The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 54.2

Chapter 54 part 2

On the way home, Shiyi hummed happily, feeling a little good.

Yang Shifeng rubbed her head. “What’s the matter? Why are you so happy? “

Shiyi raised the corners of her mouth. She came closer to him and whispered, “I deliberately didn’t treat Song Dawei ‘there’. Anyway, it’s a disaster for women if it’s cured. It’s better not to do so. “

Talking about this topic, Yang Shifeng was a little embarrassed, but he nodded and said, “Leave this matter alone and let them go to the city to find a male doctor.”

Shiyi raised her eyebrows and said in Yang Shifeng’s ear, “I don’t care about him. I have to touch it to cure his disease. I can’t touch any other man except you. I’ll feel sick and vomit if I touch other men. “

Yang Shifeng’s face turned red.

Shiyi laughed when she saw his reaction. “What are you thinking about? Hmm?”

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips. His eyes didn’t dare to look at Shiyi, but his mind couldn’t help thinking of Shiyi’s soft little hand touching it and the bone-chilling pleasure. His lower abdomen immediately tightened.

Seeing that his ears were red, Shiyi thought he was shy. She couldn’t bear to tease him again, so she let him go. Who knows, in the evening….

Shiyi was “treated” in bed by the man who was suffocated all afternoon. She was tossed around like a salted fish. Her little hands were so sour that she almost cramped, and her voice was so low that she couldn’t speak. Anyway, in the end, Shiyi didn’t know how she fell asleep.

The next day, Shiyi had to climb out of bed with difficulty. The moment of getting out of bed, she almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, she held the bed with quick eyes and hands.

Shiyi clenched her teeth and resolved to give someone a good vegetarian diet for a few days, otherwise, her old waist won’t work.

At this time, Yang Shifeng opened the door and came in. When he saw Shiyi grimacing, his eyes were uncomfortable for a moment. He was a little guilty. He went too far last night.

Yang Shifeng walked over and took the clothes Shiyi wanted to wear, “I’ll help put them on for you.” There was a trace of flattery in his words.

Shiyi grunted, took the clothes, and put them on by herself. After she put them on, she went straight out the door, not even wanting to look at him.

Yang Shifeng touched his nose, followed Shiyi, and said, ” Zhu Laosan came here. I asked them to sit for a while. You can eat first and then treat them, but otherwise, your stomach can’t stand it.”

Shiyi turned her steps and went to the kitchen. The millet porridge and sauce cake had been served. Shiyi took the spoon and began to eat. Yang Shifeng sat down and looked at Shiyi. He rubbed his hand, slowly moved over, and put it on Shiyi’s other hand. Seeing that Shiyi didn’t respond, he held it tightly and said, “Shiyi, I was bad last night.”

Shiyi hummed. Now, he knows he did something bad. When she said stop, why didn’t he stop last night? The man must be cured. “This time, I’ll give you a vegetarian diet. You won’t eat meat! “

Yang Shifeng learned without a teacher. He immediately understood the meaning of vegetarianism and eating meat. As soon as he heard it,  he tightened his heart, he quickly hugged Shiyi’s waist, and rubbed his face into her neck. There was a little grievance in his tone. “This is not good. Let’s change it. I’ll definitely control it in the future. “

Shiyi couldn’t cry or laugh. Such a tall and macho man was so wronged for not being able to eat meat. She patted Yang Shifeng’s head, “Go away, stop rubbing your face on me. You must be a vegetarian for a few days.”

Seeing that there was no way to change the fate of being a vegetarian, Yang Shifeng sighed deeply and finally asked, “How many days are those ‘few days’?”

Shiyi rolled her eyes. “If I said a few days, then it’s a few days. No bargaining. “

“Oh.” Yang Shifeng silently lowered his head and stopped talking.

Shiyi’s eyes flashed an obvious smile, but she deliberately ignored him and went out of the kitchen to go to the medical room to give Zhu Laosan’s wife acupuncture.

Zhu Laosan’s wife has been treated for several months in a row. After Shiyi dredged her again and again, the blockage gradually disappeared, so she was only advised to come once every half a month, and the rest of the time depended on drinking medicine.

In fact, according to her current situation, if she is lucky, she can get pregnant.

Shiyi looked at her face and said, “Put out your hand and I’ll give you a pulse.”

Zhu Laosan’s wife thought that Shiyi wanted to see how her condition was, so she quickly stretched out her wrist.

Shiyi put her finger on her wrist, but she felt that her pulse was a little different. She looked at Zhu Laosan’s wife quietly and carefully inquired about the pulse. Her heart moved and changed to another hand. The result made Shiyi raise the corner of her mouth, “We don’t need to do acupuncture today.”

Zhu Laosan’s wife was puzzled and immediately became nervous. “Why won’t you do acupuncture?” Is there something wrong with my body? Doctor Shiyi, I’m not afraid. Just say it.”

Shiyi patted her placidly and said with a smile, “It’s not a problem, it’s because you’re pregnant.”

“What?” Zhu Laosan’s wife couldn’t understand it for a moment.

Shiyi understood her excitement, after all, her dream had come true. So Shiyi said it again, “You are pregnant. There’s a baby in your stomach now, it’s just that it hasn’t been a month yet and you didn’t notice it yourself.”

Zhu Laosan’s wife blinked. After a while, she finally understood what Shiyi was talking about. She looked down at her stomach incredulously and looked up at Shiyi, “I-I’m pregnant?”

“Yes, you’re pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant, I’m really pregnant.” Zhu Laosan’s wife mumbled to herself several times, then suddenly stood up and screamed: “Ah!”, which startled Shiyi. Unexpectedly, this usually gentle, soft, and weak woman could be so crazy.

As a result, before Shiyi could say anything, the door of the medical room was pushed open with a “bang”. The tall Zhu Laosan hurried in and hugged his wife and looked at his wife from top to bottom. He found that there was nothing wrong with her appearance. Then he asked nervously, “What’s the matter? What happened?”

Zhu Laosan’s wife excitedly grabbed Zhu Laosan’s hand and said incoherently, “Third brother, i… I’m pregnant… I’m really pregnant!”

“Ah? What?” Zhu Laosan was stunned and didn’t react.

Zhu Laosan’s wife squeezed his face hard and repeated, “Third brother, Dr. Shiyi just took my pulse. She said I was pregnant. The child is not a month old. I have a child in my stomach. “

Zhu Laosan couldn’t turn his eyes. He looked straight at his wife’s belly. He was like a fool. After a long time, as if the information was finally digested, he picked up his wife and shouted, “We have a child!” We really have a child! “

Zhu Laosan’s wife was so happy that tears filled her eyes and she nodded vigorously.

The husband and wife looked like fools, but you will feel envious when you look at them.

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