainment? So now she is…… coming to sign with our company? “


Everyone was confused and couldn’t figure out the situation.

But within a few minutes, the news of Li Yining’s appearance in the lobby of Galaxy Entertainment spread throughout the company.

At the same time, netizens on Weibo, who were still excitedly discussing the bright future that the original artists of Wangu Entertainment would have under Galaxy Entertainment, found out that Galaxy Entertainment had posted on Weibo, and it was a solemn statement.

@GalaxyEntertainmentV: Yesterday’s net rumor of our company acquiring Wangu Entertainment was indeed true, but certain things must be explained.

Wangu Entertainment was acquired and will later change its name, but it will not be Galaxy Entertainment.

The two companies are unlikely to have business dealings with each other, and the artists are not equal, so I hope you know well. Thank you for your concern.

As soon as this voice came out, all the melon-eating people were full of question marks.

The fans of the other company’s artists felt that this must be fun.

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, does your face hurt or not?!? You also wanted to share resources with the artists of Galaxy Entertainment? Dream on!! Wangu Entertainment will change its name, but it will not share the resources of Galaxy Entertainment. I’m laughing my ass off!! 】

【Awesome Galaxy Entertainment! There are so many small artists in Wangu Entertainment. There is really no need to sign them up to lower your class!】

【Hahahahaha! Yesterday, the netizens who said that their idols would become popular in the future came out! Tell me if your face is swollen!]

[Let me summarize this statement. That is, we dislike Wangu entertainment artists. The reason for the acquisition was to change the name. Nothing else. Your little artists don’t think about the resources of Galaxy Entertainment. You are not qualified enough! 】

【Too damn happy.

【Then the point is, Li Yining, who was laughed at by everyone last night… what is the situation now? 】

【? ? ? ? 】

When everyone was eating melons and eating happily, someone broke the news: [Fck, fck, breaking news-I actually saw Li Yining appear on Galaxy Entertainment!! Was it because she was about to sign a contract with Galaxy Entertainment? 】

The news was just in time for everyone to eat melon and was quickly forwarded by people for the first time.

Many netizens have the attitude of eating melons, while those fans who have just been hit in the face by Galaxy Entertainment are saving up their anger and commenting with fierce words without even thinking about it.

[Wass] This is the biggest joke today, right? Was Li Yining’s appearance at Galaxy Entertainment to sign a contract? Dream on! 】

【Li Yining signed with Galaxy Entertainment? Galaxy Entertainment is not blind to signing such an artist. 】

【Even though my cub was not in Galaxy Entertainment, was it still possible for Li Yining? She is an 18th-line artist who was terminated by Wangu Entertainment. She wants to touch porcelain and get some news. Believe it or not, Galaxy Entertainment will give you another statement to slap your face! 】

【Can Li Yining sign a contract with Galaxy Entertainment? Really, I will perform handstand diarrhea [1]TN: “倒立拉稀” or “Handstand Diarrhea” was typically used for something that you were very confident about, so you dare to say it. for everyone! 】

【18th-line get out, don’t touch the porcelain, my big galaxy! 】

There was a lot of bickering and fierce words being used against each other.

At that time, Galaxy Entertainment updated another Weibo post.

Everyone was eagerly waiting, guessing that it was a message to Li Yining to stop touching porcelain, but the result was a little…… everyone suspected that they were hallucinating and blind.

@GalaxyEntertainmentV: @Li Yining, Thank you for joining Galaxy Entertainment, welcome aboard, and happy cooperation.

The author has something to say:

Ning Ning: Smile.jpg

Huo Shen: Who said my wife couldn’t sign with Galaxy Entertainment?

Netizen: Livestream your handstand diarrhea!!!

Galaxy Entertainment: The President’s wife always needs to be protected.

Small theater:

After signing with Star River Entertainment, Li Yining’s resources instantly improved by several grades, and there were more and more male artists working with her.

Looking at the little fresh meat that his wife was cooperating with, Mr. Huo seriously pondered a question.

Soon after, the scripts sent to Li Yining were divided into these categories: movies with Huo Shen as the male lead, single mother roles, high school students who are underage and can’t fall in love, and even-and the two hundred pound beauty that no one likes?!

Mr. Huo: In order to prevent my wife from contacting men, I have made great efforts to dig up new scripts.

You have worked hard:)


1 TN: “倒立拉稀” or “Handstand Diarrhea” was typically used for something that you were very confident about, so you dare to say it.


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