Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 13

There was a deafening silence at the kitchen door, and the servants were very discerning and also remained silent.

A few moments later, Huo Shen met Li Yining’s expectant gaze and said coldly and ruthlessly: “No.”

Li Yining:”… “

Looking at the man’s distant back, she snorted and said angrily: “Then don’t, if you don’t want to.”

After saying that, she turned her head to look at Uncle Xu. With a smiling look, she said, “Uncle Xu–” she deliberately stretched the end of her voice: “Or, do you want to eat it?”

Uncle Xu:”…… good.”

He resigned himself to his fate.

The group of people looked at Uncle Xu with sympathetic eyes. Under Li Yining’s eager gaze, Uncle Xu shook his chopsticks and put a piece that didn’t look so burnt and put it in his mouth.

Suddenly, he made an unexpected “eh” sound and looked at Li Yining: “It’s not bad.”

Maids: “…… Really?”

The food they just ate was so hard to eat.

Uncle Xu nodded his head: “Really, except for the burnt part, the taste is just right, and the texture is good.”

At that, Li Yining arched her eyebrows: “Thank you, Uncle Xu. I’ll try more then.”

“Madame is really smart. She learns everything quickly.”

“That’s true.” Li Yining accepted the rainbow farts from Uncle Xu and other servants without any guilty conscience.

(Rainbow Fart: Slang term for “over-the-top praise”)

The intermittent sounds from downstairs have reached upstairs.

Huo Shen came out of his room and wanted to go downstairs. He was just standing at the upper part of the stairs, then he heard the lively voices below again.

“Wow, Madame is great. This dish is super tasty.”

“Madame is getting better and better. It’s so delicious!”

“Sir didn’t have the happy knack for chancing upon fine food!”

“Do you want to ask Sir to try it?”

Immediately after the words fell, he heard his little wife’s voice: “Don’t worry about what he does. You guys can eat as much as you want.”

“…… okay, okay.”

Huo Shen listened and lightly pulled the corners of his mouth.


Suddenly, he thought of the information returned by the assistant. That person has not undergone any changes, and that person has not switched with anyone at all. So what was the reason for her dramatic change of temperament?

Could it really be what he was speculating that she…… just suddenly grew up?

Huo Shen pondered, his eyes darkened and he looked not far away.

Li Yining came out of the kitchen and just wanted to go upstairs. Then she saw the man standing on the spiral staircase.

The two of them looked at each other silently. She held the phone to reply back to Song Jing’s message. She directly walked past Huo Shen, not even looking at him with her peripheral vision.

Humph, you dare to dislike the dishes I cook?

After returning to the room, Li Yining and Song Jing made a phone call.

“I will come to pick you up tomorrow to go to the drama set. It is just a small role, just three scenes. “


Li Yining was half lying on the sofa, not paying much attention to her image: “Then I will come to the company tomorrow to come with you.”

Song Jing replied with a “hmm” and continued: “Look at you. I can pick you up.”

Li Yining thought about it and, after a few moments of silence, she said, “It’s okay, it depends on your own situation. What time do you want me to arrive?”

“Six o’clock, can you come over?”

“Yes, I’ll ask the driver to send me there. Sister Song, you rest more.”


After hanging up the phone, Li Yining went online and looked at the TV show that Sister Song said she had a small supporting role in.

The TV series was a modern, pure campus idol drama that was adapted from a novel.

Li Yining had three scenes. Her character in the series was a tsundere Bai Fumei who considered everyone else as beneath her-but it fit her so well.

(Bai Fumei means “Ms. Perfect” [fair-skinned, rich and beautiful]. It is internet slang.)

In three scenes, she was PLed out by the richer male lead, and no longer had any qualifications to disrupt the progress of the male protagonist and the female protagonist’s feelings. Her presence was mere cannon fodder to facilitate the development of the male and female protagonists’ feelings.

After watching, Li Yining turned her head to look at the side mirror. She examined her own face and muttered: “Do I have the words [I consider everyone else beneath me] written on my face?”

No one answered.

She patted her face sober for a few seconds, got up, and went into the bathroom.

When Li Yining came out of the bathroom, there was already a person lying on the bed.

She blinked and blinked again…… to make sure she was right.


Huo Shen, who was wearing dark pajamas, lifted her eyes to look at her.

In an instant, this made Li Yining’s words stick in her throat and she felt suffocated…

“It’s okay.”

She silently climbed into bed from the other side, and when she got into bed, she didn’t forget to check if her collar was loose, and she lay stiffly at the edge of the bed.

On one hand, there was only the sound of pages turning. Huo Shen was reading a book or a script. She did not look closely.

After a few seconds, a man’s voice came from one side: “I heard you want to go to a variety show.”

Li Yining:”… “

Your affirmative tone does not seem like you only heard it.


Huo Shen paused and gave a faint reminder: “I suggest you choose another. The inn is not for you.”

Li Yining instantly exploded after hearing this.

In a rage, she lifted the blanket and looked at the dog man on the other side: “How is the inn not suitable for me? If it’s not for me, is it for you? “

This arrogant and willful Miss High and Mighty temper… this little fiery personality of hers, can sometimes make Huo Shen feel that… she hasn’t changed.

He was silent for a few seconds, and his tone was flat: “It doesn’t suit me.”

He looked sideways, his pupils looked at her with deep eyes, and lightly analyzed: “If you entered Galaxy Entertainment to make people change their minds about yourself, then you shouldn’t have taken this variety show.”

Li Yining did not say anything.

In fact, what Huo Shen said is somewhat reasonable. According to Huo Shen’s understanding of the original owner, she was a young lady who did not touch the spring water. To go to the [Inn] and do such kind of work really doesn’t sit right with her personality. But now, “Li Yining” was replaced by her. She has the confidence to do a good job, and let everyone be impressed with herself.

How should I put it? Huo Shen has no feelings for the original owner, but he has to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of a husband.

It’s rare for Li Yining to find words to refute it.

She was silent for a moment, and pulled up the quilt and said, “How can you know if I haven’t gone yet? I can even learn how to cook. It’s just an inn. It’s still okay, there will be no problems. “

Hearing that, Huo Shen said nothing.

Those two words he said were purely out of the husband and wife relationship they had now, and it could also be advice given by the boss of the company. Since she did not listen, Huo Shen also did not intend to do anything more.

“You think about it yourself.”


Later, Li Yining couldn’t even remember how she fell asleep.

She only vaguely remembered that she didn’t seem to be as resistant to Huo Shen as she was before.

The next day, Li Yining woke up, packed up her things in a hurry, and had her driver take her to the office to meet up with Sister Song.

The downtown area was not far from the location of the TV series. It was just a school in the suburbs.

Sister Song looked at the person who got into the car and smiled helplessly: “Are you feeling sleepy?”

Li Yining rubbed her eyes: “Well, I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Sister Song understood: “Come take a rest.”


When Li Yining and Sister Song arrived at the set, the crew was filming.

After seeing her enter, the crew froze and was a little surprised.

“What’s Li Yining doing here?”

“I don’t know.”

“I heard that she had a role in our drama, and she plays an arrogant and willful young lady.”

“Ah? About this…… “Isn’t the director afraid that she will ruin our drama?”

Li Yining pretended not to hear those words and followed Song Jing obediently and sensibly.

Song Jing was also indifferent and pulled her to the director: “Director Lin, this is Li Yining I mentioned to you.”

Director Lin turned his head, measured Li Yining, and nodded: “Not bad.”

He was slightly surprised, looking at the pair of soulful almond eyes in front of him, and looked at Song Jing: “She’s more soulful than the photos.”

Li Yining smiled faintly and said in a soft voice: “Thank you, Director Lin.”

Director Lin was not ignorant of the rumors on the Internet, but he and Song Jing had cooperated many times. Now she wanted to plug in an actor into their own crew, but there are only three roles. No matter how unwilling he was, Director Lin would still give this face.

The circle has always been like this. If you have connections and relationships, you will not be afraid that there is no way out for you.

Director Lin smiled and waved his hand: “Go change your clothes first, and watch the play later.”


Li Yining followed the staff on one side to the dressing room.

The staff member is a fan of Jiang Yuan and did not have a good feeling about Li Yining, so she looked at her with a cold face and said stiffly, “Miss Li, follow me this way.”

Li Yining raised her eyebrows and looked at the staff member’s expression: “Thank you.”

The staff grunted coldly, expressionlessly took her into a dressing room. She pointed and said, “This is the dressing room. Those are your clothes. Change them and have a makeup teacher come to do your makeup.”


The staff was a little surprised, expecting her to lose her temper straight away, but she didn’t expect her to be so nice.

She responded, “You go ahead.”

Li Yining did not care at all about the bad attitude of the outside world towards her due to misunderstandings. She went into the changing room to change her clothes.

She didn’t know that in just a few minutes, and it had already started to get noisy outside.

“Damn, damn, how did Jiang Yuan come to the set?”

Everyone turned their heads and looked straight at the man who walked onto the set with his assistant and agent, incomparably surprised.

“Is it possible that Li Yining knew that Jiang Yuan would be here today, so she came to make a guest appearance as well?”

“This is too much. I knew Li Yining didn’t have good intentions when she came to the set!”

“Does Jiang Yuan have a cameo role?”

“No, he came here to see He Shengyuan.”

Someone next to him added, “Did you forget that he and He Shengyuan are buddies from the same talent show?”

It dawned on the crowd.

But indeed, they forgot that Jiang Yuan and their draft were already in the first half of the year. Before the finals were over, the players had their own activities. Jiang Yuan took care of both singing and acting, and Shengyuan changed his career directly to filming. After several crew members turned around, he got the role of the hero.

Everyone has the situation of “When you look at me, I will look at you”. They completely do not know what to do.

“Li Yining must not touch the porcelain again.”

“If she dares to blatantly touch the porcelain today, I will immediately expose her.”

When everyone was talking about it, just a few minutes into the set, Jiang Yuan also got the news. His face instantly darkened.

He looked to the side of his assistant: “How come you didn’t say anything in advance?”

The assistant also complained: “Director Lin didn’t tell everyone that Li Yining would be coming to be a guest star.”

He Shengyuan patted Jiang Yuan’s shoulder comfortingly: “Don’t worry, there are so many people on the scene. Li Yining wouldn’t be so blatant as to do something to you, right?”

Jiang Yuan’s face was blue, thinking about that day at the company and the series of things that happened, and later when she signed with Galaxy Entertainment. He gritted his teeth and said: “That’s because you don’t know this person. This shameless woman can do anything.”

He Shengyuan:”… “

He was just about to say something, when a startled cry came from behind him, sounded: “Wow!”

Several people turned their heads in unison to look over, and what caught their eyes was a pair of long white and straight legs. Her legs were well-boned, particularly aesthetically pleasing, calves without any fat at all, and further up, a short pleated skirt, and a thin waist-and a very innocent face.

The skin was white and shiny.

She has clear almond eyes, tied with a double ponytail swaying, living off the campus goddess.

The crowd: “……”

Li Yining was so good-looking!

Under everyone’s stunned gaze, director Lin and Song Jing came out of the side lounge, looking at Li Yining’s outfit.

Director Lin nodded in satisfaction: “Not bad, not bad, the seedlings are really good.”

He frowned and looked at the makeup artist: “But isn’t her face a little too white? Give her the powder to cover her up a little. “

The words fell, not far back to the staff snickers.

Oh, so the powder is white, not natural. I knew Li Yining was not so good-looking.

The make-up artist froze and hurriedly said, “It’s a little difficult for me.”

She pointed to Li Yining and said, “Director Lin, I didn’t put makeup on her, I just applied sunscreen.”

Director Lin:”…”

Others: “????”

What?!!! They didn’t believe it!!!

Director Lin was stunned for a few seconds and was also a bit surprised.

He went up and examined it and muttered, “There’s really nothing on her face. Forget it then. “

He waved his hand: “Come here, let’s talk about the play.”


Suddenly, Jiang Yuan’s agent hurriedly went forward, flatteringly. He smiled at Director Lin: “Director Lin, it’s been a long time.”

Only then did Director Lin see the extra people from the crew. He nodded coldly, “It’s been a long time.”

He looked at Jiang Yuan.

Jiang Yuan’s face was stiff as he greeted, “Director Lin.”

Director Lin nodded. “You came here to visit Sheng Yuan?”

“We came to visit for your guidance, Director Lin.”

Director Lin laughed and patted his shoulder: “You have a promising future.”

He turned his head to look at Li Yining, “Let’s go and talk about the drama.”


Under the gaze of everyone, Li Yining passed Jiang Yuan directly without giving him a trace of light, and she was more ruthless than Huo Shen last night.

The crowd: “??”

Li Yining, why are you so cold towards our Jiang Yuan?

Jiang Yuan was also quite a bit surprised. He looked at Li Yining’s distant back in dismay, and his face became even more ugly.

Director Lin quickly talked about the scenes, and after learning that Li Yining had taken a class, he was not vague.

In a short while, he called on He Shengyuan and several of his actors to come over and try out the scene together.

This scene is the scene where Li Yining falls in love with He Shengyuan at first sight, and also squeezes out the female lead, who was an actress specializing in web dramas, named Meng Leqiao, whose character was rumored to have a cute personality.

Li Yining glanced at her. She looked very cute, with a round face and two small pear vortices, which made her look very young.

After the greetings, Li Yining entered the role and started filming.

Most of the surrounding staff are Li Yining’s black fans, who are waiting for director Lin to scold her.

As a result, after a scene, everyone turned their heads to look at Director Lin. Why didn’t he scold Li Yining?

Why did Li Yining play the role of the arrogant and willful young lady so well?

Seriously, Li Yining still has some skills for acting?

After the first scene, Director Lin was particularly happy.

He looked at Li Yining and complimented Song Jing: “Not bad, she has some potential.”

Song Jing was also surprised. She nodded and defended her artist: “Yes, she has only been entangled in scandals before.” She smiled and said, “If she doesn’t have any strength, can Galaxy Entertainment throw her at me?”

Director Lin was stunned by the words.

“That’s true. She will have unlimited possibilities in the future as long as she maintains this potential.”

“I’ll borrow the good advice from Director Lin.”

It happened to be noon break. Li Yining and Song Jing got together.

Song Jing looked at her: “I just got the news. The [Inn] side will be posting an official announcement and will @ you. The day after tomorrow will be the start of the recording. “

Li Yining understood. She paused and asked: “Who are the other few artists?”

Song Jing shook her head: “I only know two. There are a few more in the negotiation. They were still not sure when I asked them. “

“Oh, oh.”

The two were discussing their work when a set of photos were suddenly exposed online from the set.

The topic was also considered to be particularly eye-catching.

#LiYiningJiang YuanInTheSetA “chance encounter”

Only the people involved know what happened on this occasion.

When Huo Shen got the news, the photo was already in full swing.

The netizens once again insulted Li Yining, who even inquired about their brother’s schedule and took the opportunity to pretend it was a “chance encounter”.

Looking at the photos taken, Li Yining, who was wearing a school uniform, a small short shirt, and a short pleated skirt, was looking at the man in black pants and a white shirt through the crowd.

Everyone spontaneously understood it as disgust and admiration.

At this very moment, an inn seems to feel that the two are not hot enough and sent out an official announcement blog in advance.

The @TheOnlyInsideV: A carefully prepared resting place for you, the most desired resting inn, the most unique place to relax is going to open. On August 15th will be the opening. The boss and staff are in place, waiting for you to come. @Qi Tao @Lin Yu @Fang Wenlin @Tong Ran @Jiang Yuan @Li Yining, stay tuned.

When the news came out, the whole network “exploded”.

The author has something to say:

Mr. Huo: Why not invite me?

The netizens: I love the “Shura Field”. Let’s see who will die!

Ning Ning:???? I just want to record quietly, not to steal people:)


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