The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 55.1

Chapter 55 Part 1

Zhu Laosan is really happy. Shiyi was one of the reasons the couple were able to have children, and Zhu Laosan’s gratitude to Shiyi could hardly be expressed in words. He knew that Shiyi’s family didn’t lack anything; he still directly carried half a pig as a thank-you gift the next day. The couple solemnly went to Shiyi’s house to thank her.

Looking at the huge half pig, the four members of the Yang family were almost dumbfounded.

Zhu Laosan smiled. “Your family has a grocery store. I don’t have anything to give away. I only have this pig to give. I hope Doctor Shiyi will accept it. This is the intention of our husband and wife. “

Mrs. Zhu also said, “Doctor Shiyi, we don’t know how to thank you. This gift of ours, you must accept it.”

Shiyi knew that the couple was excited to have a baby, so she didn’t reject them and took the huge half-headed pig, and then gave them a detailed explanation about precautions for pregnancy. The couple listened very carefully and left after listening to it for almost a day.

After seeing the man go, Xiao Shitou finally couldn’t help it. He circled around the pig on the ground and touched it with his small hands. While doing so, he stomped his feet out of excitement. “Grandpa, brother and sister, look, a bunch of meat.”

The kid, Xiao Shitou, is not afraid of dead pigs at all. In his eyes, they are all meat, and this meat can be eaten.

Shiyi was a little worried: “What should I do with such a big pig? We can’t sell so much meat at once. Will it go bad? “

Grandpa Yang said happily, “No, no, we’ll sell some of the pork. I’ll marinate the rest to make bacon. It’s going to be Chinese New Year soon, so it’s just the right time to make bacon. “

Shiyi doesn’t know what bacon is. After listening to Yang Shifeng’s explanation, Shiyi understood what bacon is. Shiyi agreed with Grandpa Yang’s plan and followed him to salt the pork one by one, sealing it in a clay pot so that it could be dried in the sun after a while.

Except for the part made into bacon, the rest of the meat was soon sold out. Every family would come to buy some meat and then go home to make bacon for the new year to entertain guests. Therefore, Yang Shifeng bought dozens of kilograms of meat from Zhu Laosan every day. Zhu Laosan charged Yang Shifeng with the original price and did not raise the price because of the upcoming new year.

In addition to meat, there are many things to prepare for the new year, including firecrackers, couplets, wine, candies, melon seeds, and tea. Every family has to buy them. Yang Shifeng especially went to the town and came back with a bunch of foods, teas, and other things needed for the new year. He thought that what he had bought was enough. Who would have thought that people in the village chose to go to the Yang family’s grocery store? The villagers thought that there was no need to go to town since the Yang family’s grocery store had everything. The goods in the grocery store were sold very quickly. So, before the New Year, Yang Shifeng had to go to the town again to buy goods.

It was not until a few days before the Chinese New Year that the business in the shop gradually slowed down, and Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang finally had a good rest to prepare for the new year.

The first thing they did was to clean the house properly.

Xiao Shitou knew that sweeping dust was to celebrate the New Year, and he was excited to take the broom with him. He waved his small arm very hard. In contrast, Shiyi was the laziest in the family.

Except for patients, Shiyi can sleep until lunchtime every day. It was Yang Shifeng who coaxed her to get up. Otherwise, she would stay in bed for the rest of the day.

Grandpa Yang didn’t dislike Shiyi’s laziness. After all, Shiyi was not very proficient in housework from the start. He was used to it. Grandpa Yang just felt that Shiyi got up too late and didn’t eat breakfast. It was bad for her health to sleep like this. He was a little worried. Grandpa Yang looked at Yang Shifeng and finally couldn’t help calling him to the corner. After seeing that no one could hear him, he whispered: “Shifeng, Grandpa knows that you, young people are very passionate and can’t hold yourself back when it comes to that. Grandpa also went through with that, but you should have a sense of proportion. You can’t always follow your own heart. Women’s bodies are weak. You should take good care of them. Don’t go too far. Do you understand? “

Yang Shifeng was puzzled by his grandfather’s words, and his face turned red involuntarily, “Grandfather, why are you talking about this?”

Grandpa Yang patted him on the head. “I don’t want to talk about this, but do you think what you are doing is good? Shiyi now sleeps until noon every day and doesn’t eat breakfast. Is this good for her body? Do you think it’s your fault? “

Yang Shifeng’s ears were red, but he understood that Grandpa thought Shiyi was tossed around by him every night, and that’s why she couldn’t get up the next day.

However, he was wrong. This has nothing to do with him. He wanted to do it with her, but now Shiyi won’t let him touch her at all. He has been a vegetarian. The meat can’t be seen at all. It’s good enough if you can coax her and allow him to eat meat once in three days, and he can’t eat enough every time. [1]In case you’re wondering, he’s talking about seggs

No one knew about his heart’s misery.

But how can he say this to his own grandfather? So, Yang Shifeng could only swallow this bitterness and honestly admit his mistake, “I know, grandpa, I’ll pay attention in the future and won’t do it again.”

Seeing that, Yang Shifeng realized he was wrong; Grandpa Yang didn’t say more. He patted him on the shoulder and said, “It’s good that you know. Just pay attention later. It’s almost noon. Shiyi is still sleeping. You go and call her and ask her to get up for lunch. I noticed that she had lost weight during this period. Maybe it’s because she’s not eating breakfast. “

Yang Shifeng touched his nose and silently ran into the room to wake up Shiyi.

Shiyi was buried in the quilt. Except for her face, her whole body was wrapped in the quilt, and she slept soundly. Her small face was rosy, looking very cute.

Yang Shifeng sat at the bedside and stared at her for a while. Seeing that it was time for lunch, he could not let her sleep anymore. He put his hands together and rubbed them hard. He put his hands into the quilt and wrapped his arms around her waist, putting his face close to hers and opening his mouth to bite her nose. “Shiyi, wake up. Get up and eat.”

However, it was useless. Shiyi was still sleeping deeply.

Yang Shifeng had no choice but to increase his strength and bite her small nose. Then he moved down and gently bit her red lips. Seeing that she hadn’t moved, he simply wrapped her lips and put his tongue directly into her mouth, and started kissing her.

This time, Shiyi woke up from a lack of oxygen. With a cry, her eyelashes trembled. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that Yang Shifeng was “eating” her again. She grunted in anger and shook her head to prevent him from kissing her.

After Yang Shifeng noticed that she finally woke up, he let her go, smiled and held her in his arms with the quilt, patted her gently, and coaxed her, “How about getting up? It’s already noon. It’s time to eat. You didn’t even eat breakfast, so you can’t skip lunch. “

Shiyi squinted again and rubbed herself in Yang Shifeng’s warm arms. She said, with her muffled voice. “I don’t want to eat. I want to sleep. “

Yang Shifeng kissed her on the forehead. “Be good. You can’t sleep. Let’s get up and eat. “

“Oh… but I’m sleepy.”

Yang Shifeng sighed and patted her small face, “Shall we eat first and then take a nap after lunch?”

Shiyi pouted and slowly opened her eyes.

Yang Shifeng took the clothes from the side. He was afraid that Shiyi would be cold, so he stuffed the clothes into the quilt and helped her wear them. Because he couldn’t see inside the quilt, it took a little while for him to help Shiyi dress up. However, Yang Shifeng liked doing this very much. He couldn’t help caressing her under her clothes to compensate for his long vegetarian heart.

Shiyi leaned into Yang Shifeng’s arms and naturally knew what his hands were doing, but she thought that Yang Shifeng had really been holding back for these past few days, so she let him do what he was doing. Therefore, Yang Shifeng’s hands wantonly slipped all the way from her slender waist, and gradually found his favorite peak. He grasped it with one hand, slowly kneaded it in his palm into his favorite shape, and felt this wonderful touch. His lips could not help covering Shiyi’s again and he kissed her heavily.

When Shiyi felt something very hard, she immediately reached out to him and said, ” No more touching. Get dressed quickly.”

Yang Shifeng sighed in frustration and reluctantly took his hands out of Shiyi’s clothes. However, his “brother” was so energetic that he painfully closed his eyes and leaned on her shoulder. “But I’m uncomfortable, Shiyi, I’m uncomfortable.”

Shiyi was a little distressed to hear this sound. She didn’t let Yang Shifeng touch her very much during this period. He was really very uncomfortable, but she didn’t expect him to be so aggrieved. When her heart became soft, she couldn’t help but want to pamper him. Shiyi kissed him on the lip, slowly lowered her hand, and directly reached into his pants to hold it. All of a sudden, Yang Shifeng was boiling.

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1 In case you’re wondering, he’s talking about seggs


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