The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 54.1

Chapter 54 Part 1

When Shiyi heard the gossip about the village head’s family in the morning, she didn’t take it seriously. Who would have guessed that the village head came to their house that afternoon, specifically to find her, and their purpose was to ask her to go and treat Song Dawei?

The village head also knew that their family’s affairs were known throughout the village, and he couldn’t care less about the loss of face anymore. He directly stated Song Dawei’s situation to Shiyi, “Doctor Shiyi, my unfilial son is lying in bed and can’t move now. His arm is broken, his other leg was also broken, and his stomach hurts. I am not sure if he has an internal injury. Please go and have a look. ” 

In fact, the village head was very angry and wanted to let Song Dawei die. In addition, there was no money at home, and he couldn’t afford a doctor. They delayed his treatment for many days. However, his wife kept crying for many days. Finally, the village head gritted his teeth and sold the food at home, and scraped up some money to find Shiyi.

Grandpa Yang looked at the village head and patted him on the shoulder. “Village head, relax and you’ll pass this hurdle. Don’t bring yourself down. Your body is more important than anything. “

The village head’s eyes were red and his tears almost came out. He felt that it was too humiliating. The village head wiped his face with his big hand. In his hoarse voice, he said with shame: “That unfilial son, I should have really let him die, but his mother still couldn’t bear to give up the child. Alas, it’s all because we spoiled him and didn’t teach him well. “

Grandpa Yang sighed, “Pity the hearts of parents in the world.”

The village head looked at Shiyi hopefully and asked in a hoarse voice, “Dr. Shiyi, can you go and have a look?”

To be honest, Shiyi doesn’t want to save this worthless man, Song Dawei. Saving this scum can be considered as wasting food. However, she is no longer the person who does everything according to how she feels. She knows that in this place, the villagers pay attention to human-touch. If Shiyi refuses this request, and Song Dawei really dies, the villagers will think that he died because she didn’t save him. When that time comes, the village head’s family will hate the Yang family, and the two families will become enemies, Others may also point at them and be the subject of their talks, which is not good for the Yang family.

Shiyi still needs to be treated. No big deal, you just have to treat the dog. 

Shiyi took the medicine box and followed the village head to his house. Yang Shifeng didn’t feel comfortable about it, so, he followed them.

After arriving at the village head’s house, he directly took Shiyi inside Song Dawei’s room. Shiyi laughed at the sight of the person lying on the bed. The pig’s face on the bed was really miserable. His eyes were swollen to a crack, and his mouth was swollen like a sausage. His face was blue and purple everywhere, and no unharmed skin could be seen. If this face is put outside, it will make the child cry out.

That’s a hell of a beating.

However, Shiyi couldn’t laugh anymore when she walked a little closer. A pungent smell rushed directly into her nose, which made her almost vomit. Shiyi doesn’t need to know what the smell is. She felt even more disgusted.

Yang Shifeng also understood what the smell was. Seeing Shiyi frowning uncomfortably, he frowned anxiously, gently held her waist, and asked, “Can you stand it? If not, go out first. ” Yang Shifeng doesn’t care whether she can save him or not. He doesn’t want to let his delicate wife suffer. If the village head really wants to save Song Dawei, he should clean him up first.

The village head also found Shiyi’s abnormality and was immediately embarrassed. His son couldn’t move and his excrement and urine were all over the bed. Naturally, the smell was bad. His mother couldn’t clean it up by herself, so they let him go. Over time, they became accustomed to it, so they forgot about it.

The village head hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, Dr. Shiyi. Go and sit outside for a while. The old woman and I will clean him up first. Please wait a little longer.”

Shiyi originally intended to take a pulse and then leave, but she couldn’t stand the smell. If she stayed any longer, she was going to vomit, so she and Yang Shifeng stepped back and sat down in the main room, waiting for them to finish cleaning up the mess.

At this time, a man came over with two bowls of water, put the bowl on the table, and politely said, “You two have worked hard, drink some water.”

Shiyi looked up and immediately knew the identity of the man. It seemed that this was Song Cuilan’s husband. However, the gossip said by the people in the village was also correct. The man really didn’t look very good. He was very short, thin, and not as fleshy as she was; he had narrow eyes, a flat nose, and thick lips. Anyway, the overall appearance was below average.

Shiyi didn’t take a look more, she took back her eyes at a glance. Instead, it was Yang Shifeng who nodded at him to greet him.

The man simply said a few greetings and went to the backyard to work. Contrary to what one might expect, this man had a sense of propriety. Moreover, he didn’t give Shiyi those “strange glances” like those other men. It seems that the village head didn’t choose a husband for Song Cuilan casually, but he still used his heart.

After a while, the village head came in again and asked Shiyi to go in after the room was cleaned up. This time, there was no disgusting odor coming from the room.

Shiyi didn’t look at Song Dawei’s pig-like face. She put her finger on Song Dawei’s wrist and pinched his bone after holding his pulse. Shiyi had determined the injuries on his body and said honestly: “Two ribs were broken, his arm was broken, and his left leg was broken. The internal injury is not so serious.”

The village head’s wife asked nervously, “Can he be cured? Will he become disabled? “

Shiyi shook her head. “He won’t be disabled, but he can’t get out of bed for three months.”

Hearing Shiyi’s words, the village head’s wife breathed a sigh of relief. This is the only sapling in their family, and as long as he can get better, nothing can go wrong.

The village head said, “Dr. Shiyi, please treat him. Tell us what medicine you want. “

Shiyi nodded and said, “Hold him down. Don’t let him move. Don’t blame me if I can’t cure him if he moves. “

When the village head’s wife heard Shiyi’s words, she immediately came forward and pressed Song Dawei’s leg. The village head also came up and pressed it. Yang Shifeng was afraid that Song Dawei would struggle and accidentally hurt Shiyi, so he also came forward to help hold him down.

Shiyi ignored the anesthetic drugs in her box and directly held Song Dawei’s left leg and forcefully pushed it to the right place. The next second, Song Dawei, who was only humming on the bed, immediately squealed like a pig. His whole body struggled violently. However, he couldn’t move, he could only cry out in pain.

Shiyi turned a deaf ear and continued to do her own business. She moved twice as slowly, as usual, to fix the bone on Song Dawei’s left leg, and then connected other broken places. By this time, Song Dawei had fainted in pain.

Shiyi calmly applied the ointment to the wound, wrapped it up with gauze, and gave the village head several bags of herbs. When everything was over, she took Yang Shifeng’s hand and said, “Let’s go home.”

When the village head’s wife saw that Shiyi was leaving, she gave the village head a look. The village head glared at her and didn’t speak. The village head’s wife had no choice but to step up by herself. She asked for help and said, “Doctor Shiyi, can you… can you… can you treat my son’s other injuries?”

Shiyi blinked suspiciously and asked, “Is there anything else left to treat? I’ve treated everything that should be treated, but I don’t know about the other places. “

The village head’s wife rubbed her hands, opened her mouth, and spoke loudly, “That’s… That’s my son’s place.”

Shiyi pretended not to know, “Where? I didn’t understand. If you want to speak, you have to speak clearly. “

The village head’s wife doesn’t believe Shiyi didn’t hear about it. She knows that Shiyi must have been pretending that she doesn’t know it on purpose, but she can’t do anything about it. Who asked her to beg Shiyi?

“Well, it’s something my son uses for sexual intercourse. I’ll trouble you to give a cure. ” 

As soon as she said this, the village head sighed heavily. He only felt that he had lost his face all his life. How had he stumbled upon such a scourge?

Shiyi said, “Oh” and pretended to be surprised, “So your son’s place is not working? I really didn’t notice it. “

The village head’s wife smiled stiffly, not to mention the ugly expression on her face. “Dr. Shiyi, please take a look at him. Your medical skills are so good, I am sure that you can cure it.”

Shiyi shook her head with a serious face. “There’s nothing I can do about it. I’m not good at this. Have you ever seen a woman learn this? I really can’t cure it. You’d better go to the town or the city. “

The village head’s wife didn’t believe this. She wanted to say more, but she was severely stared at by the village head. She could only swallow her words, give money and respectfully send Shiyi out.

T/N: The village head was really stupid to ask Shiyi to cure that rotten part of Song Dawei. And this is the era where, everyone is very conservative. Anyway, serves him right. Thank you for reading~~ 💛

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