Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 11

Chapter 11

As soon as this news came out, Weibo was paralyzed for more than ten minutes.

Although Li Yining was known as the eighteenth line, she was actually very popular. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have to pour dog’s blood towards Li Yining at the mere rustle of leaves in the wind.

That’s right, it’s the heat of black and red[1]the heat of black and red-promote black materials to attract attention or promote controversy through black materials; information that will negatively impact someone. It usually refers to the … Continue reading.

This news from Galaxy Entertainment simply slapped millions of netizens in the face. A company that their idols couldn’t even sign in, but they even signed Li Yining?!

Among them were the fans of Jiang Yuan and Tong Ran, who originally came from Wangu Entertainment. They were the ones who were jumping in joy.

[Is Galaxy Entertainment blind? Did you really hire such an artist for the blazing heat of black and red? So you don’t even need the most essential professional ethics, right? 】

【Li Yining, you’ve got a big golden thigh to hug in order for her to get such resources.】

【From now on, Galaxy Entertainment has entered my blacklist. I used to think that your criteria for selecting artists were outstanding. When today, I saw—hehe, you can go in if you have money and gold thighs, right? 】

【Li Yining really signed with Galaxy Entertainment? This news shocked my whole family! 】

【As a passerby, I actually think Li Yining has done nothing wrong, right? 】

【The navy upstairs is so rough. How much did Li Yining give you? Speak up and let us earn together! 】

【Galaxy Entertainment! Li Yining’s life is black! 】

After Li Yining signed a contract with Galaxy Entertainment, she naturally saw the tagged news for her.

Song Jing glanced at Li Yining. She lowered her eyes and smiled: “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Li Yining curved her lips into a smile and shook her head: “No, I don’t feel bad.”

She shook her phone and looked at Song Jing: “I can forward it, right?”


@Li YiningV: Good cooperation. @GalaxyEntertainmentV

Song Jing looked at her appearance at the moment, quite a bit surprised.

To be honest, before being notified to take Li Yining, Song Jing’s understanding of Li Yining was limited to the news of her on the Internet. The first impression of her was naturally bad. The only good feeling towards her probably was Li Yining’s face. Her pure and charming face, as long as she could slightly improve her acting skills, whether it’s a role for an innocent high school student or a mature and charming woman, she can manage it.

But now, Song Jing thinks she’s wrong.

The Li Yining in front of her and the Li Yining in the circulating comments on the Internet were too different.

Song Jing suddenly had a vague expectation of her new artist. She hadn’t felt this way for many years. The artists she had brought in the past few years were all relatively smooth, and this was the first time she encountered such a big challenge after many years.

Song Jing patted Li Yining on the shoulder and said: “From today onwards, I will arrange a series of plans for you.”

Song Jing paused and asked in a low voice, “Have you never studied acting before?”

“Hmm.” The original owner hadn’t.

Song Jing nodded and looked at her, “I’ll find some teachers for you later. Take classes for a short time first, and then I’ll choose a few scripts for you after that.” Song Jing paused and looked at Li Yining: “Don’t think about getting it done overnight. Start with small roles first, and after you’ve accumulated experience, I’ll find you scripts with important roles.”

At that, Li Yining smiled lightly: “I know.”

She looked at Song Jing, who was sitting across from her, and her eyes were calm: “I’m not in a hurry.”

Song Jing was silent for a few seconds and then said, “hmm”: “That’s good.” After thinking about it, Song Jing asked, “Do you have any ideas about participating in a variety show? Nowadays, variety shows are a quick way to gain more fans, and this is the best way to get rid of some labels for you first. “

Variety shows are popular now, and many people love to watch them.

Variety shows are a bit better than TV series and movies, and they can give you a deeper insight into an artist. And probably because the distance between the artist and the fans is too far, fans like to watch their idols’ variety shows. They always believe that doing so will provide them with a sense of reality, that their idols were also regular people.

Li Yining’s eyes lit up and her eyebrows arched: “I can.”

Song Jing nodded: “Then I’ll see what suitable variety shows are available.”


After talking about the future work plan, Song Jing took out her phone: “I will forward your microblog later. It is expected that the netizens will launch a new round of abuse against you later. Do not go and see it. You will now be in the limelight. Everything you say is wrong.”

“I understand.”

A few minutes later, netizens who had been scolding Li Yining were surprised to find out that Li Yining had not only signed up with Galaxy Entertainment, but Galaxy Entertainment had even asked its golden agent, Song Jing, to take her.

What the hell?

Why did Galaxy Entertainment sign with Li Yining when their idols were so good? Not only that, but Galaxy Entertainment even let Song Jing take her. Isn’t it obvious that they are telling everyone-‘we Galaxy Entertainment just want to praise Li Yining!’

The netizens cursed and vented their dissatisfaction.

Throughout the day, Li Yining was on the hot search along with various other words, but gradually, the number of insulting comments about her decreased, and many people began to madly post Li Yining’s beautiful pictures to praise her.

The netizens who don’t know why:????

What? We are in the middle of a quarrel, and you are sending beautiful photos?!


After hearing the message back from the assistant, Huo Shen’s eyebrows knitted together. He took the tablet and looked at the foul language. His face was cold: “Remove it.”

The assistant was slightly worried: “Mr Huo, I’m afraid it’s not good to withdraw.”

Huo Shen lifted his eyelids and looked indifferently at his assistant.

The assistant explained: “The withdrawal will only make netizens think that Madame has a background and make them even angrier. It is better to buy some water army to divert people’s attention.”

Huo Shen was silent for a moment and then agreed with the proposal: “Pay attention to it.”


In the end, Huo Shen looked at him and said, “Where is your Madame now?”

The assistant thought about the message the driver had just sent back and hurriedly said, “Madame has just returned home.”

Huo Shen smiled and didn’t ask any more questions.

“Go out.”


After the assistant left, Huo Shen frowned and thought. ‘What exactly does a person need to go through to cause a drastic change in temperament?’

Huo Shen couldn’t figure it out.

For the next few days, Li Yining left early and returned late to classes.

The teachers assigned by Song Jing were all very famous in the industry and were not too biased.

The teachers were not much into the internet, so naturally, they didn’t know about the uninspiring comments by Li Yining on the internet. However, she praised Li Yining.

Song Jing came over to pick her up and asked about the situation: “Teacher, how do you feel about her?”

The teacher nodded and said approvingly, “Not bad. This seedling you sent here this time has more spirit than the previous ones.”

“Is that so?” Song Jing was incomparably surprised. Twisting her head to look at Li Yining, who was still practicing her stance on the other side, she couldn’t believe it for a bit.

“How so?”

The teacher pondered for a moment and shook her head: “I can’t tell, but in short, she is suitable for acting.”

Song Jing understood: “Then she…… can shoot a scene?”

The teacher smiled, “hmm” sound: “She can try some small roles.”

“Understood. Thank you, teacher.”

After the two got into the car, Song Jing turned her head to look at her: “The teacher said you are very spiritual, suitable for this job.”

Li Yining nodded: “Not bad, it’s quite interesting.”

Song Jing took out two copies of information from the file bag and handed them to her, “Now there are two variety shows here. I can get a spot for you. See which one you want to go to more.”

Galaxy Entertainment’s resources have always been good, and even though Li Yining didn’t reveal her identity, it was still easy for Song Jing to get a few variety shows for her own artists.

Li Yining looked down and saw that the two variety shows in her hand were very different.

One was to run an inn in a tourist area. As an employee of the inn, give a start-up capital. In the end, in addition to earning start-up capital, you also need to earn as much as possible. The program group will directly donate the earned money will be donated directly to the local charity, and another more exciting one is the 72-hour live broadcast of the artist’s life.

Song Jing added: “Look at it first, think about it, and give me a reply tomorrow. This is not urgent.”


“By the way, there is a script I think is good, although you will just shoot three scenes, the character is good. Go back later and take a look at it. “


After arriving home, Li Yining’s entire body was paralyzed with exhaustion.

In the past few days, she said that she’s not tired, but occasionally there are physique classes. Fortunately, the original owner was well trained from childhood to adulthood. Various postures and forms are much better than ordinary people. The “difficult” part was not difficult, but you will feel a little tired.

When she returned to the room without maids, she collapsed on the sofa bed when Huo Shen returned.

Li Yining looked up and awkwardly locked eyes with him.

Huo Shen glanced at her lightly, and when he saw her legs crossed, he gave a soft sound.

Li Yining:”… “

“Why are you so early today?”

Huo Shen hummed while pulling his tie: “There is an event.” He paused and looked at Li Yining. “Do you want to go?”

Li Yining was stunned and a bit surprised.

Did Huo Shen actually invite her to the event?

Huo Shen looked at her unreadable expression and added lightly, “Chen Zu asked me to invite you.”

At that, all the information about this person appeared in Li Yining’s memory. Chen Zu-one of Huo Shen’s few close friends, also the boss of a group. The two had known each other since childhood. They belong to the kind of people who do bad things together.

Of course, this is not the point. The point is that Chen Zu and Li Yining’s relationship was good. For a couple of times, when Li Yining did something, Chen Zu would help her deal with it, but when she insisted on entering the entertainment circle to chase a star, she had a big fight with Chen Zhou, and then the two blocked each other.

Counting the time, Li Yining and Chen Zhou have not seen each other for more than a month.

She thought about it and decided it was time to ease the tension with Chen Zhou.

“Sure, will Yuan Yuan and the girls be there?”

Huo Shen glanced at her, coldly: “Not sure.”

Li Yining:”… “

The meeting place was in a well-known fun place in the city, which was more active than any other place at night.

As soon as Li Yining and Huo Shen arrived, they were led up to the third floor, which was all rented out by Chen Zhou today, so they didn’t have to worry about being disturbed at all.

As Li Yining and Huo Shen arrived at the door, the people inside who had their backs turned were talking about them.

“Will Huo Ye come today?”

“Yes, I think so. Brother Zhou has invited them all to come for sure. “

“What about Li Yining?”

“She won’t come. She had a fight with Brother Zhou.”

“That’s what she deserves. She really thinks she’s Miss High and Mighty, and everyone has to spoil her. If not for her parents’ indulgence, let’s see what she can do. Now she even went into the entertainment industry. Was she not worried about losing her social status? “

Suddenly, someone spotted Li Yining and Huo Shen and gave that person a sharp wink. Unfortunately, that person did not notice and said to herself: “They also said that she also cheated-“

“Huo Ye, Ning Ning, you’re here.”

Caught off guard, someone interrupted.

The person who spoke gave a start. Her body stiffened as she turned her head to look at the two people at the door.

When she saw Huo Shen’s bottomless eyes, she turned pale and shuddered as she shouted after her, “Huo Ye.”

Li Yining stood to the side and raised his eyebrows with a smile: “Only Huo Ye?”

The girl’s face turned white, and she hurriedly shouted, “Ning Ning, you’re here too.”


“I wouldn’t have been able to hear such high praise for myself if I hadn’t come,” Li Yining said, ruffling her hair.

The corners of her lips curved, and she smiled: “By the way, you haven’t finished your last words. What did I cheat on?”

She looked at Huo Shen and shook Huo Shen’s arm: “Husband, quickly ask her if I cheated on what? If she doesn’t say it clearly today, what should I do if I am innocent? “

Huo Shen:”……”

He lowered his eyes and stared at the woman. Inexplicably, Huo Shen seems to see the appeal under her eyes.

After a pause, Huo Shen looked at the woman with stern eyes.

Before Huo Shen could say anything, the woman’s face became even whiter, and even her whole body was shaking.

She trembled and apologized under Huo Shen’s strong pressure: “I’m sorry, Sister Ning Ning, I was just talking nonsense. You did not cheat. I just did not clear my head at that time and spoke nonsense.”


Li Yining raised her eyebrows and sat down on the side: “Nonsense?”


Li Yining shook the glass of wine in front of her, just like Huo Shen, with obvious sarcasm in her eyes: “Miss Chen, a loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble. Haven’t you heard these words? “

She smiled slightly: “If I didn’t come today, would a rumor spread in the whole circle that I cheated tomorrow? Does this mean that, in your eyes, you don’t attach importance to my husband and me? “

As soon as the words fell, the entire box was suddenly silent.

No one dared speak, and even the way they breathed was quite light.

Chen Zhou heard the commotion and came from the other side and saw this scene.

He looked sideways, looking at the person next to him: “What’s going on?”

The man said in a silent voice: Sister Ning Ning and Chen Wan clashed.

Chen Zhou frowned and was just about to speak when Huo Shen gave him a cold look.

This glance instantly made Chen Zu understand something.

Chen Wan’s face grew whiter and whiter, her lips trembled as she hastily got up and bent down to Li Yining: “Sister Ning Ning, I said the wrong thing. I hope you can forgive me with your generosity.”

Li Yining chuckled at the expectation of everyone. They expected her to respond with “I’m sorry.”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I’m not an adult, let alone magnanimous, so I’m sorry I can’t forgive you for what you said today.”

“Ning Ning.”

Someone on the other side could not bear it, so she spoke out: “Forget it. Chen Wan was just straightforward. There was no other meaning.”

Li Yining smiled.

That person looked at Huo Shen: “Shen, Chen Wan just said two wrong words. There is no need to do this, right? Why don’t you help persuade Ning Ning? “

At these words, everyone looked at Huo Shen in unison, trying to find hope in him.

They thought, “Li Yining is unpopular, arrogant, and willful. But no matter what, she will give Huo Shen’s face.

In front of the crowd, Huo Shen lifted his eyelids and looked around and saw Li Yining’s beautiful apricot eyes. When he wanted to speak, he was interrupted by Li Yining.

Li Yining snickered, playing with the diamond earrings she wore when she went out. She touched and played with them and asked in a light voice: “Persuade what? The rumor that I cuckolded my husband was not worth getting upset about, is it? “

She paused word by word: “First, I did not cheat. Second, persuasion was also useless.”

After that, she pretended to be angry and looked at Huo Shen: “Do you still want to persuade me?”

Huo Shen paused, and his eyes swept around coldly, and he said in a deep voice: “No, you take care of it and deal with it.”

Huo·Wife Guardian·Crazy Demon Shen: What does my wife want to do? I can’t control it.

Ning the Rich: That’s right.


1 the heat of black and red-promote black materials to attract attention or promote controversy through black materials; information that will negatively impact someone. It usually refers to the negative news or negative historical records of public figures or institutions.


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