Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 12

Chapter 12

As soon as the words fell, the people who were eating melons[1]TN: Eat Melons-onlookers who are interested in the spectacle but don’t have anything knowledgeable to say about it. inhaled in one breath.

Huo Shen’s attitude….was to tell everyone that no matter what Li Yining wanted to do to Chen Wan tonight, he supported it unconditionally.

At the very least, he will not stand in the way.

Everyone was silent and seemed a bit confused.

When did Huo Shen and Li Yining’s relationship become so good?

They turned their heads to look at the two. The couple obviously did not have too much interaction, but it was enough to make them feel something fishy.

There was an indescribable feeling, this scene of the married couple together… When did it become so harmonious?

And-why did Li Yining suddenly become smarter?

The onlookers, who originally wanted to be the good guys, stepped back and left the battlefield to them.

Li Yining was also a bit surprised. Although she hinted at Huo Shen to stay out of it, she really did not expect this man to give her a face.

On second thought, I think it’s normal.

Huo Shen was such a smart man. Even if he didn’t care more about his wife’s plastic act, he would also show it to everyone.

After Li Yining thought it through, her lips curled with laughter. She tilted her head to look at Chen Wan’s side: “Miss Chen.”

Chen Wan trembled, and tears flowed down: “Sister Ning Ning, I didn’t mean it. I shouldn’t talk nonsense. I’m sorry.”

Li Yining watched calmly and raised her eyebrows: “Oh? Not on purpose? “


Chen Wan looked around. The friends who were just laughing and talking were all lowering their heads and pretending to play with their phones, and some even left directly, not trying to receive her look for help.

Her heart instantly went cold.

She knew that if she didn’t give Li Yining a satisfactory explanation today, she would never let herself go.

Chen Wan took a deep breath and raised her hand to look at Li Yining. Their eyes collided, and under everyone’s gaze, she slapped herself fiercely. The crisp sound of the slap was incomparably abrupt in the silent compartment.

“I’m sorry, Sister Ning Ning, it’s my uncontrollable mouth that said the wrong thing. I hope you can forgive me.”

Li Yining did not move.

When Chen Wan was about to break her teeth, she raised her other hand and slapped the other side.

The hearts of those watching and listening to this movement around the room trembled and were incomparably grateful that they didn’t speak nonsense and had not offended Li Yining.

A few slaps later, Chen Wan’s face was already swollen beyond recognition.

“Forget it–“

Li Yining looked at Chen Wan, whose hand was stopped in mid-air, and lazily stood up from the sofa to look at her: “I’m not such an unreasonable person. Since Miss Chen apologized sincerely, I can’t make things too difficult.”

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled faintly, “That’s all for today.”

She paused and looked at Chen Wan: “But I will still kindly remind you, don’t talk behind people’s backs about right and wrong. Otherwise, next time you won’t be able to meet someone so easy to talk to, like me. “

The crowd vomited blood.

Are you easy to talk to?

Others who said terrible things about you let them hit themselves until their faces were swollen.

Chen Wan’s eyes were red, and both cheeks were swollen beyond recognition.

She bit her lips and endured: “Thank you, Sister Ning Ning, for being magnanimous.”

“Mm.” Li Yining did not have the slightest heart to accept it and inclined her head to look at the bodyguard standing on one side: “Go get some ice to put on Miss Chen’s face.”

When Chen Wan and the surrounding people heard her words, they simply wanted to scold her.

After you torment the person, now you are giving her a sweet date. You simply want to annoy us to death!

(TN: Tormenting someone and giving a sweet date means that after criticism, the person must do a good job in the aftermath and reduce the negative effects. In short, it means appeasing after criticism. BTW, Sweet Date is a symbol of good things.)

Li Yining’s behavior simply shocked everyone who saw and heard what happened today. This time, no one dared chew on her behind her back.


On the other hand, Chen Zhou looked at the woman who had changed her seat on the sofa. He raised his eyebrows and poured a glass of juice over her.

Li Yining looked at it and reached out to take it: “Thank you.”

Chen Zhou clicked his tongue and looked at her. He didn’t care anymore about the last quarrel he had with her.

“What’s wrong with you today?”


Chen Zhou glanced at her: “This Chen Wan matte, You used to be headstrong and unruly, but you won’t do it this way.”

At that, Li Yining cocked her head and thought. She then smiled lightly: “If I don’t do anything today, believe it or not, tomorrow in this circle, there will be news that Li Yining cheated on her marriage.”

Rumors are so terrible. Over time, the reputation of the person will be ruined.

Even if no one has seen it with their own eyes, as long as they heard it, it is as if they have seen it with their own eyes and confirmed it.

Li Yining was well-versed. In fact, the original owner of the novel did not really cheat. She just liked Jiang Yuan and thought Jiang Yuan was a little sun that lit her up and warmed her.

As a result, everyone around her said she cheated as if they were caught in the bed.

In the end, coupled with Li Yining’s arrogance, she did a lot of embarrassing things and caused Huo Shen to divorce her.

Divorce is not a problem, but what’s not done is not done. *

The reason she did this to Chen Wan today was simply to give them a warning that they could remember forever.

She, Li Yining, did not cheat on him, and their words were all just slander.

Similarly, she also proved her innocence to Huo Shen.

People who have really cheated will not have this kind of righteousness and will not have this kind of momentum.

Chen Zhou looked at her unexpectedly.

Seriously, he actually agreed with what Li Yining had just done. Although it was too strong and unreasonable, that was the best way to stop the rumors.

But what surprised him was that Li Yining, who had always been arrogant and didn’t think with her head, started to worry about these problems.

“You’re right.”

Chen Zhou stopped and paused for a few seconds: “Aren’t you afraid of Huo Shen?”


Chen Zhou clinked glasses with her and joked, “I’m afraid Huo Shen will know that he took a tigress home.”

Li Yining: “… not afraid.”

She was afraid if she didn’t explain.

Which man can bear the green hat on his head?

The two were silent for a moment. Huo Shen suddenly came from the side and sat next to Li Yining under the watchful eyes of everyone.

Although there is still a space for at least one person in the place in between, this was enough to show that Huo Shen and Li Yining still have feelings.

At least to outsiders, it seems so.

Chen Zhou looked at Huo Shen and laughed: “Finally off the hook?”

Just after watching Li Yining clean up after Chen Wan, a group of people who hadn’t seen Huo Shen in a long time pulled him straight into a chat.

Huo Shen’s “hmm” sounded, his voice indifferent: “What are you doing here?”

Chen Zhou was happy: “Then what are you doing here?”

Huo Shen looked at him coldly.

Chen Zhou smiled and looked at Li Yining: “Ning Ning, your husband is so cold. How in the world can you stand him?”

Li Yining just wanted to say, ‘What does it have to do with me?’, and suddenly what happened just now appeared in her mind. After thinking about it, she felt that she had to keep Huo Shen’s face.

Instantly, she arched her eyebrows and smiled, turning her head to Huo Shen and saying, “Where is the coldness?”

The corners of her lips curled upward, and she said, against her will, “My husband is not cold at all.”

After saying that, Li Yining felt disgusted towards herself.

Chen Zhou: “…”

Is he blind or deaf?!

Looking at the appearance of these two people in front of him, he rubbed his eyes.

If I saw it right… Huo Shen seemed to smile just now???

When he was just about to talk, suddenly, someone rushed over on one side and threw herself at Li Yining, and shouted: “Ah, ah, ah, Ning Ning, you are great!!!”

Chen Zhou: “…”

Huo Shen: “……”

He turned his head to look at the woman who was squeezing him and wrinkled his brow.

“Ning Ning, why didn’t you wait for me to come before you packed people up?” Jian Yuanyuan was angry.

She had seen a video posted by a little sister in the group before rushing over, but it ended up being over before she arrived.

Li Yining was overwhelmed by her and pushed the excited person: “Yuan Yuan! Don’t press me! You… get up! “

Jian Yuanyuan froze, and only then did she realize what she had done.

She laughed dryly and got up quickly: “Ah. Sorry, I didn’t notice, Ning Ning. Are you okay?”

She sat down smoothly on one side, forcing Huo Shen to move to the other side a little.

Li Yining sat up again and shook her head, “I’m fine.”

She looked at Jian Yuanyuan, “Why did you suddenly come here?”

Jian Yuanyuan sighed and said excitedly: “How can I not come to such a big event?” She suppressed her eagerness to eat melon: “This was the first time I saw Chen Wan and her group of little b*tches fall so badly.”

She couldn’t help but think: “You don’t know, when you didn’t come to the party before, this group of people was making up stories about you behind your back every day.”

Jian Yuanyuan was so mad that he was about to die from an excess of anger.

But at that time, she had no way to retort because Li Yining was indeed chasing the stars. As a result, she didn’t expect that this group of people would be overturned today.

How can she not be happy?

Li Yining couldn’t laugh or cry. She looked at Jian Yuanyuan’s happy appearance, “Who told you not to come earlier?”

Jian Yuanyuan whimpered twice, hugging her and acting like a baby: “I thought you wouldn’t come ah. It’s better not to come than to be angry, but you came without telling me. “

After she said this, it was as if Li Yining was a scumbag who abandoned Jian Yuanyuan.

Chen Zhou looked at the two of them dumbfounded. He and Huo Shen looked at each other, seeing the puzzlement in each other’s eyes.

Girls nowadays, Is this the way they communicate?

He coughed, “Are you two…… a little more restrained?”

Li Yining and Jian Yuanyuan were taken aback. They looked up and glared at him and spoke in unison, “It’s up to you.”

After saying that, the two chattered just like before, describing again what happened.

And at this gathering, Huo Shen and Chen Zhou, these two people, had to get away from this “battlefield.”

Late at night, the two went home together.

Li Yining looked out the window. The street scene outside was quite beautiful and shiny.

There was no communication between the two in the car. Li Yining tilted her head and looked out the window. The scene of the street outside was quite beautiful and bright.

She watched for a while, then turned her gaze from outside the glass window to the man who was resting on one side with his eyes closed.

There was a floral scent of wine in the carriage, which came from the man next to him, mixed with his original faint woody scent that made people feel like they wanted to get closer.

The jawline of Huo Shen, who was currently asleep, tightened and became smoother and smoother. A little bit further up were the man’s long eyelashes that were more curled than women’s.

Li Yining suddenly remembered a lot of comments she had seen while surfing the Internet in the past few days.

The most common one was that Huo Shen was an eyelash spirit, and many fans were yelling, “I want to swing on my brother’s eyelashes.” Thinking about it, Li Yining could not hold back her laughter.

Once, Huo Shen opened his eyes.

The two eyes collided, and the man’s deep eyes stared at her, inexplicably making Li Yining’s heart tingle.

She paused and was just about to speak when Huo Shen spoke up before her.

“Something’s wrong?”

Li Yining froze and hastily made a good excuse for herself, “For what happened just now in the box, thank you.”

Huo Shen sat up smoothly and pinched his brow, “Hmm.”

Li Yining wanted to say something, but after thinking about it, she said more: “Would you think I was too much for acting like that?”

Huo Shen paused, seemingly not expecting her to ask this question.

He looked at her twice, unexpectedly, and his voice was deep: “Do you think you’re going too far?”

Li Yining shook her head frankly: “Not too much.”

She justified: “Why should I feel excessive? If she hadn’t slandered me, I wouldn’t have done that.”

Huo Shen said, “Um,” and asked, “If you know in your heart, why do you ask me?”

Li Yining: “…”

This almost choked her to death.

In fact, she just wanted to ask to see if she had disgraced the Huo family by doing so.

Although it was not helpful to ask now, there was always a need to be polite, but the result of this man’s attitude was not good.

Huo Shen: “……”

The car stopped. Li Yining also did not wait for the driver to open the door, shaking her head to carry her bag and striding into the house.

Seeing the woman’s angry back, Huo Shen tucked his lips lightly.

The next morning, Li Yining woke up when Huo Shen was no longer at home.

Even last night…… it seemed like Huo Shen didn’t come up.

Although she was curious, she did not ask more.

After eating breakfast with peace of mind, Uncle Xu took the initiative to mention: “Madame, Sir, I had a temporary business trip last night.”

Li Yining made an “Oh” and smiled: “I know.”

Uncle Xu looked at her and paused: “Does Madame still want to go out today?”

Li Yining nodded and smiled, “Mm-hmm.”

For the next few days, Li Yining and Huo Shen didn’t see each other.

Her classes were almost done, and Song Jing planned to take her directly to the set to get familiar with it first and then come back when she was almost ready for the variety show.

Looking at the variety show Li Yining chose, Song Jing, raised her eyebrows unexpectedly: “I thought you would choose 72 Hours Live.”

Li Yining smiled lightly, “At first, there was this idea, but I thought about my 72 hours of life. Maybe the TV station simply does not allow me to put it out.”

Song Jing was stunned, quite a bit surprised: “How so?”

Li Yining was startled and then remembered that she seemed to have never told Song Jing her true identity. She thought about her identity and simply said: “Doesn’t the radio and television control TV shows to show off their wealth now? In variety shows, it should also be controlled. “

Song Jing: “…”

She said, “I happen to be going abroad to watch the show sometime later. If it were to be broadcast live for 72 hours, it might only be possible to take everyone to watch the show, and the show will be killed before it is broadcast.”

And more importantly, she now needs to make money first. The inn gave her a little more money. After a comprehensive analysis, the inn was also more suitable for changing her image in everyone’s mind and making people change their minds about her.

Song Jing choked and looked at her up and down a few times: “You will have to cook and do housework if you go to the inn. Can you do it?”

She was unsure about Li Yining’s identity, but the last watch and bag and the signing incident were not coincidental. At least Li Yining’s identity was not as simple as everyone knows.

Li Yining knows a little bit, but the original owner has not even entered the kitchen.

She playfully winked: “Can I not learn to do it? I will go home at night and find the chef at home to practice. “

Song Jing: “…… okay, then the show will be finalized, and I will take you there when the time comes.”


After arriving home, Li Yining did not forget her task and asked Uncle Xu to learn how to cook.

Uncle Xu was stunned and surprised: “Why did Madame suddenly want to cook? Was it because the chef at home does not cook well? Or does Madame want to change to a new taste? We still have many cooks at home who have not-“

“No, no.” After a period of time together, Li Yining and Uncle Xu’s relationship was not bad. She directly said to Uncle Xu: “I have a variety show to record. When the time requires cooking, I first need to learn a little bit.”

Uncle Xu frowned: “We can have the chef accompany you.”

Li Yining: “…”

“But that’s a show. You can’t have someone else do it for you.”

“What are you afraid of?” Uncle Xu said: “Which show? Just talk to Sir, it can always be accommodated. “


When Huo Shen arrived home, there was a group of maids standing at the kitchen door.

There were rushing voices from inside.

“Madame, it’s not like that!”

“Madame, stir-fry it.”

“Madame, too much salt!”

“Madame………… be careful.”

“Madame, it’s burned again.”

Huo Shen: “……”

His steps halted, and he suddenly heard the familiar unreasonable voice: “A little burn for fried food is also okay. Ah, it’s okay if you can eat it. Who of you wants to taste it? “

Everyone spoke in one voice: “No.”

This was already the fifth service tonight, and they didn’t want to try it again.

Li Yining curled her lips and was just about to talk when Uncle Xu saw Huo Shen. He wouldn’t be afraid of being fired. He quickly said: “Madame, you can ask Sir if he could try to eat it.”

Li Yining: “…”

She wanted to say that it was inappropriate but suddenly thought of the man’s words when he frustrated her last time.

Her eyes flashed slyly. The expression on her face changed, and the corners of her lips turned upward, her eyebrows smiling as she held a plate of burnt vegetables: “Husband, do you want to try it?”

Huo Shen: “……”

The maid: “……”

Sir, take care.

The author has something to say:

Ning Ning: smile smile smile (It’s not too late for a woman to take revenge for ten years.)

Huo Shen: I shouldn’t have gone home today.


1 TN: Eat Melons-onlookers who are interested in the spectacle but don’t have anything knowledgeable to say about it.


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