The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 56.1

Chapter 56 Part 1

After giving Xiao Shitou a name, Shiyi wrote “Yang Mingrui” on paper and taught Xiao Shitou to write his name. No matter what, his name must be written well.

Xiao Shitou cherishes his new name very much. He took a pen and wrote every stroke with extra care. Xiao Shitou was just sitting there for half a day without moving. He didn’t need to be encouraged to study at all. Shiyi has never seen a child who cherishes learning opportunities so much.

After studying hard for two days, Xiao Shitou finally learned how to write his own name. He was excited and proud. He showed it to Grandpa Yang and Yang Shifeng and was praised by them. This made him even happier. Xiao Shitou couldn’t help but run out with the piece of paper in his hands.

Shiyi wondered, “Where did he go?”

Yang Shifeng smiled and said, “He must have gone out to show it to other children. Children are like this. “

Grandpa Yang also laughed. “It’s a great thing for children in the village if they know how to read and write. They will be envious when they see Xiao Shitou can write, this brat is clearly showing off.”

Shiyi laughed after hearing this. Even though Xiao Shitou looked very sensible, he was actually a child with a childish side.

Not long after, Xiao Shitou ran out and came back, but this time, he was followed by a large number of little buns.

Xiao Shitou panted and ran to Shiyi. He carefully put his paper on the table. Then he said to Shiyi, “Sister, they also want to know how their names are written. Can you help them write one for them to take back? “

Shiyi looked at the carrot heads following Xiao Shitou, each about the same size as Xiao Shitou. Seeing Shiyi looking at them, they immediately lowered their heads in embarrassment and dared not look at Shiyi. However, the envy and desire for what Xiao Shitou learned were clearly written in their eyes.

Shiyi smiled and rubbed Xiao Shitou’s head. She went inside her room and took out a few pieces of paper. Under the bright eyes of the children, she took a pen and began to write.

She asked the boy in front, “What’s your name?”

The boy knew that Shiyi was going to write his name. He was so excited that he didn’t know where to put his hands. He stuttered: “I….. My name is Da Mao.”

“Hmm?” Shiyi stopped writing. “Don’t say your nickname. What’s your real name? “

Da Mao was stunned. He scratched his head and said, “I’m just called Da Mao.”

Xiao Shitou quickly explained to Shiyi, “Sister, Da Mao doesn’t have a real name. His name is Da Mao. His name is Wang Da Mao. Just write it for him. “

Shiyi blinked and started to write “Wang Da Mao” on the paper.

Next came the second child. When he came up, he told Shiyi loudly that his name was Yang Dali. Shiyi guessed that this was also his real name and his nickname, and wrote it down on paper.

The children in the back are almost the same. None of them has a serious name. Shiyi realized that people here don’t have the habit of giving their children real names.

Yang Shifeng listened to the whole process. When Shiyi and Yang Shifeng slept at night, Yang Shifeng explained to Shiyi: “No one in the village has studied. They can’t give a good name. They are used to calling them Da Mao, Er Mao, and Da Zhu, Er Zhu. They’ll call them Da Mao, Er Mao, Da Zhu, and Er Zhu from childhood to adulthood. For the girls, they sometimes give them the names Lan and Hua, and these are considered to be good names. “

Shiyi frowned. She suddenly remembered the difference in Yang Shifeng’s name from other people in the village, so Shiyi asked, “Why is your name different? Your name is quite good. “

Yang Shifeng smiled and said, “In fact, my original name is not Yang Shifeng. My name is Yang Shitou. I have the same name as Xiao Shitou. Many people in our village use this name. When an adult shouts “Sitou,” many children will turn around and answer.”

“Pfft—” Shiyi couldn’t help laughing at the picture of many children turning back at the same time, and asked, “Then what happened? How did you change your name?”

Yang Shifeng recalled, “When I grew up and learned how to hunt, I often went to the town to sell the prey. I also met many literate people. One of them was an old fortune teller. Inadvertently, I helped him. He told me to change the last word of my name to ‘Feng’. He also said that my marriage was destined to be extraordinary. So, I should not be in a hurry and just wait. “

“Ah?” Shiyi was dumbfounded. “Really?”

Yang Shifeng pinched Shiyi’s nose and continued: “At that time, I didn’t believe it, but I thought it was good to change my name. At least I didn’t want to be called Shitou like everyone else. Later, I was called Yang Shifeng. Now I think that what the fortune teller said is true. I waited until I turned 22 years old, and met you on the day I went hunting in the mountains, and since then my heart has been given to you. If this marriage is not predestined, then what is?”

Shiyi thought about it and thinks that Yang Shifeng is right. She came from the end of the world. The first thing she saw was him and fell in love with him. If this is not predestined, then what is?

“What about the whereabouts of the fortune-teller?” Shiyi asked curiously.

Yang Shifeng shook his head. “It’s strange. He had always been in the town before, but he suddenly disappeared after he said that to me. I don’t know where he went. I haven’t seen him for years. “

“He probably went somewhere else to tell fortunes. Forget it, let’s not talk about it, I have something to show you.” Shiyi got up from the bed and went to the cupboard. She took out the package containing silver and put it on the bed for Yang Shifeng to see.

Yang Shifeng was slightly surprised, “Shiyi, what’s with all the silver?”

This is what I earned from treating rich people during the time I was away, and then I brought it all back. I didn’t spend much money here. That’s why there’s so much silver left. “

Yang Shifeng silently looked at the silvers, reached out, and tied the bag up again. “You took out so much money. Hide it to avoid being known by others and attracting thieves.”

Shiyi stretched out her hand to stop him. “Don’t hide it. I brought it out for you to see because I needed it. I’m going to do a big thing with this money.”

“Big thing? What is it? “

“I’m going to use the money to build a school, and then invite a teacher to teach the children in these eight villages who want to read and write. With these, they would be able to write their names in the future. Maybe if they earned a little, this would be able to help them find a good job in the town. ” 

Yang Shifeng opened his eyes in surprise. “You… you mean you want to build a school in the village for the children to study?”

“Hm!” Shiyi nodded. “I also thought about it for a long time. Our Xiao Shitou also wants to study. It is impossible for him to go to town. It is just right to build a school so that he can have a place to study. “

To be honest, this news was really hard for Yang Shifeng to digest. Their village was located in the mountains, for hundreds of years, not to mention school. Even a scholar is rare. Everyone knows that they have to go to town to study. They never thought that there would be a school in the village. However, if there were a school in the village, the children would be able to read and write. This would be great news. Even if Yang Shifeng is just a village man, he knows how much this will change the village. If the children can read, at least they can produce a few literate people. Not to mention the scholar’s examination. As long as they can calculate accounts and become cashiers in the town, they won’t have to dig in the ground all their lives.

“Shiyi, are you sure?” Yang Shifeng could not help but confirm it again.

Shiyi pinched Yang Shifeng’s cheeks; she pulled on both sides. “Oh, what is there to confirm? It’s just building a school. It is not a big deal. It’s not so hard to believe. “

Yang Shifeng’s face was pulled into a strange figure, but he was smiling. “Shiyi, you don’t know how important your decision is and how important it is to us.”

Shiyi smiled. “OK, since it’s important, it’s even more important to do it. I have enough money here. We can start building the school. As for the furniture, tables, and chairs we need, let’s look for a carpenter in the village and hire him. Grandpa is getting old. Let’s not bother him. When all of these are done, we’ll look for a master. ” [1]old form of address for teachers, scholars

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1 old form of address for teachers, scholars


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