The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 52.1

Chapter 52 Part 1

Yang Shifeng ran around almost every day preparing for his wedding, and in addition to preparing for his wedding, he would also purchase goods for their grocery shop. The grocery store was left for Grandpa Yang and Xiao Shitou to look after. In fact, villagers weren’t able to see Shiyi.

Grandpa Yang was very happy about Yang Shifeng and Shiyi’s marriage. Whenever someone came to their grocery shop, Grandpa Yang would take the trouble to tell his customers the news about his grandson’s wedding, and then accept the customers’ blessings with a smile. Sometimes, he would chat with those people who loved to talk about this kind of topic for a long time. 

Shiyi became very speechless, but Xiao Shitou had a different reaction. He was a faithful supporter of Grandpa Yang’s behavior. Every time Xiao Shitou heard his Grandpa Yang, tell the customers about the wedding, his small mouth would always open happily. He listened to Grandpa Yang’s words with interest. He would even nod his head as he listened. Xiao Shitou didn’t feel tired of listening to Grandpa Yang, even if it was repeated many times a day. Sometimes, when Grandpa Yang didn’t have time to say something, he would remind Grandpa Yang to tell others quickly for fear that someone didn’t know the news.

Shiyi was bewildered by the grandfather and grandson’s behavior. She would simply hide in the medicine room to make medicine, letting the three men of the family toss and turn.

Time passed quickly in the constant bustle of the three big and small men in the family. In the twinkling of an eye, a month passed, and the 15th day of December came soon.

Shiyi was pulled out of the nest early in the morning by the people invited by Yang Shifeng and began to dress up.

Yang Shifeng invited Grandma Wang of the village. Grandma Wang was not only a good person but also a blessed person. Her children and grandchildren were good, filial, and harmonious. She was the most suitable person to help a bride dress up. Many families were willing to invite her to dress up their bride. Not only that, the old woman’s hair combing skills were also very good. She styled many married girls all her life. This time, when she heard it was for Shiyi, Grandma Wang promised without saying anything and got up earlier than everyone in the morning.

Shiyi and Yang Shifeng’s marriage didn’t have the process of “picking up” Shiyi in her natal family, so she only needed to stay in the room all day and only go out of the room during worship. However, brides all over the world started dressing up before dawn in the morning, so Grandma Wang felt that this custom could not be broken, so she asked Shiyi to get up early in the morning to prepare for the wedding.

Therefore, Shiyi can only endure her sleepiness, get up, put on her wedding dress, vaguely comb her hair, and then close her eyes.

Grandma Wang shook her head and said that Shiyi had a big heart. She could sleep on such a big day.

In fact, it’s not strange that Shiyi was sleepy. She really slept too late last night. Last night, Yang Shifeng came to decorate their new room with things and changed the curtain of the room into a festive red gauze curtain. Double happiness was pasted on the windows and walls, and a pair of festive Dragon and Phoenix candles were placed on the table. Everything that could be arranged was arranged. He was very busy throughout the whole process. Sometimes he thought Shiyi blocked him from arranging, so he picked her up and moved her to a place that was not in the way, and didn’t pay much attention to her all the way.

Shiyi was so angry that she pressed him on the bed for a long time.

Grandma Wang combed Shiyi’s hair and then inserted the hairpin bought by Yang Shifeng. She couldn’t help sighing: “Beautiful, really beautiful. You are really the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how to make you even more beautiful. “

The other women nearby also praised Shiyi nonstop.

Shiyi also opened her sleepy eyes and looked at herself in the mirror. She found that the bun was really beautiful. She couldn’t help but raise her lips.

The next step in dressing up is to apply makeup. Grandma Wang was about to do the makeup for Shiyi when suddenly, Shiyi remembered the brides she had seen. When she recalled how the bride looked like a ghost after putting on makeup, she shivered and quickly stopped Grandma Wang. “Grandma Wang, I’ll do it myself. I’m used to applying makeup for myself. “

Seeing this, Grandma Wang couldn’t force her, she could only let Shiyi do it by herself.

Shiyi put on more light make-up for herself. However, the light make-up was so beautiful that people couldn’t open their eyes even wider than that. Even a group of women were stunned. When they finally recovered from the shock, they joked: “This kid Shifeng is really lucky. He probably burned Gaoxiang in his last life to marry such a beauty. ” [1]Gaoxiang is the best incense stick used for sacrifice or worship in ancient times.

After applying her makeup, there was still a lot of time before the auspicious hour. Grandma Wang thought that Shiyi was an orphan, and there was no one in her family around. No one in the girl’s family could teach her anything. Grandma Wang couldn’t help but pity Shiyi. So, she invited everyone else in the house out, closed the door, and quietly took out a book from her arms and stuffed it into Shiyi’s hand, “Girl, take a good look at this book. You should read it before you get married. Don’t be shy. It’s like this in every girl’s family. “

Shiyi picked it up in a daze. She didn’t know what Grandma Wang was doing by giving her the book. As a result, she immediately understood it when she opened it. She couldn’t help looking up at Grandma Wang.

Yes, Grandma, it’s really good. It can be used for reference and experience.

Granny Wang thought Shiyi was too shy to look at it. She smiled and took her hand and advised her with great sincerity, “Don’t be shy or afraid. It’s nothing. This is what has happened in the wedding chamber since ancient times. Girls also need to know about this but don’t be afraid. You can leave it to Yang Shifeng. He knows. It’s a little painful the first time. It’s inevitable. Bear it and it’ll be better in the future. “

Shiyi blinked. She thought for a while and nodded to show that she understood. She really can’t tell Grandma Wang what she knows, otherwise she will scare the old woman to death.

Grandma Wang was afraid that Shiyi would feel embarrassed to look at it if she was here, so she got up and left the room, leaving the whole room for Shiyi.

Anyway, she was bored. Shiyi opened this ancient spring palace picture. She wanted to see what kind of book this conservative era had.

The result was quite surprising. Unexpectedly, the picture inside was unexpectedly clear, very vivid, and the expression of every move was clear. There were relevant text descriptions next to them, and the names and action essentials of each type were remembered in detail.

Tsk tsk, I did not expect this era to be so conservative. There are still open-minded people.

The painting is also good.

Shiyi couldn’t help reading it with interest. In her heart, she was thinking about what moves to try with Yang Shifeng.

After Shiyi had studied the whole book, Grandma Wang brought someone in again, stuffed an apple into Shiyi’s hand, then covered her head with a red veil and said, “the auspicious hour is coming, and Shifeng will pick you up right away.”

After saying that, there was a loud noise and shouting outside the door. Soon, Yang Shifeng, dressed in red clothes, was surrounded by the crowd. When he saw Shiyi sitting on the bed, there was nothing else in his eyes.

Grandma Wang looked at the silly person who was trying to see through the veil. She smiled, shook her head, and pushed Yang Shifeng. “Well, you don’t have to rush to see her. She’s yours and won’t run away. The auspicious hour is coming. Welcome the bride out to worship.”

“Haha…” People around them laughed loudly.

Yang Shifeng blushed and walked towards Shiyi step by step, clenched his fist, quietly wiped off the sweat in his hand, then slowly stretched out his hand, took Shiyi’s hand, pulled her up, took her step by step to the lobby, and didn’t let go until the person singing the rituals made a sound.

“First, worship heaven and earth—”

The two knelt at the door. This worship means that from then on, he will hold the hand of his partner and never abandon it

“Second, worship your parents—” 

The two knelt down to Grandpa Yang, who was sitting above them. This worship means that from now on, we will be together forever, through thick and thin.

“Third, husband and wife worship each other—”

The two faced each other and worshiped each other deeply. This worship means that, from now on, we won’t distinguish between you and me, and we will be together until we grow old.

“Good—” The guests gave warm applause and deeply blessed the couple.

T/N: They are finally married!!! Next is the…

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1 Gaoxiang is the best incense stick used for sacrifice or worship in ancient times.


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