Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife
Transmigrated as the Movie Star’s Beloved Wife Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Song Jing hurried over from one side and looked at the person sitting on the ground: “Ning Ning, can you get up?”

Li Yining took a breath and held her hand: “It should be able to.”

He Shengyuan also reacted and quickly looked at Li Yining, “I’m sorry sorry, I didn’t notice it just now.”

He looked at Li Yining, “Are you okay?”

Li Yining really wanted to curse her.

I’m fine, your uncle! Look at me! Do I look like I’m fine?

And, as if your apology is useful, I will also push you and try to apologize later.

But there are still a lot of people around. She now also belongs to people that are entangled with black materials. Yining could only hold back. She gritted her teeth and said: “It’s okay.”

Director Lin gestured the staff from the side to come up and gather around her: “Where did you fall?”

Li Yining sat down on a comfortable chair and relaxed. Her face improved: “No.”

She raised her eyes to look at Director Lin: “I’m fine, I’m just confused by the fall.”

Director Lin nodded: “Sorry, the crew didn’t do a good enough job with the measures.”

“That’s not the reason.”

She smiled lightly: “It should have been accidentally done by Senior He. It’s nothing serious.”

With these words, He Shengyuan’s face changed, but he quickly returned to his normal self.

“Sorry, it’s me who didn’t notice the mat position.”

Director Lin was not too angry, and was relieved to know that Li Yining was fine: “Pay attention later, this kind of problem happens to everyone. Just remember the position next time.”

He Shengyuan agreed: “Understood.”

Looking at the situation, Li Yining didn’t say anything more.

In fact, her tailbone was still a bit in pain, but she still immediately got up and continued to shoot.

Meng Leqiao looked at her: “Are you really okay?”

Li Yining shook her head.

She thought about it and said in a suppressed voice: “If the fall is not allowed later, you remember that you can deviate to the side. Safety is important.”

At that, Li Yining smiled faintly, pupils swirled with laughter: “Okay, I know, thanks.”


It was fortunate that the second time, Li Yining fell into the correct position. But because a few people were not into their character enough, they had to start over again.

By the fifth time, the scene was finally over.

After this scene, Li Yining only had one more shot of her back leaving the school to shoot.

This also meant that her first scene was over as well.

Director Lin deliberately had someone buy a bouquet of flowers for her and said, with a faint smile, “You had a good performance. I’ll be the first to look for you to work with when there’s a chance in the future.”

Li Yining smiled, eyes containing starlight, and playfully said: “Then Director Lin, in the future, if there are good roles, you must look for me.”

“Of course.”

As soon as he got into the car, Li Yining put the seat down. She was half lying in the car and wailing: “Sister Song, my butt hurts.”

Sister Song:”… “

She couldn’t laugh or cry, and looked at her with a smile: “Why didn’t you howl just now?”

Li Yining grunted and said proudly, “I was not very nice at that time and I had to leave a good impression on the director.”

Sister Song understood and seriously asked, “Did He Shengyuan do it on purpose, or was he really just careless?”

Li Yining’s eyes lit up, and her pupils sparkled slyly: “I don’t know.”

Yining paused and shrugged her shoulders. She said: “But the next time he had an accident, definitely, it was not out of carelessness.”

She holds grudges. Whoever wants to offend me, I will retaliate against them.

Song Jing choked, seemingly not expecting her to make such a bold statement.

“Remember to tell me before you do anything. I need to save my life.”


Song Jing sighed: “Let’s send you to the hospital for a checkup.”


Originally, Li Yining wanted to go home and have the family doctor come over for a checkup, but on second thought, she didn’t want to make too much of a fuss.

Their family doctor is the one the Huo family has been working with. After this direct call to the person, it is estimated that in less than half an hour, those people in the Huo family will know that she was injured.

The two arrived at the hospital and Song Jing gave Li Yining a number.

There was no big problem, but it is also true that there was a little problem. It was that the position was really pulled.

The doctor took a look and said in a shallow voice: “Go back and pay attention to rest, try not to sit.”

Li Yining wanly made a “hmm” sound and said: “Okay.”

After leaving the hospital, Song Jing looked at her, who was not very enthusiastic and said, “Bear with it. You need to go to the variety show recording site the day after tomorrow, so stay home and rest for the next two days.”

“I know.”

Li Yining remembered an important thing: “Do I need to bring anything to the recording over there?”

“Yes, you can bring the daily necessities you need.” Song Jing said: “But you can’t bring everything. Food and drink and all of that still need to be provided by the program team.”

“Got it.”

Song Jing looked at her like this, “I’ll send you back?”

Li Yining thought about it and shook his head, “No, I’ll have my driver come and pick me up.”

Song Jing was stunned and smiled, “Okay, I’ll wait with you until the driver arrives.”


After the phone call, Li Yining and Song Jing both bought a cup of milk tea outside and drank it while waiting.

Song Jing also did not ask much about her home situation. Artists have secrets. As long as they are not the kind that will not ruin themselves, the general agent will not take care of them too much.

After waiting for half an hour, Li Yining’s cell phone rang.

Song Jing took a look at it and it showed the word “Spendthrift and Ingrate” Song Jing choked and looked at Li Yining with dismay: “Is this your driver’s phone number?”

Li Yining:”… “

She stared at the caller ID for a long time before she answered the phone without knowing why.


“In front of the hospital, where are you?”

The man’s low voice came from the other side of the current.

Li Yining pursed her lips and asked in a low voice: “Why are you here?”

Huo Shen coldly made a “hmm” sound: “Uncle Xu called me.”

Li Yining: “…………”

In fact, it was Uncle Xu’s good intention. Actually, Uncle Xu dared not set up the two before, thinking that the two had personalities that did not match, but now Uncle Xu found that this was not the case.

Uncle Xu felt that….the two actually have something in common, at least in terms of occupation. Plus, in the last conversation between the two at the restaurant, Huo Shen asked Li Yining to find a contract company, which instantly gave Uncle Xu hope…

He was a servant in the Huo family in the early years, and he took care of Huo Shen growing up. He knows Huo Shen’s personality, and the couple has not slept in separate rooms for so long, Uncle Xu feels very hopeful.

So when he heard Li Yining say he was in the hospital, Uncle Xu called Huo Shen without thinking about it and vividly described Li Yining’s tragic situation. In the end, he colluded with the family driver and made Huo Shen have to go. and pick her up himself.

Li Yining rushed to the entrance of the hospital and saw a black car that was not high-profile at all.

The license plate number was fcking awesome, and the car was even more fcking awesome.

Song Jing followed over to take a look. As soon as she wanted to speak, the car window in front of her rolled down.

After seeing the people inside, Song Jing widened her eyes.


Huo Shen unexpectedly raised his eyebrows, his voice indifferent: “Sister Song.”

Song Jing was breathless. She stretched out her hand and pointed at Li Yining. Then she looked at him and then popped a few words out of her throat: “You’re here to pick up Ning Ning?”


Song Jing: “……”

She was about to doubt her life.

Li Yining coughed and hurriedly said, “Sister Song, I’ll go first, ah.”

saying that she pulled open the car door and went up by herself.

Song Jing: “……”

Until the car disappeared in front of her, Song Jing still couldn’t believe what she had just seen.

Huo Shen and Li Yining?

Huo Shen?

Li Yining?!

She shuddered, thinking how wrong it was. How did these two people get involved together?

Song Jing was in deep thought. Song Jing quickly took out her phone and sent a message to Li Yining.


The atmosphere inside the car was awkward. Huo Shen’s exclusive driver was driving in the front, not even daring to give a glance over.

Li Yining smelled something in the car. She sniffed gently and looked at Huo Shen: “You smoked?”

Huo Shen paused, and unexpectedly looked at her: “Yeah.”

But Huo Shen did not smoke in the car. He smoked during the morning cooperation case. He himself doesn’t like to smoke, but sometimes he does, usually when the work needs to be done.

But he did not expect his wife, who had always been indifferent to these matters, to ask.

At that, Li Yining didn’t ask any more questions.

She was just having a brain fever.

“What’s wrong? Why did you go to the hospital? “

Li Yining froze, feeling the cold tone: “Nothing, I just fell on the set.”

Huo Shen looked at her sideways.

Li Yining pursed her lips, very justifiably complained: “Today, Sister Song took me to the film set of Director Lin’s film. There was a scene in which the male lead pushed me. The result was that he accidentally pushed me incorrectly, and I fell to the ground.”

She was not guilty. Anyway, it was just a complaint.

When others bullied themselves and they were unable to fight back, of course, they used external forces. This is Li Yining’s rule of survival. She didn’t feel embarrassed. What she did was so justified.

Huo Shen has no feelings for herself, but this does not prevent him from giving Li Yining justice.

There is no reason, probably because the two families still have a superficial marriage.

Sure enough, Huo Shen frowned when the words fell.

“What crew?”

Li Yining said her name.

Huo Shen looked at her twice in silence, “Examination results.”

She paused and whispered, “The doctor said I almost dislocated my bones.”

The car was quiet for a few seconds, and then suddenly Huo Shen took out his cell phone and called Uncle Xu.

By the time Li Yining arrived home, a whole row of doctors was waiting for them with their eight teeth exposed.

(TN: Showing eight teeth means showing a standard smile, like how a receptionist smiles at you, etc.


The good thing is that the final examination result was indeed the same, although it was not as exaggerated as Li Yining said, it was indeed a small problem.

The family doctor looked at Huo Shen and said: “Madame, try to rest more these days, don’t walk and stand all the time.”

Li Yining wanted to cry: “Okay, thanks.”

Huo Shen asked Uncle Xu to send the doctor out. He looked back at the frail woman lying on the bed. His eyebrows loosened slightly.

Li Yining lay unmoving and was giving Song Jing answers.

Song Jing: [What exactly is your identity?!]

Li Yining: [Wu Wu Wu Wu Sister Song, I have no identity. I am just a little pitiful.]

Song Jing: [How do you explain Huo Shen?]

Li Yining: [He is a not-so-important character, so what kind of explanation is needed?]

As soon as it was sent out, there was a soft whistle behind her.

Li Yining’s body stiffened. She raised her eyes and she and Huo Shen looked at each other. She blinked and secretly covered her phone.

Huo Shen looked at her actions and felt that they were too much of a cover-up.

He pulled his lips and didn’t think about it. He just wanted to go into the cloakroom, but he was stopped by a familiar voice.


Huo Shen looked back at her.

Li Yining would “deceive people from illness” by pointing and saying, “Can you pour me a glass of water?”

Huo Shen did not move.

She pursed her lips, a little pitiful look: “The doctor just said–“

Before the words were spoken, Huo Shen had poured a glass of water into her hand.


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