The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 55.2

Chapter 55 Part 2

A quarter of an hour later, Yang Shifeng trembled, his mind exploded, and he was able to release it completely.

Shiyi took out her hand and showed it to him with a pout. “Clean it up for me, I hate you.”

“Hehe……” Yang Shifeng smiled and couldn’t help kissing her. He asked pleasantly, “Darling, how long do I have to be vegetarian? When can I eat meat whenever I want? “

Shiyi hummed, flicked his forehead, “Wait till I’m happy. Now, don’t talk. “

Yang Shifeng held his forehead in disappointment and regretted that he had gone too far that night and provoked his wife, if he could do it all over again, he would not have done it. Now it is really torture.

He could do nothing about it. Whatever his wife said was like an imperial edict. He must follow it. 

Yang Shifeng looked for some paper to clean Shiyi’s hands and washed them carefully with warm water. Only then did she get dressed and got carried by Yang Shifeng from bed to the bathroom to wash.

Shiyi brushed her teeth listlessly with a toothbrush. Yang Shifeng leaned against the door and looked at her. He couldn’t help coaxing her: “Shiyi, I know it’s cold and you don’t want to get up, but you’ll be hungry if you don’t eat in the morning. You’ve lost weight these days. Grandpa can see it. Should we get up early and have breakfast in the future? After eating, you can go back to bed and sleep. ” Yang Shifeng can’t say that Grandpa Yang misunderstood him. Forget it, he can carry the pot.

Shiyi shook her head, spit out the things in her mouth, and rinsed, “But I want to sleep. I’m not hungry at all. I can eat more at noon. “

Yang Shifeng frowned and touched her increasingly small face. He said, painfully, “But it’s bad for your health. You’re already thin. What should I do if you lose weight? Well, you’re afraid of the cold. In the future, I’ll burn more pots in the house. You can sit on the bed and eat. After eating, you can continue to sleep. It won’t be cold. “

Shiyi opened her mouth to refute, but looking at Yang Shifeng’s worried eyes, she couldn’t bear it anymore, so she had to nod her head and agree. “OK.”

Yang Shifeng immediately laughed. He was very happy. “I’ll make you shredded chicken porridge and steamed dumplings tomorrow morning. Don’t you like this?”

Shiyi hesitated, swallowed her words, and nodded.

In the afternoon, Shiyi didn’t sleep anymore. She also knew that sleeping too much would be bad for her. The more she slept, the less energetic she would be. So, she sat and played with Xiao Shitou while watching Yang Shifeng make dumplings.

Shiyi disliked that there were too few toys here, so she drew a chessboard with wood, and asked Yang Shifeng to make some chess pieces with wood. When she was free, she played backgammon with Xiao Shitou, which can also help develop Xiao Shitou’s intelligence. Xiao Shitou was smart. She only taught him once, and as they played, he became better and better. In the beginning, he could only last for about one minute, then it became five minutes. When Xiao Shitou played against Shiyi, the game would last for half an hour, which is very good.

After finishing another game, Xiao Shitou’s battle spirit grew stronger and stronger, and he clenched his fist and said, “Let’s have another game!”

Shiyi looked at his fighting spirit and laughed. She rubbed his head and said, “Let’s continue tomorrow. Today’s three-game sets have been used up.”

Xiao Shitou let out a disappointed “Oh” and slowly put away the chess pieces, took his precious paper and pen, and wrote on the paper the three words “Xiao Shitou” that Shiyi taught him.

Xiao Shitou also liked writing. This liking was also comparable to his liking for playing chess.

Shiyi suddenly remembered when she saw Xiao Shitou writing. In the new year, it seems like Xiao Shitou will be six years old. A child of this age should read and write. If he didn’t, he would be illiterate. How could my, Shiyi’s brother be illiterate? 

Shiyi pinched Xiao Shitou’s face and asked, “Xiao Shitou, you will be six years old in the new year, right?”

Xiao Shitou blinked and nodded, “Yes, I’m six years old. I’m a big boy. “

Shiyi patted his head. “OK, since you are a big boy, you should go to school.”

“School?” Xiao Shitou was confused. Even Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang looked surprised.

Yang Shifeng asked, “Shiyi, do you want Xiao Shitou to study?”

Shiyi nodded. “Of course, children should study, or else they would be illiterate.”

Yang Shifeng frowned slightly and said, “I thought you would be the one to teach Xiao Shitou. We don’t have a school in the mountains. If the children in the village want to study, they have to go to the schools in town. You know how far the town is, and Xiao Shitou It is still young. How can I feel comfortable with him going so far to town every day?”

Shiyi didn’t expect that it would be so troublesome to go to school here. She immediately knew why most people in the village were illiterate.

However, he can’t miss going to school just because it’s far away. She doesn’t have much time to teach Xiao Shitou now, and her knowledge of this era is limited. Teaching Xiao Shitou is not as effective as being taught by teachers in this world. Children still have to go to school from an early age.

But the town is really too far away. Xiao Shitou can’t go to the town to study every morning and come back at night. Even if he lives in the town, there is no one to take care of him. What should they do?

Shiyi couldn’t think of a good way, so she had to put it aside and then asked, “Xiao Shitou, what’s your name? You can’t go to school without a name. “

Xiao Shitou pursed his lips and shook his head, “I don’t have a first name. No one gave me a first name. “

Shiyi paused and comfortingly rubbed his little head. “It doesn’t matter. If you don’t have one, I can give you one now. I’ll think of one for you, okay?”

Xiao Shitou’s eyes lit up immediately, and he nodded hurriedly.

Shiyi thought for a while. She hoped Xiao Shitou would be a wise man in the future. Then Shiyi said: “Let’s call you Dong Mingrui.”

However, Xiao Shitou immediately shook his head and said, “No, I don’t want the surname Dong. I want to have the surname of my brother, sister, and grandpa. “

Yang Shifeng and Grandpa Yang looked at each other. They were a little caught off guard by what Xiao Shitou said. They also thought that Xiao Shitou should have the surname Dong. After all, no one would like to change their ancestral name, but Xiao Shitou was willing.

Shiyi agreed without any hesitation. “OK, your last name is Yang. Your full name is Yang Mingrui. “

Xiao Shitou immediately nodded his head, as if he was smashing garlic. He jumped to the ground happily and stamped his feet, “My name is Yang Mingrui, I have a name. My name is Yang Mingrui!”

Seeing that Xiao Shitou was so happy, Grandpa Yang agreed and said, “Let’s call Xiao Shitou Yang Mingrui in the future! I will go to the Yamen to register his residence after the new year. ” Xiao Shitou hasn’t registered his residence. He happens to be in his family and will be the grandson of the Yang family in the future.

Xiao Shitou jumped up happily.

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