Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 16

Chapter 16

When the two stared into each other’s eyes, the face of the man in front of him became evident. Li Yining pretended to blink in surprise, and said joyfully: “Thank you, thank you.”

Huo Shen:”…”

He looked stiff and said bluntly, “Yes. I need to find a servant. “

“… Oh.”

Li Yining nodded in understanding, “Got it.”

Looking at the man’s disappearing back, Li Yining shook her glass of water and laughed softly.

The little guy.

In fact, she just wanted to see if Huo Shen was really unmoved or what. She didn’t expect that this person was still quite kind-hearted.

Without any thought, Li Yining labelled it as kindness, and not something else.

Huo Shen, who had left the room, went straight to the study.

He was silent for a few seconds after hearing the agent’s report for the next trip. He was silent for a few seconds and looked at Yu Xing.

“The name is He Shengyuan. Have you heard of it?”

Yu Xing was talking enthusiastically and suddenly heard an unfamiliar name. He froze: “Who?”

Huo Shen frowned and repeated: “He Shengyuan.”

Yu Xing thought about it: “I don’t know why.”

“Investigate him.”

At that, Yu Xing raised his eyebrows, a little surprised: “Investigate what? You are interested in this person?”

Huo Shen didn’t say a word and gave him a warning look.

Yu Xing was happy, and muttered: “No, I’ll give you his Baidu now.”

To be an agent like Yu Xing, he really didn’t care about artists who were not particularly famous in the circle.

He has been to this top stream. Should he still care about other unknown people?

Not to mention the fact that He Shengyuan has no outstanding work for the time being. In the drama, he could only be a soy sauce[1]Soy sauce is a character that had nothing to do with the development of the story. in the TV series.

A minute later, Yu Xing read He Shengyuan’s information: “He Shengyuan is twenty-two years old. His first appearance was in a talent show. He has made a few TV series, with a refreshing smile to capture the hearts of thousands of young ladies. He is currently filming in Director Lin’s TV series “Youth is Too Sweet.”

After reading this, Yu Xing got stuck.

He choked and looked at Huo Shen: “Partnered with Meng Leqiao, his resources are good.”

Huo Shen frowned, “Shut up.”

Yu Xing:”… Didn’t you ask me to investigate him?”

Huo Shen said coldly: “His next resources will be cut off.”


Yu Xing froze for a few seconds before he was sure he had heard correctly.

“Intercepted? Why? ” He finally got serious and couldn’t help but say, “I don’t think he and you have any grudges. When did he offend you?”

Huo Shen looked at him coldly.

Yu Xing fiercely shivered, then he made an “okay” hand gesture: “Understood.”

I won’t ask more questions, I will just do it directly.

A moment later, Yu Xing gave Huo Shen an OK gesture.

Huo Shen knocked on the desktop, thinking of the woman across the room and his own complaint. There was a smile between his eyebrows that he did not even notice.

The next day, Li Yining was nowhere to be found.

The next day, Li Yining did not go anywhere. She just nestled in the room to watch two movies, and, by the way, made a list for Uncle Xu to find someone to help her buy all the things she needed to buy.

Looking at the pile of things spread out in front of her, Li Yining was a bit confused.

“Uncle Xu, why did you buy so much?”

Uncle Xu looked down: “Not much. All of the things that I bought were according to Madame’s instructions, one for each person.”

Li Yining:”… “

She froze: “For all the guests?”

Uncle Xu nodded. She smiled and said, “I knew Madame would overlook this. You are all in the show together, after all. One copy per person is more appropriate.”

Usually, when they are on the show, the artists will prepare gifts for their colleagues.

Li Yining had never participated in dramas before, so she forgot this point, but it was good that Uncle Xu was thoughtful.

She watched and had to praise Uncle Xu: “Uncle Xu, you are too good. Thank you, Uncle Xu.”

She couldn’t help but say, “Uncle Xu, you can come to me in the future. If you are fired by Huo Shen, I will definitely hire you as a housekeeper.”

Uncle Xu: “????”

Huo Shen, who had just entered the house:”……”

He looked at the pile of things on the carpet, then looked at the smile on his wife’s face, and lightly made everyone notice him.

Li Yining:”… “


Badmouthing people is really bad.

She coughed and pretended she didn’t say anything: “Then these things can’t fit in one box, right?”

Uncle Xu: “We will use two boxes. Was the location confirmed?”

“Confirmed on the prairie.”

This time, “the inn” will go to a place on the prairie. The location is superior, and it has beautiful scenery, especially in the summer. The green grass was simply a good place to relax.

Hearing that, Uncle Xu was a little worried.

He turned his head to look at Huo Shen: “Sir, didn’t we build a resort over there?”

“There is also a ranch.”

Li Yining: “????”


How come she didn’t know?! Does the Huo family even have a ranch?

She looked at Huo Shen in dismay.

Huo Shen looked dull, “What?”

Uncle Xu coughed and said, “Do you want to say hello there? It will be more convenient for Madame to record the program then? “

Huo Shen coldly lifted his eyelids. His tone was cold: “Look at her.”

Li Yining choked.

She blinked and looked at Uncle Xu: “The Huo family…… has prairies and pastures? How come I didn’t know that? “

Uncle Xu smiled awkwardly: “Madame, you didn’t ask, right? It was left behind many years ago, but no one wanted to manage it, so it wasn’t mentioned much. “

Li Yining:”… “

She now wants to ask this group of people why no one wants to manage it.

What fun it is to manage a ranch!

After thinking about it for a while, Li Yining cautiously looked at Uncle Xu: “About how many cows and sheep are there?”

Uncle Xu thought for a moment and said in a shallow voice: “I’m not sure. I think it’s only a few thousand, not more than ten thousand.”

I think! Just! Thousands of heads?

Li Yining now wanted to act as if she was about to faint in front of Uncle Xu, wanting to ask him just how big a scene he had seen to be able to talk about thousands of cows and horses and sheep so easily as if it was a hundred or so dollars.

Looking at Madame’s changing face, Uncle Xu suddenly realized that he seemed to have said something wrong. He hurriedly remedied the situation: “Madame, do you need me to contact the other side?”

Li Yining sat down on the sofa and waved her hand breathlessly, “No.”

She took a deep breath, “I want to be like everyone else.”

Uncle Xu nodded: “Then do you need me to contact a private plane to send you there?”

Li Yining:”…… don’t need it either. I’m leaving with the program team.”

“OK, if you need something, Madame, you can call me anytime.”


By the time Uncle Xu left, Li Yining just couldn’t hold back her heart from shock. She pulled out her phone and texted Jian Yuanyuan.

Li Yining: [Yuan Yuan!!!!]

Jian Yuanyuan: [I’m in!!!!]

Li Yining: [Did you know that the Huo family has a ranch?]

Jian Yuanyuan: [I seem to have heard of it]. Why? “

Li Yining: [How come I didn’t know about it?]

Jian Yuanyuan: [I did not know this before. This is what I heard from my parents once. They said they wanted to go to the prairie to play and then said to contact Auntie Huo’s side or something like that. I am also not sure if it is true or false. Does the Huo family really have a ranch? [

Li Yining: […] have they said that there are thousands of heads?

Jian Yuanyuan: [Wow, then can we go see it next time? It’s great to sit on a helicopter and take a tour.]

Li Yining: […]

After talking with Jian Yuanyuan, she had to admit that these rich people’s thoughts were really hard to understand.

The “good” idea of sitting in a helicopter to inspect the horses, cows, and sheep of your own family……, is simply not too good. Okay!

After agreeing with Jian Yuanyuan to visit the horses, cows, and sheep sometime later, she collapsed on the bed again.

After thinking about it, Li Yining also did a data analysis of the people who participated in the inn program.

She learned about them in more ways than one, and also poked around on Song Jing’s side to find out a lot of information.

For example, Lin Yu and Qi Tao are a pair of lovers. They have been in love for ten years, and they are about to get married soon, but they do not know whether they are suitable for marriage or not, so they want to come to “the inn” to try and spend some time together.

Fang Wenlin is an actor who has been playing the second male lead. The role was not outstanding, and he had not been able to become popular, so he wanted to take the variety route.

As for Jiang Yuan, it was his agent who wanted to get him on a variety show to suck up the powder, just like Tong Ran.

The last is herself, a salty fish who just wants to make money on this show in addition to wanting to cleanse herself. It was the money that attracted her.

In this way, it seemed that she was the least promising.

She looked at the show. It seems that after stabilization, the team will invite special guests to come and participate in one or two recording sessions.

As for who will be invited, it has not been said yet.

After Li Yining remembered all this information, she asked the maid to pack up her things for her, and then she washed up and rested, getting ready for her new challenge.

On the day of departure, Li Yining met up with the other artists.

After arriving at the airport, the program team explained the rules of the show.

This is the first time that they are going to play such a bold show. It will be broadcast live for everyone, without any editing, so no matter what you have done badly or well, it can be presented to everyone as soon as possible.

In the end, after it was edited by the program group, one episode of the best scenes will be played every Saturday.

The program team opened a live column so that viewers could see all the aspects.

The original show was not very popular, but with the last official announcement, the show’s popularity came up instantly.

Li Yining had to express her admiration for the team’s ability to make things happen. Listening to the all-around live broadcast format, she knew that the program team would definitely do things again.

No matter what you do, it’s good to be more careful about what you say.

After announcing the rules, the staff smiled faintly and looked at everyone: “Okay, let’s take a break.”

Li Yining was not familiar with everyone. She looked at the side of the opened camera machine. She guessed that the program team was now on-air.

After thinking about it, she didn’t pretend in front of everyone. She said hello to Lin Yu and Qi Tao and Fang Wenlin and then sat down on the side, quietly eating her lunch.

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1 Soy sauce is a character that had nothing to do with the development of the story.


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