The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 56.2

Chapter 56 Part 2

“I’ll take care of all this. I’ll arrange it. Don’t worry about the furniture. If the villagers found out that we were building a school, they would come to help. But… Yang Shifeng said, with a little worry in his eyes, “I think that there’s something that is not easy to deal with, that is, the tuition of the children. The villagers do not have much money. I’m afraid they will be reluctant to give so much money to the children to study. And what about the master’s salary? “

Shiyi didn’t worry about this problem. “It’s OK. Even if the master only teaches Xiao Shitou, we will also give money. The money we give is definitely enough for the master. if the other children are willing to come, they can come. If they don’t want to come, then the master will only teach our family’s Xiao Shitou. As for the tuition, it must not be as expensive as in the town. Let’s ask the master to accept this arrangement. If they don’t have money, they can exchange it for food and eggs as their tuition.”

Yang Shifeng didn’t know what to say. He simply didn’t say anything, and lifted Shiyi’s face, covered her lips with his, and kissed her heavily. He whispered between each other’s lips and teeth, “Shiyi, thank you.” It’s very kind of you. “

“Stupid.” Shiyi put her arm around Yang Shifeng’s neck and responded enthusiastically.

Yang Shifeng breathed quickly. The topic just now was completely forgotten. He only remembered the charming person in his arms. A large hand unconsciously reached into the clothes and covered them with softness, and the other hand was impatiently taking off Shiyi’s clothes. “Darling, can we do it tonight?”

Shiyi hesitated to give him a meal of meat, but at this time, her stomach began to purr.

Yang Shifeng paused and looked at her stomach, “Hungry?”

Shiyi doesn’t know whether to nod or shake her head.

Yang Shifeng immediately stopped, got up from Shiyi, put on his clothes, and said, “You didn’t eat much at noon, and you didn’t eat much at night. Can you not be hungry after eating so little all day? I’ll make you something to eat. “

Shiyi immediately held him. “I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat. Don’t do it. “

Yang Shifeng turned around and touched her face. “You’re hungry and want to eat. I’ll make some noodles for you soon.”

Shiyi is really not hungry. Her belly cry is just a physiological reaction, but Yang Shifeng obviously doesn’t believe it. She can’t stop him at this time. She can only let him go. It’s not a big deal. She will just try to eat two bites.

Yang Shifeng acted quickly. He went to the kitchen and brought back a bowl of hot noodles after a while. There was also a lot of shredded meat and an egg lying in it. “Come on, eat some while it’s hot. Anyway, eat the meat and eggs first. If you can’t eat the rest, I’ll eat them. “

Shiyi pursed her lips, put on her clothes with the help of Yang Shifeng, sat down slowly at the table, and took the chopsticks from Yang Shifeng’s hand.  She picked up the meat and put it in her mouth. She chewed it for a long time before swallowing it.

Yang Shifeng frowned slightly and was a little worried. Shiyi didn’t eat as actively as before these days. She didn’t eat well when she met her favorite food. She felt like she was stuffing it into her stomach bit by bit. Even if she didn’t eat breakfast every day, she would only take a few bites of lunch and dinner and put down her chopsticks. Because of this, she lost weight quickly.

Yang Shifeng anxiously touched Shiyi’s forehead to probe her temperature, but her temperature was fine. “Shiyi, why do you always have no appetite? You used to like eating the best. Why don’t you like eating now? “

Shiyi glanced up at him, then lowered her head and said faintly, “I’m OK. I love hibernation, like those animals in winter. I like sleeping and don’t like eating. I’ll be fine after winter. “

“Always?” Yang Shifeng has never heard that people and some animals have the same characteristics as hibernation.

Shiyi hesitated and nodded.

Yang Shifeng’s eyebrows were so wrinkled that he could kill a fly with them. He wanted to take Shiyi to the city to see a doctor tomorrow, but he immediately realized that Shiyi was a doctor herself, one with excellent medical skills, and didn’t need to see other doctors at all. So, he asked, “What’s wrong? Will it harm your body? “

Shiyi continued to shake her head. She bit her chopsticks and said, “It’s OK. I’m OK. Don’t worry.”

Despite Shiyi’s words, Yang Shifeng could not put his mind at ease, thinking that he had to coax her to eat more during this period, so as not to harm her body.

After a while, seeing that the heat in the bowl was almost gone, the noodles were not eaten, and the eggs and shredded meat were not moved at all. Yang Shifeng shook his head, simply took Shiyi’s chopsticks, lifted Shiyi from the stool, and let her sit on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her, and took a piece of meat with chopsticks to her mouth, saying, “Come on, have some meat.”

Shiyi stared at the shredded meat for a while, bit her lip, leaned her head against Yang Shifeng’s arms, and said, “I’m full. I can’t eat anymore. You can eat it.”

Yang Shifeng disagreed. “No, you haven’t eaten anything at all. If you don’t want to eat noodles, we’ll eat the meat, then the eggs, and then we’ll stop eating after you take a bite, okay? “

Shiyi flattened her lips and gave a reluctant “Oh” and opened her mouth to swallow the meat on the chopsticks. But the next second, a stream of sour water suddenly popped up in her stomach, which made her unable to control herself anymore. She vomited it out. Not only did she vomit the meat, but everything in her stomach was vomited out, all on Yang Shifeng.

But Yang Shifeng didn’t care. He quickly hugged Shiyi’s waist and patted her on the back. In a panic, he said, “Shiyi, what’s the matter with you?”

Shiyi couldn’t hear him clearly. Her body was full of nausea and she couldn’t stop vomiting, but there was nothing left in her stomach to vomit, so she could only dry heave.

“Shiyi, what’s wrong with you? Is your stomach sick? Do you have any medicine? I’ll get it for you! ” Yang Shifeng was so worried that his head was sweating and his voice was unstable.

Shiyi waved her hand, gradually raised her body, and said weakly, “It’s all right. I don’t need to take medicine. Don’t worry.”

“Why did you throw up? What’s wrong? “

“It’s just that my stomach is a little uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to eat. It’s not a big deal. Don’t worry. Go and get my silver needle. I’ll give myself acupuncture and sleep.”

Seeing that Shiyi was really OK, Yang Shifeng was relieved. He wiped Shiyi’s mouth with a handkerchief, carried her to bed, and turned around to get Shiyi’s silver needle.

Shiyi took off her clothes, picked up the silver needle, and pricked several needles at the acupoints on her body. It took a quarter of an hour before she pulled out the needle. She smiled and looked at Yang Shifeng, who was still worried. “I’m all right. Go and clean up yourself. You’re all dirty from my vomit. “

“Are you really all right?”


Yang Shifeng believed it. He went to the bathroom to clean himself up, changed into clean clothes, went to bed, and hugged Shiyi. He put his big hand on her stomach and gently rubbed it, trying to make her more comfortable.

Shiyi leaned against the warm embrace of the person behind her, blinked in the dark, and had the worry that Yang Shifeng could not see in her eyes.

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