The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 52.2

Chapter 52 Part 2

After the worship, Shiyi was helped back to the room, while Yang Shifeng was embraced out to toast the guests.

There’s no way for Shiyi to participate in the excitement outside. This is the custom of this era. The bride can only wait for the groom to return to the room, and Shiyi can only endure boredom by sitting and listening to the noise outside.

Fortunately, there was a small but lovely person at home. Xiao Shitou didn’t go out to eat, but sneaked into the room and carefully carried a bowl of rice in his hand, “Sister, I brought you some rice. Are you hungry? “

When Shiyi saw Xiao Shitou, her eyes brightened, and he quickly picked up the rice in his hand. “Why are you here? Have you eaten yet?”

Xiao Shitou climbed into bed and sat next to Shiyi with his short legs shaking happily. “I’ve eaten. I ate in the kitchen. My uncle gave me a lot of meat. Then brother Shifeng said, You’ll be bored here all by yourself, so I came here to chat with you.”

“You are the best!” Shiyi pinched his little face and ate the rice bowl given to her. After eating, she talked to Xiao Shitou. Xiao Shitou told her all the scenes outside today, and Shiyi came and spoke very well. In this way, it was really not boring. Time passed quickly. Unknowingly, the sky darkened and the noise outside gradually disappeared.

At this time, Grandpa Yang called Xiao Shitou out of the room. Shiyi stretched out her hand and covered her head again.

After a while, the red-faced Yang Shifeng came in and stared at Shiyi, who was sitting on the bed. The burning passion in his eyes was too strong to put out.

He walked towards Shiyi step by step, and then reached out to take off the red veil covering Shiyi’s face, revealing the exquisite face under the cover.


When the veil was lifted, Shiyi breathed out. At last, she could relax. Her whole body fell backwards, directly onto the bed, and she stretched herself comfortably. “I’m exhausted, I haven’t moved. I’ve been sitting all day.”

Yang Shifeng smiled, went to the table, poured two glasses of wine, and handed one of them to Shiyi. “Come on, let’s drink the wine. After that, we will be husband and wife for a lifetime. “

Shiyi got up and took it. She neatly put her arm through the arms of Yang Shifeng’s and drank the wine. Yang Shifeng followed her and drank it with a smile.

Now it’s finally okay!

Shiyi looked at Yang Shifeng’s flushed face and came up to him to smell it. He was covered in the smell of wine. She couldn’t take the smell, so she waved her hand in disgust. “It stinks. Go and wash quickly.”

Yang Shifeng smelled himself. The smell of wine was really heavy. He smiled and went to the kitchen to get hot water and went to the bathroom to wash himself. In a twinkling of an eye, he came out with his wet body. When he came out, he locked the door directly. Before Shiyi could say anything, he turned around and threw her on the bed. He chewed on her little red mouth. After thinking about it all day, he was finally able to do it. He was very fierce, like a hungry wolf.

Shiyi was almost out of breath.

This person was usually like a shy little wife. Is this what they call transformation?

Shiyi did not know that this was his one-time outburst after holding back for too long. It’s as powerful as you can imagine.

Shiyi was going to take the picture and discuss it with Yang Shifeng. Who knows, maybe she didn’t have a chance to speak at all. She was paralyzed and had little strength. Then she tossed Yang Shifeng like a doll at the mercy of others.

This toss and turn directly lasted almost the entire night. Shiyi originally had good physical strength, and yet she was so tired that she couldn’t help but close her eyes and go to sleep. Naturally, she couldn’t take care of the mess on her body.

Instead, it was Yang Shifeng who took care of it. He looked at the “miserable” traces of what he had done on the porcelain white skin of Shiyi. He felt distressed, but his heart was strangely satisfied. It’s good. She belongs to him.

After thinking about what happened, he kissed the red lips of the person under him, then went to fetch hot water to carefully wipe Shiyi’s body, and put some medicine on the place where she was hurt. Only then did he hold the person in his arms and fall asleep.


When Shiyi woke up again, the sun had risen high outside the window, and she was alone in bed.

She doesn’t have to think about it. She woke up late.

When Shiyi got up, she felt that her body hurt more than she could imagine. When she got up, Shiyi was really hurt.

At this time, the door was pushed open. Yang Shifeng came in from the door with hot water in his hand. When he saw Shiyi had woken up, his eyes immediately filled with a smile. He put the water on the table and sat next to her. “Awake? Are you hungry? Lunch is almost ready. Get up and eat.”

Shiyi looked at his energetic appearance. She suddenly pulled down Yang Shifeng’s head, took a heavy bite on his lips, and asked, “Tell me, where did you learn so many moves last night?” It’s so powerful that she wasn’t able to resist it.

Yang Shifeng suddenly blushed and hesitated, “Get up quickly. Grandpa is waiting for us to make tea and then eat.”

Shiyi grabbed his ear. “Don’t change the subject. Tell me quickly. Did you go to the flower building to learn from the girls there? “

“Shiyi, don’t talk nonsense.” Yang Shifeng immediately flicked Shiyi’s forehead lightly. He knows that if there’s something that Shiyi wants to know, she must find it out. Yang Shifeng could only bear the embarrassment and honestly explain, “It was Da Zhu, who taught me, and then gave me something to learn at.” They were afraid that he was the first brother to lose face in front of his beautiful wife, so they told Yang Shifeng about their experience and gave him something that was said to be their exclusive collection.

Shiyi immediately understood. Her eyes rolled and she held out her hand. “Give it to me.”

“Don’t make trouble. That’s what men should only see. Shall we get up?”

Shiyi hummed and pulled down the quilt, revealing a beautiful arc. “If you don’t show me, you won’t eat meat in the future.”

“Cough…” Yang Shifeng looked away and immediately pulled up the quilt for her. He had no choice but to take out the book from under the bed with a hot face and hand it to Shiyi.

Now, nothing is more important than eating meat.

Shiyi took it over and saw that it was indeed another drawing, but the content in this book was even more detailed and vivid than that given to her by Grandma Wang. There were many more moves, which made Shiyi exclaim. Darling, this is not much worse than the live version. The person who painted this was really remarkable.

Looking at Shiyi, who was looking at the book with great interest, Yang Shifeng couldn’t stop his face from getting hot when he thought of the content. Shiyi also made sounds of praise and comments from time to time, which made his lower abdomen start to heat uncontrollably. He couldn’t help but press Shiyi on the bed and chew on her already red and swollen lips.

At last, Yang Shifeng had to use all his self-control to get up, take away the book in Shiyi’s hand, dig people out of the quilt, dress her, and hold her down.

If he let her go on like this, they wouldn’t be able to leave the room today.

Shiyi knew she had to serve tea today, so she didn’t bother him anymore. Shiyi obediently followed him outside the room. In the main hall, Grandpa Yang was sitting at the table with Xiao Shitou. When he saw Shiyi, he couldn’t help but smile. Especially when he swept his gaze over Shiyi’s stomach, it looked like his great-grandson was waving to him.

Today, Shiyi officially identified herself as the wife of the Yang family. Shiyi offered tea to Grandpa Yang while Grandpa Yang gave Shiyi a red envelope. From then on, she will really take root here.

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